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National Reciprocity Push

U.S. Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) recently introduced S. 388, the Senate version of H.R. 226. This bill will allow a licensee in any state "to carry" in any other CCW state, just as for driving. This is a common sense bill, not a political statement.

U.S. Senators and Representatives need to hear from you.  Ask them to cosponsor and support S. 388 and H.R. 226.  U.S. Senate at (202) 224-3121. Reps at (202) 225-3121.

State of Texas rips major self defense bill, national leadership in key measure.

North Dakota, not waiting for a miracle, taking action

CATO Institute speaks loudly on self defense and D.C. guns.

Feinstein update.

Statement on power sharing: 
Once some part of the government has control over anything, it's almost impossible for the people ever to take back any part of the control.  More citizens should be talking about this.
IJ is committed to the principle of separation of newspaper and state.  Any time a BIG local paper has established free offices inside the local government, that's a serious conflict of interest!  No government should create privileged information and allow its transfer to the public only through "exclusive" arrangements. 
Police state?  Nah, no way 'cause "this land was meant for you and meeee."  See another view if you don't agree?   [ IJ never endorses ANY organization, nor solicits ANY advertising.]
Socialism in its various forms is a very costly and potentially is a very violent method of governing.  The City of San Jose has demonstrated that
it intends to operate farther along the socialist continuum; i.e. as a "society of police only governance."     
Information of the cities and/or County of Santa Clara belongs to the public and to no other entity including any heretofore "privileged newspaper" or
to any privately paid entity chartered to release information to the public.  
IJ will not tolerate or condone secretive governmental practices
that will cause harm to the public in any manner.  That includes the thwarting of ordinary everyday transfer of routine public information that should be made available to the public via non threatening and non exclusive means, including detailed police reports. 
Police reports are public property and must be available upon request in any free society.
Now that this newspaper has fired the first salvos concerning the unmitigated corruption in The District Attorney's 
Office of Santa Clara County, the BIG local paper all of a sudden seems to have uncovered "a mess" that's been festering for decades, namely gross misconduct of "assistant DA's."  That's nice, but too little too late.  The BIG 
local paper sat by for decades while the lives of ordinary people were trashed straight into jail so that "a big public splash" could be made with all the convictions.  During that time, cop after cop after cop after cop walked, shockingly, with only minor public citations after major citizen abuses.  
Cops who kill in this county walk  immediately, most of the time. Sorry BIG paper, no one here is fooled by you, least of all at this paper.  Maybe you should ask the FBI for some money now rather than to wait until you really do fold next year?  They'll do it. They'll be coming to talk to you about it soon.  Just basic police state stuff.
This little paper sure sounds radical, does it not?  Well, it's not a radical paper.  It merely delves into the murky abyss that was heretofore unknown.  
Random Note on Health:  Vitamins are potentially very toxic chemicals.  When combined with prescription medicines they may even be life threatening. The so-called weight loss preparations frequently contain hot combinations of vitamins that may cause all sorts of distress.  Pure Niacin is particularly hot and should
be approached with extreme caution. Consult a professional heath care provider before taking any vitamins.
Our favorite author and letter writer of all times?  That would be Paul of Tarsus, sometimes referred to as the 13th Apostle. Surprised?  He was too. 
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Other critical stuff:  Across America numerous pension plans are coming due.  Most notably, the public service
pensions like Chicago's were never fully funded.  A lot of cops could be on the street without any retirement,
but that's just part of it.  YOU will be expected to make good on all the payouts ready or not.  Of course, YOU won't get much of anything if your pension, such as it may be, is 
handed over to the fed.  Nice thought as you cross fifty-five or whatever. If things ever get really bad, you could fake a robbery at some convenience
store.  After a couple of times around, that should be fifteen-to-life which will ensure a place to stay, food and medicine until death. That's America's guarantee to you, the hardworking silent ones.  Have a nice day now.  
Hoover Tower - The prickinest
erection in Santa Clara County Any questions?  

Eugene V. Debs

Eugene takes the cake for all times when it comes to purely American social movers.  Fortunately, much is available about him.  His dedication to speaking the truth landed him in jail and his relationship with Susan B. Anthony was archetypical for any would-be columnists or future "minority" heralds. His accomplishments were absolutely stunning especially for his times of governmental repression. Yet, he remained a sensitive and warm person always, especially towards women. Don't miss Eugene this week on a terminal near you
American Police Beat - Offered as a courtesy to any officers or others needing "the cops viewpoint."  None of that
was available locally since a police state is in force here and a code of silence to go along with it. It's always tough in a police state.  Hope this
Did you know that global warming is no joke? The latest research has shown that smoke and soot particles have
shielded the planet, blocking as much as 10% of the sun's rays. That served to disguise the real warming that CO2 is doing.  Strangely, the last thing needed now is clean air.  If the air were truly clean, the Earth would heat up another full degree.  In time a run-
away will occur, perhaps around 2040. The Earth could warm up enough for Methane to begin to rise to the surface
from deep in cold oceanic waters. The gas Methane is even worse than CO2 when it comes to "the green house affect."  It's another problem that won't simply go away.CO2 emissions have to stop. 
Earth in about 100 years.
Earth in "nuclear Winter".
(A. Q. Khan - Out did  Oppenheimer) 
Either way, it's a bad picture and very bad news. In defense of Al Gore, at least someone is doing something about global warming. 
Our Friend, Our Moon
Earth likely would not exist without its highly unusual moon. The moon is a complete exception even in our own solar system.  Nothing like it exists anywhere else in any known solar system either.  Our solar system with its nearly concentric planetary orbits and the large planets in the outer orbits is once again
a big exception.  Stars that have planets almost always have big planets in the inner rings.  Earth sized planets are very rare and more rare are the ones with large moons.   
Bored today?  How about a wild and far out trip to French Frigate Shoals?
It'll fix you right up! 

Justice Australian Style 

More signals of things to come  


Depleted Uranium Hazards

Not as bad as they would seem, says WHO

Tuberculosis!  Worldwide health problem.  Read


Indiana - State of lifetime gun permits  (While California slides backwards into the abyss. It's very costly to be a stupid state.)  

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Secrecy is the enemy of democracy.
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Feminism Today?

It's almost official: Starting Feb. 18, 2009, millions of televisions in American households will go black unless they're outfitted to digital broadcast.
Kurdistan - The other
Like what you see? Then pass this URL to other interested parties today. 
Like what you see? Then pass this URL to other interested parties today. 
Like what you see? Then pass this URL to other interested parties today. 
Like what you see? Then pass this URL to other interested parties today. 
Like what you see? Then pass this URL to other interested parties today. 
Like what you see? Then pass this URL to other interested parties today. 

Moving Day is Done

The Independence Journal has moved successfully. Welcome all.

Law Enforcement and Courts� Dumb Ass Award

IJ hereby extends the "law enforcement dumb ass award" of the century to all the wonderful cops and courts of El Dorado County, Texas as they "worked closely together" in the most recent example of "what the police can do when they want to and will do as they may please."

From most indications, the raid on the YFZ Ranch, home of the so-called polygamists, netted nothing except trouble and grief for all parties concerned. It's only a miracle that all the people of the most recent "unfit" religion weren't surrounded and killed in yet another Waco style conflagration. Apparently, someone in LE did manage to learn something through the years though with their limited IQs. It's another miracle in itself. Just imagine this, two miracles on the same day in the same place n Texas!

That this is a "Christian nation," let the fact be broadcasted fully well.  Anything other than "the usual and customary house religions" is simply not acceptable. More importantly, the police with proper direction of the courts, know best what is and is not an acceptable religion. As usual, the
expediency of sex was misused to secure papers for the attack, just as for Waco.

Although it is apparently incontrovertible that underage girls were made to have sex with older men, that in and of itself did not constitute reason to smash a whole organization and all its followers, just as for Waco. 

One has to wonder where the vaunted ACLU is at such a time?  They must be busy with more important communistic pursuits now as with the great presidential election? However, one would think they would approve heartily of communal living since that would fit in so well with gulag style fair play for all?

IJ has taken the position and will always take the position that sex has become the single most important point of justification for any and all attacks on society and individual citizens. Who better than the police, traditionally speaking, to "set the proper course" for all to sail since they above all others know so well what is correct and what is not, particularly pertaining to sex?

It's always the image of "the little girl" who's being abused that gets poured out even on the judge's desk for his consideration. It';s just about as patented to anger a respectable man in an otherwise respectable position as would delinquency on income taxes, yet another reason to provoke a sometimes fatal action from a court.

As far as sexual abuse is concerned in the United States, it is usually the natural father who is the offender, but no one anywhere would care to bother with that basic fact of life. It's far too disillusioning to consider. It's far better to consider "strangers" or "religious nuts over there" or some other bunch, perhaps even Jews or Gypsies as "the undesirable" elements of society. People seem to like it that way too, shades of Darwin again, but perhaps timely as organized society goes through its final throws before total socialism?

From the looks of it, the YFZ people seem to fit the requirements for being "Jews, Gypsies or 'undesirables' " well enough. The raid on the YFZ was therefore an excellent dress rehearsal for LE so that they'll be ready for "the big one" whenever it comes along. By that time, they should have in place both the method and the means for "the final solution" to this sort of problem.

First, they must work very hard to expand all terrorism statues and funding. Next they should begin digging vast pits disguised as new "mining" operations under dummy corporations. For that matter, the state of Utah already has an excellent open pit location ready for "the final solution" to be situated. Train tracks go right to it too.

Our Muslim pals should pay particular attention to what could easily be in store for them since they like to build edifices and heavily inhabit them similar to the YFZ. No quarter will be given when the hell begins here. It starts with but one shot. That shot has been fired. Debuts Across U.S., a new nationwide police rating service, is now available to the public. It has already tested the nerves of some of our nation's finest, but it promises to be a rejuvenation of free speech while shedding new light on the activities of cops.

The web site is free and very friendly to work with.  So far, the site appears to contain only positive reviews of cops and does not offer personal information.  In lieu of police service record disclosures in most states, this new service is "a step in the right direction" when it comes to gaining insights into what is going on with cops.  It's a clarion very long overdue.

Now for the first time cops may find themselves having to answer directly to private citizens who have to pay dearly for them. Access to the system is not under the control of the police either.  Only in America. 

Ahmajinidad Praises Obama ‘Lost’ Cleric

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmajinidad, was overjoyed to learn that Barack Obama “…was so willing to meet with me upon his (Obama’s) successful election.” Ahmajinidad made this statement after being shown the two year old photo of Barack Obama in tribal dress during a stop in Somalia. “That we should be so fortunate to have this brother among us is like a treasure,” added Ahmajinidad.

Then he said, “Finally, the United States will be positioned to withdraw forever from the Middle East at the exact moment of Iran’s expansion. Only Allah himself could have conceived of such a great thing.” Along with those remarks he stated, “The death of Israel is now sealed through this lost Imam’s conviction and America will turn its own murderous dog upon itself.”

A prayerful Obama  promises himself  forever to
Islam and terrorism. Somalia was the same land
where the Blackhawk helicopter was shot down.

In statements he made during the Texas debate, Barack Obama pledged to “be willing to meet with and talk to our enemies as well as our friends.” Hillary Clinton echoed similar beliefs and both had few reservations about talking to the next Cuban leader, Raul Castro. “I want specific examples…of things that are in place”, Clinton demonstrated, as she set forth various conditions that would have to be “in progress” prior to a U.S. Presidential visit.

It’s clear that the Democrats choose to ignore history since the U.S. met Castro more than  half-way, on a number of occasions, until he announced that he was a communist on American night time television in 1960. A similar amnesia set in when both candidates mentioned NAFTA, blaming Bush for its passage when it was the Bill Clinton Administration that was responsible for it.

As far as Obama's "visit" to Somalia was concerned, it was at the very minimum in poor taste.  He took no time to honor the lives lost during the Somali uprising.  It was still too soon for anyone representing the U.S. Government to pay any amount of homage to a violent terrorist inhabited land much less to offer himself up as a spiritual equivalent and supporter. 

Congratulations to SBX and Aegis Class Cruisers

The shoot down of an errant defense satellite by the U.S. Navy, 21 February 2008, should come as little surprise. The event speaks volumes on current U.S. anti missile warfare capabilities.

Russia seems to suggest that they are at great threat if the U.S. deploys anti missile systems in Prague or Warsaw, but they should have no fear. The U.S. can hit incoming missiles no matter where they come from. The North Koreans seemed to have realized this already.

SBX stands for sea-based x-band radar. It’s much higher power and much longer range than the old broad band radar was though the same wave lenght. Hawaii is home base to the largest floating SBX platform in the world. It’s so powerful that the huge platform need not even leave port to function in a powerful defense role.

Hawaii represents a very good location for the U.S. to defend itself and other lands from any eastern hemisphere missile attacks. Other sites in Italy probably will prove as good. These aloof floating installations are ready to prevent whatever the enemy wants to throw at the civilized world, discounting possible high volume attacks.

Most of what Russia is doing now is geared to deceive the rest of the non intelligent nations into believing that a few buzzing Bear bombers will “send a message” to the U.S. That message was received decades ago and President Reagan responded accordingly with the “star wars” initiatives. That led to Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense, and related technologies.

This demonstration shot was somewhat overdue to the American public who has paid billions for “proof” that it all works. It definitely works. The footnote to the exhibition shot is that everything is in place and ready to go, Russia and world.

Iran to Get Mini-subs From N. Korea

In a futile attempt to make a point of home defense, Iran has contracted with North Korea for delivery of several small submarines.  The subs are to be deployed in the Straights of Hormuz to provoke a U.S. retaliation. 

That North Korea could ship any arms for any reason is a matter of international concern.  It could be terrible timing for Iran.  The U.S. anti submarine warfare capabilities are very advanced and very well known.  Worst case, Iran's new little subs will soon look like blackened hot dogs on a stick in the fire.  It's not very likely.  Best case, Iran stops well short of deploying anything geared to provoke a U.S. response.

Local Issues

Santa Clara County, CA continues to have various growth pains.  In recent years, the Vietnamese have moved into the city of San Jose, CA and made their presence felt.  Recently, a hot issue with the naming of the Viet business district has developed which has led to a lot of heated discussions.

The locals are stirred up about  the name of the Viet business district being set by the city council as The Saigon Business District rather than as the more preferred Little Saigon.  It's a funny thing this battle, especially since the Vietnamese greatly displaced the Hispanics some years ago all along Story Rd. which cuts across much of the purely Mexican population.  Few have stopped to reflect on just how swiftly the tables got turned like this. 

It's also worthy to note that the San Jose International Airport must now have Mineta in front of it in honor of Norm Mineta, the former Transportation Secretary.  Likewise, the local train station is called  Diridon Station instead of Cahill Depot or the Southern Pacific Depot.  No wonder there's so much local bickering over the naming of public places.  Renaming things is a function of the spoils of local political warfare.  Most Americans have been fairly tolerant with a lot of things, but public names have created as many problems as have been solved.

This is not the way things should be.  No officials should get there names on anything public. That could be the secret to settling this latest falling out.  The only time names should be on anything public may include parks both great and small, but not on buildings and for that matter no part of a city should have any special names. 

The Blood of Bhutto

IJ usually has had foresight and timing going for it over the many years.  Fortunately, the paper awarded the woman of the year merely weeks before Benazir Bhutoo's untimely death at the hands of madmen, while she was still alive. 

Just a small amount of security would have made a huge difference on the day of her death.  The same could be said too for Mahatma Gandhi whose warmth and great affection touched the whole world.  Though Gandhi lived in a different time, the problems facing him were somewhat the same, the ongoing human turmoil and the horrendous loss of life it represents.  As for Gandhi, Benazir's life is not only a tragic loss for Pakistan, but the entire world. 

Benazier and Mahatma were in many ways cut from the same bolt of cloth.  People like them never really die, they live on in ways no one could have imagined.  Such was the case here in the U.S. when a Gandhi understudy, Martin Luther King, brought forward a whole new social movement for equality.  May Benazier dwell forever with God in heaven.

If any thing, notice has been firmly served to the doubters who think that democracy is out of style.  It's coming just as before only more loudly than before.

IJ Names Bhutto Woman of the Year

With great pleasure IJ presents the Woman of the Year award to Benazir Bhutto for demonstrating extraordinary courage in returning to Pakistan in its most difficult hour.  Her quiet voice is the voice of reason to many even right here in the U.S.  If any one has the power to save her land and the region with it, it will be Bhutto.  Congratulations, and may the force be with you.

Peterson Cop At Ease In Illinois

Drew Peterson, the cop who's now a suspect in the murder of more than one wife, planned Stacy Peterson's murder much better than the last one. Wife number three, Kathleen Savio, had to undergo the indignity of a postmortem.  No slip-ups this time as for Kathy, however.  No body.  No evidence of any sort. So, no postmortem to worry about with Stacy.

Peterson had much more help from his underworld network of cops with friends.  These boys run a little more than some broken down flee bag restaurants.  They run some funeral homes too complete with crematories.  There'll be no finding Stacy this time.  It was all worked out in advance very well.

Getting back to the 2004 autopsy of Savio, the "reporting officer" had never even seen the Savio body or the crime scene.  After this investigation is complete, that officer should be identified and fired, particularly if the cause of death is changed, at least that much.

Paul Tibbits Jr. Passes, Timely A-bomb Lessons

Paul is at rest now, but he lived a long time and talked quite often about his Aug 6, 1945 bomb run in the "Enola Gay."  It's been so heavily aired that there's no need to repeat any of it here.  Thank you Paul, and at what a great sacrifice to you personally in getting yourself to the point you did.  That won't be forgotten because you're exactly the type of person the U.S. produces so well, the instinctive leaders.

Paul is survived by his grandson also named Paul Tibbits, USAF pilot at Whiteman AFB. That Paul flies the B2 Spirit capable of delivering the B series H-bombs and others.  His target will be Iran.  Like his grandfather's, his mission will be very routine.  He'll sleep very well all the rest of his life afterwards too.

American ‘Federales’ United

Drew Petersons are just another in the line of what is coming for American “law enforcement.” With the shrinking of the middle class come these new horsemen, the new American “Federales.”

It makes perfect sense. For decades Americans have consistently sold out to “law enforcement” types. It’s bad enough to make a musical out of, probably titled Those Bad, Bad, Bad Cops, coming to a stage near you. Realistically, IJ has reported for some time just how far gone “law enforcement” is.

In Santa Clara County, CA, Medical Examiners tend to be very lenient with murdering cops, so too In Illinois. “Officer” Peterson’s third wife died under very unusual circumstances, but he was accorded “the benefit of the doubt” so he could recharge and do it again. Only now is her “drowning” in a nearly empty tub being re-investigated.

Stacy, the forth wife, is now missing, as if anyone needed to be hearing that name Stacey Peterson publically again. Wasn’t one Stacey Peterson enough? What name could be so cursed? This Stacey was mighty young too, but that’s a “Federale’s” prerogative. Cops are real “Randy Roosters” to start with, but man, this Peterson guy is a serial killer too. It’s a wonder his name isn’t Scott already.

Murder by cop is one thing, but the whole American society continues to go down with each fell “enforcement” step. Just what is “law enforcement” trying to prove with its excesses everywhere? It’s getting to be a necessary daily question.

Consider one very premature release of an inmate, Scott Chris Thomas, from San Quentin on 18 May 2007 that nearly resulted in two murders in San Francisco. Outwardly, it was a “mistake,” one that’s drawn plenty of heat. Inwardly, it smacks of Old Mexico’s procedures or check it “manana.” A lot of things seem to be “manana” these days, considering what the prison guards get in pay, averaging $100k yearly each.

It’s not very funny, but it would make for a very interesting public relations ploy, that being one of “you really need us to protect you so, we’ll let this guy out for a walk to prove that point to you, Mr. John Q. Public. “

Now IJ would never stoop to such a back door accusation as this, but with all the emphasis in California on bigger-is-better for all things “law enforcement,” it wouldn’t be so far fetched to consider. To be sure, various “changes” have been made down at the old jailhouse just lately that include adding a second supervisor to each transfer department shift. However, that may prove the point of corruption rather than to abate it.

Governor Schwarzenegger has added to the corruption theory by vetoing three recent very modest judicial reforms Instead, he supports frivolous gun control measures and seems more out of touch than ever with managing government.  San Francisco appears to be the most poorly managed "law enforcement" district in the land.

Recent government reports indicate that the middle class is shrinking. Strongly indicated is the fact that the top 1% of the population earns more than the bottom 50% combined. The disparity between the upper and middle classes increases each time incomes are analyzed. Gee, that sounds a little more like Mexico, just a work in progress. Next time you need a cop, don’t be surprised if you get a “Federale” instead. They’re everywhere now. A vacation break in Tijuana could be well timed for that reason and others. What’s in your suitcase?

Japan's Big Secret,  Artificial Sex

The best kept secret at NASA and in Japan could be just how far along artificial sex really developed.  Over forty years ago the Japanese started working on the problem and soon realized they had a big potential customer in NASA.  The subject got quite a bit of attention but was soon dropped publicly. 

A TV serial was launched in 1960s to quickly capitalize up on that rumor, however.  The show featured a truly bionic woman who like "Jennie" in I Dream of Jennie provided warmth and companionship.  The original show was My Living Doll starring Julie Numar and Bob Cummings.

Fiction often predates truth by decades.  The writings of Jules Verne come to mind as powerful reminders of just how far things fictionally can be developed before their time.  Dick Tracy's "wrist radio" recently became a reality, taking less than seventy-five years to go from cartoon to real.  Flash Gordan's "death ray" was fiction less than thirty years with the first laser coming about in 1960.  Of all the things ever dreamed up, the laser has been the single most revolutionary and broadly functional.  Lasers are found in numerous household products today.

Could it be that the market will soon have available a real functioning "human" who will perform just like one sexually and in other ways?  Move over Ipod.  You're nothing baby compared to what's hitting the market someday soon.  

Theology Today, Tomorrow, Beyond

The time is coming when man will launch a manned mission from which there will be no return.  That could be the Mars mission(s), and maybe not.  When it comes to deep space, the concept of “what goes up, must come down” does not apply so well.

When man or woman leaves planet Earth, without the possibility of returning, that man or woman achieves virtually the same status as a deity.  To be sure, there is no “NASA” planning for this eventuality neither can there be in today’s touchy world.  That does not mean that the situation is not going to occur or is just some dreamer’s philosophy.  It’s all too real.

The Mars mission, to be fair, probably must be considered one-way for the most part.  It would be far better to look at it that way.  Colonizing Mars would make better sense considering, among other things, the transit time required.  That means kids at some point.  It would very foolish to launch such a mission without planning for that. 

This is a very threatening concept.  If children are born on Mars, that would constitute an indirect challenge to the Bible or other such texts.

Childbirth may be one thing, but the simple fact is that man won’t be able to go to many of the places already identified having possible Earth-like planets.  For example, the Sombrero Galaxy is at least twenty-five million light years from Earth.  It is thousands of times the size of the Milky Way Galaxy and would require thousands of our years to investigate.

Somewhere, there is a planet like Earth that will sustain life as it currently exists on Earth.  For man to travel to these remote places, he’ll probably be doing it as embryonic life in a suspended state of development.  It’s not so far fetched.  Seeds that are thousands of years old still germinate when put into the ground as will the embryonic life forms sent to other planets far beyond anyone’s reach today.

Sending embryonic man into deep space is as much a question of theology as any other manned flight would be regardless of the duration required or the method of transferring life.  Not everyone is going to like any of these concepts, but they must be handled and overcome if man is ever to send himself into deep space.

None the least of the problems to be overcome will be getting a spacecraft to last one-hundred years and longer.  A cylinder could, but power is needed to drive at least one small computer for guidance and deployment of the pods.  Very large Plutonium batteries could perhaps last one-hundred years.  All systems would have to be very redundant.

Putin 'Warns' U.S.

The latest shot Premier Putin fired at the U.S. came during his visit to Iran, 16 October 2007.  October has always been at least somewhat good to Russia.  It's the month of change, sometimes for the worse.  Oh for 1917 again, but realistically that wasn't a very good year for then incumbent or emerging leaders.  This October may be some more of the same.

Putin said that a military solution to Iran on the part of the U.S. was "unacceptable."  One has to wonder from which viewpoint Putin is coming.  If Putin imagines that the U.S. will sit back forever while Iran develops nuclear weapons, he should find some other statement to make.

Things are changing, that much is certain.  "Russia Feeling The Heat," reproduced below was published a number of months back.  At the time, Putin seemed resigned to let Iran fend for itself.  Lately, Putin's harsh tones towards U.S. officials and a few near incursions into airspace outside Russia's seem to suggest a new "war footing" in the offing.  Could it be that Russia sees Iran as a major opportunity to get back into the superpower business? That seems to be what he is saying now.

If that is the case, he's on thin ice and he knows it.  Despite his concerns, U.S. strategic forces could hit Iran at any moment with complete confidence.  However, that appears not to be the plan, for now.  So, what is the plan and just why is Putin suddenly so happy to visit Iran when he was far more conciliatory less than a year ago?

There's more going on lately.  Putin is still reeling from the diplomatic fallout he engendered by ordering the killing of a former KGB agent in the U.K.  He's been very busy with issues in the Ukraine, dealing with terrorism at home and also choosing his successor so that he'll still be in power.  It's a very complicated picture and Putin himself can't completely count on a lot of things.

He seems eager to rebuild the Russian military with new starry-eyed recruits.  Yet, a total rebuild would be at least twenty-five years in the making, especially anything massive like rebuilding of the rusted-out submarine fleet his predecessors once so proudly sailed around the world.  Despite all the newfound money in natural gas, there are more problems in Russia than he could afford to overlook by diverting too much money away from important social funding.

So, what could he be up to?  For one thing, Iran represents income in the form of technical fees for hundreds of projects.  From a strategic standpoint, Iran is located in a good place.  That's pleasing for a lot of reasons.  Iran offers Putin, among other things, a chance to make his Khrushchev style outbursts in a more noticeable venue.  He didn't care to do that at the U.N. for some reason though he's had ample opportunity.  He should reflect on the failures of the Russian military in Afghanistan.  That would help him a lot to achieve the correct perspective.       

Russia Feeling The Heat - Previously Published Article

It's popular to imagine that the Bush administration is lack luster and without any influence at all.  However,  Putin and his pals have seen the light, well felt the heat of Bush's naval build up off Iranian shores.  There's no question at this point that "gun boat diplomacy" works.  That's the sort of tough talk Americans seem to be so ashamed of now, particularly in California.  

Why else would the Russians be backtracking at such a late point in Iran's nuclear development?  It really can't be about money though money is always a good reason.  By arming Iran with nuclear fuel Russia would set itself up as the provocateur it has been traditionally to the U.S. 

 For that matter, Russia has been the cold war style provocateur right along only now it's so damningly clear to everyone they can't afford it.   With all the U.S. fleet in the region ready to inflict mad dog war on Iran,  Russia has had to tread much more lightly.  Even for them, it's tough to look like a responsible U.N. Security Council Member and at the same time fund the very reason military action would be required.

Iran can't go along much longer on its present course, the course of total self destruction.  Bush really has been effective and the Russians know this.  They also worry that "star wars" is a threat to their nuclear missile fleet, and  they don't like looking down a gun barrel anymore than the next one.

Russia is very dependent on the rest of the world now.  They're isolated and losing ground every day in many different ways.  They need trade very badly and can't afford to be in the position of not getting along with the rest of the world. 

The turn around with Iran has begun and just in time.  Bush would have pulled the trigger on Iran with nothing to lose.   Russia's Putin could see that quite clearly.  He must have.  Otherwise, Iran would be rolling in isotopes now and on its way to oblivion at the hands of U.S. bomber forces.

Only Cops Should Have Guns?

The six Crandon, Wisconsin killings done by "officer" Tyler Peterson illustrate loss of control at its worst.  However, of more serious concern is the paradigm that "only cops should have guns."  This chant is parroted by nearly every liberal extremist in America, the argument being that "since they are so heavily trained, it just makes perfect sense."  They then follow with the usual, "Guns are only for killing and since we have the police, no one should have any need for guns."

When all the facts come in about the massive loss of life in Wisconsin, there could be even more surprises.  Most of the time when mass killings happen, the person doing them was on or had been on Prozac or some other very similar drug.  That was the case at Columbine, but many other times as well.  There has to be more to this story.  Rage of this type from anyone is not normal. 

A lot of people in Crandon are wondering how Peterson got a badge.   A lot more people across America need to be wondering if "only cops should have guns" is such a good idea after all.

Get Liberal, Get Beaten To Death

More fun with cops worldwide.  Just when everyone thought they were so safe, they woke up to the worst beatings yet.  Have a gander at:

It's staggering to the mind just how well plugged in the world is to brutality.  

The Cost of War in Iraq

From the looks of things, it's not so expensive that the rest of the hostile world should take too much comfort in the end of armed conflict based on America's inability to pay for it.  Credit to submitter Chris Rodehaus.


Cost of War in Iraq



Total Population



Total Adult Population



Total Incarcerated



Total Taxpayer Population



Raw Cost Per Tax Payer

                         $ 2,108.35


 **Note: There is no calculation for interest - IJ staff






 Prepared by Chris Rodehaus

Opposing view: The United States has NEVER been mislead by a more corrupt administration. It makes me sad to think that this idiot in the White House is getting away with this. How many more Americans have to die before we do something?  Chris Rodehaus, please print this statement.

IJ's rebuttal: Chris, although your concern is a well intended one, it's a bit idealistic. War is inevitable. Madmen want it that way and our government is left with very little choice in the matter. Thank you for your submission today. 

Remembering Shiri Negari  then have a look at Islam's outlook on women a damning counterpoint if ever there were one.

Illegal Presence Causes Concern

There's more and more about the cost of illegals here:  This situation is not new, but is finally getting the attention it deserves.

The Fight to End 'Amnesty'

Here's a link to explore.  This should help to get everyone up to speed as to what is going on and why "amnesty" is a new curse word in America.  "You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone."

IJ does not endorse any organization nor receives any advertising revenues or financial support from any individual, groups of individuals or their proxies.

If you're tuning in late, the government, the Democratic Party and hostile organizations like want the American people disarmed, jobless, without a military and totally on the defensive.  It's really just a question of time before all these forces come together to ensure that there'll be no middle class left.  After that, America will die with a whimper. This has to stop.  The only way it may be stopped is through individual acts of heroism; i.e., a complete and total rejection of starry-eyed manipulators, the kind that wrap themselves in American flags imagining themselves to be so much better than everyone else is. Few people in public office at this time are worthy of such office.  This is a national problem that must be corrected.  Be sure to vote, but vote very responsibly.

The Boot of Authority

You'll receive what you pay for. Any questions?

When Authority Has Only Power, No Brains

"Some officers initially dismissed the CIT program as run-of-the-mill sensitivity training or extreme political correctness, but Cindy Schwartz, director of Florida's Eleventh Judicial Circuit Criminal Mental Health Project, says those same officers now marvel at the program's success. The CIT model has received numerous awards from nationally recognized mental health organizations, law enforcement agencies, and humanitarian groups for treating mental illness as a disease, not a crime. Such change cannot come too soon."

Here's another link concerning crisis intervention (alternative to quick execution) :,8599,1651002,00.html?cnn=yes

"Florida taxpayers spend $100,000 each day to house the mentally ill in prison; moreover, studies show that people with mental illness stay in jail eight times longer than other inmates, at seven times the cost."

On yet another track, America the land of the mentally ill.  What drug companies never want to discuss:  a very sobering article.

CCW Issue Gains Even More Ground in CA

Round ten and still going: " Each member of the Santa Maria City Council, along with Police Chief Danny Macagni, was served ... with a federal lawsuit filed by a resident who claims his civil rights were violated when he was denied a permit to carry a concealed weapon," Santa Maria Times of Santa Maria, CA. [This city is close to Santa Barbara. Related story  about "the great sheriff of Santa Barbara" down this page. Hint: That little pig has a problem sorting out right from wrong. Your socialist tax dollars are hard at work again. You Australians need to keep reading up too since you're about to become totally socialist..  We'll miss your contributions to world stability. Just put another Kookaburra on the barbie. The ayatollah says so.]

The CCW issue is very much alive and well in backwards CA.  IJ says the time is definitely coming when s/he will be able to "carry" at will. The wheel is round and turns every way before it's through.

Hawaii Looking More Socialist Every Day - High Japanese Population May Be Reason
Hawaii stands to be the first western state to have a total gun ban.  Some stats say that Hawaii is about 29% Japanese and the Japanese believe in very strong gun control.

Larry Craig – The Case for More Thought

Since Senator Larry Craig pleaded guilty to the infraction of “public nuisance” quite a number of things seem to have been lost in the shuffle.  Why were the cops in the Minnesota Airport in the first place, a good question?  That key word “kids” was the reason in that some kids had reported being approached by adults there before.

So fine and well, the cops were trying to protect kids again. Most people like that and would indicate that it’s good to “throw the book” at any such offender wherever kids are involved, again well and good.  No kids were involved in the Craig incident.  

There is no video of the Craig incident probably due to the state laws of Minnesota.  As in other states, it’s illegal or unwarranted for law enforcement to film in a restroom, changing room or any private place as for civilian photographers.  That hurt the police case since a video would have been very concrete, but no matter.  The audio of Craig and the arresting officer turned out to be inconclusive as well.  It’s comes down to one person’s word against the other’s.

Had Craig visited a prostitute, it’s unlikely anyone would have said anything since it’s so common.  All the accusers who’ve lined up to add in their two cents on the Craig matter certainly must be very aware of the huge whoring industry in D.C.?  It would be difficult to overlook.  It may as well be a fully recognized department of the government.

Most of the time, when a public official gets into trouble it’s for stealing huge sums of money.  Due process is involved and it takes time for the system to work, but that’s for felony matters.  Many of these offenders go up for long stretches of time when it’s all over.

In the two hundred plus year history of the U.S. Government, the only things ever referred to any “ethics committee” or worse have been felony matters; i.e., “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  In that usage “misdemeanors” referred to official mishandling of matters directly related to the public officer’s control of the affairs of office.  The Craig incident is plowing new grounds.

Republicans are very eager to get the Craig matter over with and “get on with business” like shoving “immigration reform” down everyone’s throats pretty soon. They’re rested now and have “work to do.”  Good, but let’s keep it all in perspective please.

Of course, that old bad subject of human sexuality got kicked under the carpet again.  No one cares to delve into the ”why’s” of behavior, just run off into the darkness where it’s so safe and good.  No one cares to see if maybe this older man has begun to lose his grip or expressed any concerns at all for the fact that maybe he’s even innocent of wrongdoing.

It’s really curious because most of the time an offender has rights and certainly for an infraction, it should be very simple.  Just consider what a DUI is and how much more serious it is too.  Had Craig had a DUI people would be concerned, but it’s unlikely that they’d want his head so fast. He’d be in plenty of trouble and even more if he’d hurt someone.   

People everywhere are exceedingly judgmental.  It’s probably not their fault.  For over fifty years every American politician has run on a “law enforcement” platform.  It’s no wonder why the public expects and enjoys “law enforcement solutions” to just about everything.  Yet, the serious sex crimes keep going up and up each year while prisons get fuller and fuller of marginal offenders, but few ever will say anything about that.  This is a nation of laws.

Population Explosion Bad News -  Important reading for the world.  Also google: NEW YORK TIMES, July 18, 2007, Trying Times Ahead: The Prospect of 60 Million Californians, VERLYN KLINKENBORG. "Recently, the California Department of Finance projected that there will be some 60 million people living in the state by 2050."

Stinkin' DA and Killin' Cop of Lake County, CA

Over a year after the fact, Lake County DA Jon Hopkins has filed manslaughter charges against a sailboat's rudderman to cover up a cop's crime.  Lake County Chief Deputy Sheriff Russell Perdock ran into the sailboat on the moonless night of April 29, 2006 fatally injuring Lynn Thornton.  Now Charmichael resident, Bismarch Dinius, faces an uncertain fate in court if the case is prosecuted.

Witnesses claimed that Perdock was traveling at a very high rate of speed when his deluxe speedboat hit the sailboat, but he suggested strongly that he was not even present at the time. That's how he tried to make it sound by saying, "Lynn Thornton died as the result of the actions of others," on TV. That's like saying "the gun did it, I didn't." 

He'll "rest his case" on the actions of the crooked Nifong-style DA Hopkins and his hatchet man, Deputy D.A. David McKillop who's as oily tongued as they come.  From all reports the DA and several police agencies have pulled out all the stops to cover for Perdock, their dear friend who leads the life of Riley on the lake, the life a public hero cop was meant to live.  It figures.  The public perception of cops is that they can do no wrong, so that's what they think too.   It's okay to bend the truth to save a stinky badge.

This story has received plenty of coverage in the Sacramento Bee and on KGO should anyone care to google:  Clear Lake, Dinius, Perdock  

CA's Supreme Court Rules Down Confiscatory Laws Statewide

Finally, no police department may confiscate a person's vehicle for their having been involved in non felony conduct.   Humpty Dumpty Oakland, CA fell down really hard as that city has for years ruthlessly enforced confiscation of vehicles for one's having "purchased drugs" or one's having the temerity to drive to Oakland to engage in paid for sex.   All the laws in the world have not stopped the now very open violence in Oakland, with much more black-on-white crime reported than ever.

Regardless of race, Oakland, CA was perverted into becoming a special pariah by the recently departed Mayor Jerry Brown, et al., who let the city down big time.  His "get tough" policy never worked and never had much hope.  However, a number of other cities tried the same types of confiscatory laws that the U.S. Constitution specifically forbids.  The CA Supreme Court merely did the right thing, by a 4-3 decision, to dump the at-will crime-on-citizens by careless PDs.

Once again, socialism takes just one more baby step backwards in a state that was for the most part all about "free love" and "grass for all" less than two decades ago.  California, after that time of social bliss, was gutted for good by extremely violent cops and dumbbell politicians who were elected by the "let George do it" voters everywhere.

Police theft, no matter what it is called, is wrong and it is just as much a crime as any other crime.  It's  not very likely that this ruling will be overturned since the U.S. Constitution is right behind the state.  For once, the ridiculous court actually ruled to protect people from "unreasonable seizures" at the hands of property grabbing cops.  It's a wonder in a state like California, but it can and does happen from time to time.  Chalk this one up well.  It'll have to last a while. 

This should be some amount of good news for gun owners and the rest because a number of PDs have very sticky fingers with all sorts of other things.  They need to start refunding seized property immediately, but that will remain to be seen.   When stupid cops and/or their minions are in control, all suffer greatly.  It'll be well to watch the CA legislature on this too.   They never seem to get that "will of the people" message because they're so busy.

Collective Bargaining By Police, Serious Mistake

For about the last thirty years most police departments have been allowed to bargain collectively with the public they work for.  This has been counterproductive for a number of reasons, mainly in that the public started paying a lot more for a lot less.

In addition, the powerful police unions have at times overwhelmed and intimidated the public.  Fear is a powerful thing and fear of uniforms has only gotten worse. It's no wonder why. 

A cursory look at what the police do indicates that they really do "shoot first and ask questions later."  Some outstanding executions have been noted in New York, but are not limited to that state alone.  They happen just about everywhere now.

The troubling thing about the police and the administration of them is the amount of secrecy the police are permitted to operate with.  They have enormous discretion.  Even more troubling is the fact that, for the most part,  they answer only to themselves or a mayor.

Collective bargaining by police officers was not allowed very often in most places prior to about 1960.  Previous generations knew better than to allow themselves to be backed into a corner by cops.  Police unions have become too powerful and too secretive for everyone's good. 

The time has come and gone for allowing cops to bargain collectively.  It is a privilege that should be revoked so that the public may exercise more appropriate control over the cops they employ.

Cops Sidestep Council, Auditor, Public Again

The "independent police auditor," who reports to "The Great Big Chief of Police," SJPD's Rob Davis, was thwarted by the City of San Jose Council 21 June 2007. The council voted that the auditor, Barbra Attard, and Davis should "work together" to make the system for reporting police abuse more "user friendly" whatever that's supposed to mean.  She will not become an investigator.

So, how "friendly" should the system be when it comes to snuffing citizens out?  Seems like when the cops snuff someone, it's already not so "friendly?"  Anyway, the good council put Ms. Attard in her place, just as was carefully choreographed with Ms. Attard's full approval and involvement ahead of time.  Too bad "idol" awards couldn't have been handed out at the end.  Everyone was so happy and even teary-eyed, as they should have been, after such a performance.   

The charade of "good government for all" went off without a hitch. The public was once again damned by shrewd behind-the-scenes brinksmanship that at times approached the ideal "Chicago model" for correct police behavior and the cover-up of  anything that could seriously be criticized.  Yet, San Jose will never be able to brag "Alderman" status to its discredit as that is peculiarly "Chicago's very own." The city is just a little too young for that type of cloak-and-dagger histrionics offered up by big time petty barons.

The stupidity of the populace is the key and critical component for the success of any council.  San Jose may claim just as much stupidity as any other city, the kind councils have come to love and depend upon all across America. 

All the various citizen action groups were spat upon, one more time.  "There is no justice in the jungle," said "Mr. Bluster" to a rousing level of applause, and little tan skinned boys must die.  Nothing changed there.   No changes needed nor considered.  How about building another parking lot?  That's more like it San Jose.  Stadium maybe?  

Is That Cop Awake?

That's a good question today.  With all the shift rotations and other needs for overtime, it could be that any given cop is fast asleep.  A very recent study supported by the National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control puts renewed interest into the subject of sleep disorders wearing blue uniforms. 

More people need to know that a cop may not be all there.  Sleepless cops and guns don't mix.  Cops too should have no exemptions from updates to NICS,  the National Instant Check System.  That system screens for "mental problems" and/or "adjudications"  concerning mental state of firearm purchasers.  However, the system could also be used to routinely screen cops for fitness of service.

Cops need to be checked routinely to determine if they are mentally ready for service.  That's a fair and reasonable expectation for any organized society.  If it saves just one life, it'll all be worth it.

Liberalism Fading Fast in France, Here

The recent national elections in France put a conservative in power for the first time in decades.  Considering that and the fact that the Democratic Party continues to lose steam in the U.S. Government, the world is looking very different now.

The Dems couldn't even muster a "no confidence" vote against the U.S. Attorney General Gonzales, let alone put forward an immigration bill.  Something has shifted and it's not just the wind.

Socialism really doesn't deliver anything.  At the core, the money or jobs have to be there so that taxes are paid and subsequently handed over to the indigent masses. Du pain! Du pain! Mas no!  Pas de pain ici!  Even bastardized bread is not free, everyone.

So, that brings us to the point, pussy liberalism, socialism or communism go the same place, nowhere fast.  It's taking the French a lot longer to get to that point of frustration, but change is coming along fine.  People have to work, somewhere, n'est pas?  Money doesn't grow on trees, n'est pas?

Let's see how long this lasts. Bush should move to Albania since they liked him so much there. He should shut up about "immigration."  No one here needs it.  Originally, that was a conservative position, one he abandoned, and it cost him as well as the party. Don't forget your roots sir. 

California's BS 'Legal System'

Anyone wanting to get a snapshot of what IJ has been saying for years need only look at the Paris Hilton case.  Since when does a traffic problem deserve a sudden court order to appear after having been released by the Sheriff?  How many true criminal matters were overlooked during this breach of judgment form the bench?  It's a wonder Paris is still alive, really, since she would make such a good taser target.

If one hair of her head is pulled during her stay in the LA County Jail, it'll be a real loss, but more so for "law enforcement" in an already whacky state like CA.  Poor Paris is rapidly turning into another Jean Harlow.  Just as Harlow, she runs a risk of waking up dead somewhere.  Then everyone will be "real sorry."  Sure they will.  Society is so correct and loving, as always.  She needs "to be taught a lesson," but what lesson is that one please?

'Law Enforcement' Locally, CA County

The Santa Clara County DA, Delores Carr, let a "rape case" go recently.  Now it's on it's way up to faker Jerry Brown, the state DA, for his "review."  As though he's qualified to review anything.  He's not qualified to work in a hamburger stand, never mind render a legal opinion, more bullshit. Carr was right on this one.  Thanks dear.  Now clean up the DA's office, your office, of the sort of foul smell that made it as infamous as LA's.  

Flawed Immigration Bill Dead

In the end, the contentious nature of the poorly conceived immigration bill did it in.  This is a good thing, not a bad thing.  Let Harry Reid and the rest of the blow-hards get the point that the American public isn't going for any more "Katrina" style solutions to problems.

Far from it, no one in America is handing this land or any of its coveted privileges over to anyone for nothing.  That includes all illegal dwellers herein.

It's high time to begin to address the real problems with Mexico, "our neighbor to the South." Those may include a military solution so that this land will remain safe and free.  Until the corruption is resolved in Mexico, there'll be no lasting long term solution to the human suffering that is inflicted on its innocent citizens and no solution to illegals pouring into the U.S. 

America must never be a "magnet" for anyone,  figuratively or literally.  No one here needs massive influx of foreigners for any reason.

Just because the immigration bill is now dead, there is no reason for individual states not  to continue to pass tough anti-immigration statutes on their own.  Even done piece meal, law in that manner is better than letting anyone who wants simply to run free here. It'll send a clear message to the next senate and congress for what the citizens want, legally speaking. [Anti-immigration laws from the viewpoint of jobs, certain required background checks, housing, etc.  Only the fed may regulate legal immigration. ]

Democrats lost big today.  For all their huffing and puffing, they proved nothing in the end despite holding majorities in both houses.  This is a warning to them for 2008.  It's also a warning to everyone else.  Don't let the government run things on its own.   

Can a Good Muslim be a Good American?

At large submission, author unknown.  Some important questions include:

Theologically? - no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia.

Religiously? - no. Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah except Islam (Koran, 2:256)

Scripturally? - no. Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Koran).

Geographically? - no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

Socially? - no. Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

Politically? - no. Because he must submit to the mullah (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and Destruction of America, the great Satan.

Domestically? - no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Koran 4:34).

Intellectually? - no. Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

Philosophically? - no. Because Islam, Mohammed, and the Koran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

Spiritually?- no. Because when we declare "one nation under God," the Christian's God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in The Koran's 99 excellent names.

Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage
to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American. There can be no divided
allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the
English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

The Dawning of  the North American Union

One nation, under money, with "law and enforcement" for all. 

Proposed flag for the new union

There's a lot to read about on the NAU subject.  The video is a good place to start.  It appears that it's really just a question of time until Canada, the U.S. and Mexico merge.  This is a do-it-youselfer today brought to by the IJ.  Thanks for reading.

Tribute To American Women

Women really take a beating these days, quietly all around the world.  Below is a collage of snapshots commemorating what it's all about in America.  Take a good look at all the love.

Mother's day is a special day in America.  Sunday's are nice too.  That's a good time to hit a woman, to "reassure her" in a most personal way.  Kids get to see it unfold before their very eyes and are permanently marred for life.  This is a Christian nation, home of the Falwell's and the rest of the cover-ups.

Abuse of women is a worldwide problem and our Islamic pals really like it more than anyone could have imagined heretofore.  Islam goes many steps farther than just beatings.   They love the "honor killing" methodology.  It makes complete sense to murderers.  Islam is right at home with the most important though unspoken American traditions.  No translations are necessary.

Have a look at abuse of women in the wonderful Muslim lands:

Client Services in Santa Clara County, CA

Public Service Announcement - The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors is proposing to cut $110 million from life-saving public health, mental health, drug and alcohol treatment services. Adoption of these cuts will have a devastating impact on tens of thousands of children, elders, families, people with disabilities and others in the county.

-About 4,500 residents, including high risk families and foster children, will lose public health care and referral services.
-About 7,000 residents will lose access to mental health care. Vital school-based programs will also be eliminated.
-Prevention, detection and treatment programs for communicable diseases will be reduced or eliminated.
-More than 3,500 residents with drug and alcohol problems will be denied care, making it harder them to remain productive tax-paying members of society.

Endorsed by IJ as an alternative to the additional police actions that will be necessary if  these services are removed.   Oh yes, an update:   Police fatally tasered a Mongol biker on 1st St. 25 May 2007.  The dumbbell medical examiner will once again claim that he's not sure electrical shock could be fatal.  The police claim that this was the "first time" this happened in San Jose.  It's not.

Oh yes, the local "call girl" to "The Great Big Chief of Police Rob Davis" and sole "citizen review person" Barbara Attard has "demanded" review of taser use in San Jose.  She wants to cry some crocodile tears for the tasered citizens now departed, sometime soon, while assisting her boss cop Davis "to feel so much better on the job."  So far, so good.  She's definitely "made him feel like a man" on the job, even to the extent that Davis refused to wear women's shoes to the "walk a mile in her shoes" public exhibition.  That's good.  San Jose needs a secretive "he man" with a gun.  This is "man country" home of pussy "law enforcement" of the most violent persuasion.     

Uncle Fudd Gasping for Air

The BIG local paper appears to be down for the count, again.  Thanks be to that jealous organ that helped push IJ into international prominence.  It appears that even more bad news is coming, and well, Uncle Fudd will slip and fall all the way down the same hill it so vengefully pushed others down for decades.  What goes around comes around.

Human Rights Issues Still Big With IJ

Since IJ started up in 2003, the numbers of police abuse incidents pouring in have become so routine and massive that this small paper can't begin to handle the shear amount of it.  However, even more have poured in lately bringing this paper to the realization that many places across the land are on the thin edge of control, police control that is. 

Several cases have screamed out as the not so shining examples of how our cities' finest operate.  No compliments are due to anyone once again in officialdom.  If anything, the great freeze seems much worse than before.  "Man's inhumanity towards man," rancorously tolls true before one sleeping local government after another, but it's that damning silence that's so bad, that silence from the top that's always officiated by the cops themselves.

Since news analysis is more or less what this paper is about, it's particularly abhorrent  to find an example of a freelancer getting the old baton to his head.  Such was the case with Tonye Allen and his associate Ann Brown  The story tells itself, but the larger questions must be: What color is the "correct color" or what occupation is the "correct one" any more?  How innocent and unarmed must a person be?  Is leaving a hotel pretext enough essentially to kill a citizen over?

This paper has long held that being unarmed is the first step in line to a person's massive mishandling at the hands of the police just about everywhere across America.  It's a formula for death that has been proved many times over in only the three years IJ dared to print a single questioning line of type and sent out. 

The nationwide police repression isn't so hard to pick out of the clutter anymore.  The hell of it is that many people seem to like things this way.  They are all too willing to accept "the ever increasing crime rate" published by the cops.  The cops must know something: PR is the key, as for keeping people on the defensive, so that the expenditures for cops keep increasing. 

That's very nice.  Just keep building up layer upon layer of cops because "law enforcement solutions" are the only solutions. Punctuate everything with "good police behavior" from time to time like a few bone marrow donations by the cops, sounds so very good.  A cop is always "a model citizen" and so much more trustworthy than any regular citizen is.  They get tons of mileage off such wonderful "police efforts."   Then, the very next day, they go out and find "a nigger" to kill.  That's just excellent police work. 

And, when they're not out killing some little slob, they may feel free to goof up major investigations because they weren't qualified to handle them in the first place.  "Bad evidence handling" is "the usual suspect."  Just what the hell is going on with all those tax dollars at work?

The good news, if any, is that thousands of you out there read, send out your own email bulletins and harp long enough to get at least some attention.  Here too, that's what the paper has done with some success.  Awareness is very important because it is it's own "crime stopper" network only the people to watch now are the cops.

IJ can't possibly print the injustice deluge that pours in, but it should be said that the American awareness movement is alive and well, that much is for sure.  A "nice white boy's paper" like this one counts too.  Bleeding hearted liberal repressors read it and sometimes laugh their collective asses off.  Then too, they do have to stop and think, "what's with this?"  Does this "paper" represent anything at all that I could give a flip about?  Well, guess what.  This damn little paper hits home and everyone across the "law enforcement landscape" has had to pay attention to it.

If IJ has any secret, it's only to hit 'em where it hurts, right back in the public opinion category they feel they've so handily sewn up for themselves.  If a few more people spent the time to stay aware of LE, the problem would melt far down.  Time will tell whether people care to get out from in front of the BIG TVs to do anything.  Some have already.  Some more will have to too.

Harry Not Shipping Out To Iraq

Prince Henry would create such a threat to his men, he won't be going to Iraq.  It's a troubling blow to him to be sure.  However, it's even more troubling to a greatly weakened U.K. 

Looking at just how far gone the British Empire truly is today, it's a bit easier to understand withering in the proper light.  When a nation becomes so effete that it is controlled by the will of a distant foreign land, that's really the end.  If insurgents in Iraq can simply threaten an office holder and that changes war deployment strategy,  there is no military discipline to be had.

What would Monty say to that statement?  He'd be mortified and he'd turn over in his grave. 

Brits may continue living their false life style, one of being heavily monitored everywhere.  Hopefully that should prevent some miscarriages by violent perverts.  Brits may choose to sing again that wonderful "All we are saying, is give peace a chaunce."  It sounded so nice in the 70s.  It helped get rid of awful Americans and their damned nukes from British bases.

For a land that was so often occupied by powerful conquerors, perhaps resignation to the dogs is in order?  It's a pity isn't it?

The day will come when Brits will look back on the days of that expression "obedient poodles to America" as among its finest hours.

Sheriff Represses Santa Barbara Area

The "no guns allowed" policy unless you're a cop is in full swing in the Santa Barbara area.  The "hang 'um high" Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown is doing what all the cute little liberals love best, repressing weapons permits.

Since CA has no "shall issue" law in effect, tin horn little cops can operate like thieves in the night, robbing the private citizen of security in an ever maddening world.  Sheriff Brown "knows what's good for everybody else," based on one incident of "road rage" he related recently.  The thing is, he used false comparisons in his "story of rage" and failed completely to see the larger picture.

This is California at its finest, burying its head in the sand like the extinct cranes of yore.  It's funny how the state can be a "leader in CO2  emission control" on the one hand, but slip into the sea on the other with respect to self defense.  Self defense does not exist in the state, so no, no, no, no one mustn't defend one's self against anything or anyone, period.   He likes "issuing" to fellow cops, however, and of course, he's a gun toting cop himself, so no problem there.

What about everyone else?

Now is the time to repeal all guns laws, a citizen's reflection

Please note that of the 80,000,000 gun owners many too are voters; and, by dint of their gun registrations and background checks for Concealed Carry Permits, are pretty much vetted. Gun owners are a very significant voting block in 2008.  Candidates should take heed.

[Credit: John Longenecker. The Case For Nationwide Concealed Carry.   Not associated with or related to IJ in any way]

Police Crisis Intervention Training

As for the suburbs of France one year ago, the suburbs of America have over-boiled lately during the May 1 immigration protests.   Los Angeles leads the way with all the police over-reactions, as usual.  However, it isn't only on the special days that the police continue to be woefully under trained and under prepared to deal with individuals in crisis.

This is the stuff that police snuff-outs are made of, the "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality. Consider this scenario:  A person has chest pains, so 911 is called.  Soon, an ambulance with highly qualified medical staff arrives.  The person is evaluated, whisked off and voila, they live to see another day.

Scenario number two:  A person "flips out" to some degree.  911 is called.  A cop shows up and soon kills the person.  Anything wrong with this picture?

Sure, a lot is wrong with it, but that's what happens worldwide and the French are not immune to this one bit. 

Over the past year, IJ has had plenty of time to look at what happened in France and some other lands too, but France is the best overall comparison that could be found.  That's mainly due to the same callousness of the police there.  Their stories sound so American that the review had to be stopped in order to ensure the correct Internet page was up.

The need for a great deal more police crisis intervention training everywhere is very apparent.  It always has been a challenge, but now it's even more important, every bit as important as preventing "terrorism." 

Here's a fairly good local example that comes from a chapter president of The National Alliance on Mental Health.  Crisis Intervention Training or CIT is for the good of everyone.  IJ recognizes these efforts.

Lots To Talk About, Not So Much Time To Do It In

As you know, the U.S. has been bogged down in Iraq.  That's affected the U.S. readiness all over the globe.  Some months back IJ ran a story, down this page still, that indicated "the new America" coming; i.e., one that would be totally mobilized militarily.  Well, those days are in fact coming upon America and the world. 

General George Casey has been talking over the last several weeks about just how far America must go when it comes to call-ups and extended deployment.  However, included in some of his remarks recently have been some telling indications by Defense Secretary Robert Gates pertaining to overall readiness.  Casey wants 65,000 more soldiers which amounts to nearly a doubling of the 35,000 projected increases in place now.

This dialog is not new, but what is new is how open Gates made himself in January and how that information is still showing up.  So what's the conclusion to be drawn from this?

The way IJ sees things shaping up is something like this:  At some point the Democrats have to back off of their "pull out now" agenda.  It'll never happen anyway. The Iraq war will just keep going for better or worse.  Dems WILL have to do some funding for it and pretty soon.  That leaves them at the logical end of the continuum, meaning that they don't have a back up agenda to go to after they've grudgingly refunded the sinking war in Iraq.

Soon, the election rhetoric will take precedence over a lot of things, but the war in Iraq will still be going full blast along with new wars anywhere else.  The U.S. quite likely will be faced with new multi front wars.  Though it looks a little tough now, America is pretty well known for defense spending.  This time won't be much different.   It's really only just a matter of time.

No Defense Planning Cost Lives

Massive loss of life by defenseless students at Virginia Tech underscores what has been happening in a number of places in America, namely the push to undermine or even remove hard won CCW or Concealed Carry of a Weapon laws.

Virginia has CCW, but under restrictions. VT had another attack by a shooter back in 2002 that was met with armed resistance on the part of a bystander. That event may have fostered the change that prevented ordinary citizens from carrying their guns while on campus. Anyone who would have broken the amended CCW restrictions, no guns on campus, would have faced being expelled. The so-called "gun fee zones" like locks are for honest people.

Of course, it is conjectural whether one armed citizen could have prevented Cho from killing anyone. Shots fired at him could have possibly delayed him or frightened him away, but also could have further enraged him. No one will ever have the chance to know for sure because the state arrogantly removed the right to carry on all college campus in Virginia.

In all, forty states allow CCW or have no laws restricting carried concealed weapons. Some states like Virginia grudgingly allow CCW, but encumber the privilege with if-and-but restrictions. Cho broke the state's "must not carry" amendments.

Texas had to experience a massive tragedy at a Luby's Cafeteria before that state allowed CCW. Texans just recently passed a new massive change to the state's existing self defense statutes. Included in newest Texas law is the passage that prevents the victim who defends himself from civil liabilities. It's one thing to defend oneself, quite another to pick up the pieces after the fact. Texans recognized this danger and took it away from prosecutors for good, but that's Texas.

So far, not a word has come from any elected official who would push for more gun control. That's good because on the day of the killings, 16 April 2007, every single one of the liberals' laws were in effect and worked as perfectly as anyone could have hoped. Cho had purchased his guns at least a month earlier too, making the "waiting period" argument moot.

Virginia's gun laws have been repeatedly attacked for being weak, especially by Mayor Bloomberg of New York. That's his "the usual list of suspects" stuff that drones from NY year in and year out even well before his time. Mayor Dinkins waved his magic wand one day and made all so-called "assault rifles" illegal right then and there. That was after New Yorkers were tricked into "registration" of them.

Virginia's gun laws are not much weaker than all the rest of the country. The "instant check" through NICS, National Instant Check System, is required in all states. The states have the option of adding additional requirements with California being the toughest on waiting periods. CA requires a ten day wait that is supposed to ensure a thorough check through all of the state's criminal records systems.

The major police shortfall on the VT campus was in the two hours the shooter, Cho, had to mail a letter and finish his mass killings. Had the campus quickly been closed down, Cho would have had fewer people in confined areas to choose for execution. No one wants to talk about what the police did wrong. It figures because the police never seem to do anything wrong.

As the investigators have found already, from a federal standpoint, Cho was not qualified to purchase or own a gun. The federal gun laws state that anyone having been "adjudicated" a danger to himself or others is no longer allowed to have access to firearms. That's a lifetime ban too, not just for some few years. The standard is quite sensitive. Just about anyone can "adjudicate" too. It need not really and truly be a judge. It could be anyone in any official capacity even a college administrator working with a local doctor who would normally make such determinations. A simple diagnosis of depression could be plenty good enough to disqualify someone from all future purchases and/or ownership of firearms.

However, the judge who reviewed Cho's case years before he killed was not up to snuff on federal law. That's always been a problem in the jumble of laws that now exist controlling even the most minute aspect of gun ownership, carriage and etc. At last review, over 10,000 federal state and local laws pertain to firearms making them the most regulated retail products in the world.

People from other lands cannot be expected to understand American legal wrangling or reasoning. America is a democracy with plenty of conflicting laws. None the least of the damning laws enacted was the Americans With Disabilities Act, originally meant to address the major issues facing the physically handicapped. In reality, the law was very far reaching and some have conjectured that people like Cho received preferential treatment based in part on such laws.

A simple review of Cho's school work quickly indicates that he was not doing college level work. Discounting the rage he expressed in his two "plays" he should not have been in college, certainly not at age twenty-three and not as an undergraduate. Backtracking from the day of the shooting, it appears that Cho could have done very little collegiate studies in the usual sense of the term. He spent a full month getting ready to kill. That much was clear.

Democrats barely hold on to a majority in both the congress and senate. The critical conservative pro-gun states could easily shift back to the Republicans if Dems announce any new gun control measures. So, no changes are to be expected and none should be. If all the laws don't work now, no gun owner anywhere could be blamed. Many gun owners acquiesced years ago to "reasonable gun laws" that once again didn't work when they were supposed to. Thirty-three dead.

Interesting Fall-out After Virginia Murders

A lot of discussion has been generated in the days since the Virginia Tech murders, 16 April 2007, done by Seung-Hui Cho.  Some of this has been very interesting and for a change the major networks didn’t just hammer the NRA leaving it at that.  They couldn’t because the situation was so vastly complicated this time around.  NRA reserved comment for several weeks too. 

Wayne LaPierre of NRA dropped the shoe on Sunday, 27 April 2007, when he stated that NRA supports all “existing laws” that always included proper reporting of a purchaser’s mental condition whenever a weapon is about to change hands. 

Although form Federal Form 4473 requires the gun purchaser to declare his mental condition, there is no way currently for that to be known to the seller, a flaw in the Gun Control Act of 1968.  No funding for such reporting was ever enacted, but make no mistake, GCA 68 was very far reaching even to this day as it enabled ATFE to do draconian things to “kitchen table dealers” to use but one more terribly dated buzzword. 

The “existing laws” are as damning as they can be too.  If “existing laws” were enforced as readily as some seem to demand, there really would be a police state. A just society may not be a free one.

There are very few dealers now compared to 1984 when there were about 250,000.  Some have called this progress, but it came at the expense of freedom and free enterprise while doing nothing to prevent senseless rage on the part of people like Cho. It’s only getting worse each year too. 

One thing everyone sees pretty clearly is that “existing law” actually covered Cho; that is, already prevented him from legally purchasing a gun, but was not effective due to the failure of the various systems involved in the communication of prospective purchaser’s mental conditions.  This situation has become the latest “gun loophole” to use today’s sound bite buzzwords.  Everyone and his brother claim they detest any “loopholes” of this type, but they wrote most of the laws so, who’s fooling whom? 

A “loophole” didn’t do the crimes, a person did them every time.  Virginia’s Governor Kaine issued an executive order on 30 April 2007 he feels would have stopped Cho. Nice, but it’s a little late.  What about all the other “loopholes?”  How about  the one including getting a gun illegally on the black market?  Even Cho could have done that.  

The hottest issue of all comes from a source least considered, Mental Health America, formerly the National Mental Health Association.  That organization’s president, David Shern, was already on record as opposing any attempt to report mental conditions to the fed or any other “law enforcement” organization.  His arguments completely set aside anything NRA could have ever come up with.  CBS covered this during a 60 Minutes article.

There’s been plenty of that sole-searching progression on TV again, complete with all that wonderful introspective jibber-jabber that always includes the question “why.”  A piece that really stands out is the testimony that Darrell Scott gave before congress back in 1999 after the Columbine killings.  It was prosaic and telling.  His daughter Rachel was a victim, but nothing he said was anti gun, far better and far beyond that.  His words must be revisited once more.

However, the usual and customary procedure has been to immediately attack the NRA after a tragedy with NRA having to "shoot back." That sort of head-butting has produced no positive results.  It was never a “formula for success” despite the rhetoric of Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY).  Her election hopes once rode on a strong “I stood up to the NRA” campaign slogan.

Lately, she’s had to change her tune because after all the years of head-butting, she’s got no results to report, just like most office holders in congress.  The American style of belligerence in political dialog is wasteful though exceedingly popular. 

It should be pointed out that the GCA 68 would never have become law without NRA’s blessing and heavy involvement that won NRA only contempt from the media in later years.  To all intents and purposes, it has been the NRA itself that sold gun owners down the river by acting anti gun at times.  GCA 68 has been the bane of nearly  all gun owners and a curse word for almost forty years going.  [The original Dodd Bill was seriously flawed and nearly word-for-word taken from Hitler’s laws concerning Jews.  That original document is referenced down this page.]

Liberals like Congresswoman McCarthy have left themselves very little wiggle room. On some occasions these people have come out very angrily and very stridently against NRA only to find out later that doing so not only prevented any gun bill from moving but may also have cost them their seats at election time.  This fact is still under weighed by a number of partisan liberals. These are the same liberals, but for a few measures, who got their way nearly every time too.  They’ve managed to pass countless restrictions on gun owners, each time dissatisfied and craving even more.  Much of the time, NRA hasn’t been much of a factor due to internal dissention and confusion.   NRA never has had the power some feared.   It's been heavily infiltrated for decades by every FBI, ATF and all the other letters.

Up until very recently a tragedy like the one at Virginia Tech absolutely ensured passage of some anti gun bill that was merely waiting it the wings, especially at a state level.  That old formula is gone now because much of “their laws” are already in place functioning to their satisfaction very well. The only thing left is a total ban and confiscation which would again prove futile.  They wonder why all the gun owners fight them?  It’s no wonder at all. 

Related articles courtesy of the larger press:,2933,268084,00.html,2933,269142,00.html,2933,266746,00.htm

American  ‘Amnesty’ Project

America permits at least two million legal immigrants to enter every year.  That’s more than  the rest of the world combined.   Considering that the H1B “green card” visas never did what they were supposed to do, namely bring in the most desired employees, and that at least fifteen million illegals live here, it’s pretty amazing that any foreign person could scream for amnesty. Amnesty from what, ALL responsibilities?

That’s how things are ever since I.C.E., Immigration and Customs Enforcement started, enforcing a minimum few orders for deportation.  All sorts of illegals  have begun to scream.  Some cities like Oakland have declared themselves “sanctuaries.” At just about every turn, something else has gone wrong and there’s plenty of support for the illegal crowds.  Churches not withstanding, everyone has had a part in making illegality even more illegal.  America has become the refuge from having to comply with any amount of law.

The types of issues that have gone critical in the meantime include Medicare.  It’s over already, another victim of neglect.  Where oh where are the pompous ones who enacted it now?  And, where are they who put in the prescription drug plan that  lacked any sort of controls at all?  The government should send in a massive order for red ink. They’ll need it and it’ll give someone a job, probably an illegal.

More Badass Cops!

One of the mainstays of this paper is the absolute certainty with which the boys in blue will re-offend.  Wow!  Once again, it’s true to form.  It’s almost hysterical to consider that the cops would easily have walked on this one, but for the fact that the bar in question video tapes during business hours. 

It was all there, the anger, the beating, the unprovoked nature of it all.  What a nice cop and not too atypical of the great city of Chicago, infamous for it’s crooked ones and particularly those hip on “gun control.” 

Makes a lot of sense too.  No cop likes armed citizens too much. Every day should be like the St. Valentines Massacre with totally unarmed ones ready to be killed at will.  Of course, the cops weren’t themselves involved in such a thing, just  loaned a police car it would appear, but oh well, that’s life in Chicago. 

Kill a woman if you have too.  Just get it over with fast and for God’s sake cover your tracks a lot better officer!

'Al Jazeera English' New Walloping Organ

To continue in the vein of discussion about the "new journalism"  Al Jazeera must not be overlooked.  That Internet/satellite news station reaches fifty million viewers daily.  It's awesome, but even more awesome is the one billion dollars they spent launching Al Jazeera English.  

The late Marshall McLuhan should get even more kudos than ever for his pioneering writing and insights into what he foresaw as "the global village."  Al Jazeera has added some unwritten chapters to his work lately.  In the process of their launch they've hired top notch talent from around the world.

Even the U.S. military is gung-ho for getting on Al Jazeera, a dramatic shift in tone and procedures.  That really says something.  Though the old paper-and-inks are disappearing, new organs are cropping up very quickly to fill that void.  No one wants to be left behind, not even IJ.

The Internet being what it is, IJ has had to pay more and more attention to international news.  It's very critical now.   We'll be watching with even more interest.  

Salute to the Small Papers

Today's salute to the "blogs" or small papers like IJ is very fitting.  Even the largest papers have had to take special notice of the more than 250,000 of these now on the Internet.  There's definitely some jealously too.   It's very palpable at times, but the "old reliables" are still headed for the last roundup pretty soon.

One of the reasons they'll fail is the high expense of both paper and ink.  Other reasons include loss of audience.  Then, of course, the journalism schools were far behind in ever developing a working "business model" for a modern Internet paper to follow.  It doesn't exist. 

Can the world do without Uncle Fudd and the likes of "The Times" or all the rest?   The answer is a resounding yes.  It's getting better every day, in fact.  So much news is flowing from all over the world that it's all a forgone conclusion.  The end will come soon for the big papers in terms of cold hard news, not so much for "fashion" and some other sweet gentle areas that won't get translated very well by papers like IJ.

So, what valid role does an "IJ" manage to fulfill after all?  It comes down to a single very critical word, analysis.  It wouldn't do any good to publish any paper leaving out analysis.  It may seem trivial to present, but IJ has succeeded greatly because the paper doesn't just cut and paste from other sources.  That could be done by anyone.

Naturally, by offering analysis one could say that IJ is "slanted" or "editorializes" when it should only report what happened.   However, all the large papers have done this and more serious skullduggery for centuries.  They've been totally self-serving at times, failing to criticize authority.  That failure has led to numerous abuses of power.  It's high time for change in the media.  Thank heavens for it and it's hurtling on its way. 

Best of all, IJ is free and always will be. 

Power Sharing and Gun Ownership - Question Answered

IJ advocates gun ownership and CCW laws in CA as a "step in the right direction" towards power sharing.   It is NOT the position of this paper that a person should go out, buy a gun and attempt to use it for any reason.   More on this continues below.  

There's a BIG reason why "law enforcement" pulls out all the stops to prevent citizen gun ownership and/or self defense measures:  THEY WANT TO BE THE ONLY GAME IN THE ENTIRE STATE!   That position is easy to verify too, it's everywhere.   The so-called "ordinary citizen" out there does not understand the connection between lawful gun ownership, proper self defense statutes and his/her role in power sharing with all levels of government.  "Authority" likes it that way, very confusing. 

Politicians in the virgin, as yet CCW absent, states are especially eager to prevent any "loss of control."  That means just about everything, but most importantly the right of any citizen ever to make any challenge to "authority."  Some of these people who would emulate Mayor Bloomberg of NYC are complete fanatics in that regard.  [ Rudy Giuliani is the same thing too, Mr. Guncontrol.]  There's a huge reason for it, CONTROL at all costs.

It's not just because one or several individuals could legally purchase a gun.  That's nothing, in itself.  In fact, most people will never bother to own a gun.   It's the concept that it's legal and still possible.   That makes everyone at all levels of LE have to be a lot more honest and law abiding themselves.   They could do without "citizen review" too.  They really like it that way.  Do you?  

In a world where only cops own guns,  that's a police state.  By itself the citizen's gun means nothing and would in fact be illegal very quickly, in a police state.  That's the key concept: The right to own it, but even more critical for the times, the right to use it in an emergency just as any cop would.  That's a lot for a reader to have to digest already.  Consider just what "the system of checks and balances" really means.   YOU are part of that system. 

Halliburton's Pullout Signals U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq

A lot of funny signals are flying out of the Middle East now, but one thing is clear, Halliburton has made its money so it's time to run.   Over the last several weeks Halliburton, a Cayman Island based business, has announced intentions to relocate its main headquarters to Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).   That's in keeping with the "new self preservation" exhibited by "big business" that's heavily plugged into the U.S. Government.

It's no mistake in timing that Big H's time is up.  It's the one dependable indicator most sought after for years in determining "what next" when it comes to U.S. policy in Iraq.  The wind has shifted directions to the West now as the storm of the 2008 elections approaches.

The GOP along with Dick Chenney and others do not care to see Iraq loom as a major issue again.  For if Iraq doesn't wind down soon, the GOP could face more losses than it already has.  Aside from that, it's nice to "do business while under the full protection of the U.S. military."  Sad to say, but it's a deal "under the table."  This time everyone including the President himself is in on it. 

Look for the U.S. to be out of Iraq fairly soon.  Some more "behind the scenes deals" have to go down like continued massive public protests in Iraq to cover the pullout.  These are happening now so it shouldn't be too long.  Halliburton comes out smelling like a rose. .

Brits Reaping Rewards OF Pacifism

The U.K. has provided to itself and the world, with a very public example, what neutrality and pacifism lead up to, more war.  For over a year, the steady drone from the Brits has been "get home now at any cost," from Iraq.  To that end, the Blair government has had to fold and move on.

It was the wrong message at exactly the wrong time in history.  Now the British must exceed to the Iranian demands or risk war.  They've made Iran all the more tempted because the British pullout from Iraq is fully under way, just what Iran wanted only they also desire to see British noses rubbed in a little poopy-doo too.   

However, this is only the first installment of weakness.  With the U.S. House and Senate having voted for a time table for withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, more brazen "parting shots" are to be expected from the victorious Iranians who can do no wrong.   

Montana's LE 'Worried' About New Gun Bill, Public Attitude

The state of Montana once appeared throttled completely, first by the fed then by the state's boys in blue, when it came to CCW and any self defense issues.  A series of "nut cases" came along that played into LE's hands back in the 1990's.  Radical groups including Posse Comitatus attracted a lot of attention then.

There has almost always been a fascination by LE for people living in the mountains who own guns.  Throw in a little "religion" and it really gets LE and "proper folks" all worked up to an explosive point very quickly.  In fact, the greater threat to the public has often times been the shear amount of overreaction by LE during times of change. 

Now comes a full blown bill that would install both CCW and a new definition of self defense for the state's residents.  LE is hopping mad that anything like it would come along.  Such is the state's House Bill 340, drafted by Republican Representative Jack Wells of Bozeman now tabled due to LE's backdoor brinksmanship. 

LE needs to start getting used to a few more challenges.  Things have been "their way" for way too long.  The recent successful challenge to Washington D.C.'s gun ban doesn't bode well for the old "standard line" antigun Democrats' position in 2008 either.  The gun issue is very much alive and well in more than just a few minds and all the squirming by LE and the trial attorneys won't alter the inevitability of the clash that's coming. 

2008 promises to be a big year for gun politics all across the land.  Stay tuned. 

Public Very Quiet After U.S. Senate Revokes FBI's 'NSL's

One of the biggest yet most uncelebrated power pullbacks occurred during the week of 19 March 2007, that being the Senate's removal of abusive powers granted to the FBI as a result of 9/11.   One would think that parades would have been organized to celebrate the National Security Letters having been withdrawn.  In fact, it was a huge blow to the FBI and a major victory to free people everywhere.

The American public is very frequently at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding just how close the land comes total government takeovers.  The NSL "experiment" is over just in time to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.   Fireworks should be in order, but are conspicuously absent.  It's not very likely the average American even knew anything about the abusive NSL's or much else or even cared to be informed.  

What an NSL did was to allow the FBI to investigate anyone at anytime without due process.  It amounted to the biggest power grab in FBI history something that would have greatly impressed J. Edgar Hoover himself.   His bad legacy lived on very well until the Senate revoked NSL's.  

IJ advocates, among other things, the removal of the Hoover name from the FBI building in Washington, D.C.  This is just one more occasion to celebrate freedom and the wish for its continued preservation.  The "average citizen" seems unflustered about much of this.  It would be well to read some newspapers now and then, when there's time. 

Farcical Ethanol Message

Suddenly, Bush is an "environmentalist."  He has "discovered" the value of ethanol additive fuels.  Good, but it's a fake out all the way.  

By just about any standard used, America could never produce ethanol in quantities enough to make any significant dent in motor fuel consumption.  Mainly that's due to corn being the only viable crop that could be used to make the alcohol.   That's funny because corn is the most highly subsidized crop going, bar none, and not about to change.

So, Bush's sudden "interest" in ethanol is suspect.  Could it be that a disguised new corn subsidy is on its way in time for 2008 elections?  Probably. 

If the fed wanted to stimulate fuel economy, the only ways could be to impose new fuel taxes and to force automakers by law to produce much more fuel efficient cars.  It's not coming, not this year or any, because farming and automobile production are key special interests in the key Midwest states. 


So, let's see. Starting about thirty years ago a bunch of hippies fought nuclear power based on the fact that it produced radio active waste. Fine and good. Then coal came into even wider use nearly suffocating the Earth. In effect, all the protests did were to promote global warming. There was plenty of yelling and screaming like "Hell no, we won't glow!" Those new plants never got built as a result. Now look at the world. Hippies are so happy today.  Where are they though?

Then there were the years of the abortion protests, still going too. After all the loud noise and the
murders of doctors, things aren't any better for anyone. More wasted time. If only a small amount
of real governmental reform had been done, America and the world would be far better off, but no, little to none.

Today there are the war protests, deja-vu from 1970. Not too much accomplished back then either. Just gave Nixon to the world who went on to shred the Constitution. Jane Fonda got rich. Rats got fat while good men died. So on and so forth. 

Germany, a NATO country, is going to "armchair it" only taking some aerial photos, not much else in Afghanistan. That's good. A weak central European reaction like that is expected. More NATO countries should be as equally weak. The world loves weakness. There won't be a central Europe someday, but that's what central Europeans must want. They are very experienced in such outcomes and plan diligently for them too.  The world is completely safe from the Third Reich now. 

Hi, I'm feeling a touch "promiscuous" today.  Are you?

Gardasil Vaccine New Political Football

From sea to shining sea there's plenty of negative discussion about the one vaccine that could save a woman's life from cervical caner with near absolute certainty.   Texans are all upset that a girl would be required to save herself from a miserable death with only a small amount of cost and inconvenience.   The state legislature just about shot down any hope of uniform requirements to ensure inoculation by age twelve, instead leaving the decision up to the whim of parents. 

That's somewhat the tone in many states.  Originally, the vaccine was to be administered to both boys and girls before age twelve.  HPV, human papillomavirus, would have been stopped in its tracks and doubly ensured harmless.   Instead, angry people have once again proved how failure oriented the chain of human communication is. 

The emotional argument is once again about "promiscuity" which is there for the doing and always has been.  Nothing ever changes very much, but it must be fun to "kick" the old football around, especially by ones so talented, respected and experienced in all things, the great legislators of the land.  One would have to assume that their "daughters" must somehow be on the line for such nationwide righteous outbursts to be so vociferously manifested?

Along with that crock goes all the rest of the "understandings" about human sexuality and child development.  It should be stated that most of these "daddies in charge" never developed themselves and only had a few boyish notions of what human sexuality was all about.  Some of these guys should install rear car seats permanently and prominently in their fine high offices for all to view upon entry.  In reality, "back seats"  are fertile human originators and should be dutifully acknowledged as such, much as tribes in Africa would display fertility carvings.     

Just figure what it must be like to have to hold a woman's hand for the last time in the hospital, just before she closes her eyes forever?   It would be somewhat like viewing an execution, for the so informed, an "execution" that was not necessary and could have been avoided.  Also to be considered is not only the woman herself, but also all those around her too.  How about the kids who lose their mothers on such  fine days or the husbands hurled into grief?  Those thoughts should count too.   

Bad Little Baxseat

In a tribute to American leadership, IJ can't help but be choked up about celebrating the love of the back seat.  Throughout the many years, America's love of the motor car could hardly be mentioned without also relating just what the motor car did for romance and well, hanky-panky.

Where sperm and eggs so gleefully collide.

The photo comes from a parted-out Lexus.  If properly mounted on a steel frame, this seat could have new life and meaning in just about any legislator's office.  Just imagine how turned on women would be upon entering the chamber?  The "pheromones" alone would be overpowering, never mind the erotic and truthful display of the new furniture.  Just about any lady would want her chance to "break in the back seat."  It's pretty standard behavior all across America, so out with it.  No need to be bashful. 

It's always nice to know that public dollars are firmly at work and working so very hard.  Denial should be eschewed just as should obfuscation.  The point is, everyone loves to pussyfoot around "personal matters," but everybody seems destined to end up in the back seat.   Maybe that's why so many important issues must "take a back seat" to everything else these days?  Legislators are very busy indeed going down the call lists hoping to find the next "person of interest."  

NASA's Deep Space Missions Threatened By Earthly Sex Problems

The recent personal problems between women astronauts Lisa Nowak and Colleen Shipman serve to illustrate another frontier of challenges with space travel, particularly the long missions.  The two women were apparently competing for the affections of fellow astronaut Bill Oefelein.

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and others have been attempting to explain what went wrong and what NASA intends to do about this situation and ones like it in the future.   There's been plenty of stuttering and it's no wonder.  No one in NASA had any "contingency plans" for "space related sex problems."  The subject of space sex has been deliberately avoided for decades due to a number of fears and concerns.

The main reason NASA has had to sidestep the subject of sex is because American society as a whole can't cope with the subject.   Considering what public outcry does, NASA could lose its meager funding if anyone got wind of any type of personal human issues including sex.

Since the public space agency began its existence, sex always was pushed to the back burner particularly male sexual conquests of which there were many early on.  The American public never could be expected to accept any sort of "horsing around" just like no one even at this late date is prepared to discuss human sexuality for just about any purpose.  It's an off limits subject, but especially at NASA.

The funny thing is whenever the brightest hottest talents are brought together, everyone should expect plenty of sex.  The higher the intelligence, the higher the sex drive is, usually. 

Lisa Nowak, career in pieces over
sex. Public domain photo, courtesy
of U.S. tax payers, NASA

So, take three of the nation's brightest and best.  Put them all together for months at a clip and see what happens.   Situation normal.  As they say, "biology raised its ugly head."  No one wants to get to the bottom of sex issues that are fairly straight forward and are there for the looking, testing and evaluating it would seem.   Sex issues will be there regardless of the inconvenience they pose from any scientific viewpoint.   

Therein is the major conflict, not what happened between three individuals on one given day.  It's a problem NASA never planned for or planned for very well, and fully demonstrates what non scientific human society is about, fig leaves and other forms cover ups.   From a scientific stand point it's not just limiting, it's downright threatening to any deep space missions.  This is a major wake up call for NASA and other such entities presuming to send man/woman into the darkness of space.

Push the calendar forward about twenty to thirty years.  We're going to Mars as surly as you are reading this.   In time, say about thirty years, the first  human babies will be born on Mars.   The colonization of space will have begun.  It's not far fetched, but what if?  What if people far away from Earth lose control of themselves and harm each other perhaps even destroying a whole mission that took years to develop?  It's quite possible considering the human mind.

It would be doubly ironic to find one day that Earth and Mars actually were at war.   Wherever there are people, there always will be problems including the struggle to dominate.  This episode is a wakeup call for the entire space community, not just NASA. 

A lot more personal issue planning will have to be done and all the scientists need to start planning for plenty of sex in space.  In fact, "moral reconfiguration" will become one of the most important areas for the adaptation of man/woman who will be light years away from this planet in less than seventy-five years.   

From Earth, man/woman will colonize just about anything in the universe, given enough time.  That puts future astronauts into a special deity class, quite literally.  More than just our sense of theology will be tested.

Editorial note:  Without too much ceremony, Astronaut Nowak was dropped on 7 March 2007.  It was a certainty from the get-go.  In connection with IJ's article that preceded her dumping, it should also be pointed out that Nowak was probably a mental case for some time.  To that end NASA could have been more supportive.   They demonstrated how ineffectively mental health issues are dealt with, just pushed on never resolved.  All the homeless can testify to such handling.   

'On The Beach' Coming True

In 1959 a movie was made, set mostly in Australia, starring Gregory Peck, Fred Astaire and Ava Gardner.  It was a story about the end of the world after numerous atomic exchanges with Australia being the last known bastion of man.  The film ends tragically with submariners having to make some lonely final decisions together.  The anthem "Waltzing Matilda" ran true to form. 

Sadly, it's looking like Australia will be the first continent to face total devastation due to global warming.  Global warming is like A-bombs forever.  Coming to a continent near you soon.

Armed Citizens May Be Coming To CA

California's legislature has started pushing a number of gun bills in the state.  One of these has been coming for some time because a Southern California police officers association has been demanding it.  The bill pertains to concealed carry of a weapon or CCW by police officers or by ex officers.  It's pretty amazing that any CA assembly liberals would even dare to get such a bill going, but they have.

IJ sees this bill in a positive way because it could open the door one day for citizen CCW which is long over due.  To be sure, any gun bill put forward by anyone in CA must be regarded with at least some suspicion.  This one contains some bad elements too.

For one thing, the basic concept that any retired police officer is automatically so much better than a comparable private citizen is a farce.  The bill is however a gauge for determining just how impractical the laws of CA truly are.  At the moment, only an active duty officer may carry any weapon, another farce and the main point of contention that this bill compounds for once and for all.

The issue came to a head last year when regular duty cops were told by the owner of a privately owned public attraction they could not carry any weapons on the premises.  That really made the cops boiling mad and they immediately began suing and pushing for a new law.

That much is good, but it still leaves closed the drastically flawed method of gun permitting from one end of backwards CA to the other.  The message has been tragically slow in settling in to date.  That's the message about the need for self defense in an ever populating state, one that already claims its shortfall in cops. 

The police simply can't be everywhere. Just about everyone understands that.  Forty other states have at least a working "shall issue" permit process or no laws whatsoever prohibiting CCW.  Had CA been one of those, this bill wouldn't be needed, but that's not the case, of course, because CA has been a special problem for decades. Too much power has been concentrated for too long in all things "law enforcement."  That's never a good idea because that approach guarantees a failure to communicate.

It would be a lot better for everyone and far simpler if AB805 could deal with all the problems of CCW not just one very narrow aspect of the issue.  If the bill in its present form passes and cops are truly vindicated in their belief that they and they alone are the sole "carry people" a lot of damage could result. 

Unfortunately, the public tends to think that cops are godly.  It's not a good way to think.  Cops are people and often make horrendous mistakes all throughout their careers.  They are frequently very well protected legally and financially whenever something they did comes under scrutiny in court.  That any private citizen would out-of-hand believe that "only police should have guns" is a pretty damning problem, especially in CA.

No one ever seems to get the point that the cops are not bound in any legal way to protect anyone either.  Often times, it's only because the private citizen called in critical information that the police had any chance to assist someone.  There are plenty of cases on the books where the cops got there too late to prevent a one-sided extremely violent event.

IJ is not suggesting that anyone take the law into his own hands.  It's all a matter of common sense.  There are a lot of violent people here now and the response times though very good don't ensure total and complete coverage at all times. 

In all the states where CCW is a reality, none of the draconian predictions have ever come about.  Those include "blood in the streets,"  more "road rage" or even a general increase in hothead crimes, per se.  Just the reverse has been shown.  In fact, many crimes drop quickly in the stats.

The citizens of CA deserve a fighting chance to one day have their own CCW laws that work for everyone.  Whether AB805 in its present form helps or not remains to be seen.  It's worth the thought, but it's also worth the time to make AB805 a better bill now, one that will take into consideration ALL citizens not just a few narrowly chosen ones like former officers or only those on active patrol duty.

Today's 'Law Enforcement' Family Profile, CA Exclusive

It's probably a corny way to get a point across, but IJ couldn't resist borrowing a free floating cartoon from the mighty Internet, as below.  Just think about this Mr. or Ms. John Q. Public out there.  While you struggle to get your kids into the right schools, etc. "law enforcement" and their kin go pretty much first class in California.  These same dumbbells will grow up to be in charge of both you and your kids, and you'll have little to say about it except thank you very much.

In case this article is misunderstood today,  just consider one expense in CA,  that being for prison guards alone.  That expense exceeds $1 billion per year, much of it in overtime pay.  Then consider how well off the "Ass family" will be in the future too after s/he gets to retire on all your money you so wonderfully handed over.  Often times cops get to retire on "disability" meaning their retirement pay will be tax free for life.  

Of course, many of you actually believe that cops are inherently so much better than you are and deserve very special consideration, far above and beyond yours.  That's very nice of you.  It would be well to start doing a little reading from now on,  just in case you ever wondered where all the big money goes or just what it buys for you.  Reading would be especially good as all the various laws close down on you with each new law exempting forever anyone called "law enforcement." 

IJ gets the point that some reader could begin to believe that IJ writers are becoming "anti social," but that's simply not the case at all.  To demonstrate our overall good intentions another photo is included today so that all the "law enforcement" sleuths who "investigate" this page ongoing will have something else to be entertained with, as below.

Again, taken from the Internet, this photo pretty well sums up what Wise Ass is all about.   Enjoy! Oh, and when you have some time please do something like arrest a real criminal or something. 

Janice and Ronald Naymark Receive IJ's Good Citizenship Award

It is with great pleasure that IJ extends its highly coveted Good Citizenship Award to the Naymarks for having the courage (and the money) to challenge seven "law enforcement agencies" in Santa Clara County. Their suit pertains to the secretive nature surrounding the flow of information to the public from "law enforcement." This issue has been more or less the flagship issue for IJ since its inception in 2003.

The couple have retained a very good attorney, James McManis, who is well known for a number of other cases he has litigated. The suit will be fought to the bitter end by the City of San Jose according to Rick Doyle, the City Attorney (like 'Popeye Doyle' hey? only worse). Par for the course, arrest the usual "suspects." 

The Naymark's case will take on the San Jose, Los Gatos-Monte Sereno, Campbell, Palo Alto and Santa Clara police departments. Also included are the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office and the state's California Highway Patrol or CHP.

IJ has reported the sick situation in Santa Clara County for years. Included in the fray has been the ease with which executions have been carried out on private citizens, usually ones of color. Those remain listed down this page.

One thing is certain, people in this county are very tired of the Communist style of leadership that has been pushed off on them for years. Recently, a new movement has begun that is very distinctly different and even measurable. Some of those events included a repudiation of an absolutely certain sales tax increase. The tune is getting louder and louder now. There may be, egad, real reform sometime soon?

A good place to hit "law enforcement" by surprise is exactly where the Naymarks are doing so, in the front office that was set up to be so cute and pretty, the one with the giant NO! NOT TODAY! NOT ANY DAY! signs above the front desk.

Palo Alto PD, the highest and mightiest "law enforcement agency of all," admitted that it influenced all its officers to insist on repressing any/all salary information several years ago. The police/fire union threatened to sue anyone who dared to publish any city payroll whether public money was involved or not.

One level of secrecy leads to others one could easily assume. The mind blowing thing is that Palo Alto likes to boast how "highly educated" its citizens are. That's not a very good boast when it leads directly to police only governance. In fact, it's very dangerous to so over empower the police.

IJ wishes the Naymarks well and we hope and trust that no sudden knocks come to their door in the middle of the night. The next opportunity for a major screw up will come when "the police" attempt to silence or to "cover up" any of their numerous misdeeds. There are plenty of skeletons to go around in this damn police state county.

IJ's Challenge to DA Delores Carr

Ms. Carr, this would be a good time to clean house in the Santa Clara County's District Attorney's office. It seems too many weasels inhabit your confines, the ones calling themselves "assistant DA's." Those are the ones who don't give a damn who they throw into jail forever.

Sheepish DA Releases Symbolic Prisoner

Santa Clara County's DA walked Jeffrey Rodriguez after five years of imprisonment on 5 February 2007.   Big deal.   DA Delores Carr had nothing to say publicly probably because she's both ashamed and even afraid of what could be said about the mess she took over as of January.  It's a twisted trail of deceit and corruption to be sure.

Suddenly "the little light bulb" went on and presto, the DA's office realized they had no real evidence of the robbery of an individual in San Jose in 2001.  That makes sense, a lot of sense since most of what happens in "law enforcement headquarters USA" is often times knee-jerk.  It's easy to see because a lot of people have gone to prison on a "quick jerk basis" here for decades.  It's usually some poor little slob of a person, any Hispanic would do just fine. 

This time, the release was set up to look good for the Hispanic community since there is so much attention paid to it all the rest of the year.  In other words, the DA is finally realizing that it's "politically incorrect" to slam brown people especially if they come from the ethnicity that is so celebrated the rest of the time, and rightfully so.  It can't be both ways; i.e., "wonderful little greasers we love" and "send those greasers to jai!" so fast as has been the case.  Of course, "the understanding" has been that "those little spick gangs" are a problem and "a message has to be sent."  Like everyone is in a "gang.?"  

Will DA Carr take part in the wonderful Cinco de Mayo in San Jose, CA this year?  Time will soon tell.  She should have at least four tortillas on the house just to be on the safe side publicly.  Everyone in San Jose wants so badly to "do the right thing."  It only cost the little Rodriguez boy five years of his life this time, not his entire life.  And remember, cops are always right no matter what.    Editor's note of notes:  Also, all the king's horses and men will line up and start shouting "the system works, the system works!"  Sure it works even when you're dead already.  

Uncle Fudd Reports

Uncle Fudd, solidly behind protecting the DA, says that a good witch hunt is in order.  That being the removal of an as yet unnamed "criminalist" who reportedly used improper evidence against Jeffery Rodriguez in his robbery case.   Rodriguez was just released from a five year stay in prison for "lack of evidence."   So much for the formula of wall-to-wall "law enforcement solutions."  And these same people want a prison in the county?  That's really good for all the knee-jerk "law enforcement solutions only" types.  Lock up everyone regardless of the "evidence."  Frankly, today's standards are so low anyhow.  Merely indicating "conspiracy" is good enough.  In other words, it's not what the person did, but it's what they "intended to do."  Criminal conspiracy nets thirty long years in CA.  That's better than murder as far as the establishment is concerned.  Their intentions are to build prisons and fill them up to overcrowding as quickly as possible.   

Bastille San Jose

The coming of the new prison to be located on the grounds of Agnew’s Center will start a new era in police state mentality and one-upmanship for the city. The higher-ups must  be twisting with excitement about it. Just think, a new stadium AND a new prison! That will really put San Jose on the map, but especially for more “law enforcement solutions” for the masses. This is good. This is really good.

A few simple problems must be kicked aside though. Even though a prison is a state run and maintained operation, some way or another must be found to fully fund it. So, the local sales tax will be kicked up merely by one additional cent, just short of nine on the dollar. They’ve been dying to do that and this time’s the charm. Everyone wants more “law enforcement” be it cops on the beat or huge craven correctional edifices. Quantity is the key word.

Also, some new parcel taxes will be in order, just to be sure. Just kick in say a mere $450 or so per home and $900 per business? That’ll help. Then hand the money over to the state to be fair. That’s a good idea. Make the state glad they located a prison in such a “law abiding community.”

The town home owners will be glad to be on the front row. They can rent out their upper floors for various events like “watching prisoners." That could be yet another sport franchise for the city. If a break out occurs, the locals would get to rent out the upper floors to “hunters” who need something to shoot at.  Nothing beats a man running. 

On Sundays, people could be admitted to tour the various blocks were the insane would be housed. It could be funny to see men chained up and screaming all kinds of things perhaps? It’s been done before. There’d be programs, souvenirs and such just like for Alcatraz. Only this time the show would be live and no one would need a boat to get there.

It would be even more hilarious if on one fine day the city erupted and people converged on the damn place determined to tear it down completely. What a day that would be. It would be so powerful that it would become its own holiday marked on the calendar yet. Yes, its own special day when everyone was off and shot fireworks into the air to celebrate the great Bastille of San Jose Day right along with Cinco de Mayo and all the rest.

Bush About to Pounce on Iran 

As IJ has been reporting, the war with Iran is merely around the next corner.  While all the words flow and U.S. Reps come and go, Bush is counting down the minutes until all the assets are in place to smash Iran.  

IJ originally reported that the attack would come right after the November elections.  It would have if Bush and the GOP had won.  Despite everything, Bush's recent statement of "I'm the decision maker," must be taken verbatim as is.  He's not joking.  Finally this is coming into sharp focus.

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 the President of Iraq stated that he did not want the war between Iran and America to be hosted in his land.  That's a fair request, but events will preclude idealism and in fact already have.

It's true that the U.S. forces cannot and must not remain forever in Iraq.  It is also true that the U.S. has no intentions of backing down now whether Nancy Peloci or other officials suggest otherwise. 

The politicians will turn over and over, but the fact will remain that America will wage worldwide war for decades to come.  It's only warming up judging by the briefing to the U.S. Armed Services Committee 31 January 2007.  Every branch reported great progress in producing more and better personnel including but not limited to SEALs.  

It appears that better and better personnel and more of them are in the pipeline which is consistent with long term continuous war. 

While You Sleep Missiles Advance

A fabulous DoD briefing was offered in D.C. 29 January 2007 concerning the progress of the U.S. Missile Defense Program.  Overall, things are looking good for THAAD, Theater High Altitude Area Defense along with a broad range of other strategic components like SBX, Sea Based X-Band Radar.  

In a briefing conduced by Brigadier General O'Riely before the press, DoD covered a number of high points of the MD program.  One of the highest high points included the fact that the U.S. is actively marketing the system to other nations by way of seeking their cooperation.  In effect, countries like Poland will actively seek and allow installation of key MD radar components in the near future.  That in itself is one of the best overall "peace dividends" to have come about in many years because it indicates that other nations understand the threats of surprise missile attacks for which there are no defenses. 

America's MD system is vast and redundant.  Simply knocking out one or two of its assets would not defeat the entire system.  A lot of attention has been paid to simplicity, overall quick deployment and rapid serviceability.  

The defense system is located across the entire Pacific Ocean.  Aegis class cruisers embody some but not all of the X-band selectivity.  Satellites in low and high orbits augment the system, but unveiled Monday was also an oil platform sized dome radar ship that is moved constantly on the sea, the SBX.  It's massively huge and is able to handle all weather conditions.  

The technology is getting better and better.  The general presented a number of photos, movies charts and graphs.  Actual intercepts were shown as they had occurred in testing.  The challenge of any MD is to hit the target in the boost phase if at all possible.  For now, that's still in the planning and research phase, but is coming.  

America's MD system appears to be working very well and will be needed in the not too distant future.  The good news is that it's operational now and getting better all the time.  Japan will also develop a new missile to be ready in 2010.  The level of cooperation is good and should be since it's not just America that's a potential target of aggression world wide.   

Editor's note:  Most CA Reps have consistently voted against "star wars" missile defense projects.  

Police Savagery a Nationwide Canker

IJ carries a number of police misapplications of justice.  These are everywhere and fairly routine. One came up in Houston that illustrates why pubs like IJ and the rest are so critical in the fight against corruption.  No police department should ever be accountable only to itself.  

Notes On Firearm Safety

As much as IJ wishes everyone well in getting CCW certified, it's well never to forget safety.  In CA, it's illegal to have any guns available to children or for "a weapon" to be in any manner transferred to any individual other than the original owner.  Look out on all the gotcha laws and get up to speed with the state, city and county of residence, especially in CA. 

Having a loaded weapon in a home is pretty much a set up for a tragedy.  Legally, the use of "deadly force" is another matter.  For a true break-in, the law is fairly straight forward, up to a point.  This issue is covered to the extent possible down this page.  No one should be giving any type of legal advice other than an attorney.  Even then, the after effects of a shooting could be yet another tragedy.  Proceed with extreme caution.

On the other hand, a real threat must be met with force enough to repel it.  Each situation is different.  One thing is certain, shooting any firearm in a confined space could have unpredictable consequences.  One consideration should be the "worse case scenario" for where a bullet finally stops.  It could be inside another residence.  Not good.  If it manages to harm or to kill a person other than the attacker, legally speaking, that's bad timing.

When considering calibers or gages of personal defense weapons, one should take the time to plan ammunition efficacy carefully.  That is,  to consider what will work, finish its job and then become non lethal?  Obviously, heavy jacketed ammo with its high penetrating power is not a good choice for personal defense within today's thinly finished dwellings.  That would include any ammo marked FMJ or full metal jacket. 

More later on this subject, and thanks for reading today.

Daily Snipes 

Well, Iran's "short range nuke" is under test today.  It's funny in a way.  During the cold war years the Germans often quoted, "The shorter the range, the deader the German."  What goes around comes around.  Germany seems very detached and unconcerned these days about such things.

Should we send 50,000 or 100,000 more men to Iraq?  Hell yes.  Then blast Iran and put "boots in Persia."  Hey guys, we hear that "Persian pussy" is the best pussy in the world.  We'll leave the light on for ya.

Bush wants us to "get off oil dependence."  We've had forty years to be doing that but Bush and family did everything to repress getting off heavy oil use.  Remember?

Uncle Fudd (Fear, uncertainty, doubt and deceit) has put out a "follow up" story in an attempt to deflect future criticism from the paper and other treasured socialist public officials like SFPD's Rob Davis.  Everything in life is simply "a misunderstanding," suggests Davis.  Locally, it works because of the need for heavy handed one-size-fits-all "law enforcement solutions" for absolutely everything.  Thanks Rob.  Could you please pass za pretzels und beer?  In za future, vee vill send za requests for za informatzion typed in triplicate.  Santa Clara County, the home of institutionalized authoritarians with emphasis on arians.  Oh, almost forgot.  Just one little "court order" from the vaunted "Superior Court of Santa Clara County" would clear up any "misunderstandings" about what all police forces should provide in terms of information.  Along with that, should go a full investigation of anyone calling themselves a "chief."  It will never happen in law enforcement heaven, CA.  Uncle Fudd says so.  

Today's Salute to the State of Arkansas Courtesy "the web"

No body does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest

No body does it, half as good as you

Baby, Baby you're the Best!!!

Defense Issues Hitting Home - Dems Dilemma, Dollars vs. Rhetoric

Though it would seem logical to assume that the Democrats will block deployment of more troops to Iraq, second and third looks indicate otherwise.  

For one thing, the Democrats are in a touchy position in that they were elected with no clear mandate to do anything.  They still have no plan of their own for what they would do differently from Bush, and a total pullout from Iraq isn't on the list.  It can't be.

To "cut" funding presents the wrong image at the wrong time too.  If the American public believes congress ever left the troops without funds to defend themselves, a costly backfire could occur leaving the Dems out in the cold come 2008. 

What is stunning is the amount of money constantly being handed over to advanced defense projects like the newest Littoral Combat Ship.   Each ship is slated to cost $1.3 billion and the whole project is in fairly big trouble, so much so that a temporary shut down of fabrication has been requested.  At issue is the huge cost overrun that could even kill the project if not soon addressed. 

With money like this flying out the door it does not make logical sense to "try to save money in Iraq."  Of course, it's not a money issue.  They way it looks now, the Dems' hands are tied, damned if they dare to cut funding to any combat troops while they're still deployed anywhere.

Liberals won't get this picture for quite a few months.  To "satisfy the masses" the Dems will have to let loose with plenty of 1960s style hot air, then "cave in" to the leadership of Bush.  It's either that or face a Republican takeover in 2008.

From the Editor's Desk

In recent months IJ has had to switch over to numerous national and international issues leaving Santa Clara County and the city of San Jose somewhat in the hands of Uncle Fudd.  IJ is still here and keeping a quiet eye on what's going on.  Not much has changed.  This area is still the crucible of authoritarianism; i.e., wall-to-wall "law enforcement solutions"   and as always Uncle Fudd is the one true friend of "law enforcement." 

Recently Uncle Fudd published a misleading story about how agencies of "law enforcement" provide little if any information to the public.  That much of their story was true.  The balance of the story was more of the usual stuff about deflecting any future criticism from "law enforcement."

It must be remembered that "law enforcement" in all its forms eats most of the tax money throughout this state and the nation.  No one in "law enforcement" has any plans ever to "work with the public" or to accept "public review" regardless of the situation.  That's a very serious statement of just how well indoctrinated the civilian public is.   That means YOU.

If it's already such that people think that "only cops can do this" and "only cops can do that" without any challenge or review, that's a police state.  This is a funny land too,  one that would care to export democracy while at the same time attempting to force all its citizens onto the defensive and doing it through loving national newspaper chains. 

Uncle Fudd has numerous brothers and sisters all across America now, all answering to one big daddy who tells them what to tell you.   That's bad news.

Showdown With Condie

IJ prefers never to discuss the loser Boxer who represents the stupidest state in America, California.  That's because Babbsey-Wabsey does an excellent job of representing herself in the most negative senses of the term.  She needs no assistance to be better known as the top loser ever to come from CA.

The flare up between Boxer and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a Senate hearing did serve to better illustrate what IJ has been talking about for some weeks, however.  The very public argument Boxer launched in her tirade on Condie not only served to underscore how crass Boxer is but also made a huge statement on the turnaround that is shaping up nationally.

A lot of families are sending personnel "over there."  Some families are sending both the mother and the father simultaneously.   As in WWII, there is both pride and fear in becoming a military family.  As more and more families are affected, the nation stands to change into a more warlike land than many had ever imagined possible.  IJ has been presenting this evidence of "new nationalism" in the past several weeks.  It's already here.

Pretty soon, there will be many more public drives for signing up young people as America will turn over into total mobilization.  Only this week the President began setting that new tone and timed it very well with his recent public address.   That just burns up liberals everywhere who want very badly to relive the 1960s, so much so they can even taste in their mouths.  It's not to be.  America is faced with violent enemies abroad and won't have any choice but to raise armies and ship out.

What Boxer also failed to see is the fact that the Secretary of State does not make the decisions to go to war.  If anything, Condie has acted like a true diplomat for years, far outperforming Boxer and most other people on the hill.  At the core of it all is jealously.  Boxer could never be a Condie in her wildest dreams.  All of CA suffers whenever Boxer opens her stupid mouth too.  As usual, she didn't accomplish anything for anyone.  She'll be pushed aside as all the tanks role out to battles all over the globe.

What Perl Harbor Cost

Never mind the loss in human life or ships, the real cost of Perl Harbor continues to this day. It's easy to see because the staggering cost is everywhere.

Currently, GAO will admit to $375 billion in direct costs in Iraq. That's really an understatement. No one anywhere can provide truly accurate numbers for what it costs to deploy one U.S. fleet. Considering that today's fleet has at least two nuclear carriers in it, the cost soars quickly. They'll admit to $3 billion for one carrier, but that begs all the rest like manning it, supplying it and outfitting it with multi million dollar planes.

Today's submarines cost at least $1 billion each. A fleet needs two of those. Outfitting a sub is even more money. Also, considering personnel, oilier supply and all the rest, the cost for  operating a feet continues to soar.

Leading up to the December 7 attack, all kinds of warnings were plainly everywhere. The tone of the times had been "wait and see." It's dumbfounding to reflect on the letter written by Billy Mitchell of December 13, 1925 in which he stated exactly where and how the Japanese would strike Perl. People like Mitchell were deliberately silenced by the military, and to some extent by the public at large. No one wanted war or even having to think about it.

If only people could have simply calculated the cost of inaction in those times they would have foreseen that they were not only acting for themselves but also for many future generations. The Japanese could have been stopped many different times, but were allowed to continue to take anything they wanted, all over the Pacific. They bought themselves a lot of time, even to the bitter end, with a false "negotiation" agenda. In the process, they managed to set naval history and to destroy forever America's blissful view of a rosy world.

So, the huge costs of inaction then continue to this day. At the core of it, Americans know that they may count on no one to remain free and that they should never assume too much of anything regarding the intentions of other lands. This frequently non verbalized sentiment is merely just below the surface. It stirs from time to time and when it does, some other nation out there will be very sorry it did.

December 7, 1941 fried America for good. If only there were some way to undo the insult and hurt of that day. If it could be undone, America and the world would have been "Pre 9/11" forever. What bliss that would have been. There'd be free health care for all, new beautiful schools, totally free public transit and on and on and on. Terrorists of the 1940s ensured that the word bliss would never be for human consumption. America became a tough and mean bastard accordingly.

Somalia Dress Rehearsal for Iranian Bombardment

While en route to the Red Sea, U.S. battle groups were tasked with a "training exercise," that of "cleaning up a little mess" in Somalia.  Not too surprisingly, many elements of the fleet were pressed into service including the land based AC-130 Spector, an airborne gunship.

Things have really heated up this week despite the Kennedy/Murtha style anti war attacks mounted in both the U.S. Senate and House.  Such posturing is to be expected and is more furtive in nature than many observers could accept. 

When the President announces his plans for Iraq on Wednesday, he'll be careful not to mention Iran*.  That's because of the huge buildup that is ongoing for the smashing of Iran, probably during the Spring and probably sooner than later. 

       [ *Editors note:  Wrong on that one.  He went much farther to delineate his concerns. ]

"Succeeding in Iraq also requires defending its territorial integrity – and stabilizing the region in the face of the extremist challenge.  This begins with addressing Iran and Syria.  These two regimes are allowing terrorists and insurgents to use their territory to move in and out of Iraq.  Iran is providing material support for attacks on American troops.  We will disrupt the attacks on our forces.  We will interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria.  And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq."   President Bush, 1/10/07

In the mean time, "targets of opportunity" will be engaged whenever and wherever they may be found.  For now, hitting Somalia makes sense because it's a wide open test range full of unwanted human life and will serve well as a test bed for command operations plus a few defense contractors who've come along for the ride.  A few more officers need to get their next bar or half bar.  They'll have them in time for Iran it appears.

No matter what is being loudly said publicly about the need to pull out of Iraq, all of it will suddenly shift soon, especially if a new huge terrorist attack occurs anywhere in the world.  Bush is completely free to act at will and will do so at any time with or without the expressed approval of any legislative body.  No one in Iran should be getting a very good night's sleep now.  It's just a question of time until the bombs start falling. 

It's going to be very costly, but no one should begin to underestimate the shear will of the American military establishment.   It's going to be loud and bloody.  The "troop buildup" is also staged ostensibly to mean "Iraq" when in fact it is geared more towards the problems elsewhere as with Iran.  "The Great Satan" will hit like a Scorpion anywhere it cares to without too much trouble, more so as time goes on. 

People need to start recalculating their positions, especially the skeptical ones who live here.  America is not in a state of retreat and probably never will be.   A renewed sense of national pride is sweeping this nation.  No one could have predicted this, but it's here to stay.   More "Jonnies" are signing up and more are coming home forever changed. 

This was a bad time in history for anyone to have imagined a "free ride" in a world devoid of the American military presence.  It won't happen now or at any time in the next fifty years.  Terrorists ensured that a long time ago. 

The Poor Man's Guide To 'Escort Services'

Ha!  In getting off, no pun intended, to a happy new year, this list is provided to men across the world so that they will have guidance prior to the time of need.  The list was clipped from a random source who's owner did not care to be identified.  IJ strives to give credit where it is due, but this one is "public domain."   The policy of this paper is to have EVERYTHING out in the open since it is anyway.  If you "walk on eggs" you'll break them every time, guaranteed.  

Common terms and phrases

Curvy - Fat
Thick - Fat
Voluptuous - Fat
Round ass - Fat
Round breasts - Fat
Sorry, Do not have a pic to share - Ugly
I don't have pics yet - I do have pics, but I don't feel the need to repulse you until it's too late!

You won't be sorry - You will be sorry
You won't be disappointed - You will be disappointed
Your pic gets mine - We're not really professionals or escorts, we're just bitter and lonely pic collecting losers with no life who have nothing better to do than to trick horny guys into sending us their pics.

Must send pic for reply - See "Your pic gets mine" above.
non-pro - a prostitute with self-esteem issues who thinks she can charge more by pretending not to be a prostitute

My rent is due - I have a drug problem
I'm behind on my bills - I have a drug problem
I need to raise some cash fast - I have a BIG drug problem
I never do this - I only post every other day
I hardly ever do this - See "I never do this" above
This is my first time - so I will charge you through the nose to compensate for my ambivalence

SOMEONE WHO WRITES IN ALL CAPS - a person with the brain power of mentally challenged plankton. (There is NO NEED TO SHOUT!)

an "arrangement" - you will pay me an exorbitant amount of money up front in exchange for what you think will be ongoing and regular sex, but after I receive the money I will have no incentive to call you and you will never hear from me again

bbbj - "bareback blowjob" or a blowjob from someone who is not worried about getting an STD from you. Wonder why?
Just here for a few days - after I rip off enough people in this city, I'm moving on to the next one

College student - Someone who supposedly attends a university, even though they don't know how to spell correctly or post links.
1 hr - 45 minutes or until you climax, whichever comes first.
45 minutes - 1/2 an hour, whether you climax or not
1/2 an hour - 15 minutes if you're lucky
$100 an hour - $100 when you show up. If you actually want anything besides a rushed hand job, it will cost you more.

$120 an hour - $120 gets you a hand job. Anything else costs you more
$150 an hour - $150 gets you a hand job. More if you want anything else.
$40-80 an hour - Desperate ugly and talent less woman wants to take your money for a 5 minute hand job and gets angry if you complain that it wasn't enough.

$250+ an hour - I get guys who are somehow convinced that I provide a better service than those gals who only charge $200 an hour. (Suckers!)
Someone who spams the exotic services section with ad after ad - Someone who, for some reason, can't seem to get any repeat business.

Apple Bottom - Someone who feels the need to plagiarize an already overused and over plagiarized term. (Please, for the love of all that's holy, knock it off!)
Caramel (Cutie/complexion/sweetie/etc...) - See "Apple Bottom" above.
Snow Bunny - Why do people keep plagiarizing this term when there's never any snow in the Bay Area???

Creole - I'm trying to avoid saying I'm "black".
Mixed (As in ethnically mixed. i.e, Irish/Creole, Indian/African, etc...) - See "Creole" above.
Caramel (Second definition) - Still trying to avoid saying "black". (Just say it already!)

Two girl show - Not that they're actually going to touch each other, or anything like that!
No hidden fees - Tips up front
Posts with pictures of your potential escort - And if you're lucky, the pics will actually be of the person posting that ad!

Posts with pictures of your potential escort, second definition - And if you're lucky, the pics will actually NOT be of the person posting that ad. i.e. "Oh my god, you want me to pay you?!? Shouldn't it be the other way around?!" Seriously, if one is going to spend $200 an hour on someone, they need to look at least like one of those women from Girls Gone Wild, not Godzilla with a weight problem!

Goddess - Looks like Neptune
Asian and ANY OTHER ETHNIC TERM - not a cell of Asian blood.
Lite GFE - I'll say no to most things, particularly your touching me
GFE - Anything I want it to be
FS - fuck but don't touch
Thick in all the right places - you might see me in Safeway with an ass the size of a Hummer in an electric cart

Open to Fetishes - for extra money, you can smell my panties
No price published - we are talking 300 dollars, minimum
New Pics - I found some pics on the web that look even less like me: younger, prettier, slimmer...

Nasty - Nasty
I got that something special - Herpes, Hep C, etc.
Serious callers only - I only want to hear from guys that I can hustle really quickly
Positive review of a provider - Of course, not written by the provider herself!

List compiled by Super Squeegee and the Invisible Wonder John. Got anything to add to the list? E-mail us! [Not available for comment, but thanks anyway for the effort you expended.]

Why We Fight

This is a good day to reflect on the reasons for being American.  To a good part of the world most things American are repugnant.  That’s really too bad.   It seems this land forks over lives and billions of dollars to do the improbable like try to make the world a better place to live in, to be free of maniacs in control.  In minute ways at times there is at least some appreciation for these efforts.  The rest of the time America is the world’s slime ball, “The Great Satan,” and even worse.  It’s always tough to be a world leader.

Although the estimates vary quite a bit, America probably has spent close to $2 trillion dollars on trying to straighten out the mess in Iraq, so far.  That includes the 1991 war in which the U.S. had not only to do its own role as a “coalition force” but also had to support financially the rest of the “coalition forces” that participated in freeing Kuwait from Saddam’s invaders. 

Tack on to that the high cost of putting out the oil well fires that Saddam’s men set as they retreated across the desert.  No one ever provided the environmental clean up costs, but it’s a sure bet that the U.S. footed the bill for a good part of that too.  

Then add in the twelve or more years of aerial patrols to keep Saddam from killing the rest of the Kurds.  During that time Saddam remained both boisterous and belligerent to all as he continued killing his own people whenever he wished.   People have forgotten long ago all about the poor little marsh Arabs who never hurt a soul.   They and the marshes were destroyed very completely by Saddam.   

Never forget the losses on ships like the Cole or the Stark.  At each turn, men, women and material have gone under whether in combat directly or not.  The monuments are everywhere all across this land. 

There are no complete estimates available from Iran as to what the costs were to fight Saddam, only in the lives lost.   They say that one million Iranian soldiers died in the wars with Saddam, many due to chemical warfare.   It is true that the U.S. provided those weapons, a fact often overlooked.  When the search started for WMD it was based in part on knowledge of what had been shipped to Iraq by U.S. sponsored producers.   Strangely, America even paid out on that.

Today it is necessary to add in nearly 3,000 American combatants now dead, fighting for “freedom” in Iraq.  Coupled to 9/11 losses, it won’t be much longer to be able to say that the “war on terrorism” will have cost 6,000 lives, at the present rate.  It’s always tough to put a price on a human life, but just consider what one ready-to-go GI must cost.  One infantryman probably costs $200,000 up to deployment time, never mind his life.

So now to ask the simple question of why do we fight, a very good question especially now.  Do we ask too much of ourselves or are we such screwy idealists that we can’t even cope with questions?  There have been plenty of questions and “messages sent” lately, so there’s no dearth of debate.  Still, the question will long remain, why do we fight?  More importantly, what do we expect and whatever could we expect?   

Well, at least the “government of Iraq” can hold a trial or two.  They seem able to hand out some amount of justice though at times appear to be only on the thin edge of control.  At least that much came today, a small amount of justice. 

U.S.  Sold WMD To Saddam Hussein

The question is always asked, "How was it  known that Saddam Hussein had WMD, weapons of mass destruction?"  The answer may be this: Because American companies sold them to him.

Editor's note: It is not known who leaked this report, but it could have come from Iraq or anywhere.  One of the key things in "verification" always has been and always will be the "secrecy for the sake of secrecy" exhibited by any/all parts of the defense establishment.  In the end, only the American public is in suspense as to what the costs are/were for defense.  That is in keeping with "the need to know" and also "national security" for whatever that means to the individual tax payer who foots the bills rightly or wrongly.  

[This article was taken from an open source on the Internet and could be inaccurate.  However, the companies listed are definitely involved in "defense." Berlin's left-wing Die Tageszeitung newspaper said it had seen a copy of the original Iraqi dossier which was vetted for sensitive information by US officials before being handed to the five permanent Security Council members. An edited version was then passed to the remaining 10 members of the Security Council. None of this ever came to the American public. ] 

When the massive pile of documents from Iraq appeared, the U.S. immediately pulled out all stops to get first access, to shut down wide dissemination. The smart money said there would be evidence of U.S. culpability in aiding the Iraqi weapons programs. As reported in Die Tageszeitung, here is a list of US and European corporations that supplied Iraq with nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile technology, prior to 1991. The list comes, it seems, from the original Iraqi report to the United Nations Security Council.

U.S. corporations involved:

A - nuclear
K - chemical
B - biological
R - rockets (missiles)

1) Honeywell (R,K)
2) Spektra Physics (K)
3) Semetex (R)
4) TI Coating (A,K)
6) Sperry Corp. (R,K)
7) Tektronix (R,A)
8) Rockwell (K)
9) Leybold Vacuum Systems (A)
10) Finnigan-MAT-US (A)
11) Hewlett Packard (A.R,K)
12) Dupont (A)
13) Eastman Kodak (R)
14) American Type Culture Collection (B)
15) Alcola International (C)
16) Consarc (A)
17) Carl Zeiss -U.Ss (K)
18) Cerberus (LTD) (A)
19) Electronic Assiciates (R)
20) International Computer Systems
21) Bechtel (K)
22) EZ Logic Data Systems,Inc. (R)
23) Canberra Industries Inc. (A)
24) Axel Electronics Inc. (A)

In Addition to the 24 companies based in the US are nearly 50 subsidiaries of foreign enterprises whose arms co-operation with Iraq seems to have been operated from the US. The U.S. departments of defense, energy, trade, and agriculture, as well as the U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories at Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia labs, are designated as suppliers for the Iraqi arms programs for A, B, and K-weapons as well as for rockets.

Iraq's 11,000-page report to the UN Security Council lists 150 foreign companies, including some from America, Britain, Germany and France, that supported Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction program, a German newspaper said.

One Dictator Down, One To Go

The same things that lead up to the wars with Iraq are brewing with Iran, including the Saddam style blustering by Amadenijad.   Originally, Saddam DID HAVE WMD all over his land, including nuclear WMD.  Most were disabled in 1991 after Saddam's forces were purged from Kuwait.   Other WMD were never found, but that did not mean they had never existed.

With the execution today of Saddam Hussein, the next logical tyrant for such fate will be Iran's President Amadenijad.   This may take ten or more years, but will be a goal realized.

Tough 'Naval Talk' Working in UN

Not so surprisingly, Russia has had to climb on board with an official Security Council vote that will impose sanctions on Iran for failure to comply with prior UN resolutions.   They've seen all the sad signs as just about every anchor in the U.S. Navy has been weighed or is soon scheduled to be. 

In football a funny defensive phrase is sometimes used, "I'll meet you at the quarterback."  Ha, this time it's "I'll be seeing you in the Red Sea."  It may as well be home base for U.S. Naval forces.   Everything that can navigate the seas is headed there now. 

No one is "joking around" this time.  No one in the free world needs Iran for anything, not even its oil.  No one needs any amount of nuclear proliferation. And, no one needs the Russians for much of anything either.  They know that very well at this point.  For a change, they're actually scared about what's going to happen.  Good! 

The people of Iran are also slowly waking up to the realization that they have absolutely everything to lose with their current government.  They've reacted quite predictably as any repressed bunch of citizens would.  However, it's too little too late.  Madmen are in charge now and they must be eliminated.  That means a great deal of suffering to the "ordinary people."

It could be suggested for those living next to military targets that this would be a good time to move.  Like most totalitarian governments, Iranian leadership doesn't mind if its citizens are fried up like dough in a hot pan.  That's forthcoming, probably sooner than later. 

As far a arrogance goes, there's plenty of it ready to be uncorked by America.   Only real fools could imagine how someone like Bush is somehow a "broken man." Nothing could be more wrong.  He's got nothing to lose now, only everything to gain by launching an all out war against Iran. 

The latest UN "sanctions" are nice, but don't get the job done.  The sooner Iran completely disarms itself the better for all its poor little broken down citizens who want only bread and a place to sleep.  Think it over everyone.  Think about it a lot. 

Bush sleeps quite peacefully and loves every moment of his life as President.  A totally blown up Iran will be only a wisp in his memory when he ages to very old age having written thirty or more trite and useless books.  No one in America will remember or even care that Iran was totally wasted one day long long ago. 

"Negotiate peace through strength"  Ronald Reagan

"I won't leave office with Iran nuclear capable"  Bush II

IJ's Year End Editorial by Michael G. Bradford

The year 2006 has been a very eventful year both locally and internationally.  In Santa Clara Valley, people stood up to say no to socialism a number of times, despite interference from outside sources, most notably in the November elections. 

Internationally, America has moved much closer to realizing its new military role in the world.  President Bush is now climbing on board with what IJ has previously predicted as the coming total mobilization.   His first installment is for only 10,000 new troops that the Pentagon predicts will cost an additional $1.2 billon.  The new congress will have to shut up and accept this.  Despite the "message sent to Bush" in the November election, no one is going to be in any mood to "cut and run."  It simply won't go over very well.   Even Kennedy will have to shut up.  It should be remembered that Democrats are the party of war, traditionally speaking.  This is as it should be and I can't find fault with that now as the nation prepares for all out war. 

A number of you have written throughout the year with various observations and suggestions.  I appreciate the amount of continuing attention that IJ has received.  When I started this little paper I often wondered where I'd wind up and how long it would keep going.  Well, it's still going after three years and continues to go around the globe.  Not too bad for a kid who used to tinker with amateur radio and dreamed of sending messages "far far away."   My cup runneth over.

Although it is presumptuous for me to "take credit" for the way things are going, I should say that I've been right many many times during the last three years.  Right or not, public attention must remain highly focused on the number of ills in our great society including but not limited to corruption.

America must never be allowed to slip into becoming a police state.  At times I've been greatly surprised how well many of you have stood up to such strangulation attempts on the part of some of our dumb bell elected officials.  I've even been somewhat relieved to find that most of those in charge are actually too stupid ever to orchestrate anything even approaching a police state.  Having said that, it remains for everyone everywhere to stay alert to "little tricks" that our elected idiots like to pull.  With your continued involvement, we'll be just fine.  Don't forget to watch your local cops like a hawk.  They like to slip here and there.  Remember, you pay for everything they do.  Everything!

I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas this year since no one can stop me from doing that and I don't "have to watch my step."   When the days return in which I can simply say what I think and no one will bother with any type of backlash, I guess I'll call that my "retirement."  I don't see it coming any time soon and I fully intend to continue airing any/all of my thoughts throughout this publication, be assured of that much!

I see 2007 shaping up as one very tough year.  We'll be "going over there" to Iran and smashing it to pieces despite what anyone thinks.  Hell, we're already "over there" with enough firepower to flatten Iran forever.  I don't feel sorry for anyone at this point, only that I had to screw with this subject that could have been avoided completely all on their part.  I could have spent my midlife with "birds and flowers" but instead, I've had to go the extra miles to ensure that all of you damn well wake up and realize what's coming down.   I don't enjoy it, not one damn bit.  I know you don't either.  The price of inaction and all out stupidity is for all the airlines to be knocked out, the world economy to be smashed and everyone and everything destroyed in the name of a false religion.  I don't believe you had that in mind either.


Peace on Earth, good will towards man, but carry a big gun and know how to use it,

Michael G. Bradford  - The Independence Journal of the Western United States of America


Iran Now a "Sitting Duck" 

With the opening of its "heavy water plant" Iran has put forward one of the greatest dares of all times.   Just as the Germans before her, Iran has openly asked for it.  She may as well have painted a big target across all of Persia.  The dare will be answered and answered very soon.  IJ has been reporting on the coming end of Iran.  This will be just the first installment of things yet to come.   Heroes are born every day just like the ones who attacked Norway during WWII.  It's really too bad for all the innocent Persians.  They will come to grief.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivers a speech in Orumiyeh, the provincial capital of West Azarbaijan province, 31 August 2006
Profile is Jewish, the nose.
Photo courtesy VOA

Islam, the Greatest Threat to Civil Order Ever

With Islamic maniacs on the loose in America, a new level of civil unrest is soon to be realized all across this land.  The original "peaceful" Muslims were not a problem here.  Now, as in Britain, their ranks are being invaded by the more violent extremists who take literally the quote from the Koran that says "one must be a martyr in order to go to heaven."  With that, there is little hope.  These madmen have to be controlled and the fewer in America the better.   How dangerous are Muslims? 

Is Persia Burning?

New photos released depicting the atomic attack across Iran.  Thousands instantly incinerated.  Bulletin boards up everywhere in attempts to locate loved ones.   Bush on vacation in Maine.  Attack came quite suddenly after UN stalled for fifth time to obtain a peaceful settlement.  Iran continued production of weapons and had done so for many years in secret.  One report says that the deaths are so high because the fissionable material was hit causing a vast quantity of Cesium to be released in high population centers.  Muslim clerics vow unprecedented revenge on Israel and U.S.  However, no signs of life as usual in any major population centers can be detected from above.

Iranian resentment?  Nah, no way.  

Iranian woman, burned terribly, screamed
for two days until dead.  Few lived

The American Need for "Push Button Warfare"

In the cold war years, numerous public service ads ran across America's TV screens with someone, usually from the Army, stating, "No matter what happens,  'the man with the rifle' will always be needed in any conflict no matter where in the world it occurs."   It sounded good then, but time has passed.  Today's American is for the most part a lazy out-of-shape person who's mainly interested in sitting in front of a giant TV screen and playing various games.   "Pushing a button" is just a way of life to nearly everyone in the states.  

With today's realization that there always will be a continuing shortage of "boots" it isn't too difficult to imagine a time soon coming when most wars truly will be "push button."  It stands to reason.  Any other nation that would deliberately provoke the inherently lazy Americans should look out.  It won't just be remote "drones" with missiles aboard either.  It'll be everything including nukes.

Some hostile lands out there are actually ridiculous enough to believe in themselves so much that they could falsely claim they would "rule the world," given enough time.  Well, the day they actually manage to disturb some lazy out-of-shape American who was merely sitting in front of his giant TV minding his own business, again look out.  It'll be time to "push a button" so the lazy ones can get back to their pleasant distractions.   What nation would dare ever to test this theory?

Just one little thing:  This is a VERY DANGEROUS time!  Any time a weak President is on his way out, look out!  Bush IS on record saying, "I won't leave office with Iran nuclear capable."   He should be taken at his word, ESPECIALLY because he is a failure everywhere.  Everyone knows that much or should by now. 

Today's Reading

Either way, war or peace with Iran, this  is good review. 

Hungary for Justice?  (A Marshall McLuhn's "Medium is the message" takeoff, probably went over everyone's little head like a rocket?)  Who says this ever could be a "non intellect's" site?  (IJ will get back to Hungary some other time, home of the smashed ones familiar with jackboots aplenty.)  

The wonderful world of Saudi is but a click away.   Learn how to ice the tough ones in a world of abject unforgiveness towards all.   People are so loving, especially "our friends" the Saudis who are only here to help us.  Piousness really means something and is meted out quite liberally before all.  You guys need any more F16s or anything?  Just wanted to know since you are our dear, dear friends forever and anon.  Selah.    

Windows Media Player

Putin Knows for Sure

The anthrax attack a few days after 9/11 is completely solved already, well in Russia that is.  They know what the American public will never be told until decades from now when "the files" will be opened for some far out reason like after the end of the U.S.S.R.

Since "national security" is at stake, no info on who really did the crime because it was right out of Aberdeen, done by our own flesh and blood.  The commies know all about it and everyone can bank on it. 

If Putin really wanted to "come clean" he'd drop that bomb sitting in his desk soon.  He can't.  It's fun to be back in the saddle again in an exclusive killers' club, just like the old Soviet days, complete with all the perks. 

Who are we really at war with?  Iraq?  Iran?  No, Russia.  The cold war never ended.  They intend to rearm Iran with everything they can ship, paid for or not.  How long will the U.S. wait to blow up a Russian "soviet block country" of old?

Winter Travel Tips

It's absurd to imagine that most people would have ever taken anything like the Air Force's  survival course or even heard of it.  However, survival in the outdoors, especially with snow on the ground, is worth consideration for what it is at this time of year.  It's tough at best.  

An unprepared person may tolerate only a few hours of exposure before dying.  Limiting exposure is the key.  In addition to that and since the West is earthquake country, it's wise to carry more than just tire chains in a vehicle throughout the year.

One thing never to carry in any vehicle is a spare can of gas.  A can of gas is the same as a bomb. 

A small box of essentials is better than nothing at all.  In it should be emergency blankets, matches, long term food rations that need no heating or water, a knife and at least a small first aid kit.  Another thing to put in the box is a survival manual.   These are available at many stores that sell earthquake supplies.  

One thing that is most often overlooked by the public is that often times the military or ex-military personnel will be the ones first looking for lost individuals.   For that reason, IJ goes the additional step of referring to some of the International signaling standards, ground to air.  These are important to know something about and critical when lost in a forest or desert.  

Leaving a definite ground track or signal, in the absence of any other communication, will assure that someone from the air will find it.  Think BIG if this situation ever becomes a reality.  The bigger the better.   A simple "X," if it's big enough, may attract good attention.  Again, think BIG.  

Although it's good to have flares on hand, they may not be available.  A controlled fire is always a good substitute, however.  Smoke is what is needed more than fire.  Forest officials are looking for smoke always.  It shows up in satellite imagery well enough to provide a clue.   

Cell phones may not hit a tower in a remote location, but they too are worth the try.  A "ping" from one may be of some help in locating someone who's lost.  Better yet is a real two way radio like CB or an ELT, Emergency Locator Transponder.   ELTs are sold for maritime use and are Coast Guard approved.  They cost  money though and are rarely to be found in anyone's car.  

Aviation band two way radios are also good to have on hand since all pilots must now monitor 121.5  Few people other than aviators my be aware of this fact though.  

Small signal mirrors are very valuable.  It's possible to break off a rear view mirror and use it for signaling.  An ordinary camera flash will carry twenty or more miles on a clear night.  It could be a real life saver.    

Cold is the enemy.  Most of the time should be spent building at least a makeshift shelter for the night.  It's a good idea to start early in the day, not waiting until the afternoon to get started.  Panic must be controlled completely.  Staying as calm as possible is key to everything.   

All of this information is in the Air Force Survival Guide or the sample guide linked here.  [No liability express or implied by IJ or anyone else. This is good but dated information. It's just a sample.] Of note, one should be aware that waving at aircraft is not a distress signal as such.   It's better to put one's arms straight up.   Of course, the police probably realize that the stateside inexperienced will do the reverse.

Survival is up to you!

Bloomberg's Blues

The biggest anti-gun mayor in the United States is "shocked, positively shocked" to find out that his cops (with "high capacity magazines" not permitted any longer in the civilian population) could haul off and empty fifty rounds into car on the pretext that "they were trying to get away."  What a mouthful and what a shit load of bull.

If anyone had any doubts about how a Hitler style police state is administrated and expanded, they need only look at New York.  The "order to Jews" listed down this page is alive and well in New York.  It is today's gun control law, dictated verbatim from the Third Riche.  Doubts?  Just have a look, down this page, courtesy of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership. 

A police state is usually total, all or nothing.  No wonder the colored crowd is so mad and up in arms?  They should be.  Another garbage "chief of police" is at it again.  Get this, NOTHING will come of this latest execution.  NOTHING.  Just a little tears,  to make it look not so bad.  Then, on to the next one.  Hell, the last one was forty-seven rounds on a black man standing a doorway, unarmed.  Makes sense.  Be sure to fire close to fifty rounds to execute "a dirt bag darky."  New York thought it was exempt from the KKK, etc.? 

Of course, "the Jewish population" is once again sound asleep.  It's so nice to doze in a police state right up the time one must "board a train" to be "relocated."  Pacifism did that.  It's doing it again.  At first it will be "undesirables."  Then what?  It has to be somebody. 

Hitler wouldn't mind if all "the darkies" were exterminated.  He longed to get over here to do just that.  Bloomberg is a fine one to "administer 'gun' justice."  More Zunder SS it would seem? 

No guns were found in the car.  No officer was at risk, as usual.  That's true of all executions. 

IJ's Top Film Pick

Thanksgiving being over, it's still time to give thanks.   Thanks being for the types of freedoms that exist in this democracy.  Sophie Scholl  is already a foreign film winner twice for best actress and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005. 

This film should be required viewing in America, starting with the U.S. Congress.  However, the people of Santa Clara County would also be well served to view this film since they've lately had a taste of what socialism is and what socialism does. 

Available at the BIG film outlet in most shopping centers, if BIG means anything anymore.  No excuses like "never heard of it" or "couldn't find it." 

Delores Carr, an office holder in Santa Clara County, is especially invited to "go to all the trouble to check out and review Sophie Scholl."  She should attempt to experience empathy with the lead character, if at all possible.  It'll be a tough assignment, but it may be possible after enough hours of rewinding and revisiting the film.  How about all during the Christmas holidays while she is off?  That would be a good time to "get in touch with such things as 'the lives of ordinary people,' etc."  She seems to have such leanings already, and that is good to know. 

Fear and Intimidation Alive and Well in Santa Clara County

Though it's been a while since one of those euphemistically called "officer involved shootings" has happened, it's never too far around the next corner.  Unfortunately, a "dry spell" around here often precedes the next violent cop outburst.   IJ is an old pioneer at predicting the inevitable in San Jose and vicinity, so look out.  Be sure your "potato peeler" is holstered at all times and even registered.  If you enjoy life in a police state, congratulations,  you'd be home now.    

Footnote:  The City of South San Francisco (near San Francisco) has had a very ugly incident in which an "off duty cop" shot and killed a man's prized dog for no good reason.  The dog started playing with a woman's dog she was walking in a small neighborhood park.  Her cop boyfriend was with her and automatically drew and fired killing the other dog.  "The chief of police" says that there'll be an "internal investigation" in which the cop will be cleared, as usual.   This once again illustrates the shear hateful contempt the police have for citizens across the board.  "Off duty" officers should not be "carrying" it seems.  Had a private citizen done what this cop did, he'd be on his way to Soledad for the next several years.  The citizen is lucky the cop didn't just go ahead and kill him too because that would have been okay.  Anything a cop does is good so say all the juries.  In a confrontation with "the police" the cops are the winners.  Killing is just part of the job. The man was devastated and the park is frequented by children.  Yet, to "the police" this event is still a public relations bonanza.  Who needs "gangs" or "drugs" in our little parks when "the police" will suffice? 

IJ Achieves Intense International Readership 

It is with great pleasure that IJ recognizes all the readers beyond U.S. shores.  When people really want to know what's going on, they come to the IJ.  Thank you.

Editorial note: IJ is the well known paper it is today because people like you took the time to forward this URL.  Thank you!  There's no award like the one you give to IJ every time you come here.  Again, we thank you!  

Seen This Film?  Obsession   Just some light entertainment.


The recent hassle down at the airport over whether Imams got to continue on a flight was very eye opening, but for whom? After getting kicked off the U.S. Air flight, the six Muslims claimed to have been discriminated against, especially since at least one of them was a U.S. citizen. Several concerned citizens spoke up.

What's a passenger to think when they see "foreign looking men" praying before they get on a flight? That these are tough times is an understatement. Many people have an inherent fear of flying in the first place. It stands to reason to report anything that looks unusual.

That's the crux of the matter. Everything in America is becoming unusual. As far a Muslims go, hundreds of years would have gone by without much awareness of them, but for 9/11. None of them should expect too much at this point, not here, not now and not ever.

What most of the new foreign crowd can't figure out is that America went through years and years of racial turmoil with blacks and black issues. There are still problems today and always will be, but for any new group to enter America and to start expecting any type of special treatment is far out of line, especially when "their kind" is chanting "death to America" so loudly in the "holy lands."

Americans are very resilient. That fact has been demonstrated over and over again throughout the history of the land. Resiliency is America's greatest national asset and is even a secret national treasure. Resiliency converts loosely to "the ability to endure and to endure well." That's the deal.

Resiliency does not include tolerating extremists for very long. What the poor little Muslims didn't figure on was that in their meekness and sweetness they were easily set up for radicalization. That was very costly to them and their causes, for good.

Getting sucked into something never was an excuse or a reason. America has gone through this sort of exercise before with violent "hippies" from the past and some other true misfits. Social movements tend to be temporary here. That makes it much more difficult to get too worked up by some huff and puff Iranian president who could be blown away at any time along with the rest of his ilk. A lot can go wrong with heavy duty new technology as well. "God will encircle man in his cleverness," Muslim or not, ready or not.

No Muslim, Iranian or any other "Arab" should be looking forward too much to "acceptance" at this point. It takes no reasoning to see this. People are burned out with "cutting slack" to this or that non white group.

America is facing a severe enough crisis with Mexicans too. That won't go away. Strangely, the situation works out as a sort of "insurance policy" that should prevent Islamification of America for a century to come. Not so in Russia where it is fully expected that by 2050 at least forty percent of that land will be Islamic.

When violence is okay in any religious context, expect violence right back or at least big servings of suspicion. Also, expect that no human forgives much of anything. Americans are pretty good at resolving serious differences, often with guns.

American Fashionware Fabulous

Announcing the new "sameness pattern" that will supplant the American love affair with blue jeans soon.   Yes, it's coming and everyone is getting ready for it.  The mills are cranking up for the expected surge in sales, mostly stateside, as every man, woman and child will soon be sporting these new duds.  The target patronage should be about 225,000 total personnel though the Pentagon vehemently maintains NO, that's not the idea.   Yet, the public will speak loud and clear and will be heard, "We've just begun to fight!"   


After years and years of research, DoD finally has the correct ideas and chemicals that make the BDU what a BDU should be.  It needs to be tough yet allow for air to penetrate.    Though traditionally male in its constitution, everyone will be welcomed to wear the very best.  Some refinements will be allowed for the ladies, however.   That's democratic after all. 

 When it comes to "the American will" it's pretty fatal to test such things.   There's plenty of complaining to go around, but "when duty whispers low 'thou must' the youth replies 'I can'. "   It was foolish for any "foreign land" to "test the principle."   Much more costly than imagined. 

Planning is already underway for all the new memorials that will be needed so that everyone will get his name embossed on one.   No one ever will be forgotten.   The world insists on this both coming and going, good or bad, but here especially.  

IJ would like to take the time to salute the whole new generation of fighting personnel some not even born yet.   As the world policemen, you will do your duty to ensure the rest of the world gets the correct message.  At times, it will be difficult, but you will succeed.  You'll have to.  

"They hurt us in their coming.  They hurt us in their going too."  Mothers

United Arab Emirates - A funny little land for funny little rich ones

...who do funny little things like spend money like water and turn their backs on fundamentalism.  Boy, and America was so set up before 9/11?  Well, these guys have really flown in the face of extremist "reasoning."   And, so be it.  Money conquers all in the end, so they believe, just like Americans.   

It turns out that Abu Dhabi is more visited than Hawaii.   The ruling sheik has literally dumped billions into to creation of an artificial world, far beyond what Disney in all his wonderment could have done.  Yet, it sits in a powder keg of hatred for all things "American" in appearance.  

Nothing about the creation is temporary.  Years of planning have yielded temptingly tall structures, one of which will become the tallest building in the world.   Nothing about Abu Dhabi is Arab.  That's a hell of a statement because right next door is Saudi Arabia, home of the most fundamental of the fundamentalists, the kind who hate absolutely everything "non traditional."  The Saudis, in so many words, were key to attacking America on 9/11 and still produce the most hateful anti American materials in the world.  

If this all were a joke it would be funny, but the joke is on everyone including all "Americans" and their protégées.   Oh well, with all the American firepower patrolling the Persian Gulf, freedom rings loud, true and clear for everyone in the big UAE.  Do they ever reflect on that fact or do they just do as they do?  And some citizens here thought that the American military establishment was just a bunch of Bush junk?    

"Freedom's just another word for nothing else to lose"

All the Winks Turn Soon to Tears

Well, it's a nice day.  Democrats are in control.  Bush is on the defensive and all is well in America.   So, as the next congress sits its collective butt down to rest, the time to start planning is coming along just fine.   Planning, as in total military mobilization,  can't be put under the bed anymore.  

The draft will be a good idea.  This time everyone, regardless of age, will have a role in what's coming down.   The coming war, well the existing war, will be going for about one hundred years or so.  That'll allow plenty of time for all aspects of war.

Some will go "over there," while others will take government sponsored jobs in war plants.  Some will push pencils, etc.  Everyone will by bonds.  Finally, the war will be right here, complete with trenches and revetments.   

It's coming.  To prepare for peace, prepare for war.    

Today's Highly Offensive Photos 

This series has turned out to be the best feature in IJ's history.  Offending is a very important subject to everyone it seems and worth the time to delve into too.

The 2004 Capitol Christmas Tree

Christmas comes but once a year, even in D.C.

Arabian Tower - Too offensive for fundamentalists, too "American." Planes are come to correct this "misunderstanding."  (See UAE article)

"Offensive" skyline?  It's in the eye of the beholder. 

It's always good to publish highly offensive photos or images since they  would not be discussed otherwise.  IJ makes sure such things are discussed, in keeping with what is a democracy, an equally offensive concept in the total world.   Just one more reason why the world comes to IJ for a total surprise every day.  A surprise is a miracle by another name.    

"Consider the lilies how they grow"  

Feinstein Down to the Lowest Level

Not a word out of her during the last election, but she's got plenty of time to dabble in petty local sports politics, in keeping with other high office holders like indicted Ron Gonzales, San Jose City Mayor.  With all the major issues CA faces, this is the best she can do.   It's no wonder all the major problems facing the nation will go unresolved this year.  

The past election was not a Democratic Party mandate by any means.  Dianne shows why.   To think that a real senator would have time for such things is an insult to the office, the state, the nation and the world.  

Of course, she'll be only too happy to spout off that "we should enter into 'bi lateral talks' "  stuff with the worlds extremists.  Not a good message today.  Not a good omen for any reason.   Why bother with faking a senator's office ship when the heart is elsewhere? 

Today's Highly Offensive Photo Contest - And the winner is:

IJ strives "to be objective" to the maximum extent possible at all times.  The below photo is an example for just how much farther "restrictions" could go in America and elsewhere.  For our readers in the Middle East, this photo may be so upsetting as to kill the rest of the day.  

For our stateside readers, this "soon to be nasty depiction" is somewhat a view into the future.  What if truly repressive mentality were transplanted to America, took root and took off?  Not only would the photo be a shame, it would be a felony and also enough to draw the death penalty. 

Such was the case in Afghanistan not so long ago.  Many a girl was shot in the back of the head on the soccer field for only what this photo could suggest, a little paint.  Nice idea?  Yes, to extremists everywhere. 

Today's gardening tip:  NEVER plant bamboo in your yard or anyone else's! 

Fidel Comes Down Another Notch

Not quite down and out, but it's on the way and long overdue.  Poor Feinstein.  She'll have to hurry if she ever expects that wonderful Commie welcome wagon she could have received.  Time is running out, for Boxer too.  Well, after the fact they'll go there and sing "Guantanamera" and remember "the good old days."  Then it'll be time to rip off everything for themselves.  Cuban sugar will be so sweet after Castro, but not half as sweet as the money grabbing will be.  

There will be a show down with Hugo Chavez over Cuba someday soon.   Venezuela hands over $1.3 to $2 billion each year to Castro.  He'll want to collect too.  He should.  We'll need to finally make good on "the bay of pigs" on his behalf.   It'll never happen though  unless or until he pulls some "Noriega" style faux pas on the U.S.  Then maybe.   We're so sweet and understanding here in the U.S.  We put up with dictators until it's far late in the game.   It's funny to note also that no matter how Commie things ever get, that form of government is incapable of supporting itself.  Cuba stands out as just such a shining example of what Commie does and what Commie means, precisely nothing. 

Ironically, Castro gets to die a reasonably comfortable death, dying of "old age" compared to the horrors he handed out for decades.  Evil is as evil does. 

Bitterness in January

Despite all the coy "soft talk" about "working together" January forward will be hell.  The President will soon be backed into the corner, vetoing everything in sight.  The Dems will manipulate the situation as much as possible; i.e., saying one thing and doing another.  It won't be good for anyone.  

The war in Iraq will go on as is.  Some fool terrorist will soon stage a big "get out of here blast" that will backfire all the way across America.  What Iranians don't know and never will understand is the deep level of resolve to kill the enemy.  America is not a land of "peace on Earth." That is merely window dressing for the headstrong authoritarian military/defense establishment.   Any fool in any foreign land who thinks "it's over" and/or "we won" better recalculate.

When "the attack" comes wherever it is, the one that should "break the will of all Americans," all hell will break loose.  Everything and everyone will suddenly mobilize and "go over there."  Only a total idiot would predict otherwise.  History says this loud and clear, but especially for a warring land like this one.  

Consider what pride is.  When it comes right down to it, everyone loves "the black wall" up in D.C. and secretly wishes that some day their own names were on it.  Screwy, yes, but the fascination with "dying for one's country" is there and always has been.  It just won't go away.   It's like belonging to a certain school.  The person always identifies with it, forever.  Some very old men still refer to themselves as "Marines" even if they can't walk.  

Prop. 83 the Trojan's Horse

The public is easily swayed these days because fear is huge, especially anything to do with kids and their well being.   History may show that this overreaction has foisted upon CA high ongoing costs and off-shooting court  rulings that will do far more harm than good.

First of all, no really good estimates are floating about just what "Jessica's Law" will cost in technology alone.   Permanent GPS for life sounds very tempting to tag someone with, but the costs for such a statewide system could be $100 million to administrate. 

There are some other considerations too like how Child Protective Services in most cases is at the end of its budgetary rope.  So many kids have to pulled from homes each year due to drugs, bad home setting, etc. that it's sickening.  None of the $100 million will ever go to CPS or anything like it.  So, a blanket "law enforcement solution" dumped on top of an already rickety system is of little help there, if the purpose was ever to "serve kids." 

In years past, people have been quite literally dumped in places like Shasta, CA, a small Northern CA town that once posted a huge highway billboard sign that said "Don't Send Child Molesters Here,"  or words to that effect.  The new 2000 foot rule may very will trigger just such a situation again.  The rule means no offender may live within 2000 feet of a school or any place children may congregate.  Some offenders will have to move before January 1, 2007 to comply or go to jail because it's pretty hard to be 2000 feet at all times from such places in cities of any size.

An important question is just how far will "tracking" go?  Traditionally, laws are enacted but over time they are amended.   Today's "Jessica's Law" easily is tomorrow's "track every body and every thing law" because it can be done.   Some would say that's okay too citing examples, that as for the U.K. terrorist attacks, outdoor cameras were key in solving the case. 

When it comes down to "possession" though, then what?  Does a pair of binoculars qualify as a violation some day because they "could" be used to view distant places including kids?  That's the problem, the little tack-on rulings or expansions.   At what point does "dealing with the offender" overflow onto the unsuspecting public?  This is not a new concept.

A cursory review of laws governing gun ownership is very eye opening.  A lot of these add-on laws were kicked into existence because "it made sense" or "who would have challenged that kind of law?"  Guns are bad, everyone "knows that."  Today it's quite possible to be "a criminal" without knowing it.  Some people have had to find out the hard way, especially in states like Massachusetts. 

This gets back to porn and what is and is not acceptable.  At what point does going to "one of those sites" set a person up?  Today, it's not much of a problem, but little add-on laws are coming here and there just like with the gun laws.  It's going to be difficult in the end to figure out what could be a violation.  The ordinary citizen then easily falls victim.   It's worth thinking about.

The Dems Falsest Claim Ever

They say that during the eight years of the Clinton Administration, "no bombs were produced and no nuclear materials were processed."  To make such a claim, detailed and secret information garnered only from North Korean subterranean sites would be required.  NO ONE has such information other than the North Koreans.  That they have EXTENSIVE underground facilities is known, and that's no advantage.  NO ONE knows for sure what they did at any point in time.  Dems need to be a lot more careful before they boast the joys of the Clinton Administration.  

Self Defense, Today's Hot Button Issue

There has never been anytime in the history of America in which self defense could have been a hotter topic save for colonial times, circa 1776,  for example.  Then as now, anyone and everyone should be getting a gun and learning how to use it.  The Israelis certainly need no such prodding or pushing.  A number of them are grateful for the personal defense weapons America produces along with those nice high capacity magazines that are illegal here.    

America is truly a strange land in many ways.  The same "world policemen" want Hezbollah style control over the citizenry, especially in a wacko state like California.  Despite that and the federal bullshit that is poured all over that state, it's still a good time to go buy a gun and start learning how to use it.  

It's not necessary to join NRA or any other organization, but new friends and support may be found at numerous local shooting ranges.  It would be well for the uninitiated to check into such things.  A lot of people are doing this already and loving it.  In many cases going to the shooting range has become a wonderful family activity too.  

The government has amply demonstrated a complete disregard for the public in most emergency situations already.  No one needs to be reminded of those failures too much.  Don't simply wait for "the big one" and for  "the police" to come to save you.  Self defense, however individually managed,  will be the responsibility of the individual and no one else's.  Also, be aware of the 10,000 laws federal, state and local that control ownership of any firearm.  Maybe it's time to start rethinking some of that stuff too?  

Let's all hope we don't really require a massive "Hezbollah" attack here to get the point that no one, not even any of us, is beyond the need for effective self defense.  Yet, that's usually the way Americans have to learn things.   Finally, we do.  It just takes a dozen or so such attacks.   The concept of self defense itself is the most important principle to acknowledge and accept, especially in a hell hole like America.  

South Carolina celebrating ten years of CCW.

Shanksville Redemption:  For all the pride and glory accorded to the active resisters aboard Flight 93, those who acted in self defense, it all ends up as a public white-washing,  No matter what the case, the term "self defense" is always carefully avoided because "law enforcement" doesn't like it.   The wording around Flight 93 is usually, "they made a choice other than to sit in their seats."   Nice work.   "Self defense" is so abnormal these days.  Everything must be called by some other name. More on CCW. 

And You Thought That a Democratic Party Infusion in 2006 Was the Answer?

Let all the skeptics of U.S. actions in Iraq stand down, especially those proposing "time tables" for the withdraw of American forces.  There is no "time table" for Hezbollah or all the rest of the wacko crowd that wants only confusion, death and destruction.  Those wanting a "Democratic take over" in the U.S. House better start guessing again about how the world will look.  The chances are good that America will be at war with Iran very soon or certainly supplying Israel with everything to do it with. 

Cut and Run?  To where?  Israel is the only alliance the U.S. has in the Middle East.  Like the old Elvis song went, "It's Now Or Never."   

Like That "Loose as a Goose" Stuff?

Then see  Arianna Huffington   for all you goosey needs.  If you ever thought IJ was bad, you'll be glad you came here first.  When people are really upset and need to know what will happen, they come to IJ.  So, prepare for war accordingly folks.  There are no "time tables" for the extinction of armed conflict.  What is happening today will be happening fifty years hence.  Get real used to it. 

November 8 Time to Deliver the Goods

Unfortunately, Democrats didn't plan on a package of deliverable goods for today.  Because of Republican weakness, the Dems won big all across the U.S., more surprisingly in the gubernatorial elections.  It was a complete sweep.  So, now what?  

That's the big question, and please don't say things like hiking the minimum wage.  Just about anyone would want that.  Be sure not to say increased taxes and for heavens sake watch it on amnesty, relaxation of the boarders or anything else along those lines.  So, what's left?  Total pull out from Iraq?  Yea! It's done and every Muslim in the world is on TV going Allah Akbar!  Death to America! Then what?

This is a good time to start thinking about just what.  

So, guess what?  The war in Iraq is NOT over nor will it be just because a new Congress says it's over.  It aint over till it's over.  The threats to America are still very real and live on.  The economy is very good right now, a fact that had no affect on the election.  It should hold for a while, but the real bread and butter issues were bypassed in favor of "sending a message" to President Bush.  Message delivered.  

Rumsfeld's sudden departure doesn't mean much.  Any "stand in" works just as well.  That's the whole point of any cabinet.  It's just musical chairs regardless.  

Here's a "to do list" for the freshmen senators and reps, at least a thoughtful person's list:

What planning can you do to cope with all out world war, the "big one" that's coming?

How will you balance the budget?  Totally cut defense?

Are you prepared to bring jobs back to America?

Will you bring back the Black Caucus and spend all your time with "black issues" of the 1960s?

Did you plan to improve Social Security or just let it go the way of the dinosaurs?

Did you have any plans for immigration reform, the hot issue bypassed in the election?  Amnesty?  Government give-aways?  

Do you really believe for one moment that YOUR response to Katrina would have been any better than the one put on by Bush?  

So, have fun and a wonderful holiday period.  Just remember that you too may fail and everyone is waiting for you to live up to the easy victories you have enjoyed.  

Big Conservative Victory for San Jose, CA

Dem/Communist Cindy Chavez was trounced by Chuck Reed in the mayoral race.   San Jose took another bigger step away from socialism on Tuesday 7 November.  The amount of repudiation of labor and Communist style government could easily be overlooked since this was a mayoral race, but it was very significant in the fact that voters here have finally awakened.  

The margin of victory says all, 60% vs 40% in favor of Councilman Reed.  What a blast!  Also, there was some other good news on the eve of the election that the new baseball stadium WILL NOT ever be in San Jose.  It will be located in Fremont.  Talk about dodging a traffic bullet and also this was welcomed repudiation of the still incumbent Mayor, Ron Gonzales.  He had been determined to inflict yet another drain on the city.   Voters here are finally onto that bold faced liar and his pals. 

Overall, this is a new breath of fresh air for the city of San Jose as some real management may be expected for a change.   Even more encouraging is the fact that Boxer's "endorsement" meant nothing here nor did "Billy Boy's" (Clinton).   Could true party parity be far behind? 

The Damning Sadness On November 8 

Feinstein didn't even open a campaign office this year or run a single TV spot.  It wasn't necessary.  That's the sad commentary coming from the most populous state, CA, that no one anywhere was able even to mount enough of a challenge so that the usual campaigning would begin.  That does not indicate acceptance, just the fact how loudly money talks among other things.  A challenger would have needed at least $25 million to vie for a senator's office.  Dianne took a nice trip to Bermuda and had all of October to enjoy.  It was nice, but not for anyone in CA. 

Considering the years of nothingness for the state, it surely fits.  Beyond the occasional, "Where are the qualified candidates?" no one stirs too much.  That's the most costly form of government because it leads to other forms of complete ignorance of the facts.   Facts don't seem to mean much to a senatorial candidate.  Par for the course.  More waste too. 

Longer term good news is that Arnold will likely displace Boxer in 2010.  At least that much.  She too never has had to worry about a challenger and the only place she's ever welcomed to speak is at Cal Berkeley.   That's the best she can do.    

Separatism, Contempt and Hatred for America in America

Perhaps the biggest question is: Why even be in America in the first place if customs along with attitudes run so deep? Throughout the history of America, numerous races have arrived on these shores and soon learned to change and adapt. Not so lately. Middle Eastern cultures are coming to American and seem to be defiant about changing anything. This has led to trouble.

Just as personal deportment in any given school setting has a way of showing up in the grade column, so too does traditional deportment as it shows up as "points lost" in other ways.

America got one of its most recent bad cultural tastes with the so-called "hippie" movement of the 60s and 70s. It didn't go over very well, but it did serve to set a tone that lasted for years. That's the rejection of most things different from the norm. The U.S. culture like some others is very well in tune with itself when it comes to rejection of others. It's a touchy mechanism to fool with too and the "hippie days" demonstrated this fairly well.


The muslim niqab is an example of a type of "veil."


It's not just appearances this time around though. It's not just marijuana and incense burning or tie-dyed artwork on one's clothes. It's far more this time in the amount of palpable contempt these cultures have for anything American. The most the hippies did was to hate cops. Some of them like The Weathermen decided to burn a few buildings and slipped into permanent hiding. Mostly, there was an extreme reaction to these developments as with the drug laws of 1970 that forever put marijuana into schedule one; i.e., "no medical value." The world continued.

So much more is at stake now. If the various groups of people can't be trusted because extremists worldwide are saying horrendous things like "death to America" it's not so hard to understand the backlash that's building. The veil is a symbol of contempt for all things American, like it or not, just like the turban. This is not a new idea. Sikhs from India have been getting pummeled for years for "looking funny." It should be remembered that rejection, as such, is a human foible, but it's also a deadly foible.

Nothing excuses violence. Over and over, it proves its lack of value. People doing violence go where they need to go pretty quickly, but especially in America. That includes everyone who likes trouble.

Getting back to the main point, if a person walks down the sidewalk "in defiance" of something, it's like asking for it. There are some very limited people here and it seems to be getting worse when it comes to assisting someone who has "asked for it." No one intended America to become another Lebanon or worse even, another Iraq, but the history of racial violence in America is also very clear.

So far, a few women wearing veils have been attacked and fewer still killed. Just how long the low level of violence goes on is an unknown, but it is worth remarking, if history means anything at all, America like other lands is a land of seething potential and sudden social explosion. The 1950s and 1960s proved this very well.

Some people imagine that "the racial problem of America" was cured when Martin Luther King walked. It was merely set aside and due to the small numbers of blacks, forgotten. The heat is still there just like the heat still contained in the core of the planet. Obviously, if a person is black, they're easier to detect. The same is true for anyone wearing a veil, turban or a foreign looking cap or hat. The more this person seems to embody the "death to America" line of reasoning, the more likely they will be attacked. It's very simple. Clothes make the man, actually that's a title of a French author's short story.

Appearances notwithstanding, if the same people bring with them strange customs like the totally ignorant practice of female circumcision, what else should be expected? None of that contempt for life agenda is needed here from anyone. It can't be tolerated legally or otherwise. America had no need for more extremists than it already had and it has no need for hateful ones who have no plans to fit in or accept the laws or customs of this land.

On Handing Over America for Free to Anyone Who Wants It

It's not that Islam in all its violence has come upon the world. It's not just that every splinter group imaginable has become established here in every nook and cranny. It's not even this election that says so loud and clear how weak America is. The collapse is so firmly established that none of the above will matter much.

There's so much to celebrate in the Middle East now. It's okay to kill anyone who's not Muslim since they are only cows. "Just kill them. It's alright." That's the advice of "clerics" these days. So fine, just sit there and wait to die. Accept it.

The Western world seems to require "a reason" for things, like "cause and effect" relationships. Hitting someone should result in getting hit back one could reason, especially when dealing with violent idiots. Forget religion. That's not the point.

No one here has the picture yet, not even at this late date. There is no "reason" or "cause and effect" involved in the violence that Islamist extremists what to push off on the rest of the world and are so doing. For American tastes, it's far better to merely sit back and relax. That's pretty much the message of this election. Bush is "no good" and gee, how better could it be for the extremists? They stand to "win big" in a free American election just like they "won big" the day they came and trained legally in jet simulators to get ready for 9/11.

Everyone played right into the hands of extremists. Our great "friends" at the oil companies prolonged our dependence on oil for the last thirty years. There were alternatives that never came about. The oil companies made sure of it, not just in oil, but also in the political maneuvering that ensured dependence forever.

If that dependence had slipped just forty percent as of thirty years ago, the violent idiots would be pretty well bottled up in the "Middle East" and could sit quietly reading the Koran, minding their own business. Instead, they were greatly empowered by our greed and some of their own. The West caused exactly what has happened. Now what?

The next possible surprise comes when OPEC follows other splinter trade organizations signaling Euro dollar trade for oil instead of U.S. dollar trade for oil. That merely serves to smash the economy of the world, probably in the name of "religion." That would ensure what the violent ones truly want, total all out world war. They may get their wish sooner than sleeping tranquil Americans had thought. What better way to trigger total turmoil, if only they could? Our great "friends" in Europe won't say a word either.

There could be "WWII" everywhere. Today's kids would only be marking time until signup day. It's coming. The Dems will soon demand the draft again. Deep down, they really do understand the need for a quarter million man army. They don't care to come out and say that though.

Virtually everything American will be tied up fully in world war within the next ten years. That is, if the violent ones have their way. So far, so good for them.

America is a land of intense conflict. WWII, like so many other wars, was very unpopular. It took time and lots of it to get up to a real "war footing," that is, every man woman and child involved. This will happen again though, just as history manages to repeat itself incessantly. The killing won't stop until major segments of the world are gone. This year is one of the last years to measure actual shyness and withdrawal. After this year, the world will bleed much more. It simply must.

A funny thing happens when a person finally knows he's about to die violently at the hands of some grinning bastard. He fights! It's probably futile at that point, but it carries on to the rest.

The violent ones asked for this, and it will be rendered, down to the last paper clip, drop of oil or round of ammo. Cows have hooves and many will come trampling everyone and everything. Those hooves will hurt.

More Sex Related Tragedy

As though school invasions and murders formulated along sexual lines weren't enough already, again the nation must wake up to more of the same. This time it's a big dose of female mutilation, but not only that. This time it was done to a two year old.

This is the land of freedom and opportunity for all, but it doesn't include freedom to practice medicine without a license on one's own child. So much for the "melting pot" of America. This has to stop.  This kind of person is not needed here. 

'Bilateral Talks' Hit the Road Pal

Kim Jung il may take his leave now to Switzerland, the lovely hiding place for NAZI gold even to this day.   As for Idi Amin Dada, late of Uganda (who liked talking to the heads of dead people), Kim could be on his way.  Hopefully the Chinese will soon insist on it. It's either that or start sinking any ships that leave or enter North Korean ports.  

Condie was sweet, soft and quick to say that no "embargo" was imposed, but well, the Chinese have had to redact already their statements that they would not "inspect" anything leaving or entering North Korea.  Ha!  Their assets are on the line now, big time.  The U.S. should apply more trading pressure to ensure that "the right thing is done."  It's probably forthcoming, just slower than desired, as usual.  Time to go now Kim before it's too late.  

And what will a fart in the U.N. do for you?  It will ensure that you won't be seated on the Security Council Mr. Chavez sir.   Take some notice Iran.  You've got less time than you thought.  

Population of U.S. Hits 300 Million - No Warnings Issued

Perspective is all powerful.  On Sunday 15 October 2006 Bob Schieffer of CBS issued his commentary at the close of his broadcast.  That Schieffer is an upper class elitist is unmistakable, his millions and millions notwithstanding.   He stated in so many words that the predicted crisis of food shortages didn't materialize as some had suggested back in 1968 when the population crested at 200 million.  That anyone could poo-poo the seriousness of runaway population growth is a crime, but especially from the top of the broadcast monolith and a feelingless peer of Dan Rather.

Schieffer was correct to say that food wasn't a big problem anywhere in America, but he skipped right over all the other issues not even bothering to mention the alien influx and the damage it has done to this land.  When one is so well heeled as Schieffer is, that should be expected.  Everyone else has to pay and pay for the liberal mistakes of the past like the totally wide open boarders and free care for all.

Ross Perot summed it all up one day when he said that there was no free lunch.  It stuck and it also stunk.  The truth always hurts.  The projections now include a total runaway of growth in America with every hillside and every field covered up with concrete.  How could anyone say this is good?

Carly Fiorina's Bold Faced Lie

Carly told a whopper on 60 Minutes, Sunday 8 October 2006.  She claimed that she had been released from her lofty board position for the wrong reasons.  "As a woman" she didn't deserve any explanations she said.   Thus she implied sexual discrimination was the real reason for how she was handled and even why she was let go so suddenly.  She forgot to mention how totally arrogant she was then and still is today and she also managed to forget how she did virtually no work,  just put on very elaborate high cost shows that meant little to the well being of HP.

Before Carly left HP, she was specifically asked by an in-house interviewer whether she believed that a "glass ceiling" existed which prevented women from succeeding into management positions at HP.  She answered with a resounding NO.  Her impression was that if a person were truly good, there was no end to what they could achieve at HP or elsewhere.  She claimed then that she succeeded because of her abilities alone.  

It's a real shame that American companies are often piloted by arrogant thoughtless self centered ones.  Countless HP employees have have hit the dust because of Carly.  She once again derided the so called "HP way" that she unmercifully brought to a close on her watch.   She saw to it that "the gray hairs" got what was coming to them.   HP built a beautiful $9 million home for her at company expense to name only one spoil she got. 

The Curse of Low Timer Pilots, Changing Types, Changing Routines

Cory Lidle's sudden and tragic end along with his instructor's in New York may be due to a very fundamental set of circumstances.   Though it will no doubt be a very long time before NTSB  comes back with the standard "pilot error" reason, that reason will hold up very well in the end.  It always seems to. 

Cory released a very nice home video of himself piloting along the Northeast countryside some time prior to the mishap.  That he loved flying was unmistakable.  However, many a person has fallen victim to small things that brought them down while flying.

Quite some years ago the U.S. Air Force started noticing that they were losing very seasoned pilots who had shifted from one high performance jet to another, a move that used to be very routine.  Strangely, the pilots lost could have easily bailed out, but for some reason did not.

The military forensics teams noticed that these men had funny scratches on their legs that made no sense to anyone.   It certainly had nothing to do with sexual encounters, that much was certain.  So, what was it that caused perfectly good men to die?

After quite some time it was found that pilots had spent one thousand or more hours "in type" but more specifically in jets which had ejection levers located at the bases of the pilot's seats.  When these men moved to the F4 Phantoms they brought their automatic recall along with them as for reaching down to activate the ejection systems.  The F4s have two ejection rings at the tops of the seats that must be pulled together in order to egress.

So Cory's video indicated that he had a lot of time in a high wing Cessna, a Skyhawk apparently.  It's a very nice plane and it will last forever like a lot of well cared for small planes.  However, Cory bought himself another plane, a Cirrus, that was a "low wing" aircraft.  

Now, to be sure, all planes are similar, but they are also very different in equipment layout, safety devices and most importantly the actual "speeds to fly."  A period of adjustment is always required whenever a pilot changes type; that is, moves to a new plane.

It's a bit of a guess, but Cory was probably in the process of making his first major transition.  He had an instructor aboard.   That was good and as it should have been.  The Cirrus plane may not be too much different on "speeds to fly" or "stalling speed" but even a little difference could be plenty and the instructor may not necessarily have been experienced "in type."  There are a lot of planes and a lot to remember.  Also, the instructor was not the "pilot in command" that day.  

The slower a plane flies the more likely it could "stall."  In other words, crash.  From the accounts of a number of witnesses on the ground,  the plane was in a very steep turn when it came down, also called a spin.  

IJ will not try to second guess NTSB, but it appears that no one will ever know exactly what happened to Cory and his instructor.  It was probably "something dumb" like the airspeed bled off enough to start an incipient stall, probably just one wing a little low, nothing extreme and nothing that caused the "stall horn" to sound.  

At higher altitudes, stall recovery is fairly straight forward and is done quickly and easily for the most part.  However, when a plane is close to the ground there's only a split second for the pilot to recognize the beginning of the spin, correct it and get up and out of there.  

Could it be that the Cirrus plane imparted a feeling of too much comfort prior to the spin?  Many planes buffet at least somewhat prior to spin entry, but it's not necessarily very big or prolonged. Buffeting can be mistaken for "rough air."   Were the two men talking and therefore distracted?  

After years of study, the Air Force instituted a policy that limited the number of times a pilot could ever be moved over to a new plane for active patrol duty.  The obvious exceptions were then and still are for the test pilots.  Test pilots put their lives on the line every time they wind up the engines, but this is true for all pilots regardless of the number of flight hours they possess or what they fly.  Training in and of itself is dangerous.  

History of North Korea - The Continuing Price

There's no quick way to merely sum up all the years of the depravity of war on the Korean Peninsula or its affect on the Pacific region.  While looking for research material, IJ came across this handy link that should be most helpful to anyone needing any information about all things Korean.  

Some argue that the U.S. and other nations have options they do not possess such as "bargaining" incessantly.  To "bargain" means to get something in return.  So far, America is owed plenty for all the "bargains" of the past.  Especially to be considered are all the American lives lost in Korea, the original Viet Nam.  

Iran like North Korea is another great opportunity for American failure.  With the rising tone of nationwide pacifism it shouldn't be too long until the U.S. forfeits more than just a few gun boats.  This time the price could be much higher than for Korea and could endure forever.  

Much of the research material mentioned in the link reads as well as the real time events do today.  Today's events in the region are merely extensions of a long existing conflict that never goes away.  

Once again in history, decisive action is required to deal with North Korea, but it won't be coming according to President Bush.  It's astonishing to think that a U.S. President would limit himself so severely when he has so much firepower at his disposal.  Shades of Truman. 

North Korea Completes 1st Nuclear Test - Approximately 4 Kilotons, Yield Less Than .5

The world changed for good 9 October, approximately 0300 hours UTC.   North Korea alerted China prior to the test and China warned its allies including the U.S. 

The size of this underground detonation was not extremely large as far as such tests go.  The Hiroshima bomb of WWII was about fifteen kilotons of blast force. 

With the completion of the test, now officially confirmed, a number of things could happen.  At the time of this article, a potential exists for multinational sanctions and/or immediate military action.  IJ has previously published that unilateral U.S. military action was immanent since recent build ups across the Pacific seemed to suggest a very high level of readiness.  Yet, many times lines in the sands have been drawn and no military action came about.  

President Bush had refused to meet directly with Kim Jong-il because he had no reason to expect anything good from such a meeting.   Considering the history of the Clinton Administration and the events concerning North Korea then, it's no wonder. 

Most immediately threatened is South Korea.  A bomb of the size tested today would be very destructive to that nation.    The U.S. has had significant military forces in South Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953 to defend that republic.   

No only is the Pacific at threat, but lands like Iran will be greatly encouraged to behave like North Korea and therefore further threaten the free world.  Some allied options include immediately arming U.S. allies like Japan with both nuclear weapons and also the delivery systems required. 

In terms of defusing the Foley matter for the Republicans, this test was right on schedule to save the Republican election campaign issue that stressed national security.  Bush will be able to run with this development as he had been planning originally.  

One thing is sure.  That is, a war is coming one way or the other and the U.S. does not have a lot more time to wait to see what will happen.  

 It's not very likely that the U.N. Security Council will be able to do anything of substance in time to control North Korea.  The time of danger is also much greater now for the U.S. because other radical countries will be encouraged to attack U.S. interests worldwide all the more.  Once again, this plays into the hands of President Bush and the Republican Party who wanted to get nation security matters fully on the font burner.

Uncle Fudd Gets Pat On the Back

The BIG local paper fancies itself a "muck raker" for no particular reason and in so doing collaborated with The Berkeley School of Journalism.  That school has been manipulated to believe that The San Jose Mercury News is "an example of civic journalism at its finest" when in fact that paper can claim little if any role in promoting openness in government.  Berkeley lost a great deal of its credibility to extend its not so coveted Beacon Award to the paper.   Could it be that so few journalism jobs or internships are to be found any more that Berkeley had to plow under?  

To date, Uncle Fudd has refrained from characterizing any individual in government as a bad actor for any reason.  Very recently the SJMN or Uncle Fudd engaged in defending the lame duck Mayor of San Jose, Ron Gonzales, for reasons still unknown.   The mayor is currently under indictment for crimes committed in letting a garbage contract which gave a very competitive advantage to Norcal.  The paper claims to deal in the facts, but facts are after all propaganda in the right hands.  

In the current election, Uncle Fudd is solidly behind Cindy Chavez who endorses and is endorsed by quasi Communist labor organizations and the like.  The SJMN is always "on the side of law enforcement" good, bad or indifferent.  That paper never has criticized anyone in "law enforcement" and usually is solidly behind most high cost heavy handed city projects.   The paper had years and years to prove itself, but always came up short and still does.  They want to be plugged into the money and power pyramid no matter what and their "journalist activities" have born this out very well throughout all the years. 

At this late date, they still refuse to do a proper job of examining corrupt individuals in the District Attorney's office of San Jose.   The IJ is the only paper that dares even touch the subject, but that's good.  It's a tough job but a small not for profit paper is up to it.   Any of the awardees of the "Beacon Award" were for profit purposes.   That's an interesting observation.   Berkeley should take all the fake newsprint and turn it over to some fish-n-chips operation where it would be put to better use.  

Footnote:  Just in.  Uncle Fudd  (fear, uncertainty, doubt and deceit) has received a "secret permit" from the City Council of San Jose to vent untreated sewage directly into Guadalupe Creek thus avoiding a potential $1 million dollar a day dumping fine.  It's not what you know in San Jose, it's who you know and it's always so comfy under the covers with all the higher uppers and lower downers.   (Just wait till you hear about the secret "Pyramid Project" that will boast the largest pyramid ever constructed on Earth right in the center of San Jose.   Uncle Fudd and company know all. *) Oh, also don't worry any more.  "The police" have no intentions of kicking your door in at 3:00 am and killing you and everyone in your home.  Rest easy now because Uncle Fudd is hard at work protecting you from outrageous slings and arrows no matter the source and they've gotten a self awarded "Beacon Award" that proves it!  And, where Uncle Fudd leaves off all the local self aggrandizing and self appointed "Communists" begin.  Lenin, move over baby.  Boxer is coming!  Uncle Fudd says so.    

* A plan is afoot for Berkeley to sack all the assets of the Lick Observatory to make funding available for the secret "Pyramid Project."  The remains of James Lick will be disinterred and paraded through the streets of San Jose on November 1 in celebration of Día de Los Muertos  a usual and customary local event.   Of course, this information has been carefully suppressed and appears only in the IJ.   The secret plans call for a pyramid as huge underground as above it with self contained power and secret entrances.  Only a special few will ever be permitted inside the pyramid, including Uncle Fudd who made it possible.   An unnamed CA regent said that he was happy that James Lick's dream of a gigantic pyramid would finally be realized.  "I can't tell you how happy I am for the whole Lick family," he said.  The current observatory site in his words will "be returned to a natural and vegetative state so that it may be sold to private party very soon."  He also said that, "We think this is in the best interests of all parties concerned," and that, "The big pyramid will bring untold wealth and recognition to San Jose, more than the observatory ever could have."   Mayor of San Jose, Ron Gonzales, could not be reached for comment but one of his aides said that he was quite pleased with the secret project and had been in negotiations over ten years ago to bring the project online.  That included numerous trips to Las Vegas to evaluate the pyramid there.     

Bad Week in America - 2 October 2006

Does America truly go out of its way to build misfits, murderers, molesters and disenchanted ones? Judging from the past week, the answer is resoundingly and sadly hell yes.

Capping off the week was the incident at an Amish school in Pennsylvania, 2 October 2006. On the surface it appeared to be a "copy cat" of the Colorado school break in and shooting Wednesday, 27 September 2006, but for a few details. In Colorado only one girl was shot and killed for no reason, but in Pennsylvania the toll was much worse at four, so far.

As if those two events were not enough already, the killing of a high school principal in Wisconsin on 30 September 2006 accentuated the disparate conditions across a good piece of the land.

What is going on? If Charles Roberts could be taken at his word, it could be inferred that some people have an underlying rage that may finally boil over. There may be no special reason for the blow out except for something known only to the perpetrator. Roberts killed defenseless Amish kids in an attempt to "get even."

According to neighbors and official reports, the only thing strange about Roberts was the fact that he was somewhat aloof, but not completely so. That description could fit anyone. He had no record for anything. That too could fit anyone.

Then there was the U.S. Representative Foley's sudden resignation and disclosure that he'd been involved in protracted attempted sexual contacts with pages, 29 September 2006, just as Congress was about to adjourn for the season. It was major dose of disillusionment to say the least.

With a backdrop like this week, it's pretty difficult to say anything positive about what kind of people we are when so many went so far off the deep end in so brief a time. The week in question was barely a full seven days too.

Each of these incidents should garner careful study, but then, what else will happen before this week is out? That's a fair question, but it would be difficult to imagine how worse a week could be considering the loss of life and loss of national honor.

IJ has long suggested that wall-to-wall "law enforcement solutions" to everything in combination with sexual repression could only generate more and more offenders. Sadly, this long standing observation once again is proving true. However, things are much more crowed every day now. That's a huge factor on its own.

America is not a land of help-for-help's sake. The hours are long and the pay is low at most of our jobs. Everything is very competitive, perhaps extraordinarily so in a land of 300 million? Everywhere our people must confront monetary challenges. It's easy to see that if a hamburger and a drink cost $5 that everything else must be sky high as well.

The highways are crowded. The housing is high priced and not very easy to find at times. Travel is time consuming, costly and rigorous, especially at today's airports. Try even catching a cab or a bus here. Contention exists in just about everything.

Personal pleasure? Sure, but when where and with what? Sex? Not really. Sex presents special problems and physical limitations. The fatigue factor of modern life frequently limits such pleasure. Ads pound everyone night and day for high cost medicines that will make all well but probably don't. Frustration is certainly a key word for most Americans, sex or no sex.

Finally, someone gets a high stress overload and goes ballistic. There's no rhyme or reason, as usual. This is America too.

Another Ode to John Walsh of AMW Fame and Fortune

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, it has been said. The combo of Walsh and Foley who both worked so hard to get The Child Safety Act of 2006 signed into law stands out as a perfect work of art. No one could have ever imagined that it would take a major abuser like Foley to lead the way to a new draconian “tracking law.” Not even Walsh himself was prepared for the let down of Foley’s revelation of page mongering and said so on Larry King's Live.

Innocence is so sweet especially if one can invoke it so easily as Walsh does. Come to think of it, so too did Foley for years and years. His image was one of “doing the right thing for our kids.” Walsh too is a perfect specimen of all things good and pure when it comes to the progressive “law enforcement” push that pervades this land. Such people truly are wonderful for “illuminating our horizons” and “setting our good goals” for us.

Everyone should be able to gage from such performances just how damning an attack from a Catholic Priest must be, whether on not as Foley claims it happened to him too. IJ has spent significant amounts of time with this subject matter and most of that is still down this page.

Most kids are taught “be wary of strangers” from word one. It’s a basic life saving skill that must be learned quickly if the child is to survive here. That mindset does its own harm later in life, but being wary of smiling ones who seem to think they have the answers to everything should still be in play.

Walsh is a very misguided person. Because of the loss of his son Adam, he figured to go out and to reshape the rest of the world in a vain attempt to have a type of vindication. It worked, unfortunately. It gave to “law enforcement” and few chosen others new expensive tools that won’t stop one bit of crime. It changed forever how the fed will do things, as if there were not already enough “federally mandated behaviors,” and to think that “the fed” is a behavior expert?

No one will spend much time reflecting on this now. The years will pass and more and more awful and unstoppable acts of sexual murder will occur, tracking or no tracking. The cost will be high and “law enforcement” won’t have any more answers than before. New “Walshes” will come along with penchants and promises that revenge will be exacted from all, but no one will be served. “Law enforcement” will get more money and the violent crime rate will steadily climb.

Thank you John for working with the best loser around and for “making it work” just the way you wanted, and to hell with everyone and everything else that’s also plugged into your false misshapen odyssey of loss and revenge. Everyone will sleep much better now believing and trusting that the most harmful among us will pass us up for someone else, hopefully. If not that then “the fed” will swoosh in and save the night according to your pronouncements and good deeds.

The Experiment With Socialism Fails Badly in San Jose, CA

By its own admission, finally, the BIG local paper has had to publish the facts that the City of San Jose is collapsing under its own weight.  The experiment in the building of "Germania," an Adolph Hitler dream, hasn't worked out very well.  It's the costs stupid, those never ending costs that no amount of taxes possibly ever could cover. 

Hitler's dream was for a dramatically rebuilt Berlin after WWII, a dream never realized.  To be included were very dramatic buildings and "works of art."  In fact, Hitler had plans for Berlin to be a living work of art.  So too did the idiots in charge of San Jose, but even worse has been Uncle Fudd, the BIG local paper without which no "dreams of grandeur" could have been launched nearly so well.

It's wake up time now and it really really hurts.  It's not just the costs and the mistakes of the past.  The damning realization is that years upon years of heavy expenditures in San Jose did not bear fruit, and worse yet, the piper still must be paid.  Give a little credit to the BIG local paper.  They're pretty good a setting up a situation and then "reporting on it."  Thank  you fellows, really.  After all the years of shoving from you, we can all be so grateful.  And as for that sales tax that failed, didn't you mean to decry that awful statement the public made on 6/6/06?  That was that the pubic balked at more of "Germania?"  Even with the newest sales tax hike that never was, the inevitable would have been forestalled only briefly.   

If all that money spent on "art for art's sake" could have been spent on schools, what a different world it could have been here?  San Jose could have been the education capitol of the West, but hell no.  That's too complicated for anyone in the city to understand, especially because Uncle Fudd said so, and he worked so very very hard to be both the divider and conqueror of all. 

"Ultimately, the choices before the council are 'agonizing,' " said Reed, ``because we have really great people doing really great things, but if we spend money on them, it's money we don't have to spend on lots of other things.''  Chuck Reed, San Jose City Councilman.  (Quote from the BIG local paper.  Hitler sleeps now.)

Reed, is another totally brilliant "star" of San Jose, CA.  IJ thanks you and all the rest like you.  Hey, maybe this shortfall situation could be converted into a "law enforcement solution" at this time?  Chuck, does your knee ever jerk? 

Here's the IJ solution:  Let go of a few cops.  Since each one costs the city over $200k in pay and benefits each year, there'll be plenty of money left for "art for art's sake,"  if that's what the idiots in power truly want.  Try that one on for size councilors.      


Human Sexuality Issues Continue to Damage America

The recent attack at a high school in Bailey, CO illustrates two sad facts of American life: 1) Sex issues continue to rob us of great human potential; and, 2) Self defense is still a foreign subject. The two taken together are damning.

When Duane Morrison attacked the school on Wednesday 27 September 2006 he was a man at the end of his mental rope. He wanted to do a sex attack and that's just what he did to several girls before killing one in cold blood, Emily Keyes. The wire services say Morrison got the girls' names from before coming to the school to attack them as named victims.

The "police officer" who was supposed to be on duty at the school that day was instead at a substation during the noon attack. Just as for the Columbine massacre, no one could count on "the police" once again. There's been plenty of heated discussion in the State of Colorado for years since the Columbine attack. No doubt, there'll be some more discussion about the role of "the police" in that state, a state that has become very rapidly changed into an anti gun state.

Morrison had no trouble getting a gun and the list of names he needed. Not one single person had a gun nor could have intervened in time. That may be expecting too much. No one is supposed to be a hero, but without a gun on hand, no one had time nor any hope of dealing with this guy.

Schools can't be prisons either. No one needs that. Sex laws and repression don't help. The more repressive the laws on the books, the more devastating the attacks have become across America. Time has proved this fact. It's time therefore to rethink what is allowed and allowable as far as "adult behavior" is concerned. Had Morrison been at a low priced "whore house" that day, he may have stopped short of a desperate lunge at girls for sexual purposes and not have killed one out of his guilt.

That won't be the message that comes out of this investigation. No, it'll be more of "let's make more things illegal and that'll fix this problem." Hey folks, this is another "Columbine" we had okay? "Fixing things" the last time didn't work out very well.

Another child is dead too.

No "Immigration Reform" This Year Or Any

Because the versions of the bills passed by the Senate and U.S. House are so drastically different, it's very unlikely that any immigration reform measures will make it to any conference committee.  Usually, a joint conference committee meeting is the second or third to last step before a bill becomes law, but not for this matter.  No, it's far too explosive especially the House version many are calling a "law enforcement" bill.  Particularly in a close election year there will be no attempt to push anything along at all.  Democrats are quite pleased with this development and in fact worked hard to get a stalemate.   Amnesty?  Hot subject!

Once again, the American public will be held hostage to stagnation.  No troops will be deployed even though the President already has the authority to do so.  People will now flood over the boarders believing quite correctly that if they can only get in now, they'll be safe in the future from deportation.  No bill means bad news, frankly.  In the mean time, what is it costing?

But, guess what?  The reactions of the people that have been drastically overlooked will come back in the November elections.  No one will be ready for the fact that people truly do want secure boarders and no amnesty.  

It's too bad Americans never could have had a real Communist Party because if it had a lot of "liberals" would have naturally migrated to it as in other lands like France.  They could be called by what they are, Communists.  The rest of the Americans could get along with life far better.  However, due to the Macarthy era and the fear he put into everyone, America missed another chance to have multiple parties.  It's really too bad.  Chief on the list of those who needed to belong to the Communist Party a long time ago is Barbra Boxer.  It is here in America, the party that is.   We simply can't refer to it as "Communism," however.  That would lead to a hysterical loss of control.

Iran's Time in History

As did Libya before her, Iran will do the nuclear terrorist dance alone.  That nation does so as a failed U.S. Presidency comes to a close which is traditionally very bad timing for just about all reasons.  American lame duck Presidents usually don't mind leaving office having issued very destructive orders.   Iran dances the potential dance of death with itself now.  Rigidity was a mistake, and all of Persia will learn this soon if history is any example.   Bargain while you still can, if you can.  Libya woke up in time.  Will you Iran? 

And now the Israelis have two new nuclear submarines to kill us with.  We'll be forced to invest heavily in ASW with no end in sight as "The Great Satan" also assists Israel in new ASW.  All the while we'll have to worry and wonder when we'll be nuked.  It means multifront wars for years to come.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivers a speech in Orumiyeh, the provincial capital of West Azarbaijan province, 31 August 2006
Profile is Jewish, the nose.
Photo courtesy VOA

Muslim Good News

"Why I'm Not A Muslim,"  a sermon delivered in San Jose, CA.  This is a good time also to begin monitoring all activities around all mosques, especially in "law enforcement headquarters" San Jose, CA the home of the biggest toughest meanest cops on this Earth.   This is their biggest opportunity ever in history "to protect and to serve."  Let's just seem them head off a terrorist attack here.   In fact, San Jose is wide open for just such an attack because of "touchiness" as it relates to "the practice of religion."   And too, there is the heavy duty "limp-wristed Democratic Party" here which exhibits "touchiness" for all manner of things while the rest of us are blown to kingdom come.   A man could wake up dead in the morning, but that will be sweet, nice, "non discriminatory" (plus any/all other pleasant thoughts and considerations) or other ideas and concepts that may pertain to that situation in life.  So will say the quasi-establishment of the have-nots that are so well cared for in government here.  Translation:  If you're a real jerk, we love you.  If you're other than that, YOU are the problem not the poor little "sleepers" who are massing for a huge nationwide attack!  There's plenty of fuel for a huge fire here.  Never forget that.   So, how about some funny Muslim cartoons today? 

To Our Readers in the Middle East Today 

Irregular English Verbs Troubling?

That’s not a big surprise.  English is frequently misused everywhere.  The fundamental problem is one of failure to have memorized the past participles of English verbs. 

To note only a few of the more obviously misused verbs, “woken” comes to mind since it does not exist.  A person was awoken not “woken up.”  Another misuse is hanged.  People are hanged while pictures are hung.  Verbs that pertain to lying are a particular problem.  A person doesn’t “lay” on a bed.  They lie upon it. 

Some strange usages seem to have slipped into English in the last forty years like burnt instead of burned or spilt instead of spilled.  The “t” endings are awkward and should be avoided in formal English.   

The Mexican Role as "The Fifth Columnist" in America

It's increasingly clear just what the aims of Mexico's Vicente Fox and his predecessors were: The flooding of America with expatriates who'll vote in unison to dilute the will of this land.  It's working too, far better than any "Communist takeover" nightmare senario that was envisioned back in the '50s by any military doomsday prognosticators or their proxies.    

That fact is that all the remittances sent to Mexico keep it afloat, in lieu of direct American foreign aid.  The talk is that Mexico imagines it should be given land back that was lost to California and elsewhere as much as two hundred years ago.  They want the results of The Alamo reversed too.

It's not good because these weasels actually believe all this stuff,  some of it previously set forth in the infamous "Zimmerman letter" of WWI.   If ever there were an argument to seal the boarders, it's far beyond discussion.  That would be the only way to start penalizing illegal hiring and get a grip on the runaway influx of people who want nothing to do with America other than to destroy it.  They're doing it from the inside out.  Very little public outpouring from the established communities has been heard considering the seriousness of the alien problem and the actual threat it represents to "our way of life."  

Laws must change to prevent "automatic citizenship" merely for being born here, among other things.  It's not good for the legal immigrant for just anyone to plop down in their communities they worked so hard to build.   The larger test is one of accepting the fact that America has limited space, food, water and housing.  More dollar-a-day workers are not needed here, not at this point. 

Oh yeah, a lot of these "immigrants" say that the American "white person" was dying out and that they, Mexicans, are only doing everyone a favor to inhabit this land.  That was never the case.  The American population was stable with controlled growth.  No one here had plans for cutting up the national forests to make room for "immigration."  America is too big at 300 million.  

Some additional observations

This article seems to advocate treating US retiree's living in Mexico with intimidation.

Here's a link to many articles posted by La Voz de Aztlan which claims to be an "independent news service."  Heaven forbid anyone "immigrating to Mexico."  They have a really nasty surprise there, especially as Americans.  No one seems to raise any hell about it, however.   Well, except the Mexican police.   "Federales always say, could uh had him anyway."   Discrimination anyone?   

Vietnam Revisited

When the U.S. attempts to "scale itself down to the size of a mouse" in order to fight a "fair fight" the same mistake is made as in Vietnam.   The lesson never seems to get learned.  That being, DON'T attempt to fight a "war of maneuver."  Instead, fight a "war of attrition."  In other words, hit them with everything up to and including nuclear weapons.  By fiddling now, Iran is allowed to gain strength and is buying itself far too much time to finish the assembly of WMDs.  The time to crisp Iran is now, not next year or five years from now.  Their intentions are quite clear, the destruction of anything on the planet that resembles orderly government including the U.N. that they viciously attacked in 2003 in Iraq after Saddam's regime came to an end.  

Understanding Liquid Explosives

This is good information for the untrained.  Astrolite.  It could show up concealed in almost anything.  Heard about all the "weapons books" available?  "Law enforcement" sure has and those books are among their most favorite bedside readers.    

Today's Funny

Feinstein is really Einstein (like Albert Einstein) but with an "F" in front of it.  Someone must have really thought ahead on that one since Diane dearest is certainly no "Einstein."  Her grade in life is prerecorded as an "F" in front of her last name that is.  

Getting back to Albert, he speaks well for Jews everywhere.  Jews created everything from Jesus to A-bombs and back.  That's quite a list of accomplishments, and when Iran no longer exists there will be so many more things to write about and discuss for millennia to come.   It's always nice to have a real powerful Jew in your back pocket.  It's better even than "a trick up your sleeve," etc.  Jews are so quiet too.  They don't seem to chant or say too much of anything.  They simply act with far reaching effect. 

Crediting Holy Muslims Where Credit is Due
Let's examine the truth about what has been done in the name of Islam, a list of events: 
Armenian Genocide - Muslims
Ambon Massacre - Muslims
Beslan School attack- Muslims
World Trade Center attacks (Twice) - Muslims
Pentagon attack - Muslims
Malcolm Kerr, Pres. American University, kidnapped & murdered - Muslims
Paul Johnson, kidnapped and beheaded - Muslims
Pan Am Flight 103 bombing - Muslims
Orly Airport attack - Muslims
Istanbul Airport attack - Muslims
Assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II - Muslim
Skyjack Sunday, 3 planes hijacked and blown up - Muslims
Planet Hollywood bombing in Cape Town - Muslims
La Belle nightclub bombing in Berlin - Muslims
AK-47 attack on CIA employees in Virginia - Muslim
Metro bombings in Paris (Twice) - Muslims
US Embassy bombing in Peru - Muslims
Russian Apartment Complex bombings - Muslims
Tunisian Synagogue bombing - Muslim
Dagestan bombings - Muslims
US Consulate attack in Karachi - Muslims
North Ossetia Hospital attack - Muslims
Bombing of Marriott Hotel in Jakarta - Muslims
Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta - Muslims
British Consulate and HSBC bombings, Istanbul - Muslims
Sudan Genocide - Muslims
US Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania attacks - Muslims
USS Cole attack - Muslims
Nicholas Berg, kidnapped and beheaded - Muslims
Bali nightclub bombings - Muslims
Moscow subway bombings - Muslims
Twin bombings of Russian airliners - Muslims
Murder of Theo van Gogh - Muslims
Kidnapping of hundreds of civilians & beheadings in the Philippines - Muslims
Luxor Attacks - Muslims
Attempted attack on Egyptian President Mubarak - Muslims
Lt. Col. W. Higgins, kidnapped & murdered - Muslims
US Embassy in Beirut attacks (Twice) - Muslims
French Embassy in Beirut attack - Muslims
Hijack of TWA Flight 847 - Muslims
Bombing of Jewish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires - Muslims
Moscow Opera House attack and hostage taking - Muslims
Bombings & Suicide attacks in Tashkent and Boukhara - Muslims
Marine Barracks attacks Beirut - Muslims
Egyptian Embassy attack in Pakistan - Muslims
Dhahran Housing Attack - Muslims
Thousands of beheadings in Algeria - Muslims
Madrid Train Bombing - Muslims
Suicide Bombers in Iraqi and Israel - Muslims
Margaret Hussan, kidnapped and murdered - Muslims
Daniel Pearl, kidnapped and beheaded - Muslims
Beheading of bound and defenseless noncombatants - Muslims
Sarajevo Market Massacre - Muslims
Modern Slave Trade in Africa - Muslims
Somnath Slaughter - Muslims
Taliban - executions of thousands and destruction of Afghan culture - Muslims
Enslavement and trade of Africans into Western Europe and Americas
Honor rapes and killings - Muslims
Oppression of women - Muslims
Oppression and suppression of other religions - Muslims
Jihad - Muslims
Fatwa - Muslims

A more detailed listing is down this page.  Does anyone doubt the need for self defense from Muslims?  The threat is worldwide and has been for years.

Our Forgotten Offense

There are a few little things some have totally forgotten about and entirely overlooked.  Shusssh now,  Satan is a water animal who knows no limits.   Satan delivers what he boasts.  Silence is very sweet, golden and deep.  

Image Preview

USS (SSBN 666,q) "Satan" warming up
From "Satan" with love. 

(A WMD to remember, a Holocaust never to forget).  

The experts all agree, collectively that is:  "We drastically underestimated the Americans and we all made the same horrifying mistake of stirring that sleeping giant and filling him with a terrible resolve!"   Signed by Emperor Hirohito, Adloph Hitler, Muammar Gadaffi, Manuel Noriega and  Daniel Ortega, to name but a few in history.  Newer true believers will include Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, late of The Islamic Republic of Iran.  Let all of Persia return to the sands from which it was created, and soon for the good of man. 

New "Satan Class" Redesignated Subs On Patrol in Middle East

Submarines are considered Super Secret by DOD, the Department of Defense, and should be.  Few words about subs are ever uttered outside the halls of the Pentagon and anywhere else.   However, subs are and will continue to be one of the "Ace-in-the-holes" America will have. From them immediate or intentionally delayed strikes are possible.  This is not new, but what is new is the need to kill quickly any aggressor who deems himself so far beyond and above reproach from the world's forces that he would more than deserve a "first strike."    

Although the overall purpose of the U.S. Navy's program has not been altered in many years, the new vigilance includes more precision and sophistication than ever.   No point on the globe is beyond the strike of a sub launched ICBM, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, Cruz Missile or a few other newer deadly devices.  Any land that would wish trouble with the U.S. ought to give it a little more careful consideration.  America has more than proved that it is not a land that can be cornered.  Most Americans agree that the slow approach is better than  "all out nuclear war."  However, it's not wise to assume that the word "never" means much if the citizens of this land ever felt cornered for any reason.  There is no defense from high powered strategic weapons carried on today's subs.  Chanting will mean nothing. 

New Dolphin sub, one of two
just purchased by Israel.  They
are diesel/electric and may
carry nukes.   

If Israel Only Had Oil

What a difference a drop would make.  If Israel had oil, the whole world would be lined up to "assist them" to have no more rockets fall that may damage the oil flow.  However, that's not the way things are.  Instead, Israel is forever condemned to "be the bad guy" for not putting up with outrageous attacks from all quadrants.  Such is life for the chosen ones.   Chosen for what?  More abuse?

 Nouri al-Maliki Prime Minister of Iraq

Nouri had barely finished his White House press conference at the behest of President Bush when Senator Harry Reid (D Nevada) began attacking him.   Reid's aim is to look as pro Israeli as possible since that is now the politically correct thing to do until it's time to once again attack the Bush Administration.   According to Reid, al-Maliki did not strongly enough denounce Hezbollah as if it would even matter that much.  Reid's pettiness merely mirrors the years of disinformation America has been imbued with.

As far as anyone can tell, al-Maliki is about as good as dead any way.  That part of the world must be considered temporary as far as most newly established governments are concerned.  It'll be a miracle if al-Maliki lasts a year in his role as Prime Minister, one way or the other.  He doesn't need to enrage anyone more than they already are for example by denouncing Hezbollah.

Reid can't be expected to understand that very well.  Reid has never lived life at the point of a gun or one step away from a car bomb.  He's got time to go to boxing matches and amuse himself in such ways.  He's the last person on the planet to be evaluating others, but especially those who's lives are in imminent peril.   

It looks like Reid is unfit as a spokesman for anything like the Western United States.  Maybe it's time for him to actually get into the ring and enjoy boxing in a more direct way?  At least that would be something to discuss.  

Don Quixote Art Print by Pablo Picasso
Harry Reid's portrait and symbol for himself, as Quixotic as he gets.  

More "Purely Reid" Stuff

Today's "liberal" is a very dangerous person who's much closer to being an anarchist than ever.  Example person:  Senator Harry Reid (D) Nevada.  He says that an English only rider attached to the "immigration bill" is "racist."  That guy is symptomatic of what represents larger urban population centers.  It's okay to be liberal because that's what the masses seem to want?  He's not liberal.  He's only destructive.  Check the whole Internet sometime Harry.  It's almost exclusively English.  Also, in lands that have an educational system, the first subjects include English.  Everyone knows the importance of English without much pushing Harry.  It's not racist in all those other lands.  All those people can't be "racists."

India is a land of at least sixteen languages.  It's very disabling to have to be that way.  America need not experiment with such things for the sake of non racist strategies. 

The UN Today an Instrument of Terror

Just as Israel appears to be closing in on Hezbollah the screams for "peace" are going up everywhere, but especially from the UN and most U.S. liberals.  To be sure, the Lebanon conflict has been very costly with some analysts saying that country has been set back fifty years.  However, any time Israel has tried to behave in a civilized manner, by doing what the UN or its proxies wanted, they achieved neither peace nor security.

Iranian troops are in Lebanon and are themselves firing rockets at Israel, that much is sure.  The weapons  say "Made in Iran,"  let there be no misunderstandings about it.  Just what is it about idealism though?  Why is it that civilized democratic lands can't wait to have peace at any price, especially when they will pay no price in lives lost?  It's pretty amazing.

The U.S. is no less a player in all things peace, peace at any price.  It looks like America loves punishment for the sake of a few idealistic notes of the Star Spangled Banner no matter the occasion.  We'll hand over some more big money and our love in this latest crisis then retire to our quiet seat of abuse and suffering before the UN.  Being punished is so much fun it would seem.  The UN was set up for savages of all sorts, nothing more than that, but we love abuse.

We also love torment and illogical pursuits like the still ongoing cold war with Russia.  They love it too because they love having us always in a defensive position.  The Russians have gone to great lengths to sell anything to the Iranians and to Iraq long before that.  The French as well.  They supplied much of the technology to Sadam for his nuclear build up.

There is no honesty in the operations of the UN including the "oil for food" program.  It can be said though that Bolton has done a remarkable job so far in his assignment.  He's stood tough like we should expect him to.  To  the surprise of a number of Senators who now say they'll be voting for his confirmation, Bolton has opened their eyes.  All that is a very thin ray of hope, but very thin.

Just exactly how masochistic are we to be?  How much more abuse is the U.S. supposed to belly up before all the savages of the world?  That remains to be seen.  It's incumbent on every American to push back now via Bolton.  Peace at any price is not peace just as pulling back in order to satisfy UN resolutions is not a reasonable answer to terrorism any more.   Far from it.  That's merely the set up the terrorists like.  It gives them the time they need to dig in and kill even more people as in the current Lebanon crisis.  The UN is the best friend they ever had.

Avoiding Future 'Israeli Problems' in the Middle East

Israel must not "comply" with any UN resolutions (like 1559) including the current demand for a cease fire.  It's "every man for himself."  Hezbollah has demonstrated it already thinks that way exactly.   Send the UN to Geneva where it belongs. 

On another note, it would be well to immediately send the B52 force to pound the boarder of Israel and Lebanon.   The Israelis have no big bombers and the loss of ground forces will be fairly high to them.   Don't worry, America could never do such a thing though there never has been a more critical time in history to do it.


Syria was in Lebanon for thirty years helping to set up Hezbollah and killing off Lebanese officials.  It's completely preposterous that Syria would imagine having any say-so in the "stability of the region."  Syria will do very well to remain completely silent from now on.   

On Hitting Syria

It's coming and the threat from Iran that "a total Islamic reaction" will occur is an empty threat.  Iran is beginning to find that it is more isolated than it thought on Friday, 14 July 2006.  The Arab League is NOT lining up behind Iran and/or Syria as Iran imagined and believed.  Syria should have been hit ages ago, by the U.S.  It's overripe for the Israelis to pounce on it now.  When that happens, tensions in Iraq will cool off remarkably.  Israel will do what the U.S. failed to do, namely to hit Syria.  If America had any courage it would redirect all its forces West to join in.  Syria is the first major stepping stone that must come under Allied control if ever there will be peace for anyone in the Middle East.  When Syria is secure, everyone in the world should immediately hit Iran.  It will happen, but only later than would have been best for all the nations of the world.    

The highs and lows recounted:  Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 to comply with a UN resolution.  Hezbollah claimed victory and quickly infiltrated the Lebanese government.  Israel's Sharon government finally set aside land for the Palestinians in 2005.  It was working according to plan and Sharon may even have been on track for the Nobel Peace Prize, until his stroke.  Hamas was elected to represent the Palestinians, democratically, but nevertheless as a hate organization bent on the overthrow of Israel.  (To date, no Arab organization is on record as recognizing Israel's right to exist.  That's funny.  It's been there since 1948).   Iran via Syria has heavily armed Hezbollah.  Hezbollah does not want land, peace or anything but armed unrest.  Oh yes.  For anyone believing in "the wonderful Muslim ways," let them be so warned now.  Hang young women?  Not a chance.      


On Good Friday of all days Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Israel will be wiped off the map and also stated once again that the Holocaust never happened.   That's just after Iran produced its first batch of UF4 or enriched Uranium, U235, a WWII style A-bomb explosive.  Though the actual yield was small, it was a telling first step towards Friday's announcement and the deaths that will accrue from the increased level of hostilities.  

Our great friends the Russians have put us behind the eight ball again as though they never got enough of the cold war.  This type of treachery needs to be met head on with punishment handed out to Russia from the U.S.  

Regardless, these new signals from the Middle East ensure years and years more  war.  It won't be possible to wait a long time to take action.  It won't be just a "Bush problem" very soon either.   This time as before, no one has truly accurate information on WMD including exactly how long to launch time.  "Accuracy" is perhaps a side issue now. 

Overlooked in this latest blast is the fact that Israel already has atomic weapons and won't hesitate long to use them.  Considering how Israel has operated in the past, expect a "first strike" any time,  probably sooner than later.  Of course, Iran is far away and Israel has only short range missiles, but that may not matter much.  

The Israelites won't wait forever for the U.S. or other countries to act.  The 1981 attack on Iraq's nuclear reactor more than proved that point.  The lessons of the very Holocaust that Ahmadinejad again poo-pooed had already cemented forever what the price of inaction was.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

The beginning of the end of Iran as it is now known. Be careful what you wish for Iran. Planes are coming. There will be change.  The hard way.  


On Solving the Deadlock in the Pacific

A major breakthrough could be achieved with both North Korea and China simultaneously if the U.S. were to heavily arm Japan and Taiwan with nuclear weapons, say thirty each for starts.  China would suddenly realize it HAD to get North Korea to back down while also realizing that we meant business about their leaving Taiwan alone. 

Will Bush have courage enough ever to do such a thing?  No.  The "new Bush" is a broken down other-than-Republican who talks big but whimpers like a lost puppy.  We'll get pushed around some more while our troops die everywhere.  This is exactly the time in history to be blowing up someone "over there" instead of sitting around waiting for the next terrorist attack over here.

Today's Need for Nuclear Weapons

Well, thank heavens for small miracles.  Right when we need sophisticated "nukes," we've got all kinds of them to use.  Although the "bunker buster" was supposed to be killed in committee some time ago, it managed to live on with other funding.  It should be ready for Iran soon.  Even without it, America still has plenty of weapons to use and Iran will be a wonderful test bed for them.  No one could have hoped for more throughout the entire defense establishment. Especially nice are the neutron weapons that fry anyone who's exposed on sight .  Very sterilizing!  And Iran thought they could threaten someone?  No one around here fells very threatened at this point because Iran isn't a credible threat for much of anything.  

Click here to launch! 

Get to know more about America's nuclear mission, courtesy Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM


IJ does not waste valuable space or editorial time on Barbara Boxer.  That is the domain of Arianna Huffington.  Let her waste all that space and effort.  Maybe someday it will all click for CA residents that Boxer was/is a total waste of everyone's time?  We'll see.  And people thought that male office holders were such disasters?  Ha!

Oh dear, forgot dishonorable mention to Feinstein.  Now she says we should have "bi lateral talks" with North Korea.  Wow.  The Democratic Party line is:  Be part of the whole rest of the world.  DON'T act alone. Do everything as an integrated part of the UN.  That drone goes on year-in and year-out.  Never mind that the U.S. has been part of ongoing six party talks with N. Korea, for years now.  

Suddenly the current gets reversed, and WE are to go by ourselves to talk to a total maniac and expect good results?  That was the Madeline Albright "formula for success" that didn't prove itself.  Ms. Halfbright should have stayed at home that time.  Feinstein like Boxer has no solutions for anything, just useless frilly stuff to push off onto everyone in CA, the stupidest of all states in America.  Except for the fact that so many have to suffer, it would be laughable, but it's not so funny when maniacs launch rockets at us right and left.  Should we take more antidepressants today?  Then the problem will just go away.  Well, if you're a Boxer, a Feinstein or an active supporter of same.  A can of sardines will help too.  Mustard with?  

Purpose of The IJ?

In one word, corruption and the plague it is on the American people.

Consider the latest revelation by Bernard Kerik, the former Police Commissioner of New York City.  Mr. antigun/anti-society freely admits to accepting $165,000 in home improvements from a construction firm tied to the mob.  Top criminals want people disarmed.  The two go together, but that's not all.  Kerik, a man of limited abilities, got to shape and mold NYC law enforcement the way he wished for years; and,  he got preferential treatment in being allowed to plead guilty on 30 June 2006 to only two misdemeanors, allowing him to continue with his overseas security work.  Nice deal!  His fine of $221,000 underscores the word felony.  Of course, that's not a problem in the great empire state, just a mere quirk of the old pen pushed by an old wonderful mob judge. 

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani praised Kerik for "a job well done," past tense, relating to the time Kerik had worked for the mayor.  Giuliani didn't need to do that for a dumb bell like Kerik, so why did he? Giuliani is supposed to be anti mob.

This is everywhere, even in San Jose, CA.  The latest bold faced self aggrandizing and defiant mayor refuses to resign in the face of numerous felony charges.  The latest city council meeting was a disaster with some members even praising liar Ron Gonzales for "a job well done."  It was obvious they were scared of him.  No telling what he'd pull at this point, but this paper won't turn and run.  Crooks must be confronted.  They don't deserve preferential treatment and/or praise.  That's what this little paper does best.  It does the reverse of what everyone expects.  It calls liars and crooks what they are. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  

The Smashing of the Boy Scouts of America

This turns out to be a vast subject area, that of BSA (Boy Scouts of America) and the continued smashing it has received for decades. Namely, BSA has had to endure the smashing by "gay groups" even including at times the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

The pretext for all the attacks has been that the national charter of BSA is not "gay positive." That's really a mess to consider because in America the newfound movement of "get the molesters out" seems to ring loud and clear from every eve.

What's not so clear is the viciousness BSA has been attacked with. Why would anyone do anything that could dump more boys alone onto the streets? Considering what is wasted on "gang violence" these days, it would be a total conflict of principles to destroy a youth group and then spend millions of dollars, even federal funds, to combat today's bad boys.

To a lesser extent, that very idea has forestalled some attempts to punish BSA since "black kids" and other minorities would also have to suffer. The Philadelphia area has been in much consternation over such considerations in the past years and still is. There has been pressure to get homosexuals to ascend to the ranks of councilors or else the headquarters building would be taken away from the scouts. Many attempts have been made to pressure the BSA to change their national charter which forbids homosexual members or adult scout leaders.

BSA has maintained that a private organization can't be forced to change its charter, especially since that change would be unprecedented in any non profit organization. It's a very hot subject and doesn't appear to be cooling in the least

Citizens Reclaim Some Control in San Jose, CA and County of Santa Clara

After lengthy civil grand jury investigations that meandered for two years, Ron Gonzales, the Mayor of San Jose, CA has been indicted on numerous felony charges related to a garbage contract with Norcal.  With a bold face, the mayor has stated he will not resign as a result of the indictments.  That's not very surprising considering the atmosphere of Santa Clara County, akin to anything Chicago could muster, just on a smaller scale.  

IJ has been watching the mayor for some time and reporting about his misuse of his minority status, as a "Latino," and the distortions and manipulations that go along with operating like a mobster.  None the least of his manipulations regard the misuse of the San Jose Police Department and his coalition with the Chief of Police, Rob Davis, a "shoot first, ask questions later" expert in "law enforcement."  Typically it has been the Latino who has been underserved by this mayor, especially whenever a confrontation with authority has taken place.  San Jose is the home of secrecy for the sake of secrecy in government, and calling the city government a police state is not an overstatement. 

This latest indictment seems to be part of an overall pattern to reclaim the county on behalf of the private citizen.  It has been a slow tough road to be sure, but some progress is better than nothing.  Other very significant things have happened here recently.  Importantly, private citizens banded together to defeat Proposition A, a half cent sales tax increase.  That was very significant since the County of Santa Clara "manages" everyone via PR firms in lieu of proper representation.  The county's PR firm had informed the county level council members that without doubt, the populace would overwhelming vote in the sales tax increase.  Prop. A failed abysmally on 6 June 2006.

Ron Gonzales has been out of touch with the people for a very long time, in fact starting on the very day he was elected mayor.  IJ has published numerous articles concerning this error, some of which are down this page.  IJ's inaugural "eight ball" award went to Gonzales for reasons stated.  It's hard to find a colder stone face anywhere in California than the current mayor's, but he seems to be the best overall choice.   

Worthy to note here:  Nancy Pelosi, (D) San Francisco, will no doubt be very silent regarding yet another fellow Democrat who's finding himself in legal hot water.  She's been very vocal with the "atmosphere of corruption" stuff nationally as it relates to Republicans.  We'll Nancy doesn't have any time for cleanups in her own back yard, that much is for sure.  It will be interesting to see how long she all the Democrats hold on dearly to Gonzales.  If they have a brain in their collective heads, the time to pressure him to resign is now. 

The mayor will have to step down.  It's only a matter of time.  In the opinion of IJ, no one who's currently a mayoral candidate should be seated as the interim mayor.  Cindy Chavez has the advantage of being the Vice Mayor and probably will assume duties as mayor as soon as possible.    From just about any viewpoint, Councilwoman Chavez will have a de facto leg up in the November general elections.  The powers of the city council are limited, so they may not "fire" the mayor.

If the next mayor is going to walk like a minority, act like a minority and look like a minority that's fine and dandy.  It would be hoped that the person won't forget their minority roots the second they are elected and start acting aristocratically as did the last mayor.  This area depends on balance in all public offices.

Vexatious, as in doing everything possible to vex others, especially when one is in "public service" or is a "public servant" including but not limited to public officials, the police, the courts and whatever else comes along.  To vex may mean to tax.  It also means screwing things along the way "you think they should be to suit you" while screwing everyone and everything else. To be vexatious means also to have a "hearing problem" and a reasoning problem to go along with it.  The United States of America is very proud of its vexations, but especially those poured out on the general public in all ways possible. 

Santa Clara County, California - "the apex of all things law enforcement"  The home of some of the absolute thickest skulls in America, high taxes and sudden death at the hands of truly brilliant cops.  We also boast the hottest money grabbin'est attorneys in the West with annual "sales" of half a billion dollars, the crime pie overflow.  Even the worst case "public defender" makes at least $60k per year.  No experience necessary.  Come one, come all to wonderful SC County.  Just leave God, a sense of values, principles, etc. behind.  Hand your life over totally to all the well meaning cops and sleep, sleep, sleep.  
Oh, almost overlooked was the greatest thing since drug busts and sliced bread, "sex busts,"  the biggest law enforcement bonanza of all times and the new facade behind which all abhorrent aberrations are concealed. And also, the meanest man-hating judges in the West who will quickly send a man to hell forever regardless of the charge, especially if he's a "nigger."  The high charge of racism is alive and well here and very much under the control of all things "law enforcement."  Bring your kids!  It's far better than Waco, Texas here any day!  
Footnotes to the wary:  The "Chili Couple" got more than their just deserts in San Jose with a horrendous amount of jail time for putting a severed finger in the food.  Frankly, some murderers don't get twelve or nine years as this couple did.  Usually, involuntary manslaughter commands seven years at the most.  The couple were stupid, but in truth they harmed no one directly as with a poison.  A prank of this type used to draw one year, but not much more.  However, it's very important to demonstrate just how stupid these people were and how adamant the law is here.  Without that, where would anyone in San Jose be?  The IQ here is at an all time low whether it's the private citizen or anyone within the very comfortable circle of authority.  Wasn't jail supposed to be reserved for serious offenders?  This is the same state that is jumping up and down about the death penalty because it's too harsh, especially to do to an old man who murdered three times in his youth.  He should have been set free to have a nice hot bowl of chili anytime he wished.  That's the beauty of California logic.  Like we're so far ahead of everyone and everything else we could just shit
Good Citizenship, What's That?

Some truly funny stuff has come in lately. Some of it is pure angry anarchy, but the balance of it is just plain dumb and laughably dumber. In a democracy, all is acceptable however. It must be that way even if the IQ level falls below 80 around here. That too is on time and on schedule. Hopefully, it won't drop too much more.

Considering where this paper is headquartered, right in the middle of dumb and dumber leftwing Santa Clara County, the home of the true non intellects and the land of the maniacal control freaks, it's not so bad a location. In fact, it's right on time and on the mark.  It's the only critical piece in the whole Western United States.  So, don't laugh too hard when you hear that "only in California stuff."  It's a tough job and this paper actually does it pretty damn well.  

So, what's "good citizenship" today? Ideally, that should mean that no one watches very much television, but of course, that's the old standard. Voting is important, but who is really informed? A few citizens are, but a bare few at that.

What's left over is our quote-in-quote "representative form of government" that nowadays relies heavily on PR firms and jingles, mostly at election time. The rest of the time, most citizens will have no access whatsoever to elected representatives, unless they manage to go to some of the "town meetings." Come to think of it, the time is rapidly approaching. So, mark August this year as your "good citizen month," if you dare to or even care to.

These are funny times. If anyone has any kind of problem, suddenly it's because of Bush. That really makes a lot of sense, especially to the dumb and dumber crowd. Disregarding "Bush" for a moment, there are plenty of others to blame, but of course that takes time and effort. The lowered IQ's ensure that no connection to cause and effect occurs. (Years of bussing, social promotions in schools, no prenatal care, fetal alcohol, etc., diminish IQ.) To be sure, this article today will miss the vast majority of the county's residents, but that too must be acceptable in a true democracy. Man, we've got rhythm here.

Of the U.S. Representative Districts in this immediate area, to name only one kind of district, there's plenty of opportunity for blame to be transfixed since the philosophy around here is "to manage and control" or placate. It's no better than that and to that end PR firms and whatnot are fully engaged in the tasks of "marketing" and/or "understanding the public's needs." So, if this paper comes across as a little critical at times, it's with good reason. That's what a paper does. This one is damn critical with the view that time is running out here, especially with respect to numerous opportunities lost forever. Marketing, via PR firms, is not good government.

Good citizenship means questioning authority, harshly if necessary. If authority can't handle that, then that's ample proof of manipulation and placation. Bush, for all his faults, has stood up well in front of the fusillades of slings and arrows. That's good too. That's the least to be expected of any elected representative in a democracy. Democracy is wasteful, but that's no excuse or reason for what goes on in this county.

It's nice to be "that bad little paper." America was founded on nonconformity, not the other way around. The manipulators here have already gotten that message, but it must be repeated continually since they have a tendency to be forgetful from time to time. It's all the more necessary to repeat since so few citizens can even read anymore.   

Socialism Set Back One Notch

What?  Could it be?  A San Francisco Superior Court has reversed the handgun ban that had been approved by voters in that city?  For anyone doubting what is now a developing trend in CA, let doubt build no longer.   It's very good news to see people beginning to take back control of their local governments and beyond, via the courts! 

Of course, appeals will follow in the California State Supreme Court, but CA state law supersedes any laws throughout the state.  Only state laws may regulate firearms as established in 1969.  That was the basis for the reversal in the SF Superior Court.  That ruling should be upheld without prejudice. 

SF City Council members like Chris Daly need to go.  That's the better part of the message still begging to unfold.  The chances are good that will happen too.  People can't take the tyrant's heal forever.   Stupid costly measures like Proposition H don't fly very well even in a liberal's paradise like San Francisco.  

Also derided is the concept that guns need to be taken away because of violence in black neighborhoods.  The connection between lawful gun ownership and crime has been shown to be a very weak connection in the past.  So too is it in San Francisco.  Socialism always depends on numerous false agendas like "guns are the problem" when it's every single other thing. 

Socialism Set Back One More Notch

In Santa Clara County, CA a one-half cent sales tax measure failed on 6/6/06.  That's really good news because it means that not everyone has been totally asleep while the "law enforcement" wasting wolves have been hard at work.  The failure of Prop. A means no sneaking around with big porky projects.  It's even more astounding that every union and labor council pushed hard, to the tune of millions of advertising dollars, to get the measure passed.  The No on A people only garnered a mere $6,000 or so.  Wow!  What a day in this county!  Nothin's gona change my world...nothin's gonna change my world...nothin's gonna change my world....

CCW  (Concealed Carry of a Weapon) could be a few steps closer in California thanks to "law enforcement" in San Diego.  That's mainly due to a suit they've filed to allow them to carry guns as peace officers expect to do anyway.   UPDATE!  CCW is closer than ever!  

In such a damned "anti state" as CA is, it's quite a statement that cops have had to file suit just to carry guns onto fair grounds.  This folks is where the rubber really hits the road.  The whole issue of "competence" is at the core of the matter, as in who's "competent enough to carry,"  a gun?  Nice!  It's always nice to know that the cops are having to shoulder the pain of proof on behalf of the disarmed and often hapless CA citizens.  [Of particular concern was the narrow minded closure of the Alameda Gun Show some years back based on very similar issues as what are addressed in the San Diego suit.]  

It appears that given enough time and the shear power of the cops' legal representation, ordinary citizens have at least some hope to some day be allowed "to carry" (guns) as in forty other states.  This is a very thin slice of good news.  However, to properly temper things, the next bull will be about "a cop can do it, but a citizen can't."   Nevertheless, if the legal precedent is on the books, as it soon should be, it can't hurt the private citizens' cause too much.   It'll still be many years in coming to CA, but it will come.  That much appears to glimmer now.  

This newspaper advocates that whatever any cop may do legally, so too should the private citizen.  In a real democracy, that's the way things are done.  Citizens of CA merely have to wake up and realize that living in a "pussy liberal police state" is NOT a good idea no matter how "pussy liberal" one may be.  The subject of "pussy liberalism" is covered all over this paper.  It's a deadly subject too.  In the mean time, ALL private citizens need to stand up and DEMAND equal and fair treatment under ALL laws, not just a few of them that "pussy liberals" indicate are okay to use.  

Just a note one San Francisco's "supervisor" Chris Daly, the failure for all reasons.  His pushing of the SF gun ban got him in a lot of trouble and continues to.   Seems like he can't take too much stress for any reason.   He needs to be watched closely since he tends to get a little mad at others for not much reason.  

Hostile ATF at it Hard In Northern CA

In today's ever increasing repression of private citizen's the golden ATF at the behest of local government has agreed to pull the plug on The Traders's gun store license.  A business of fifty years must bow its head to the whims of "law enforcement solutions."  This time around, the locals got to misuse the stats about who bought guns legally at the store and whether or not they ended up in crimes. 

When all the laws went into effect concerning transfer of firearms, it was clearly stated that in no case could the ATF's statistics be used in any way for criminal prosecution or anything outside of ATF.  That's now revoked.  After all the take downs of "the kitchen table dealers" who usually sold only a few guns at best to known parties, there is nowhere else to go to buy guns except the stores the fed says have to be established, namely businesses like The Trader's.   State laws kicked in even more restrictions on gun ownership.  

In other words, after being a legitimate business, paying exorbitant gun taxes levied by Alameda County for years and for following all the other rules, none of it was good enough.  So what is?  The ultimate goal is total disarmament in CA while the rest of the states progress into the 21st century.  Crime won't be coming down any time soon.  Routing gun stores is just another knee-jerk along the way to a full police state.  

[ For those still "giving a damn" about such things:  HR 5092  (Howard Coble, R-N.C., and Bobby Scott, D-Va.) would remove the power of ATF to revoke federal firearms licenses for dealers selling disproportionate numbers of "guns used in crime."   It's pretty subjective on the part of the interpreter as to the "guns used in a crime" stuff.  Guns do get taken from homes.  That's an important point.  Some guns are later improperly transferred, a crime in most states anyway.  Crime by definition is illegal.  "Gun running" is an archaic term.   Living in a state next to "a problem state" should not trigger (no pun intended) sweeping laws geared to prevent legal commerce in legal products like guns.  New York is an improper example for just about any type of laws governing either firearm ownership or self defense.  Bloomberg is a charlatan and has no business advocating law.  The term "disproportionate" is a Ted Kennedy fix all word that may be liberally applied to everything. ]

Pissed off yet?  You should be.  If legal businesses are sacked, what next?  

The original purpose of the Gun Control Act of 1968 was to keep guns out of the hands of "niggers" which it did, by the way.  The fed thinks it's better to "Teddy Bear" everything; i.e., talk about "gay marriage"  or such and then to "move on."  You pay the dearest price for that jazz.  You pay with your freedoms and you surrender yourselves to "jack boots" who exercise "jock logic." 

Dallas Revisited  by Michael Bradford

Mark Fuhrman, the former LAPD detective, has just published a book in which he believes he proves who killed JFK.  He didn't even get close to doing any such thing just like all the books before.

It's astounding to me how someone who launched his career on total failure may continue to fail his way to glory.   Even more astounding to me is how Fox pushes his every word daily.  It should be remembered that his testimony cost the O. J. Simpson conviction naming only one thing.  His being in the corrupt LAPD in itself was nothing to simply forget about since LAPD even now continues to do destructive things to people.

I was amazed that Fuhrman's book "featured" public record autopsy photos that were nothing new and that just about anyone could get.  Fox made a big deal of presenting this great detective and his book live at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.  That was about the only thing outstanding about his book and nothing original. 

During the interview and presentation it was pointed out that though Dealey Plaza may photograph largely and impressively, it's small by actual measurement.  In other words, a fair rifleman definitely could have gotten off the required number of shots.  Yet, Fuhrman had the same problems explaining the Zapruder film.  He thinks Kennedy fell back in his seat due to neurological reaction and the fact that he was in a corset due to his back condition.  Nothing new. 

Since I was in Dallas the day of the assassination, I can say that since then a lot of people have come and gone.  Many were merely money grabbers. A lot of suffering was inflicted upon the city too.  That I'll never forget!

Fuhrman is in no better position to delve into any remaining facts about the event than anyone else could.  His book is another rehashing of the same things only with his name on it.  I'm not going to dignify this "book," so I won't mention the title of it.  I doubt seriously if he could have written any book himself, but I'll have to let that one go for now.  He lied in a major trial he testified in on behalf of LAPD.  That sums up my view of Mark Fuhrman and his motives on this Earth. 

I'm including a quotation from my own unpublished book below.  Each time I think of that day in Dallas, I have to relive a tragedy that no one needed then or ongoing for the rest of my life.   

"It was the saddest day of my life and one I'll never get over.  I'll never forget the PA system coming on, as though by accident.  At first all the kids were amused by the mistake.  We could hear the radio in the background for quite a few minutes. Then the strangest announcement was made: '...we have just received confirmation that the President of the United States is dead!' Then we heard a real newsman cry. A man no less!  Crying on the radio! It was the sickest sound I can ever recall. The desperation of it hit with the same impact of a bullet.

Part of me forever will be seated in that lunch room looking at the astonished faces across from me.  It was bad enough to be in Dallas that day and quite another to be an idealistic fourteen year old from a lowly  Democratic Party home living in a solid Republican district.  That event was the crudest wakeup call I could have ever imagined.  I'll always remember that day as the day of the biggest let downs that foreshadowed so many others yet to come; and, I'll never forget my beloved President who seemed to stand for everything I ever could have hoped for.

1964 was a very tough year for me and for Dallas..." 

From Michael Bradford's unpublished autobiography, Living Within the Bright Light's Circle, U 1999, San Jose, CA.

Just some other notes about 11/22/63: The fear set in big time.  Lyndon Johnson wanted all guns immediately made illegal.  He nearly got his way.  The Boy Scouts of America soon dropped their shooting merit badge.  Numerous shooting events were trashed.  The City of Dallas underwent an unprecedented attack from all parts of the world.   The bad feelings lasted for years.  Major conventions that were to meet in Dallas were canceled, among other things. Some prefer to say that the Dallas Cowboys were responsible for pulling the city up out of the mud.  It's probably true, but the hatefulness of the press is hard to forget no matter the years gone by.  

Why Pussy Liberalism Is So Dangerous

Conflicting ideas are probably the simplest pair of words for describing what pussy liberalism is. At its very simplest, it's not so bad. It may mean only "stay away from me 'cause I'm special." At its worst, it may mean hand over America in the name of truth and purity to any well meaning foreign invaders. The same person may embody both concepts simultaneously as well as a few others.

Pussy liberalism cuts many ways though. To some it may mean to be non offensive always, no matter what. It could mean I hate you if you are a conservative. Conservative has become a funny hate word too. Originally it referred to financial responsibility and good overall accounting principles. Lately it means Bush. There's a vast gulf of misunderstanding about a lot of things swimming around in the minds of pussy liberals.

In the vast sea of pussy liberalism there is free floating and unbridled hostility aplenty, even for specific food items. It would seem that the minutest thing is subject to extreme questioning and heavy bombardment. At times pussy liberals act like the label on some food item is positive proof of "governmental abuse" or some form of "monitoring." Of course, hot button issues include other words or phrases that suggest intentions to drill for oil or explore for it. Often times, the cause and effect part of reasoning is completely missing in the minds of the pussy liberals.

From the outside, it appears that the mind of a pussy liberal is in constant frantic motion and having copious problems sorting out good from bad or reasonable from irrational. Something is definitely wrong with pussy liberals. It's probably more like a psychiatric condition akin to schizophrenia, a state of conflicting emotions.

As such, schizophrenia is almost an ideal woman's mental health issue in America, but that's beside the point. Schizophrenic males have done their fair share of damage to others in violent ways. It's not violence that needs questioning, it's the reasoning, that nearly absent reasoning in many private individuals these days.

So then come the politicians who appear able and all too willing to capitalize on fears, uncertainty and doubts. FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is like the grease for the skids. If a horse represented the Id, then FUD represents methodology inclined to slide him to water or even over a cliff. When someone can use FUD well, he can do anything.

Someone who's really sick and confused looks for someone else to help him out. He's already a victim. It won't take much to FUD him along. Politically, this is accomplished in numerous ways.

It may be done with certain "sexual" rewards that are difficult to explain in a single article, but sex role identity is a good way to FUD someone and to get them to do services. It may be done with "re-assurance" like "don't worry, I won't really let anyone hurt you." Or, it may be nothing at all, just a wild loose "feeling" perhaps associated with a specific location in the world. Some nuts migrate to such places because they have a "feeling" they will be safer there. A totally darkened room may serve the same purpose to some greater or lesser extent.

After being FUDed enough times and therefore left hanging, the FUDee starts complaining and crying. At first, it's only internally. Later it's outward and may be very loud and nonsensical. A person in this state may reach out for religion very suddenly or anything else that seems to be a road marker. They are extremely vulnerable at that point.

A lot has been considered in the area known as "false alternatives." This concept comes to mind during a cursory review of the late 60s or early 70s. At that time, a number of people started spewing things like "instead of going to Mars we need to feed the homeless." The problem with that kind of illogical reasoning is that the trip to Mars never in any way was part of "feeding the homeless." Nevertheless, to a well FUDed pussy liberal, it makes very clear sense as do many other things that also represent "false alternatives."

It's as though a pussy liberal needs very severe disciplining, but can't get it no matter how hard they scream for it. Yet, as they begin to bound forward with all their standard and socially pre-approved mantras, they also seem to be saying "I'm right and you're wrong." That's very curious how someone can be out of control and be almost literally yelling at the same time they are right but everyone else is wrong. Especially is this strange when it's directed towards some political party or some very unique person who's "the cause of all things bad." However, nothing substantive is offered as proof of concept.

Some other steps along the pussy liberal continuum include joining FUD groups and some self inflicted FUD. UFO FUD is usually a component somewhere along the line as in "the government is covering up UFOs," etc. Illness is the stronger part of pussy liberalism although it ranges from the harmless to the outrageous and even to the extremely dangerous, but what is most dangerous?

If any office holder can convince a FUDed constituency that only they have the answers and only they are the truthful person, anything is possible. Of course, the need for conflict is very important. It's important to keep people guessing, surprised and upset to the maximum extent possible. This is an art form in America, but it's not too difficult to master. All that's required often times is transfer of blame as simple as "those no good people over there did this to us!" If that sounds stupid, it is, but it works.

Obviously, if everyone can be manipulated at purely an emotional level, they may constantly be made to fail along predictable lines. For example, anything that requires a certain normal amount of analysis can be turned into an absolutely overbearing problem. The advantage goes to the manipulator in power every time. Taxes are frequently FUDed into existence that way.

In fact, the less and less reasoning on the part of a fully FUDed constituency the better. FUD can even be a person like Uncle FUD sometimes spelled FUDD instead, just so no one catches on. Again, reasoning and or analysis is not a significant problem after years and years of FUDing everyone. FUD at times may the process of preconditioning everyone in order for them to receive even more FUD. FUD is always done in steps like today you can own guns, but tomorrow you'll have numerous hoops to jump through in order to keep them. FUD applies to almost anything, but the key concept is reduction of reasoning and taking away of funds or property from babies who may no longer be able to say no.

If pussy liberalism were called FUD as perhaps it should be, it would be much easier for everyone to understand what is being done to them systematically. Given enough time, people will have no rights, but also will actively participate in the elimination of those same rights.   

That's the reason why pussy liberalism is so dangerous. It's a method of robbing people, of making them feel falsely validated and at the same time is the method for the humiliation of others be they pussy liberals or not. In its most advanced form, pussy liberalism is cold, thoughtless, murderous and completely outside of what human existence should be about. Pussy liberalism is inconsistent with the original founding of America.

Person of the Week in History Reinhard Heydrich (1904-1942)

R. Heydrich was chosen as the person of the week in history because it’s important not to forget him or the price that had to be paid by the entire free world to live in it without him.  

Known as the most formidable of the SS, R. Heydrich was personally responsible for the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Jews, Pols, Czech citizens and other innocent unarmed citizens including Muslims, Communists and fringe groups.  After developing himself as a naval officer and later as a dive bomber pilot, Herr Heydrich settled into an intelligence career that included control of the Prussian Gestapo in 1934.  Heydrich was the most trusted of the trusted and quickly became part of Hitler’s inner circle of confidants.  He frequented Hitler’s Bavarian retreat and appeared in numerous photos with him.  With is high shrill voice, Heydrich was known to crack his commands quite forcefully.   For that reason, he is sometimes jokingly imitated in various WWII takeoffs, but only imperfectly so.  His voice was the voice of death quite literally to untold thousands.  He once commented, "We have had to be hard. We have had to shoot thousands of leading Poles to show how hard we can be."

Field Marshal Goering directed Heydrich to develop “the final solution” in 1939 for dealing with the Jewish problem.  Except for the fact that Heydrich was assassinated in 1942, he was to have assumed complete control of the French Gestapo and probably would have successfully rooted out the last of the French underground prior to D-Day, 1944.  [General Eisenhower said that the French underground was worth at least fifteen divisions in armed advantage to the Allies.  Mostly, they cut phone lines and provided critical coordination on D-Day.]  

Though the NAZIs retaliated for his assassination by killing thousands of more Czechs and Jews, it was deemed necessary that his life be drawn to a quicker end by the Allies so that the coming European invasion would not be placed in any additional jeopardy. Unfortunately, the village of Lidice, Czechoslovakia was wiped out by the NAZIs when Heydrich died.  It stands today as a memorial dedicated to the sacrifice of many who had nothing to do with the assassination. 

Herman Goering was sentenced to death in 1946 partly for having issued “the final solution” orders to other officers like Heydrich.  Goering killed himself under questionable circumstances just after being sentenced to death in Nuremberg.   After waiting seventy-five years to hold free elections again, and only after the U.S.S.R fell, Czechoslovakia separated into its two original countries, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

For more information see

 To destroy "gun control" and to encourage Americans to understand and defend all of the Bill of Rights for everyone.

Those are the twin goals of Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Founded by Jews and initially aimed at educating the Jewish community about the historical evils that Jews have suffered when they have been disarmed, JPFO has always welcomed persons of all religious beliefs who share a common goal of opposing and reversing victim disarmament policies while advancing liberty for all.

Please note: This newspaper does NOT belong to ANY organization nor does it advocate membership in ANY organization regardless of the purpose of that organization.   This newspaper is a free use non sectarian non denominational publication offered for the betterment of its readers.  Additional disclaimers are listed elsewhere down the page. 

John Banner (Sgt. Schultz) The Possible "Case Zero" of Holocaust Denial

It's been a lot of years, but after all the NAZI stuff on this page came about, this one lovable character kept coming to mind.  The old TV show Hogan's Heros was perhaps the first and only contact the up and coming generation circa 1965 would have with WWII's bad guys.  After a brief search on the web, it became obvious that that someone else had done a fabulous job of researching the "Schultz" character in great detail plus researched a lot more beyond his character.  Anyone wanting to understand some history should consult the following beautifully written page  What is desired at this point is merely to mention John Banner for his great acting and acknowledge the rest of the great cast too.  Unfortunately, Bob Crane was murdered in Arizona many years back.  The connection between John Banner and perhaps the Holocaust denial movement is to some an artifact, but one worth considering.  The page mentioned exceeded expectations and draws on thoughtful comparisons between other more serious classic productions like Stalag 17 (1953) in which the "Schultz" character originally debuted on film. Stalag 17 had been a stage play prior to the film of the same name.  That accounts for why the film was so good.  It's definitely worth seeing along with the doctored up version of All Quiet on the Western Front.  


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Jun 14, 2006 2:47 PM

Dear Mr. Mueller,

I understand that recently the FBI joined with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in conducting a raid on a manufacturing business in Montana. Reports indicate that in the course of questioning, the FBI seemed concerned about the manufacturer's associates, including myself, Aaron Zelman, and my organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and about Jews and guns in general. The FBI referred to these as "persons of interest." While I do not consider yourself to be "of interest" to me, Mr. Mueller, the FBI is, for two reasons.

First, I would like to draw your attention to which is a photocopy of a 1968 letter from congressional law librarian Lewis C. Coffin to then-Senator Thomas Dodd. The letter, introduced as evidence (exhibit #62) before the congressional subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency in 1968, reveals that Senator Dodd had in his possession a copy -- in German -- of the original text of the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 prior to the drafting of the US 1968 Gun Control Act. As demonstrated in our book, "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny, this is extremely significant because Senator Dodd assisted in the writing of the GCA, and the final version of the GCA is eerily similar to the above-referenced Nazi Weapons Law. 

Related, please see a June 7, 2006 article entitled, "Declassified Documents Shed New Light on US Relations with Former Nazi Criminals". The focus of the article is the eight million pages of documents recently released which deal with German and Japanese war crimes during World War II. The documents demonstrate that the US often overlooked or even protected known Nazi war criminals, merely because said criminals were or could be of use to the US. States the article, "The price one pays for consorting with evil men far outweighs the return." Considering your bureau's apparent preoccupation with Jews and firearms, and the historical indifference the US paid to Nazi war criminals during and after WWII, I believe millions of gun owners would be very interested to know whether you personally are aware of the Nazi origins of "gun control," and when -- or if -- the FBI has done any investigations into the racism and bigotry reflected in our current firearms laws. If not, why not? 

The second reason for this letter is the Congressional Research Service's report on the lack of standardized testing procedures and policies in the BATFE's firearms division (see ). The BATFE has sent hundreds -- if not thousands -- of gun owners to prison for "firearms violations" ... yet the CRS report clearly indicates that the decisions on whether a firearm is legal or illegal is arbitrary and spurious at best. Don't believe me? In our DVD entitled "BATFE Fails the Test" ( ), you can watch as a self-proclaimed BATFE firearms "expert" attempts to force a semi-automatic rifle to rapid-fire (and thus "prove" the rifle is an illegal machine gun). Fortunately for the BATFE's victim, a _real_ expert demonstrates that the rifle was malfunctioning, and the case was eventually dismissed. 

Not everyone is so lucky, as tests are seldom videotaped and the sentencing judge is left with the BATFE's word against the accused. Unsurprisingly, the BATFE's statements are usually given greater credence. (Please contact us if you would like a copy of the DVD for your research). Untold numbers of Americans are currently rotting in prison for alleged violations. Even more live in fear that a single malicious or incompetent agent can capriciously order an investigation or conduct a raid like the one in Montana, destroying a person personally and financially. Now that the truth is out, will the FBI be investigating the BATFE? If you have, what were the results of your investigation? If not, why not? 

Millions of gun owners are waiting to hear from you, Mr. Mueller. Will the FBI continue to protect an organization known for its brutal "enforcement" of laws born out of a racist agenda? Or will you pursue justice?

I look forward to your response.


Aaron Zelman Executive Director Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Liberty Was When?

A trend is in force all across America on most college campuses.  That is the trend for any and all war memorials to be removed completely from the campuses or in some other cases at least no new statues are to be installed.  Students have been particularly vocal on this subject of late. 

The idea is that no one need celebrate any war nor remember any war for any reason, at least not on a campus.  It's an idea fully progressed.  Countless statuaries have been removed or scaled back on just about every campus.  One of the "reasons" usually given is one of "relevance" for the times.  Why should anyone be "forced" to pay homage to the concept of war for any reason? Today's colligate logic.

So that brings to mind another statue that may have passed its prime, the statue of liberty.  The message it sends seems to be wrong for the times today as well if the new trend is at all serious.  No longer should "the masses" be welcomed here as there are too many already.   Logically, fewer and fewer would find fault in that logic if the college campuses are any measure.

Just how is it that anyone today could share in the idea of "come here ready or not with nothing more than the shirt on your back because when you get here you'll get everything you'll need, free and lots of it?"  The simplest origins of this approach are probably rooted in biblical teachings.  It would be very hard to overlook that, but was that such a good idea, and is the bible of any relevance for today? 

About one hundred years ago no one cared who came here.  The land was big, wild and free.  There were no "environmental standards" for much of anything and nothing even on the drawing board except in the mind of Teddy Roosevelt, the great "hunter of the West" with  big ideas.

How populous should America be?  400 million?  500 million?  More?  Even at the current 300 million count a lot of things are squeezed to be sure. 

Taking down the statue of liberty would be only symbolic.  It after all was a symbolic gesture in the first place from a different time.  It was a gift from a France grateful to have known us then.  America accepted the great Trojan Horse and set it up very faithfully.  Would it kill this land if it ever came down?  Maybe its removal is an idea who's time has arrived quietly in dawn's early light?  Does that statue send the correct message to the rest of the world today?  How soon should it come down? 

Diane's Latest Escapade

Feinstein did it again. She managed to get Cargill to sell its salt ponds to the State of California. That's good. It's just the motivation that seems out of whack, especially when the state is so poor off in virtually every other way.

What could truly motivate a "Senator with everything?" For someone who lives as high as she does, it's pretty hard to imagine. She could be a lone performer on a show like The Lives of the Rich and Famous. She'd even look the part, sporting her latest face lift. It was a beautiful job.

Actually, guilt is the key word. She mentioned how she got sick of seeing all the "pools of blood" whenever she had to jet her way back to her $30 million mansion in good old San Francisco. Guilt is a powerful thing.

At least she gets credit for looking out the window. That's more than Boxer does. Babbs "writes novels" on her plane rides back and forth, at great public expense. Barbie-girl likes bashing Republicans above all else. That's her "everlasting gift" to the state.  So, Feinstein isn't all bad compared to Babbs*.  (Babbsy-Wabbzy was conspicuously absent from Feinstein's March announcement to the world before every big named and big mouthed Democrat from across the whole Northern CA region.  The two are seldom seen together any more.  In contrast, consider "the wilderness preservation" they both got credit for a decade ago, another big distraction.  Babbs is kinda dumb even to a capricious Feinstein these days.)  

However, some really hot issues are brewing all across this land and immigration just won't go away even for all the Republican bashing in the world combined with all those "special projects of distraction" that are constantly shoved down every sleeping Californian's gullet.

Californians have already voted on limiting immigration back in 1994 with Prop 187. ( more at  ) However, the CA Supreme Court gutted most of the proposition much to the delight of all the liberals inside the power cube. They really wanted this to die, but it didn't die and it can't, especially since CA is a boarder state.

A number of months ago, this paper reported that Senator Jim Sensenbrenner, ( R) Wisconsin, had to come to California to draw attention to the gaping holes in the fence along the boarder. To his credit, he came and assisted everyone to the best of his ability. It didn't wash very well because at that time, the so-called "vigilantes" were "patrolling with guns" along the boarder. A lot of attention was drawn to the problems CA faces, but little resulted. Especially on the part of CA's Senators, absolutely nothing happened. That makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

Diane is dedicated to big environmental splashes while Boxer focuses only on herself. That's the ultimate payout for all the residents of the most populous state. Well, now the fire is really burning. States that never before faced critical short falls in public services are now experiencing them big time. Things are about to change everywhere, finally.

Americans are typically very slow to react, but eventually they do take action. It's simply a matter of time for the hardcore Democrats to get the picture. Along the way, they can forget retaking the House of Representatives, among other perks. It won't happen because too many Democrats are like Feinstein and Boxer. They deliver very little while thrashing and bashing everyone and everything. It's the old "transfer of blame" again. "Somebody over there" did something wrong. Sure. To CA's Senators, that makes a lot of sense. It's the only thing they have to fall back on in a time of crisis.

Update:  After all the fuss, the deal to reclaim the salt ponds is in big trouble.  That's because a real estate appraiser seemed to set the price too high.  CA would have gotten the ponds back for about $3000 per acre, according to his valuation.  Cargill says it could have sold off the land for at least $8000 per acre piece-meal to anyone who wanted it.  So, State Attorney General Bill Lockyer is suing the poor little appraiser for "cheating California," thus putting the deal off potentially.  Pussy Feinstein must have jumped in late, her usual way of doing things, without realizing "the deal" was far from final?  That's fairly typical of "management" in the State of California.  It's a sad place and getting sadder all the time.  Pussy is as pussy does.    

The Coming Baby Boomer War

It’s not exactly news, but “the war” is coming. What war? The War of the Boomers. That is, the outcries of an entire generation of folks who may experience the supreme disillusionment of discovering that every government, great and small, has turned its back on them.

The 1946-64 generation already will have precious little retirement. Because of all the economic upheavals and because of the predicted failure of Social Security, the boomers stand to find themselves on the streets sooner or later.

Ben Bernanke, the latest Federal Reserve Chairman, predicts that there will be no money for Social Security based on the current rate of war spending and all the other governmental fiascos, none the least of which is the ever increasing debt ceiling that causes ever increasing interest payments. More interest out means less for everything else.

Furthermore, lot of the boomers lost big in the stock market and dotcom blowouts circa 2000. That was money they didn’t have to lose. In investing, the time lost is even more serious a loss than the principle amount lost. The time lost can never be made up.

Even worse than all that will be the final catch up push the boomers are expected to make prior to their “retirement.” That push could cost them even more dearly than all the other loses combined. All the investment firms are licking their collective chops and seeing visions of endless boomer dollar signs. The boomers stand to lose every last dollar they have to these midnight magicians barking “free instant analysis and quotes.” Another big blowout could occur when all those second mortgages come due and the boomers lose their homes in droves. Some already have after faithfully putting their kids through college.

Some analysts are saying that the housing market will cool in 2006/7 because of the higher interest rates. That in itself is not the problem. The problem will be around 2015 when the boomers lose everything in sight. They could be out of money and without jobs at that point. The level of resentment is going to be huge despite the boomers’ advanced age. At that point, it could be a war of the haves versus the have-nots. It won’t be very funny either.

Some boomers will be able to move in with their kids. Well, more likely they’ll move into the garage or a “granny unit.” Those will be the lucky ones. The rest will be on the streets and probably die very lonely deaths somewhere. Still some others will want blood. If it’s bad enough, they could even get some help from the other “new poor.” That could include the current undereducated generation along with the latest foreign influx, the people who took jobs that “no one else wanted.”

This problem isn’t just going to go away. The fed will have to do something soon, very soon to offset this problem, but what? The problem could be epic enough to offer “voluntary euthanasia.” It seems far fetched for now, but if there truly is “blood in the streets” with the boomers killing massive amounts of others, it may be offered. Scifi? Yeah, but possible.

Someone somewhere better start planning now as if “planning” were ever a useful term to all the governmental blokes. At a minimum, some far reaching financial protections must be put in place soon to save some of the boomers from themselves. Another big blowout won’t help anyone, boomers or otherwise.

The Thousand Dollar Retirement Fish

Ha! This is another one of those “anti cop” pieces. It’s good to be able to publish this stuff via and all can be assured that if it can be published, it will! That’s what a democracy is. Too bad some local power pyramidal types don’t like a wide open democracy. They’ll just have choke on it and continue to enforce it for good whether they like it or not.

Considering what cops get, it’s good to consider what great fishermen they all are or will be by default. All they talk about non stop is retirement, but also just how good the fishing’s going to be when they do it full time! Ha! The numbers look great too.

Consider this: For all the pay and benefits handed over for let’s just say thirty years, each “fish” the cop catches in retirement is worth about $1000! Yeah, a thousand bucks! How? Well, it works something like this: Each cop does his best to push his final payout amount to the magical $100k per year. Now to be sure, that’s currently a full captain’s draw in San Jose after thirty continuous years of service, but the amount is steadily going up every year.

Not shown in this flow are all the other services the cops got or caused, not just pay. To be sure, not all cops serve a big number of years. However, all the training, equipping etc. for the whole operation has to be figured in. That’s how a cop’s fish can cost $1000. The interest on the debt helps out a lot too. Oh yes, those trivial little one percent retirement pay increases amount to about $50 million across the board whenever they are granted. One percent is a HUGE amount of money to put into an already huge fund. Of course, all the local citizens never get this picture because the only number used is the trivial little one percent, not the huge amount it represents. Oh, almost forgotten were all the judgments the cops caused against the city that the city (you) have to pay out too!

Cops are big in catching the big mouth fish. Of course, they usually practice “catch and release” conservation. That’s good. If each fish represented a “penis,” it’s all the more realistic to “take care of the penis” and to ensure it will function again and again by letting go of it. Sex figures into a lot of things, even “fishing.” Cops are real real smart (usually about IQ 82 nationally) and can tell everyone all about sex and such things. That badge meant being in the “know business.” A cop even knows exactly when to kill another person too. They “know” so much that it’s like having hundreds of Einsteins all over the place, all with at least a good healthy IQ of 82!

Oh yes, some attorney wrote in lately saying that this paper “shoots from the hip” or some other such equally unqualified remarks. This paper will be only too glad to print anything that any cop (or administrator) would like to say. The door is wide open and in fact always has been. The problem is that no cop can say anything. They’ve been busy “shooting from the hip” and killing totally unarmed citizens in this area for quite some time. They do that between all the parties and the heavy talks about retirement pay.

“Boot” is spoken here if anyone ever missed that point. The paper is a paper, nothing more than that. As such, it serves the community that often dozes quite heavily while all sorts of destructive things transpire including the building up of police states and all the rest of the law enforcement bullshit this county is so richly recognized for.

So cops, don’t be shy and don’t let people like Don De Mers buffalo you all. If you need to speak up about all the murderers in uniform bothering you, you may do so in complete confidence via this paper. Otherwise, everyone wishes you very well as you pursue your fair share of the $1000 a pop fish in your goddamned retirement!

What is a Police State?

The most fundamental element that drives a police state into existence is the fact that one stratum of society may easily be labeled as "unfit" or "undesirable." For America, that must be the so-called "criminal element," generally speaking. However, that further reduces to a specific sect, race and even a specific zip code which is sometimes also called a beat.

A police state depends on unusually high public expenditure such that a disproportionate percentage of tax revenues go to support "law enforcement" either directly or indirectly. A police state is about control. A police state is always about fear.

For the San Jose area, the target stratum is the Hispanic community. The reasons for this are many, but mostly based on any individual's fear of discovery surrounding his/her illegal citizenship status. It's much easier to target a specific stratum of society that stands out because of color, but even better if that stratum already possesses enormous fear of authority. Fear to a police state is what butter is to bread.

A police state is watered and nurtured by the passage of time. As the years pass, numerous violent acts against defenseless private citizens within the "target stratum" go down, often without any public outcry. Given enough time, the "target stratum" widens. Such has been the buildup in Santa Clara County for many years. Corrupt judges and prosecutors have seen to it.

Just as a weed needs to have a supportive habitat, so too does a police state. The pattern of progression includes being able to kill one person at a time without much public outcry. In time, two or more people may be killed without much public outcry. Given more time, larger quantities of people may be killed without any public outcry. Finally, even though there could be public outcry, it's too late for anyone to stop whatever "the police" decide to do. Of course, it is always best to kill larger quantities of people very quickly as with heavy machine guns or some such appliances. It takes too much valuable time to kill a crowd of people otherwise. Thus, a final solution for expeditious mass murder is always an important consideration.

Ultimately, the curriculum of the schools will change so that students will learn better to hate additional strata of society. The first step on that continuum is for the school system to collapse very publicly. That occasions rebuilding "the correct way" under the direct supervision of "the police." That is forthcoming in the San Jose area. However, it will be necessary to exclude "undesired elements" of society first, but that won't be too much of a problem in a better and better police state either. In addition, "reading the wrong things" is a matter to be taken very seriously. All schools must have the official copy of approved books and materials. No student is to read from other than the approved list. This list must be current and marked so by "the police."  The books and materials that are deemed non acceptable will be burned publicly at well attended regular intervals.

Occasionally, certain unfit individuals who are deemed outside of the normal bounds of society will be eliminated so that they will no longer suffer or pose any burden upon society.  This group of individuals includes the insane and those who become permanently disabled or otherwise no longer can take care of themselves.  This is for the greater good of everyone.  All efforts will be made to ensure that such culling is completely painless and without any bother to the general public.  

People and/or organizations that "say things" without prior approval directly from "the police" or information from any source other than the "licensed information outlets" will have to be silenced. In some cases, this may be accomplished simply by "drowning out" alternate forms of communications with all out "blitzes" from the establishment. In other cases, it will be necessary to smash people and/or organizations that "do not conform." The term "smash" is not to be considered a public use term as secrecy is always of the utmost importance in a police state. To that end, giant boxes of Kotex will be provided for public officials to hide behind.

According to usual law enforcement practices, suspicion of criminal intent includes threats whether direct or indirect that some person or installation would be harmed or damaged in some manner. This concept in the law must be changed very soon so that a more perfect police state will prevail.

The newest laws or ad hoc rulings by ad hoc unnamed and "secret" judges will state that "the idea that" a threat exists whether direct or indirect that some person or installation will be harmed or damaged is grounds for any/all things to be done to eliminate that threat. In other words, any situation may be bent as required to fit "knee jerk," "jackboot" and/or "jock logic" reasoning such that immediate destructive force may be utilized. "Warrants" will not be required in such situations, obviously.   

This is also known as the principle of "shoot first, ask questions later." In the case of San Jose, it will be much later or even never for any questions to be asked. Questions are not permitted in a police state anyway. Criticisms of law enforcement will not be tolerated whatsoever. To that end, false police review persons will report directly to "the police," among other things, as is/are already in place in The City of San Jose, CA and Santa Clara County.

At the present time, San Jose is a closely watched police state laboratory for all of America. If all goes well here, then so goes the rest of the nation. Time is not on the side of the private citizen. The weed is very tall now.

California the Winner of The Most Stupid State Award, 1905 - 2006

With extreme regret this newspaper must award the Most Stupid State Award to The State of California for having so convincingly and consistently demonstrated its lust for such recognition.  This award should become integral with the Great Seal of the State of California, and should replace the Roman soldier armed with a spear on that emblem.  Details of this honest and forthright transition are yet to be worked out, but the emblem should be reworked and replaced as soon as possible with the likeness of the Most Stupid State Award as drawn below.  All stationary and envelops are to be changed as well, and all official stickers as for The Department of Weights and Measures will be changed too.  More "stupid fees" will have to be paid, necessarily, because no planning could have been expected due to the last minute rush changes required.  

This award may only be given to a state that exhibits across-the-board consistency in numerous categories of stupidity.  Education is but only one of the categories evaluated.  Other categories include, public policies that consistently run completely counter to all known research or facts.  There must be a conscientious attempt made throughout the state to habitually misallocate public works funds and to totally "miss the boat" with large public works estimates.  In addition, the state must be far behind all other states in education, heath care, commerce, public transit, police misconduct, fuel misuse/waste, control of aliens (other than extra planetary) and must also exhibit a defiant or arrogant attitude towards the rest of the states at all times.  The award is easier to give when the state is so far behind that no estimate could ever be developed for when it would no longer be stupid.  For that reason, California is the place where this award belongs and it should remain so for the next one hundred years at least.

California Education

This year California will spend fifty percent of its net tax revenue on education, according to Arnold who recently released the funds.  Since the state is already 49th in one or more categories, including high school graduation rates, the state should slip to 50th some time in the next twelve months.  That takes into account some recent small improvements in achievement test scores.  Congratulations to the Golden State on a job well done!  A bigger and better police state will be the answer to this situation.  

When living in California, being absolutely as stupid as possible is the most important consideration. The state has made absolutely sure of it too.  No apologies on the part of anyone are required or even to be considered.  

The Passing of the Cursive Era by Michael Bradford

Those were the days, the days when the nicely lined green alphabet cards of both upper and lower case wrapped completely around the classrooms, above the green boards The letters were so sweet and nicely curved. It’s hard to forget that image if you come from such generations of school kids.

In those days, the school marms were a visual treat to behold. They always had beautiful smooth legs and dressed very well. It would seem square today and out of place, but back then the marms were warm and genuine. They commanded instant respect and notes from them to moms were pretty serious indeed. All of them seemed to have a special touch and with it they could impel the plodder to reach for the stars.

Before the 1940s they seldom married for some reason. It was a strange societal constraint that no real teacher should sacrifice herself to a husband and kids of her own. That was just a little before my time. There were still a few pockets of these older unclaimed women in the outlying school districts here and there, always called by Miss until the day they retired.

Sometimes it was traumatic when the young teachers married and changed their names. It felt funny to have to call her by another name. It was even more traumatic when some of them got pregnant and had to leave teaching immediately, maybe even for good. They could not risk any exposure to the German Measles back then. Birth defects.

Losing a teacher meant starting over. The school year was never the same again and everyone regretted losing even a not so great teacher for any reason. The kids from the broken classes were down for weeks after such changeovers.

It took quite a few years to learn cursive. It stared in the third grade and kept going into the sixth grade. The first year was spent in getting the loops just right and being sure to have the elbow always supported. Never do with a muscle what a bone should do. Don’t move your hand, move the whole arm from the elbow down. Those were the rules.

The second year was spent in writing out whole pages. It was not only to get everything looking right, but also to make complete thoughts on the page. Then came the short readings in front of the class with another kid’s cursive page. Everyone had to trade and prove they could read it aloud. The teacher would sit by and translate now and then as if by magic it seemed sometimes. They always seemed so alert and so quick on their feet.

The third year was a finishing year and generally nothing new happened. Some criticism would be offered, but it was really too late to change. Everyone had a separate style by then. Some ace students managed to have their cursive look just like that on the walls back in the third grade. Once or twice a teacher held up some work and would say “See how beautiful her handwriting is today,” always a girl’s. Just about everyone else came up short. My loops never were so good.

So lately I’ve heard that cursive is coming to and end. The keyboard is the new standard and one teacher said that she’d never feel qualified to teach cursive writing! My mind started meandering until I could sit down long enough to record what’s been bouncing around inside. That a teacher wouldn’t be qualified to teach cursive, could that have been real?



Open Letter to the Rest of America by Michael Bradford

Has California truly been lost to the liberal repressors enough so to forget it for good?  The answer to that question is a resounding NO and this paper is ample evidence of that fact.  California DOES NOT have to be a police state any more than the rest of America has to be.  Individual efforts like this one DO make a difference.  

For over two years I've been circulating before the entire world why things are so bad here and what everyone must continue to be aware of.  In terms of total all out repression, I can find no other place in the free world that compares to San Jose and Santa Clara County.  It's not just repression at the hands of any/all forms of law enforcement here.  It's a lot bigger than that, and a lot is at stake here for everyone including the balance of all the rest of states.  

I've never asked for money and I never shall.  The continued support I have received has come in the form of unforgettable emails a few of which I've published.

I'm not in the least bit intimidated by law enforcement and/or the BIG local paper that is the handmaiden of the same.  Your continued support in the form of your readership is critical to getting the word out about the mess that all the manipulators have created especially here in what was and could have continued to be a paradise.  

If you'll take the time simply to pass this URL on to but only one or two of your most esteemed friends or associates, you'll be buying a little piece of someone's continued future as a free citizen in America.  That's just about all I could ever ask of anyone, and believe you me, there are some really angry people here who DON'T want messages of this type EVER to get out of here.  That's too bad about all of them.  I'm here to stay and I'll have a lot more to say on the subjects of official abuse by authority under the color of authority whether they seem to enjoy it or not.  

I haven't been just sitting around for the last two and a half years.  This little paper has gone far and wide and I'm completely convinced at this point in time of the validity of my efforts.  However, I still don't see much action on the part of many of you, so you may ask, "What would you have me do?"  It's pretty simple:  You have to make calls to idiots in power. You have to be heard and that includes voting.  The letters you write and the pages you build on your own count heavily too.  

You've got to stop being so damn content to hand over millions and millions of dollars to idiots who only think police, police, police non stop.  Law enforcement solutions like "one size fits all" are NOT productive for you or anyone else around you, quite the contrary.   You have a great deal to lose, even your own life.  If you doubt that just have a look down this page at the abuse/murder table.  All those people can't be wrong.  They had real names and lost their real lives at the hands of madmen in uniforms.  Most of these people, like you, were not only unarmed, but also had no such thoughts ever to arm themselves in a lifetime.

It is not sufficient to rely on any of the newspapers that are only in it for the money.  If you don't have time for making a difference, your local, state and federal power mongers do.  That includes building a bigger and better police state to control you and everyone else with.  This costs you money and jobs ultimately, never mind the eventual loss of all your hard won freedoms.  

I'm very confident that this letter finds you well today.  What do you want your tomorrow to look like?  

Howard Stern versus Michael Bradford by Michael Bradford

From time to time I've gotten some strange criticism, but I like it because I usually get to laugh myself sick when I think about just how low taste most of America is and how high brow I've apparently become by comparison. To be sure, there is no comparison between Howard Stern and I. However, it's always encouraging to make note of some very important things that control a vast amount of "American culture," such as it is now.

Last Sunday, December 4, 2005, I got to see why I'm so glad to be me when 60 Minutes put on a close up with Howard. I have to admit, I've never been a listener of his in all these twenty-odd years, but just to consider that he quite literally blurts out just anything he wants is amazing to me. Not only that, he's soon to receive $500 million to go on a satellite channel to blurt out anything he wants all over the planet non stop. Whether it's profanity or not, Howard will always get to do just as he pleases. I can already "rest my case" very safely whenever I think about Howard. In fact, so much attention gets paid to people like Stern that it puts people like me way up and far beyond reproach for just about any and all reasons.

Some idiot wrote to me a few weeks back suggesting that I "transform myself" into dog only knows what, some type of "a real journalist" who's far beyond the "high school" level of doing things. Ha! My work has been quoted all over the world and I continue to break new ground just about every single day. I keep finding out how really easy it is too.

The other "real" newspapers have failed to get the message that I have so well, but that's not even what this piece is about today. No, it's more about personal pride than anything else. I wouldn't bother with this article today if I even thought for one second I was pulling anyone's leg, even my own. I don't have to worry one bit about "recognition" or "stepping on someone's toes, etc." because I've moved beyond those points.

What does bother me is that so much of our society is zeroed in on total trash talk and that's not good. That indicates bad things including the fact that we have no national goals other than some sports we say we like or even wish we played ourselves.

What started as a national identity crisis in the 1960s has fully well become a national state of self-depreciation, ad nauseam. I don't blame anyone, but I did take great comfort just lately when they reran John Lennon's interview of thirty-five years ago. He said, in so many words, that he "…didn't need f-----g screaming from f-----g idiots…" when he and the other Beatles played on The Ed Sullivan's Show back in good old 1964.

I'm grateful to be able to remember such events because I was also sickened to no end when all the girls started screaming their fucking heads off for no discernable reason, even before the performers were out on the stage. That really did bother me, then as now. I'm glad to have come full circle to finally "get the message" straight from John himself. He didn't like any of it one bit.

Things were a lot different back then, and even though I've never been a follower of people like John, damn, he was right about a lot of things. He really was a true artist compared to anything or anyone put up today. Yet, he was attacked constantly by religious zealots when he was alive. The zealots lived on while he got but only forty years on this Earth. It was a supreme jip, but even for his short time, he did a lot of good whether it is well recalled today or not. I can't recall even one single accomplishment of a single zealot anywhere for any reason.

I could write an entire book about such observations starting from this very point, but I won't bother with that here today. I'll be content knowing that I've more than hit my mark and that no one can take that away from me. No wimp pin-headed "editor in chief" or some other failure flunky who can't stand having to read this right about now can say a word. Those are the ones who burn up whenever they realize just how independent of them I truly am and how far I'll go without any of them.

Footnote on hypocrites/religious zealots: Just about anytime someone of note came forward with real information, especially about sex, they were shot down. Such was the case with Alfred Kinsey back in the 1940s. The dear Billy Graham, et. al. decided he was a vulgar sinner and laid right into him. That was mainly due to Kinsey's stellar book about sexuality in women. That killed old Billy Boy who couldn't have spelled clitoris had his life depended on it. Labia? Dog help us! 

It's worthy to note that anytime a true scholar who carefully researches any subject comes forward, he's immediately attacked. That phenomenon appears everywhere in science, but especially in America. Other things count too like music. (Elvis was roundly attacked by lots of jerks for being "colored" in his music.)

People like Billy Graham are a big success today for having attacked real quality people who outclassed them by leaps and bounds.  (The difference in Graham's IQ vs Kinsey's must be around 80 points.)  Yet, stupidity rules and rules well because coupled to fear, it stands out so well.  Looking back on Lennon's life, it's fair to say now that he totally outclassed everything in America since he hit our shores in 1964.  

Fry Policies in Santa Clara County and Self Defense

Editor's note:  This article ran almost a year ago.  It is rerun today for the sake of Jose Angel Rios who was murdered by The San Jose Police, very conveniently, with several shocks after an altercation with his wife that would have ended without incident, according to her recount.  That is, except for the fact that a hidden "off duty officer" was waiting for his big chance to help snuff someone, which he did very well.  Suddenly numerous cops showed up to snuff Jose.  It makes perfect sense now that there's a certain amount of touchiness about the use of bullets.  For example, it's better to be able to say that, "We did every non lethal thing we could do, but then he simply collapsed," and act dismayed about the outcome when questioned.  That both looks and sounds very good in the standard old press that does as it is told by the city in these matters or else.  According to the BIG local paper that continues to go out of business, the police can only be right, never wrong.  

At a minimum, a statewide policy should be in place that only one jolt of a Taser may be used on a person.  Otherwise, it could kill.  The cops know this and will no longer demonstrate a Taser before the press with an officer, just in case it's fatal.   Another outrageous thing needs to be considered too.  That is the concept of legal self defense.  It won't happen in this liberal's world, but is worth noting here once again.  

Major Update:  The very day after this article was reprinted, SJPD announced a major overhaul of its Taser usage policy,  11/30/05.  This paper makes its rounds ready or not.  The shear load of guilt on the part of the establishment guarantees it. 

As previously reported, San Jose, like many cities issuing Tasers to police officers, has it's very own unique "fry policy" concerning their use. The unstated an unquotable policy is "fry at will." Now the state seems to want to step in to clarify "fry policies." It's way overdue, as usual, but good nevertheless. However, a lot more is brewing in more than one pot.

On the front burner is a new state bill AB 1237 introduced by Assemblyman Leno (D. San Francisco) that may result in a law requiring uniform "fry polices" and reporting across the entire state. For a change, a certain amount of reason seems to be bubbling up from the city of brotherly love. Cops would have to explain the circumstances of Taser use in a report that's forwarded to the state.

Very recently, a separate push has begun to allow private citizens yet another option of "self defense." The newest option proposed is to allow qualified individuals the right to purchase and carry Tasers without any additional restrictions. [ Now okay in CA.] In so many words, this flies in the face of local "reasoning" and statehood bliss. Two state legislators are fighting over whether it's right to allow private citizens to carry Tasers for self protection or not. It's not clear how the ball will bounce because a lot of "sensibilities" are at stake. Anyone in law enforcement would want total prohibition of any and all personal use "self defense" appliances. 

That's been the standard line ever since police first became organized legal advocates represented by FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) at times a secret society, but not the only one. So, they'll huff and puff to get this issue off the stove altogether if they can while retaining generous amounts of firepower for themselves.  [Heaven help any private citizen who uses a Taser on someone!  That could result in a two hundred year sentence.]

Anyone with half a brain could understand the need for personal use "self defense" appliances. How about a woman in heels walking across a dark parking lot? Would anyone care to counsel her on what is right or wrong when she feels a two hundred pound attacker grab her by the throat? Wouldn't she feel so good to let bozo have it right where it hurts? Of course, it's very gauche to suggest that a sweet little girl would ever "let it get to that point." She might have to explain what she did to "attract" this wonderful man. Actually, the courts prefer it that way. The police love defensiveness beyond all else too. They want everyone "to get the message" that "you're not here to defend yourself, period!" This is a police procedural matter of fact. Just ask any officer, but don't bring up his own wife or kids. That's forbidden territory. His wife will carry a BIG GUN and his kids know where "daddy's" gun is and how to use it when necessary because daddy showed them.

So, a huge boiling down is happening on all four burners, some hotter than the rest, of course. In a state like California, what is happening within these pots is very significant. Just how will the police be served? How will Ms. Modern Shopper be saved? Will more (or less) restrictions be put on the books? Will cops gain or lose power? What about John Q. Public? Where does his goose wind up?  

On the front burner is [was] a new state bill AB 1237 introduced by Assemblyman Leno (D. San Francisco) that may result in a law requiring uniform "fry polices" and reporting across the entire state. For a change, a certain amount of reason seems to be bubbling up from the city of brotherly love. Cops would have to explain the circumstances of Taser use in a report that's forwarded to the state.  

This state is about as far behind as it can possibly be when it comes to just about anything in the line of "self defense." For example, thirty-eight states now allow concealed carry of a weapon or CCW. We're talking GUNS here not pepper spray, Tasers, rubber band "guns," sling shots, pee shooters, etc. For years, California has operated far below standards, vainly imagining that crime does not exist here and the police will take extra good care of us if called upon. What a myth! There is no such thing as "self defense" in the state of California. Using any form of a weapon on anyone by any private citizen whether seemingly justified or not, may result in prosecution under criminal and civil laws. That even includes a rolled up wet newspaper hardly fit to hit a dog in the ass with.

It's refreshing that the state is finally confronted with Taser reality. It could lead to new forms of reality experiences like gee, what would I really do if attacked by three people at once? What's in your pocket?

Medical Examiner's Semi-Official Reaction to Rios Taser Death 

"There is not enough research on Tasers,'' said Dr. Joseph O'Hara, a pathologist working for the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner. "No one knows if it's a factor," he also added. Then he said, ``I think we should call these deaths accidents, as they do in most offices. ``These people who are often under the influence of drugs will die with any physical exertion,'' such as a struggle with the police. Okay, so tell us this Mr. Pathologist, what did kill Jose Angel Rios? He was just fine until attacked by the police. Obviously, the entire establishment of the Medical Examiner MUST, at all costs, back up the police or else there will be bad consequences. 

This is nothing new. The Medical Examiner intentionally flubbed up the post mortem of Eric Kleemeyer who was murdered by the Santa Clara Police Department in January, 2004. The underlying theme of Santa Clara County is "one of us will lie and the other will swear to it, " no matter what it is, but especially to cover for the police. 

Glossed over in all the hubbub about the efficacy of Tasers, is the simple fact that the police killed yet another person. That was lost in the technology shuffle intentionally. The stupid people of Santa Clara County won't mind because it was "just another 'Spick' who got what he deserved anyway." That's the usual and customary attitude to be found throughout the whole hateful racist county these days. Now it's time to go back and sit in front of that giant new TV again and think not at all.  Things will be back to "normal" real soon and the cops are once again vindicated and certified by their wonderful friends down the hall.  


If a small current of electricity, say 100 milliamps at 110 volts, passes through a person's heart, they will be judged dead due to electrocution. Any idiot can research that one. It's really quite simple. It's all the more simple because it's a very common cause of death in the United States and is very well documented in every county of America. It's very easy to detect too.

Our Great Big National Sex Problem

Below is an ongoing collection of articles and papers produced by this newspaper authored by Michael Bradford of  Overall, they represent some very significant issues facing America in these times.  Some of what is found here is going to seem extreme, but it's far better to think about what the consequences are for not addressing any personal issues at all.    

Even more specifically, when one considers the horrific case of John Mark Karr, the apparent killer of JonBenet Ramsey, one cannot help but consider the American environment today.  What kind of person is that guy?  The answer is, he's your neighbor, friend, teacher, etc.  Why are people like this?  Because no one now and no one ever will attempt to deal with sexual issues in the manner required.  America keeps producing people with extreme maladjustments and everyone is quite proud to hide behind laws that never will solve any problems.  Laws don't do anything.  People do.  

Our Double and Triple Standards for Sexual Behavior

Lisa Clark, the 37 year old who bore a 15 year old’s baby recently, was sent to jail for a violation of her bail.  She was not to attempt to contact her boy husband, the father of her child.  Sadly, both she and her boy husband were protected under the laws of Georgia, if only from themselves.  That mattered not.

Just about everywhere in America one can find exceptional examples these days of “what is right versus what is wrong.”  In each case, the law is painfully involved, usually at the coldest level of the local DA’s office.  Such is the Clark’s case.

The fact is that Georgia law protects people who marry when a child is due despite ages of the parents.  However, in today’s America, protecting stupid people from themselves is no longer what the law is supposed to do.  No, it’s now geared to smash uneducated people because it so easy and sensational these days to do that.

The DA, Lee Darragh of  Atlanta, is fairly typical if today’s DA.  He’s old, fat and mean.  “The law,” such as it is, is far down the list of his concerns.  Getting negative publicity is the key to districts like Darragh’s.  Why?  The reason is money and prestige.  Anything that’s sexually oriented draws far more attention these days.  Also, the big national push has been started to make all sexual matters a matter of law rather than anything personal.  The excuse used is always molestation or “concerns about it.”  That’s the key bread and butter word, molestation, because that word means revenue, revenue and revenue. 

For years and years, the state of Georgia was willing to look the other way when countless black girls of only 13 had child after child after child, often without end.  The laws of that Southern state were set up mainly because of the problems of black people in that everyone knew that “those darkies” got into a lot of trouble, and nobody cared.  It was considered “usual and customary” for blacks to conceive out of wedlock.  That’s how things had always been during the plantation years.  Blacks seldom were married.  They were merely paired up for a period of time, some longer than others. There is a reason for “common law marriage” in most states.  It is more understandable in the Southern states where it’s still very legal and for good reasons. 

In the Clark’s case, “common law” could not apply, but because of the pregnancy and the fact that they really married. It apparently did not matter if the husband were only fourteen and a half.  They should have been protected from additional liabilities, but weren’t.  No matter, the agenda didn’t include protecting stupid people from themselves anyway.  No, it was to smash and get vindication; i.e., some type of “conviction” that resulted in increased revenues to the legal establishment.  That’s all the Clark’s case is about. 

Back in the “good old days” if a white girl got pregnant out of wedlock, she was banished forever from her family.  That’s not the case any longer.  There used to be homes for “unwed mothers,” but that’s out of style now. 

We don’t give ourselves much credit for the changes and adjustments we have made, including full integration everywhere.  No, it’s much better for “law enforcement” to go around in circles looking for “molesters” and causing the public to foam at the mouth.  That’s the investment we’ve made in all the levels of bureaucracy after all these years.  We get the smashing of stupid people who don’t really matter while real terrorists roam freely, and the government piles up new mobile homes in Arkansas that will never reach anyone in Louisiana.

"Chicago, Chicago is Going Away..."  Down the path of another failed police state, that is.

The most recent kick in Chicago's police corruption is to put not yet convicted "Johns" photos' on the Internet.  That's supposed to stop prostitution in Chicago?  Sure, in a pig's eye.  Leftists everywhere may be so proud.  Not only is due process to be ignored, it's to be done away with totally.  It's true these "Johns" were caught in stings, but the so-called "middle class morality" has been bent way out of shape this time.  Of course, Mayor Richard Daley would never stoop to seeing high-priced call girls?  That would be way out of line.  No, he's a true Christian and a true believer just like all the rest of the organization.  At least Capone had integrity.  That much could be said for old scar face. 

Whenever the great studies get started some day that will probe a lot better into "why do we still have so many problems with sex and everything else,"  a good place to start will be Chicago, come to think of it.  It's wild how such a down to Earth place could be so Leftist and maniacally into controls of all sorts.  At first, it was the whisky and the guns.  Now it's sex.  That makes sense.  The Catholics liked the idea very much of having a hand down everyone's pants.  That was more effective than demanding money or anything else.  When you have a strong hand down someone's pants, you have very strong control. Such is the work of the Chicago police state these days.  They still miss the "good old days" of Ness and beer flowing down the gutters.   Something has to give.  It has to hurt too.

Sexual Confusion in a Modern World – “Normal Hetero” versus Polygamous Life Styles, M. G. Bradford

How are people supposed to sort out sexuality in modern times? This small study can’t answer that question. However, it offers some more observations about the tricky and ridiculous situations America finds itself in. Everyone has a part to play in the nation’s sexual adjustments. At any rate, a huge dose of “law enforcement” into personal issues is no use to anyone. That approach has done the most damage of all throughout history.

First, some definitions of terms:

Monogamy – one man, one woman or the “default” and largely considered “normal” if heterosexual

Polygyny - one man “married” to several women

Polyandry - one woman “married” to several men

Polygamy - refers to either polygyny or polyandry

Some highlights of monogamy:

Accepted as “normal” thus no direct criticism or rejection to be expected

Is still the standard American and worldwide practice

Embodies tradition with most religions

Has some legal advantages for property and end of life decisions

Lowlights of monogamy:

Over eight million fatherless families with children under 18 in the United States and single mothers now the most usual family unit

Wide spread pornography, adultery and prostitution with even greater projected growth

More public services required to support dependent mothers and pursue gangs

More and more sex offenders produced every day and more prisons filled up with them

Constant concerns about “cheating” activities or STDs

Fewer people enjoying sex

Relationships are not long term usually

Highlights of polygamy:

Everyone in the family is a worker and supporter of the family unit

The family is always together

Women accept less share of one man, but have a better man than otherwise available

Far less chance for “cheating”

Relationships may last for a life time and often do

Lowlights of polygamy:

It’s illegal everywhere except the Middle East and some other scattered countries

It sets one up for attack, ridicule and perhaps even violence

One must be secretive about arrangements or “marriages”

Law enforcement starting with the fed is highly inclined to apply harsher standards in the pursuit of a polygamist including calling a male polygamist a rapist or child molester

The media enjoy attacking members of polygamist households wherever possible

Some women try it but leave just as they would for any monogamous relationship

Children may experience problems in social situations because of polygamy

Sex and childbearing begin at a much earlier age than in monogamy

The logical question always becomes why would anyone pursue a polygamist life style and for that matter why would anyone pursue a monogamous life style? They both seem to have some really bad looking down sides.

Most people have tradition drilled into them form a very early age. Little girls do this and little boys do that. It all makes sense up to the time of puberty when the hormones attack. From that point forward, all sorts of adjustments may occur.

A lot is made of the homosexual lifestyle, but that will not be dealt with here. For most of us, a “good old family” is still what we came from and expect to go to. The problem is though, can everyone find that “someone” when the time comes? Evidently, a lot of people are having a difficult time finding someone and staying with that someone even if they do find them.

In the 1970s, the increasing divorce rates seemed to signal something was changing. More and more people began getting out of marriages and the traditional roles played out in them. It would be hard to find anyone now who would grow up with the idea of one marriage lasting forever. Many never marry at all. In fact, the role of “the man” has so severely weakened that it’s unlikely that the “strong male” family unit will ever return to America. Well, cops tend to disagree with that one. They’re never off duty for as long as they have a badge.

That’s all quite a mouth full. So, what if any middle ground is there and what could anyone hope to do with the multi limas of today’s modern life styles?

Some interesting thoughts:

Polygamy, though heavily ridiculed, may not be so bad as the media and some vocal hot shot prosecutors want the public to believe. The key question is why is it that any woman would put herself into a polygamous situation?

First, some women never have a chance to do otherwise, being forced into the role as young adults ready or not. That’s not a joke and definitely not funny. This happens in more than just one or two places in America whether it’s polygamy or not. It would be a mistake to confuse religious practices with forced “marriages” or child abuse. When a person is below the age of consent, state laws govern what may and may not be done. None of that is at issue here.

Secondly, there are quite a few women who would more than willingly throw themselves right into such a “family unit” if they could. These women make the free choice to become “wives” of only one man. [Being consent age is assumed, and this study does not pretend to offer legal opinions or offer legal advice for anyone in any state.]

It’s a strange phenomenon for a woman to leap into a bedroom with numerous other parties. If an otherwise attractive woman with a good education could perhaps choose anyone, why would she elect to take only one part of one man and promise to do it forever? Why oh why would she promise stay in a situation with other “wives” all around her for the rest of her life?

It gets down to human nature, as always. Women, as such, want, need and crave controlled domination. That’s really ridiculous to many, but it’s true to say that women are vain and want at least one of two things: 1) A man who truly is a hero, rich and/or special or 2) A man who has endless good looks. Both are even better, but what are the chances of having one, two or both and hanging on to him? Not very good. Most women end up with someone who in their minds was number three or four on the list. Eternal disappointment sets in and they don’t stay in what they believe to be faulty relationships for long, especially when they have looks themselves.

Women want kids from the time they can see and hold their very first dolls. It just goes with being girls. However, they don’t want to waste that on just any Joe for the most part. They want the kid to be special. That’s normal.

Also, no woman would care to have to take beatings, be limited in out-of-family activities, lose long time girl friends or otherwise be so tied to one man that she would collapse tying to please him as well as hold her own head up.

Most marriages are ones of convenience. That’s about it. Women marry someone who’s a “fit,” but for how long? Men as such like playing the field, but they wind up with whomever chooses them in the end. It’s a woman’s world in that regard and always will be.

People cheat for various reasons. It happens quite easily and more readily in any sinking relationship. Years of counseling can be helpful, but consider the times we all hear that “they are really having to work on their relationship.” Communication is the key, but frankly with so little time to do that, people drift apart. For anyone who has to travel very much for work the chances go up drastically that the “I Dos” go on the trash heap.

That leaves most of us in a bad way, especially as we age. If all the other things like “sex abuse” begin to be added to the pile, it’s quite a fire of consternation for the whole of society to have to deal with. From a law enforcement standpoint, the domestic calls are often the most dangerous and touchy. More pregnant women are targets for abuse and even a lot worse than that these days.

One of the things that almost got missed in this presentation was the concern a number of entities have about the “molester” or the “oversexed male.” When it comes right down to it, it’s women who re-enforce licentiousness in males. That’s according to the people who live in polygamy or know much about it.

For the most part, sex is by invitation and women exercise great amounts of control in such matters. It’s a fairly drastic departure to assume that “the average man” wants to attack women, rape or generally speaking, exist outside of law. The penalties are very high both socially and legally. There are exceptions to everything, but for the most part women do only what they truly want to do. That includes living a free and exciting sex life as much as or more than any man would.

It may sound like this paper is pushing polygamy, but that’s not the point. The point is that America is in a hell of a crisis sexually and otherwise. If a family found happiness in polygamy, then so be it. It doesn’t automatically mean child abuse or anything else. Most kids are abused in what were supposed to be “normal homes.” The numbers of kids pulled from bad homes go up each year.

Of course, some of the polygamy sects get way carried away with procreation. It’s not appropriate to have so many kids that there’s no way to take care of them. Kids cost money and lots of it. If the financial qualification can be met, then it’s not a big problem. It’s probably very crowded in a polygamist family, but there are worse things like total neglect in some other situation.

At the present time the Mormons seem to have the biggest market share of polygamy. To be sure, it’s not accepted by the church, but it’s not rejected either. Whenever a person is excommunicated from the church for polygamy, it’s for having flaunted it. Otherwise, it’s okay with just about everyone. It’s also a rare day that anyone is actually thrown out because forgiveness is supposed to be accorded as it is from God. That may not always be the case and therefore, numerous splinter groups of former Mormons exist all over Utah.

A purpose of this paper is to demonstrate some of the falsehoods behind “sexual law enforcement.” There are laws of the land, but if so much pleasure is taken by law enforcement in “sex busts” for the sake of busting, then something’s amiss. It’s one thing to nab a true predator, but something else to take much glee in busting people over differences in life styles, etc.

Today’s “queer movement” is a continuing example of the types of inroads that non traditional groups have made in society. If a state like Massachusetts allows “gay marriage” then the signal is one of change, not of society’s approval of “sex busts” which is about where this paper started.

“Law enforcement” used to be able to smash “gay bars” at will. They’d never do that now. In fact, “law enforcement actions” of the past may be credited with initiating the “queer movement.” That message remains fresh enough to recall, but what’s not so clear is why all the hatefulness originally accorded to “queers” is now so strongly redirected at people pursing “normal” heterosexual activity, just not in such traditional ways?

Some of this renewed sense of anger must be coming from the mishaps of the Catholic priests and the foul-ups of the police attendant to the numerous abuses never pursued. It’s not “normal” for a man to attack kids. No one wants that. It was covered up for a very long time, even centuries, by “the church.” That has begun to come to an end, finally.

No man belongs alone. That fact also has been dramatically proven by the Catholics. They’ve got plenty to consider and still have not come clean for all the abuses committed. “Law enforcement” ignored all the priestly crimes for decades. Cops could have stopped all the problems dead in their tracks if only they had taken action on any of the numerous complaints from countless parties. In some cases, the cries for action were overwhelming, but the police still stood back.

Never has there been much attempt at “even handedness” on the part of “law enforcement” with respect to most personal issues. It’s only within recent times that rape victims are accorded the type of handling required to assist them properly. Rape is still an underreported crime largely due to “law enforcement” bungling. If it weren’t for outside insistence, “law enforcement” would still be treating rape victims like trash whores who got what they deserved. Change has occurred, but not because of “law enforcement” initiatives. Initiatives always have to come from outside the prestige “law enforcement” circles.

As far as kids are concerned, a lot more planning is going to have to be drawn. Some of this will be legally as for permission to reproduce. China had to face up to an out of control population. America will have to face up to an out of control pre-occupation with sex and criminality associated with it.

Unwanted kids can’t be allowed anymore regardless of what else transpires. America can’t be the “home of the incarcerated” or “the land of the dumb.” If there’s room for “queer” there had better be room for polygamy or other life styles without “law enforcement’s” big plodding uneducated foot flying into the middle of it.

Also, all private citizens need simply to stop and think. By screaming for all types of “law enforcement solutions” to personal issues, they are often only playing into the hands of manipulators in positions of authority. Those are the same types of individuals who want convictions, nothing other than that.

Convictions, no matter how achieved, assure that the various DAs, Sheriffs and all the rest of the power brokers stay in power, usually at high dollar costs. Sensational cases have been used improperly to overshadow the rest of the failures on the part of these same individuals across the county. Morality, as such, is not achievable through legal means exclusively.

Separation of Church and State Plus Molestation?  

Since so much time and energy has to be constantly wasted on this subject in America, it seems logical to ban all future contact with children by anyone or anything under the control of The Holy Catholic Church of America.  That will serve to underscore that NO church has any "lock" on any child especially to the point of concealing mishandling but particularly molestation.  

Anyone who claims to be serious about "getting the molesters out" and in the same breath claims to DEMAND separation of church and state should be able to swallow this one.  It's not an extreme suggestion.  It's made in the vein of the best interests of children everywhere.  

So, if you are serious about "coming down hard" on molesters, you should begin the process of excluding the Catholic Church from your child's life at once.  It's the sensible thing that any reasonable parent would do, just like getting one's kids away from any other potential molestation environments.  The next round of priestly molestation is just around the corner.  However, it will be even more skillfully concealed than before.   

Your child deserves to grow up in a society that maintains separation of church and state.  They'll need to make important decisions in the future that are independent of any practiced faith.  They also deserve never having to suffer personal violation by someone who was supposed to be their protector and guardian in your absence. 

Did you think this article was just bull?  It wasn't.  Have a look at SNAP's web sometime, if you dare.  The molestation by priests has NOT stopped nor will it just because a number of monetary settlements have been made.  Thousands of people are affected and still more are coming forth.  It takes years for a damaged person to be able to seek help after such experiences.  These people often are very similar in mental crippling compared to concentration camp survivors of WWII.  They've led a life of fear, depression and terror of authority.  Also, they often drift without any purpose in life.  Does your child deserve such a fate? 

Catholic Bishops giving the Nazi salute in honor of Hitler.  NEVER forget this picture,
ESPECIALLY if you are a Catholic OR you if are some innocent person with a child
growing up in proximity to them!          [Rome, Circa 1942.  Gobbles far right.]  


Note:  If you feel hurt enough to have an opposing view, you may send it to
the e-mail address at the top of this page. is a non
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be published in their entirety.  Please read all disclaimers down this page.

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

Outcries in Florida - Get The Molesters Out

After the second child/rape/murder in only one month in Florida, every muckidy-muck news person or elected official has lined up to demand more cops, prisons and longer sentences to combat a problem that has no law enforcement solution. It's pretty amazing to see people running to the police to be saved from absolutely everything and the police just love it. With each step, the police are ensured of more money and prestige without having done anything.

There are people who would even wish for a one-to-one relationship of citizens versus police. Just think about it. That's one cop for every man, woman and child. Would that solve the problems? No, not very likely would it; and worse yet, the concept that people actually believe in such things is most disturbing.

Now it looks like we need to have GPS tracking for everybody everywhere 24X7. Even with that type of intelligence, would the world be saved? Again, it's not very likely. After all these years and billions of dollars spent, the latest reports say that our planes are no safer from attack than before 9/11. That's really worth thinking about.

While it's not possible to legislate morality, something has to definitely give here. If there's much more pressure put on society in America in terms of law, we'll have destroyed this land. That does not excuse attacking kids. It's a question of balance because if all the cops in the world aren't addressing the problem now, how could they ever?

America itself is a sex problem. This has been brought home for at least the last one hundred and fifty years. Something went wrong a long time ago when religion was used to drive a wedge between sexuality and spirituality. Numerous religions played their various roles, most notably the Catholics who banned marriage of priests centuries ago. It was a fateful misstep that has continued to kill innocent feelings and was the groundwork for abnormality.

During the Civil War, 1860-1864, America became perhaps for the only time, very open and very sexual. It was a strange thing to come out of war, but it did so most powerfully. The casualties due to venereal disease eclipsed the wounds of combat. The problem became so serious that both sides had to develop "approved houses" of delight just to confine the ailments. Those scenes were repeated in WWII especially in Hawaii. During WWI, the French Quarter of Louisiana was for a time an okay place to go for lust. For brief periods, America seemed to deal squarely with the fact that humans crave sex and can't be prevented from seeking it.

When the wars were over, all the openness went away again. People dug in for the Winter. As time progressed, things got bad again. Nixon imposed years of repression of what he called "smut" or pornography. There have been times when the federal government allowed patents on "chastity belts" that were to prevent masturbation or intercourse. Even now, there's still a lot of fear about expressing oneself. Sex is often used as a means of attacking people.

We never got to the point of true openness. The 1960s are a very long time ago. It's still quite possible to be attacked for simply talking about sex. So much fear has been put into the subject that it's taboo enough to be avoided entirely. So, just how is it that people are supposed to enjoy themselves? Good question. The basis of fear is no way to "teach people" about sex. Fear sets the foundation for a person to fall off the wagon. Sex was supposed to be something simple to be enjoyed, not feared.

We do a very good job of building our own criminals here. Other societies don't have these problems. The Japanese think nothing of total family nudity at bath time. Something is wrong with us all right. Our fig leaf mentality pushes weak minds to the brink in short order. We build our own molesters the right way, by telling them that nudity is nasty and that the human body is a shame. All the cops in the world can't fix this problem, but then again, they have no intention of fixing anything. It would not be to their advantage to solve any problems.

While Joseph E. Duncan III ransacked a whole family in Idaho and took two kids for a murderous sex romp in the woods, the rest of the U.S. spent hundreds of thousands of dollars each day registering and tracking firearms both large and small.  The federal NICS, National Instant Check System, rivals most retail systems in the world for pure point-of-sales information.  It costs millions per year to operate.  To date, very few prosecutions have been required for any "offenses" discovered during all the checks which amount to over 75,000 per month.  What's the connection between child molesters and firearms purchasers?  Precisely nothing, but that's the reason for bringing it up.  America is a land of misplaced priorities and missed opportunities galore.  For years, the biggest of the big mouths have flapped and flapped and flapped about "the dangers of guns."  All of it has led no where.  The actual number of "gun crimes" has remained very small traditionally while other violent crime has risen slightly.  Yet, so much hysteria is bandied about that one would think that a bullet would take them at any moment when it's almost as likely to be hit by lightening as by a bullet. 

This is a "sick society" enjoying power hungry panegyric idiots who only want to maintain control over others in the most obsequious manner.  It's so easy to be that way too because it takes real skill and will power to penetrate individual homes where we deliberately "farm" our next generations of molesters.  We do it the old fashioned way, by example.  In our society, we never control the size of families.  We allow people to reproduce freely, often into dysfunctional environments.  We extol the "virtues" of family by pushing "kids themes," etc. while we strongly tend to ignore any of the intense personal issues like privacy or sex issues in the home.  The kids are often times turned completely loose with no strong social structure surrounding them.  In other words, they're not wanted and our prisons are full of these people.  The prisons are bursting at the seams now.  The interviews coming from these people speak to the issue well.  They often say, "I was molested from the time of infancy."  Or "I never thought it was wrong until I got caught.  Everyone hated me then, but I could not help it."  

Should anyone inquire as to "what is wrong with America" they need look no farther than all our mixed up priorities.  What good does it do to "stop gun crime" when the kid down the street is becoming desperately psychotic within a world of video games intermixed with beatings and long periods of starvation?  As far as "child protective services" are concerned, where are they?  Yet, they pull record numbers of kids from homes each year.  They receive practically no money compared to all the pomp and circumstance "law enforcement" elements.   Almost no effort is made to productively "track" anyone.  It's all a matter of after the offense reactions and reactions to those reactions, mostly as non productive rivulets of anger.  Books and books could be written on this subject, but it will suffice to say that the lights are going out all over America and we'll not see them lit again in our lifetime.  Too cruel a statement?  Too judgmental?   What about treatment for deranged people before they offend?  Too much a breach of privacy?  Then where are we now and what do we have to look forward to? 


What man wouldn't give anything to be alone with the equivalent of a princess like this?  The French would have put her on a pedestal by now.  What a face.  This woman is not sick.  America is sick.  Her face should be a national symbol, and by chance it is because America is so sick. 
Debra Lafave, 25 year old goddess.



Sadly, her no account loser former husband received undue coverage for "being in the know" about Debra.  Greta Van Susteren, paid the guy countless thousands for months to run Debra down.  Greta is capable of doing so much better.  She should look this good.  However, in fair play this paper will go ahead and salute Debra for being a true beauty.  If times were much as they were about twenty years ago, she'd be on her way to both fame and fortune.  


Unfortunately, Heff can't touch her now, no pun intended.  He's getting a little old, but society also says "no no no!"  Oh for the seventies again.  The world needs to wake up today to the sex problems it has given itself.  Heff can't help us now, but he can always say he tried.  Let those without sin cast the first stones.  We wish you well Debra in your pitiful confinement.    

Prediction 12/13/05:  Now that a judge in another county of Florida threw out the plea bargain mentioned above, Lafave won't be able to get much of a fair trial.  However, she now stands a better chance to walk free because of all the various complications surrounding a "fair trial."  People like Lafave are victims.  Being a woman means having at least a mild handicap from birth.  However, it's not "mild" to be the object of a potential murderer or rapist for life.  People should be paying a lot more attention to that rather than constantly demanding blood over sexual issues.  Whatever "the social formula" has been, it has not worked so far to help anyone. 

Prediction of 12/13/05 upheld 3/21/06:  Lafave won't stand trial, but will continue to serve "house arrest," so said Florida. is once again vindicated in the analysis of how the world spins.  Sex related busts are, in so many terms, bullshit when the perpetrator is female.  Oh well, on to more anti-male pursuits in the courts now.  Smashing males makes so much more sense, dollars and cents that is.  Without that, there would be no courts or legal system.

Only in Texas (Well, Connecticut too it seems)

IJ's policy is to cover "sex issues" as secondary issues to law enforcement abuses across America.  Occasionally, "sex issues" and the trappings of police state ambiguity come together in a most surprising way.  Lately, that's what has happened in the great state of Texas. 

In 2003 a state law was passed preventing sex between teachers and students, regardless of the circumstances.  It was a puritanical pursuit ill founded.  When a person attains to the age of eighteen years, barring mental disability, they are a consenting adult by law.   That's true in every state.    

So, a twenty-five year old female teacher is in a bad way for having had relations with her eighteen year old student.  That takes the cake for Texas style stupidity in law and probably religion too.  Baptists control all that is seen and heard in Texas, to everyone's detriment. "And the damn Baptists can go to hell."  Harry Truman.  

The "rape case" in Texas provides numerous opportunities to examine more fully why America is so screwed up and how everyone has been pushed forcefully onto the "road to perdition."  Underlying it all, is the shear hatefulness of laws like those in Texas.  The willingness of the populace to exceed to "law enforcement solutions" to non problems stands out as the most egregious factor of all.  

IJ has been printing articles for some time about "jock logic,"  "jack boots" and other forms of law enforcement abuses.  However, the stunning observation that people put up with callous laws and seem to demand such is the worst diagnosis of all.  

If "Christianity" is behind this type of "law" or the mentality for it, IJ will recommend even more separation of church and state.  Keep the "Sunday school" stuff at Sunday school folks.  Mind your own business especially where other adults may be concerned, for some simple low cost advise.  

When the smoke clears this law will have to be struck down, but also some part time preachers will need to be rounded up for some serious deprogramming.  It will should harsh to suggest that there should be no sex laws in America, but something has to change here and it may as well start in Texas for that matter.  Only fools would demand "law enforcement solutions" to any sort of personal issues.  There's a lot more on this subject down this page.  

Fed Touches Off "Sex Wars" in the West

The federal war against religion has been kicked off officially with the manhunt announced 5/6/06 by the FBI for Warren Jeffs.  Jeffs is a religious leader from Colorado, Utah some refer to as a prophet and others refer to as a polygamist and/or child molester.   He has about 10,000 followers.

This is a very serious development for the reason that this is at least the second time the federal government has made an all out effort to "round up" a declared religious fanatic as it did with David Koresh.  As with Waco, the stage is again set for perhaps a violent shootout with someone who was originally non violent.

For its part, the fed has been very lucky to get away with calling people like David Koresh and Warren Jeffs "child molesters." (Molestation was never proved in the Koresh case).  It's deja vue all over again only years later.   The bone of contention this time is the amount of assets Jeffs has and the fact that he okayed marriage of under aged girls. 

Piles of assets are always threatening to the fed as are leaders other than "law enforcement," the only good people left according to all of self appraised authority.  Those are the only ones who should reproduce prolifically so stupid cops may be everywhere. 

From the outside, it's difficult to understand or appreciate why anyone would live a polygamist life style especially from a very young age.  The problem with the outside view is that a religion is central to this practice and that the early marriages are performed within that structure.  It's not a high intellect pursuit, but what religion is for that matter?   Sex issues further discussed down this page

The fed may have bitten off more than it can chew this time.  By starting a religious war in the West, they could touch off other religious wars throughout the U.S. much as they have done in the Middle East. The larger question is where does this latest move lead and where does it stop?  Will Mosques be burned or synagogues be bulldozed?  Those are fair questions now.  If you are a Mormon, this would be a good time to start complaining BEFORE any loss of life occurs, regardless which part or faction of "the church" you belong to.  

On Going Forward

The hell of it is that this page has also had to take up most sex issues as the secondary major issues affecting the people of America.  It's really no joke when so much time has to be wasted on sex related busts, crimes and loss of lives.  All of this was preventable with an open attitude.  No hate filled society ever sorts things out very well. 

Women cannot and should not be made to apologize for having a pussy. From a purely biological standpoint, THEY are the targets/objects NOT the other way around.  Just about anyone calling themselves "a psychologist" should be able to understand that fact without too much trouble, but that has become passe´.  It's far more fashionable to get down an dirty on everything in sight.  That always "makes things right,"  but for whom and where?  The pettiness in America is so far out of control that the word control will have to be removed from the lexicon permanently. 

This is an adult newspaper.  In the opinion of this newspaper, published daily for the world by, having a pussy should mean never having to say you're sorry.  Beyond that, it deserves special protection based at "the child level" or to any extreme required.  Continued failure to address this problem can only result in more nightmares for organized society here and everywhere.  That includes the sex murders everyone claims to abhor. DOES NOT advocate "sex with kids."  It does advocate freedom to live, however.  By today's "standards" (if there even are any left) that is an EXTREMELY ADULT concept.  It's unlikely anyone in America could be expected to understand that concept because all we have left is knee-jerk jock logic in the form of "law enforcement solutions," as for the Lafave case and those like it.  Cases like this are "the big signals" that are still getting kicked under the carpet.  It won't work.  

We've got a lot of abandoned kids living on the streets in this country.  No one cares too much to get into that, but many of these kids were thrown out of their homes by angry, hostile confused "parents" because they thought the kids had "become gay."  In some cases, they did.  In others, there is no reason.  Since there's so much indignation over a person like Lafave, just where in the hell is all this indignation over all the "lost ones" on the streets, especially in a place like San Francisco?  Foreign subject again.  Down this page are numerous additional articles on this subject and others.  It would be less than a public service to overlook this matter as do most of the BIG papers.      

Oh yes, after all that heavy duty stuff you need some relief, so here it is.  Enjoy!


Just a local San Jose working girl doing what should be totally legal and enjoying every minute of it in her beautiful police state. The Internet tells us so.  Would you say NO to her?  Are you "bothered" by this wonton display of nudity?  Then maybe YOU are the one with the problem, not anyone else?  Our national sex problem has been exposed before you today. 



Here's a woman in a very suggestive pose. Not too many years ago she could have been arrested for "attempted prostitution."  But you decide today.  Should she be smashed for this wonton display of suggestion?  Or should Debra Lafave be smashed for being a vulnerable woman?  Both?

It's a choice made in law enforcement hell and the weak minds of the masses now living in a world of total openness of porn.  There's scarcely a place in any community where porn is not available.  That's called mainstream.  Take another look.  Feel like doing harm to her today?  Lock her up for the rest of her screwing life?  How about a massive "tracking system" so that anyone who's got a sexual thought can be located by the police?  Sounds good to you?  Just where would the "tracking" stop once it started? 

In the 1950s and early 60s possession of this snap was a felony.  Do we need to go there again?




Finally, here's a woman "pussy footing."  Ever notice how just about every part of a woman's body is in tune with the total seduction?  It's nice, but NOT a "sex problem" according to this paper's outlook.  What if this were criminalized though?  There are some idiots who would like that.  That's what is known as maladjustment.  It's commonly found in law enforcement and in most district attorneys' offices all over America.  The more maladjustment, the more violent the crimes committed.  


A Study in Hypocrisy

The famous John Walsh of America's Most Wanted has been on television pushing a new congressional bill that would require federally mandated sex offender registration and among other things, bring in the U.S. Marshals as enforcement agents. They would round up non registrants pronto, provided they could find them that is.

One thing that has come out of the Duncan case in Idaho is that a true predator is difficult to stop or even detect. This man used night vision equipment to monitor the Groene family until he was ready to pounce. When he did, he roamed the West for weeks at will. He brutally attacked the children and took extreme pleasure in killing Shastas' brother Dylan. All the laws in the world probably would not have prevented this crime. That's the part everyone is being made to overlook.

At what point is everyone and everything totally illegal? If night vision were illegal would that have helped? Probably not, but one could argue that Duncan was a known level III offender. That called for support and monitoring. Even then, he could have cut any GPS anklet off and skipped any time. That was his intention all along. He wanted to hurt as many people as he could and bragged about it before hand. [Consider how much time and effort is spent on gun control in America. Duncan only needed a hammer.  So, what good did all that "gun control" do?]  

The conflict exists in just how far people want to go in forfeiting their freedoms so that one of these animals is corralled. John Walsh says, in so many words, that he wants to open the floodgates to federal law enforcement. As such, he has made himself the unwitting collaborator of the federal camel that has only one thing in mind, total control. The selling job is that "you're not safe anymore unless the fed overpowers everyone and everything." This is not new and the fed already has its nose in the tent.

For many years local police knew about the molestations the Catholic priests were doing, but they did nothing about it. It wasn't just in Boston either. In Toledo, four former officers have come forward to say that priests were always given the benefit of the doubt. Former Chief A. Bosch, himself a Catholic, confirmed that no priest was ever to be arrested.

The government is the enemy stupid along with the stay at home voters and the people who only consume. 

This was mainly the way the church was treated throughout America. So, so much for "awareness" and "keeping kids close to home," etc. When your own church is the molester and the police cover it all up, what hope is left? It took decades for Boston's Cardinal Law to bounce. The church is always slow to react to anything right along with all of government.

Closer to home the Schwartzmiller case demonstrates another facet of human nature, trust. People want to believe the best about others. That's only human nature. Other than the shear numbers of offenses, the Schwartzmiller case is not so unusual at all. Often times a molester is very smooth talking. It's hard to say get lost to someone who is very complimentary and even supportive. They're so good at it that they can worm themselves right into a family setting without being noticed. These people love kids and animals. They love to "do favors" of all sorts, and are always willing "to help out." As far as can be determined, Schwartzmiller never killed, but that's only an assumption. Eventually, these people do kill as do most rapists. A book titled An Inch Away From Death spends some time on that aspect of molestation.

No matter where socialism has been tried on this Earth, it has never worked to the advantage of the private citizen. Instead, an elitist form of government is installed and people burn.

Most people don't care to discuss sexuality for any reason, never mind abnormal psych. As long as that's the case, there's less hope for understanding. Kids do need and deserve protection whether the parents know what to do or not. Julie Clarke has produced a DVD that John Walsh has endorsed. It may help, but to sell out everything to the fed is not much of a fix. More of the failures to enforce could easily crop up. It would be far more beneficial to learn how is it these people are produced in the first place. Beyond that, why is it that so many are apparently tolerant towards skillful attackers and otherwise so adamant about repressing sexuality across America?

America is a society with only more "law enforcement solutions" to turn to. That's a heavy criticism, but one that's greatly deserved. Everyone made things this way by allowing people in positions of authority to set the tune decades ago as with the "hands off policy" towards priests.

Once again, people in positions of authority along with their helpers like John Walsh want to set the tune for the next several decades. Now they want total control so that things will be better. The term "Communist" has gone out of style, but Communism is about what they are seeking when they talk of such broad controls. 

Absolute power is an extremely dangerous weapon to hand over to the police in the name of "getting rid of molesters" or for any other reason.

The government is the enemy stupid along with the stay at home voters and the people who only consume. No matter where socialism has been tried on this Earth, it has never worked to the advantage of the private citizen. Instead, an elitist form of government is installed and people burn.

Hypocrisy is one thing, but launching a totalitarian government on everyone is entirely something else. What has been proven beyond any doubt is the fact that the police can't be depended upon to be fair or objective in all things. If they were swayed by the aura of priests up until recent times, they'll also be swayed by absolute power now and in the future. Absolute power is an extremely dangerous weapon to hand over to the police in the name of "getting rid of molesters" or for any other reason. Beware of famous faces chanting popular tunes.

What Are The Answers?

America has a terrible sex problem, but just what can be done about it? Well, for one thing, the answer is definitely not to repress anything, and more laws solve nothing. All those years of religious tyranny got no one anywhere either. Just about anytime someone of note came forward with real information about sex, they were shot down. Such was the case with Alfred Kinsey back in the 1940s. The dear Billy Graham, et. al. decided he was a vulgar sinner and laid right into him. It's worthy to note that anytime a true scholar who carefully researches any subject comes forward, he's immediately attacked. That phenomenon appears everywhere in science. 

The world was round, you said? The Pope didn't think so!  He thought that the Earth was the center of the universe and that everything else revolved around it. He was so sure about it that he decided to excommunicate someone who said otherwise.  That someone was only recently re-instated in the Catholic church. Guess guess. 

The things Hugh Heffner has said for years ring truer than ever. His magazine has survived primarily because it was not a sex magazine at all. Others, like Penthouse fell by the boards. Hugh was smarter. He claims that Kinsey was and still is his best mentor of all.

Playboy underwent a hellish attack for years by religious nuts. Finally, 7/11 had to acquiesce. They took it off the racks, and put it out of sight. Since those days, the molesters have taken off like rockets too. The timing is unmistakable. Just what kind of mechanism are we dealing with? If an answer could be found to that question, it would be worth billions and billions. Answers only come to those willing to work on them for extended periods of time. In other words, more knee-jerk laws will accomplish nothing. It's quite possible even to exacerbate the problem with more laws. That's just about to happen again.

A number of years ago when the sex video industry was in its infancy, numerous "obscenity" laws were quickly passed to deal with "the problem." The police were very busy in every town, grabbing, smashing and burning just about everything in sight until something better came along like drugs. It all backfired so that today we have as much adult freedom as we'll ever have, up to a point. We do have pussying around, no pun intended, about what's right and what's wrong, however. The quickest and surest way to ignite any situation is to use the phrase "our kids" anywhere in the body of the work, but especially if the subject is sex. Kids won't be discussed here.

So, what did Kinsey give us, and what difference does it make now? For one thing, he gave us two completely separate books on male and female sexuality. By anyone's measure, they were and still are absolute blockbusters. Together they represent the foundations of research on the subject of human sexuality even exceeding Sigmund Freud's work. Unfortunately, Kinsey got smeared for having published information that came directly from a child molester. He was a true scientist, however. Nothing stopped him from reaching his goals.

That's where this article begins. If the approach had been one of properly identifying what was going on with the molester rather than to have angry reactions to the information, there would have been more hope in reaching a level of control over this sort of person before they offended. Instead, we got laws, lots of them. Only after someone has offended, do they have any hope for support or treatment. That's the big reason why this problem will continue to burgeon. The laws currently being passed are really just feel good reactions to the end result of a much more serious problem. Water on an oil fire does not work.

In recent years, America has exhibited a very distinct "anti male" atmosphere. It's coming from everywhere, and it has not helped anyone one bit. If anything, it may have been the launching pad for more abnormality than anything else. It's of interest to note that a brief train ride in Europe will result in much interaction between strange men and women. Whatever is wrong here is not wrong there. Wooing and cavorting with others is so easy. Here it's abnormal. If you say more than about two words, suddenly you're even an "attacker." The differences are quite noticeable. The European kids see whores from childhood yet seldom become the same. Why's that? Those kids have wine with just about every meal, yet never become drunks? Why's that? Sex is beautiful over there, yet so dirty and nasty over here. Why's that? Something's sure wrong.

To be sure, the style of law is much different overseas. In France, "rape" is not truly rape. It's pretty rare to find an actual "rape" case. In Belgium it's totally legal to do anything with sex up to a point right in the open. They don't seem to have violent rape murders over there. Why's that? Well, this is all food for thought. Nothing was actually resolved, just noted. Will we ever again be an open sexually free society? Probably not. With all the emphasis on abnormality, child molestation and murder, it's not very likely at all. We'll build higher and higher walls, but they'll still be breached. Everyone pays a high personal price too. Just listen sometime to nurse Johnston, Dr. Ruth or the Bermans. There's plenty of confusion to go around with each succeeding generation. Any society that can't use the "M" word is automatically in big trouble.

For more information see or or

The Case For Pre Offender Support

A pattern seems to have emerged in sex offenders; that is, they don't like what they do.  Within that there is some amount of hope.  One thing could be attempted that may help reduce sex offenses is to set up a call-in support facility nationwide so that anyone wanting help could call in prior to offending.  Instead of handling the situation like a law enforcement problem (and tragically after the fact), it could be done better as a treatment that included the full range of things done for the convicted offenders.  This is an idea who's time is coming though this is a very long shot for American mentality.  However, it's worth considering because more and more serious cases are coming along all the time.  As the prisons swell, it will become even more obvious that the current rush of laws helped no one.  That's a very sad pattern that anyone can see, and  what happens when all neighborhoods everywhere are solid "hits" for offenders in residence?

Other Police State Bullshit

In the interest of total fair play, this paper must from time to time advocate what would appear to be total law breaking with the intentions of preserving sanity.  Sex issues are of paramount importance to everyone everywhere.  Unfortunately, in America, something went terribly wrong the day the Pilgrims landed here.  They brought with them the bad idea that sex was a sin and it was to be repressed at all costs.  This sad tragedy continues to rob everyone of life's most basic pleasure.  

As sex pertains to police states, it's even more of a farcical issue.  Law was supposed to protect people not "clip their wings off."  Sex issues are covered all over this paper, but special interest is noted here because "the police" continue to damage everyone with the concept that sex equals molestation and other such farces of comparison.  

America has become strikingly anti-male and continues to be so.  This agenda is getting pushed VERY hard by the police, local idiots, "women's groups" and a host of other "religions" that are in no position whatsoever either to evaluate the lives of others nor to command anything.  In fact, the Catholic Church is the biggest molester of all, so they should be completely silent on any sex issues.  They've more than proven their destructive involvement in sex.  

In a real police state, the first things that disappear are cock fighting, then guns and finally sex.  Sex is a tool of control most assuredly in any police state.  The anti-sex volume is getting ratcheted way up now.  It would seem that "the police" what to smash the life out of everyone when it comes to sex?  It's too tempting an issue for them to ignore.  Sex issues, per se, guarantee instant public attention and continued revenues to smash people wherever and whenever the urge arises whether sexually or otherwise. 

Mexico has had legal prostitution for a long time.  It's tragically overdue in America.  Here's a web page worth reviewing.  The world needs more legal sex, not less.  Prostitution must one day be legal everywhere in America just as for gun ownership and all the rest.  "The police" have no business in attempting to regulate any amount of sex. 

In the interest of safety for all, here are some instructions to follow whenever checking out someone selling sex services as on Craig's List or elsewhere:  Always get the phone number of the provider.  That is the key.  It may be used to search any reviews they may have.  Go to  Enter the last four (4) digits of the provider's phone number into the text entry field titled, "Phone or Area Code".  The review, if any will pop up from anywhere in the world.  It will be tied to their phone number's last four digits.  If the person has no review, STAY AWAY.  Frequently, these individuals have violent pimps or will not render a service in any way other than to take money.  Law enforcement may have a sting operation going as well.  USE CAUTION whenever approaching any unknown person.  When time permits, add a review of the person encountered.  It's easy.  Hopefully, it won't be illegal someday to sell oneself.  Until then, LOOK OUT!  By the way, some very good providers do exist and it's not all bad.

The Case For Legalized Prostitution

Whenever a vice becomes illegal, just about the reverse happens of what was intended. For years, cops worldwide have been in on the take from spot illegal activities like hooking. It's very common. And where the money wanes, there's always the free sex. "A girl" who "breaks the law" will get hauled in for failure to capitulate in most places.

Considering AIDS/HIV and the need for protection, legalized prostitution is one answer. It appears to work very well in Nevada though it is not available everywhere in that state.

Recently, the U.S. Government signed a deal for $16 billion for Brazil's anti AIDS programs that included mainly condoms. Hooking in South and Central America is a very big business and always will be. Any poor country can speak to such things very well even ours. However, the government blokes that gave the support to Brazil also demanded that they sign an agreement of understanding. In the agreement, the county had to state that prostitution was a "reprehensible thing."

There's been a push to make prostitution a federal crime too. That's wild, but not inconceivable in America where feel good laws go down quarter hourly. Then reality sets in like "how will we enforce this?" Americans like that type of head-in-the-sand approach. It ties into "tradition" and "family values" and all other things good and pure, but no one ever gets anywhere with any of it except politicians who run perpetually on the "law enforcement" platforms all across the land. People like to hear that stuff. It sounds good. It's believable enough to vote for. Later when no one can even get the police on the phone more reality sets in.

So, what we have here is a failure to communicate. People are going to do it no matter what. To attempt to ignore this or cover it up is a critical mistake. That mistake leads to more abuse/murder of women and in the end, no one again is served.

True, no one wants it on "their" street corner. That's not the idea. The idea is to be sure it's never on any street corner. The Nevada example stands out once again very well for how it all can be made to work. Why should anyone feel they need to break the law just to have a little sex? Have a look at The Metro sometime. See all the sex ads in that pub or any other like it. This area is but only one or two steps away from totally legal sex services. It's been this way for years too and the smaller pubs have outright cleaned up on all the advertising of sex services.

America is a land of very mixed up priorities and heavy duty religious overtones when it comes to sex. Long term, no one was served by this. Continued ignorance leads only to more AIDS, more cop crimes, more rip offs and nothing else good. While people keep bashing their heads against numerous walls, more time is passing. A very brisk business in sex services continues regardless. Many states have already had to throw in the towel to legalized gambling, so the sex services will come into their own in a similar way, just later than sooner.

SIDS – A Tragedy Made Worse With Laws

Who in his right mind would have ever applied “a law enforcement solution” to a family tragedy?  It’s not at all strange in America.  Unfortunately, that could happen to a family who lost a child to SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, prior to 1983.  Back then, the state in its benevolence would soon prosecute at least one or often times both parents.  Thus, the tragedy was compounded in the double victimization of the survivors.

It took time and a lot of good medical research for this bad attitude on the part of prosecutors to change. Fortunately, the rest of the world explored the possible causes of the sudden infant deaths that were occurring everywhere fairly regularly.  They’re still working hard on it too, and the problem is still very much with the world.

The facts strongly suggest that links exist between almost anything and SIDS.  If you have a newborn, listen carefully to your pediatrician or seek information on this phenomenon yourself.  Don’t wait.  You may find some comfort in the fact that law enforcement can’t come down as fast on your tragedy should it ever happen to you.  That’s one step in the progress of dealing with a lethal situation.  Not everyone was so lucky before 1983 though. 

Law enforcement, generally speaking, wants to be "out front" in any area of endeavor it can be, especially with the "slam dunk" cases that generate huge revenues for the various departments and jurisdictions in most states.  By that standard, most individuals are "slam dunk" material and are used accordingly.  It keeps getting better and better because the current push is to turn almost anyone into an offender, the cheapest shots being sex related issues.  It's not just the "Michael Jacksons." It's anyone anywhere anytime. 

Blanket “law enforcement solutions” hurt innocent people most of the time. That's especially so when a small amount of understanding would have gone miles in helping people deal with the worst kind of tragedy of a lifetime like SIDS.  It’s often said that nothing was ever settled with a gun.  It’s just as true that often times nothing was settled with a badge, but especially if any amount of thought were involved.  What's so ironic now is the fact that so much is made of emotional reactions on television.  America is constantly being "pushed" to "feel things" in certain prescribed ways.  Most of this "push" is for marketing, the rest is to bend people before the government in general and law enforcement in particular. 

See for additional information about SIDS.  If you feel that you really understand that problem, good.  Now see if you can use that understanding to question other “law enforcement solutions” that are routinely flung at the rest of the problems in our society.  That’s a very timely exercise for all concerned.  It will save a lot of money to say nothing of the lives it will also save.

National Sex Problem Exposed! 

It's taken many years for the freaky flap to properly develop, but it finally may have in the well spoken remarks of Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.  He blamed the Roman Catholic Church's child sex abuse scandal on "liberalism in Boston."  That amounted to a shot being fired across Ted Kennedy's bow and now he's fired back that Santorum, the third ranking Republican in the Senate, must apologize for the remark, as though Kennedy were so innocent himself of any wrongdoing! 

Santorum said, "Priests, like all of us, are affected by culture," on July 12, 2002 for an article he wrote for Catholic Online.  He went on to say that, "When the culture is sick, every element in it becomes infected...It is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm."   Now let's see, Massachusetts became the first "gay marriage" state, did it not?  And hasn't Amherst, for one example, been a known homo haven for years and years?   And isn't Massachusetts number one in education?  Well then, it would seem that Santorum was dead on in his remarks of three years ago. 

Boston had more priest sex abuses than any of the other Dioceses.  Cardinal Law bounced all the way to Rome. People are still mad at him for his inaction.  Again Santorum was dead on in his remarks. 

How is it that one side of society is pushing hard for "gay marriage" while another side of society is pushing for increased penalties for acts of molestation and other factions want no abortions while still others expect total freedom to do as they please, all at once and everyone thinking that "they" are right?  Not to overlook the sex industry either.  Sex videos, per se, are now considered mainstream America.  The word fuck is no longer a bad use word and even "gay groups" have recently stated that the word queer is no longer an offensive word.  Oh yeah, "the moral majorities" out there want state-by-state constitutional amendments to prevent marriage between other than one man and one woman.  Almost forgot that one.  It's a huge push too.  

For Kennedy to leave his roost to single out Santorum is pure Kennedy at his unctuous best ever, and three years too late too!  And what about "enforcement?"  That seems to have been lost in this shuffle.  Regardless of the latest politically motivated flap, America is a land of "selective enforcement" of laws.  That's very bad news too.  That means that we pass heavy duty laws with no intention (or money) ever to enforce them.  The usual excuse is "we don't have the officers."  That's funny.  The biggest national expense after defense is law enforcement.  

Considering all of the above, the time is rapidly approaching when we'll have to go to a much more totally open society.  That could include that sex with someone over the age of fourteen will have to be allowed (regardless of the other party) unless it were in the commission of a murder, kidnap or a rape.  That sounds very far out and it's sure to spark some anger, but the population boom just about guarantees it.  Who's going to enforce anything later on when they can't now?  "Kids" of fourteen have plenty of sex with each other.  That's not molestation. It's just become very convenient to get really mad about any sex issue and to scream out with righteous indignation like a Kennedy, the last one who should ever open his mouth about such matters.  People scream for laws where laws don't even belong.  Laws will never control sexuality to any great extent.  That's been proven in every country on this earth. 

The Catholic Church WILL HAVE TO CHANGE too along with the rest of us.  That means, The Pope WILL have to agree to marriage in the priesthood, and in fact even order it.  "Getting mad about something" fixes precisely nothing, but especially with any emotional or personal issue like sex.  When it comes right down to it, Kennedy is responsible for much of the angst throughout America.  He's the one who's become the dragon's head of government for earned reasons. 

National Sex Offender Registration Doomed To Failure

There's a lot of excitement on the hill as the Children's Safety Act passed the U.S. House overwhelmingly. The latest control push came about because about 100,000 out of 550,000 offenders nationally are not accounted for, at least that's the story from law enforcement. No hard data has ever been presented as to whether anyone double checked on these offenders or not. Sensational stories like those coming from Florida in recent times have embittered everyone to be sure, but no one anywhere has asked enough questions of law enforcement like, "Did you really follow up on this guy or what?"

The standard message from nearly all of law enforcement is always, "We don't have the officers." That covers just about everything. Of course, it only takes one flagrant offender to completely undo years of otherwise good police work. Yet, more and more of these sensational cases have been coming forth in recent years. No one anywhere is asking why or why now.

So now the push is to get 100% registration of all offenders at all times. That's good, but everyone has been paying for that much right along in higher and higher taxes, special programs and the like. The argument that anyone has been less than forthcoming about this situation holds no water. The "Megan's Law" is a matter of fact too. To put it bluntly, all the measures and procedures did not work at the most critical times. More kids died or went missing. Some of the attackers have operated for generations without getting caught one time. Those are the ones who manage to completely blend into the environment. A number like 100,000 is guaranteed to draw the impetus to action, but is that the real story?

The world is changing, and again to put it bluntly, no government that's local, state or federal is too happy for very long without increasing its grip on its citizens. This latest push is as much a camouflaged usurpation of individual rights as any could be ever.

The bottom line is that this latest law is doomed to failure too. In the end, the answer will have to be that everyone everywhere will be tracked with RF style technology which is exactly what all levels of government want. It's done already in other places like Singapore. The technology is here already in airports and other places. Cell phone records assist in many criminal investigations too.

All that won't be good enough either because crime is crime, but every minute of everyone's day will be tracked, listed, reported, noted, categorized and kept for absolutely forever just like the cell phone logs are now. Things that should not matter like number of toilet flushes will loom ever larger and larger in the information grab that's coming. Eventually, a person will only leave the home during designated "safe hours" and all of that excursion will be carefully tracked. Just as certain intersections are monitored now with remote cameras, "officers" will have to validate the activities of citizens under their purview, "just to be sure." Is that what you had in mind? Regardless, that's what all levels of government have in mind for you. By the way, there is an offender already registered in your neighborhood. Do you feel safer knowing that? What will you actually do with that information kid or no kid?

John Walsh (of AMW) Wants a Federal Rein of Terror

Walsh got his way,  27 July 2006.  The "Children's Safety Act" was signed by President Bush.  The rein of terror begins. 

John Walsh has been pushing the Children's Safety Act very hard lately. The bill passed the U.S. House recently, but has not been considered by the Senate, just yet. That's probably good news because what that bill contains is a nightmare.

Mainly, the bill makes it a federal crime for a registered sex offender to fail to register. Walsh is particularly delighted that U.S. Marshals would be used to "round up" recalcitrant parolees of which there are about 100,000 at any given time.

That anyone like Walsh could push such legislation is a crime itself. The last thing America needs is federalization of anything to do with sex crimes. Considering how the feds handled the false "war on drugs," Waco and a few other such matters, it's not a very good idea to hand over any more incentives to kill anyone else. Particularly, is it very bad timing to get the fed involved in any sexually related matters.

Although it's true that unregistered sex offenders are a problem, most of that problem accrues at state levels where weak organization results in failure to take proper action. Crimes against persons need to remain state matters. That's only common sense, and the precedents are long established.

As Walsh pushes this bill, he frequently uses the image of "guns" to get his message across. He's lost his mind. The sex offenders practically never use any weapons. They con the kids very well without them. That's just about the only way. The kids are talked into "going to see mommy" or "going for an ice cream" from which there is no return. Most of these kids are choked to death, the usual cause of death in a homicide.

It's mind boggling that Walsh would suggest for a moment that "a gun" would ever be used to get a kid into a car. His own boy, Adam, was found with a slashed throat not a "gun shot" or a "pistol whipping." He should be able to distinguish what it is that he is talking about, but that's all beside the point, especially from him. That's what being the handmaiden of the police everywhere will do.

A number of years ago, Joe Biden (D-Delaware) decided to make rape a federal crime.  He pushed his idea hard while in the House.  Apparently, he wanted at least in part to capitalize on the Waco rapes of children which were never proven.  Rape was then and still is a state crime, where it belongs. For the record, the kids were taken away from the Davidians and returned after it was determined that none of them had been mishandled in any way.  That occurred a few months before the raid.  Biden angrily "sought justice" for women up until it all backfired right in his face.  Making rape a federal crime just didn't fly.  End of that story.  

In a society in which adult porn is considered mainstream, it's even more astonishing that someone like Walsh would be demanding a "rein of terror" at a federal level simply to "round up" non registered sex offenders. That's a farce. His real motive is actually gun control. Since he prides himself so much on "the truth" he should be telling the truth much more frequently. He should tell everyone about the gun control provision that has been sneaked into his darling bill as an attachment. It's bad medicine just like a federal rein of terror is bad medicine, and just as the totally non professional conduct of ATF is bad medicine for America.

The Horrors of Tracking

In America, laws are quite frequently twisted to suit the circumstances at hand. One of the most dangerous things that may be done to citizens occurs when some existing statute or an established "law enforcement system" is reused for other than the original purpose. That's a very interesting subject and requires a very complete book unto itself. However, there is neither the time nor space to deal with that tome of litany herein.

To keep things as simple as possible, only the "sex offender tracking system(s)" will be briefly touched upon in this article. Simply put, they sound wonderful, but the upshot of those diverse "systems" is to create the very nightmare that a free society must avoid at all costs.

The folly is not to be found in the original purpose of any "offender registration system." It's what happens later, well after the fact, and perhaps many years after the fact that is of concern. No "system" is perfect. The vagaries of technology will place any "system" at deficit when it comes to security and ease of use never mind performance issues which are peculiar to end users, given sufficient time. Examples are readily found everywhere, but especially for anything on the Internet.

In recent years, police departments decided to "get tough" about tracking down non-paying drivers with outstanding traffic citations. Originally, they had few alternatives to force the derelict fines to be paid, and even fewer if the driver had skipped to another state. That's not true anymore, and the reason for that is technology. To make a long story short, they get to use all of the major law enforcement systems that originally were to be used only for criminal matters. Tracing a car now is a piece of cake whether it were rented for the weekend or just what.

Law enforcement has vast powers to review credit card transactions or anything else required to find someone, regardless of the seriousness involved. It wouldn't be too difficult to abuse any of today's "systems" for a lot of reasons. The next step in the process is always to expand the "data base" of those in any system. At first, only the worst sorts of offenders are loaded into "the system." Later, when budgetary matters improve, it's a fairly easy yet perhaps a costly process to add more and more citizens to any existing system.

The excuse or presentation will read something like this: "We already have a ____ system that monitors ______ offenders. Why don't we just use the same system for _____. That way, we'll not have to re-invent the wheel, and we'll automatically have searching capability for any and all other offenses."

That's a hell of a presentation and it works every time. Often judges will be called upon to "issue a court order" to ensure that top administrators get the point. It's very dangerous too. By today's standards, it's one of the most dangerous things imaginable because things like "warrants" become less and less an issue. "The system" itself IS the "warrant" to do anything including divulging information like addresses of offenders. For now, there are some controls on this information, but not many.  Anyone can have sex offender information.  

No one wants a true criminal to be able to hide. That's not the point of this article. The issue is just how far does it go? When the lines become blurred about what is a state crime, a federal crime, a routine inquiry, etc. then that's the problem. It means that anything and everything is handled as a criminal matter because it's part of the criminal system.

More serious is the constant external push to "get things on the system no matter what." Unelected people like John Walsh of AMW come to mind as particularly dangerous characters. Who do they answer to? A judge? A panel of "concerned citizens?" A cop? You? Me? Why is it that Walsh wants so much federal connectivity all of a sudden in sexually related crime? It can't be merely just to apprehend convicted sex offender non-registrants? It appears that idiots with their own one-sided special interests are encouraged to operate freely so that more draconian measures will be possible in the future. In other words, build a "warehouse" today that becomes another concentration camp tomorrow. It's easier that way. Just do it a step at a time to avoid too many questions.

As far as money is concerned, most areas of the country allocate plenty of money for such things like the 100,000 new police officers promised by the Clinton Administration or brand new finger print machines. There's plenty of money spent and available everywhere to do just about everything in law enforcement because everyone has been frightened into that position, years and years ago. It's no contest except in very limited ways. Some departments had to fold because of the case load versus all the retirement benefits paid out. Those are remote examples involving some small departments. The balance of American mentality is law enforcement first and best always. 

Moralizing Gone Wild by Michael Bradford

Happy New Year, if you haven't gotten your share already.  The world is a wild and wacky place these days, but especially with morals.  Did I say morals?  What morals and where?  How about some non judgmental porn-to-go downloaded to your cell phone or Ipod?  It's here and getting more bars all the time.  According to The Yankee Group, a Boston Technology consulting and research firm, the cell porn market could reach about $1 billion in the U.S. alone by 2008.  Such services are already available in Europe and Asia.  Playboy Inc., has big plans to cash in on this burgeoning market.  Not only is porn American mainstream at this point, it will soon reach places it never could have before.

I'm taking the time to remind everyone about this, as if it's really needed, because as you'll soon see on my page, I deal with a lot of the sexual subjects intentionally.  I don't think we have to wonder IF little Jane or Richy will be exposed at very tender young ages to "mommy's" or "daddy's" porn, just when.  It's coming on at the speed of light.  This will result in a whole new generational outlook.  It's very difficult to tell how bad or how good this will be. It will suffice to say for now that the huge tsunami is coming without let up.  

People are watching this stuff in places no one would have considered before, but if a radio wave can get there so too will the porn.  It's inescapable.  The videos are also downloadable for later play.  

I keep waiting for the police to pounce on this situation.  I guess someone will have to "intentionally" display the incoming video to a child in a very direct way?  That makes sense, but how many busts will result and how will the busts stand up in court?  Although there are no doubt some precedents in the law, the "new porn" will spur new laws.  They'll be tough to enforce and even tougher when the child merely has to take the cell phone when no one is looking and hit "play" to get the latest video sex show.  Jane and Richy will have a whole new connection to their folks.  Finally, after all these years, sex truly will be taught in the home, just not in the way everyone seemed to imagine way back when. 

People fought real hard to keep sex education out of the schools.  Boy, what a change in paradigms this will be?  It could be the ultimate shock of the ages that "Jonnie" brought "daddy's" sex show to school and got himself off with it!  (You'll never see an article like mine in the BIG paper because they can't talk about such things. Hee hee, but they sure wish they could, and I truly hope someone is offended because that helps only to prove my points especially with God's yelping non intellects of which we have so many these days!)   

Kids will have new questions like, gee daddy, why did those women do that to each other?  Or gee daddy, do you really like watching those men do that to each other?  Do you ever think about doing that to me?

As always, I hope I've assaulted you in your middle class morality slumber.  It seems to me that a lot of you really doze quite a bit these days.  I believe that you may imagine all kinds of things like the world changed a lot for you in your time, but that was about it.  Well, that was not about it.  It'll keep changing probably for the worse.  Warmth will someday perhaps totally disappear from intimacy.  I hope not, but it seems that way to me.  If people watch so much of it, what does it ever lead to?  Dollars?

Today's "Sex Bust" Material

Get a load of this!  She should be busted, registered, tracked serially for the rest of her life, forced to cry publicly and on and on and on.  All the seriously jealous anti-male characters in Santa Clara County would enjoy that very much.  Some of the power bitches would take especial delight in locking her up or, well, even taking her home for themselves.  There are always double and triple standards for everything. This paper merely states the obvious whenever and wherever it possibly can.  It's all the more easy in a sick county like Santa Clara and in fact most of California.  It's such a "bread and butter" issue that the paper cashes in every day with it without having to try. 

You see, being a "normal male" in Santa Clara County, is definitely not what power bitches want.  No, it's more like getting smashed for normal thoughts and a normal outlook.  Oh, forgot to ask the question of what is "normal?"  Sorry. Did anyone imagine California to be a "sexy place" where freedom rings, especially any personal freedoms?  No again.  Everything is nasty, bad, "molestation," abnormal and "sick."  Power idiots really like it that way.  There's great joy in that outlook for them. 

It's like being an official in the Catholic Church.  Condemn everything personal while committing heinous acts with kids.  That mind set really took root here.  It's fun to be in a position of authority and be extremely judgmental even though the office holder was always elected on numerous " personal freedom issues" including "gay rights." 

Of course, cops are okay in the temporary male role.  Those robots have to be tolerated so that extremely weak people can call them to do their bidding.  After that, male oriented cops also can go on the trash heap.  For now, they get what they want.  They can "bust" all the girls and get free sex.   Yet, most of the "sex bust" energy has been redirected to the Internet.  Some guys get busted for soliciting kids on the Internet.   It's a much safer line of police work.  Of course, the sex problems just get bigger and bigger and bigger.  The police like it that way too.  That way the budgets just get bigger and bigger and bigger.  

In the mean time, everyone and everything else is rendered nasty, abnormal, "immoral" (like anyone should be casting stones) and all the rest.  Sounds ill today?  Like, what's the matter with this paper?  Well, that's life in a police state, at least, one more dimension of it.   Police states are lonely sick places where people are constantly attacked along personal lines and few have stability enough to remain men or women for very long.  It's worth a thought or two.  A police state is very abnormal.

Before Anyone Starts Jumping Up and Down About "Registration" Consider ALL Parts of It

Editor's note:  This is the real deal.  

Sex offender in noncompliance
By MARIANNE KOBAK - Staff Writer
Monday, August 7, 2006 3:16 PM PDT

ELKO - Just because the state lists a sex offender's address doesn't mean they have the right address - as a family found out Saturday after the Elko Daily Free Press printed the addresses of local sex offenders.

Heather and Cameron Mead live at 505 Copper St., Apt. 206 in Elko. Their address was listed on the state's sex offender Web site, as the address of convicted sex offender Shawn Daley.

Daley doesn't live there.

Heather Mead and her husband received a shock Saturday when they got out of their car to go into their apartment.

"We were in Ely picking up our kids when we came back and had two people investigating who was in 206," Heather said today.

One of the neighbors outside told Heather she was listed in the paper - or at least her address was - and explained why her home was mentioned. "One lady looked at my husband and looked at the photo in the paper and said 'nope, that's not him,'" Heather said.

Heather said she had no idea a convicted sex offender had listed her address as his own. She said a family lived in her apartment before she and her family moved in November 2003.

She said she was told by a police officer to either move or write a letter to all of her neighbors telling them what happened.

"I'm not blaming the paper," Heather said. "In three years we've lived here we've never had a police officer come by. They reported they have been checking up on these people."

"We have been scared," she said. "Now we have targets on our backs."

Heather said this weekend has been a "nightmare" for her and her family.

"My two kids won't stay here," she said. "They are at my sister's. ... If we do have a sex offender on the run we do need to be aware. I find it frustrating that we don't know what exactly they're convicted of. If we're going to list them, list exactly what it is (they're convicted of). This Shawn Daley, he could reoffend."

Heather said she and her husband may have to step up plans to buy a house because of the mistaken address.

"We were living here (Monte Carlo Apartments) to save money," she said.

Heather said her situation should be a wake-up call for the community and for the people in charge.

"We have an election coming up, maybe we need to change who's in office," Heather said. "Whoever is over this situation, maybe we need to change who's in that office. Maybe they'll see that it's not working."

The laws regarding sex offenders were recently changed and the Elko County Sheriff's Office and Elko Police Department as of July have changed the way they monitor sex offenders. Each department has written a new policy.

Unfortunately, Daley became non-compliant years before the new policy went into effect.

"We haven't had contact with him since 2002," said Elko County sheriff's Lt. Kevin McKinney.

Daley was booked into the Elko County Jail for an 8-month sentence on June 15, 2002.

According to the booking sheet, Daley was living at the Copper Street address in 2002.

In March of 2003, the state sent a notice to the sheriff's office that Daley had failed to complete his annual re-registration.

"I can't tell you if we checked on him or not because back then we didn't document what we did," McKinney said.

"At that time we didn't have the policy we have now of tracking these guys," McKinney said.

In 2001, Daley registered a change of address with the sheriff's office that had him moving from Cedar Street to Copper Street, according to documents.

"This (Mead's situation) is one reason why we don't give out exact addresses," McKinney said. "How accurate is that information (on the Web site?)."

Elko Police Chief Mike Smith said he didn't know about Daley until it came out in the paper.

He said his office is just beginning the 90-day and one-year notifications to see if the sex offenders are living at the addresses they list with law enforcement.

Smith did stress the information is for public awareness only.

"Once people act out any vigilantism against these people then this program could be taken away from us," Smith said. "These people normally don't stay in one place for very long, which makes it very difficult for law enforcement. We will do the best we can with the resources we have to protect our community."

"My concern is he needs to be caught," Heather said.

Bulletin! ELKO - Shawn Christopher Daley is currently registered in Butte, Mont.

A search through the national registry located Daley, who was convicted of statutory sexual seduction and sentenced in 1995 in Nevada.

Copyright © 2006 Elko Daily Free Press

Welcome To The Real Face of Law Enforcement in Santa Clara County

Traffic stop? Wife? Girlfriend?  What difference does it make?  It's just a woman. 

Web info/help in SC County:

FYI: Abusive cops rarely pay the price, sample of "it CAN be me"

Seattle Police Officer, Phil Rees, flew into a rage and slammed his wife, Jennifer, into a wall and hurled a dresser drawer at her, leaving visible injuries. She called King County sheriff's deputies, who handed her intoxicated husband back his gun and let him drive away, "so he wouldn't miss work in the morning." No charges were filed. Rees was not disciplined, despite two prior complaints of domestic violence against him.  Heaven only knows the status of Jennifer.  Stuff like that gets women in graves. She no doubt had to apologize for the incident and promise never to let it happen again, etc.  Jen, if you can read this, just go and don't look back.  One more of these and you'll be dead.  

Article provided by "Stinky Badges" with some additional text from   

A national tragedy.

The Painful Lesson From Aruba

Outside the United States, the life of a woman means very little.  That was once again proven in Aruba.  Throughout South America a woman may be allowed to succeed publicly if she is very pretty, and married.  (A few beautiful women even have been allowed to hold public office. )  After that, she's really just meat and could find herself rejected or worse at any time.  

In Spain of seventy-five years or more ago, it was not too uncommon for a husband to kill his "cheating wife."  Nothing too much would ever come of it, but Spain had no corner on the love market either.  Throughout the world to this day, the life of a woman means very little.  In India, for example, pregnant women often are made to go to a "clinic" to have their fetuses sexed.  If the first child is not male, she'll probably undergo an abortion.  Abortion in fact is a woman's worst form of International discrimination as she's not even allowed birth on an equal basis with males.  It's all too common, but not just in India.  

Beth Holloway reported the arrogance of "the boys" she tried to confront when seeking information about her missing daughter.  She got no where fast.  In part it was due to the guilt of those she approached.   Beyond that she was having to confront just what disregard for women actually is outside the states.  It's really awful.   An unmarried woman is "a whore"  and killing a woman is "okay" too.  The murder standards are much lower obviously or the case would have been resolved by now.  It never will be.  

Women in America have it very good.  They can hold jobs, teach and be single moms with only trifle amounts of disapproval, most of it coming from their own immediate families.   Elsewhere in the world, such definitely is not the case.  A single unattached woman may well be an object of scorn.  In the Middle East if a woman is raped, her family may very well snuff her out.  It's not at all uncommon in the wonderful "Muslim" lands as is stoning a woman for having "cheated."   Christ's words were good a long time ago, "Let those without sin cast the first stone."  It was a simple statement that lasted over twenty generations.  Too bad it only worked once for the sake of all the women of the world.  Such is man.  

Judicial Relief On The Way

The House and Senate Judiciary Committees have approved a split of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The move would create a new 12th District.  It’s long overdue and is truly amazing because if any body on this Earth had permanent protection, it had to be the 9th Circuit Court.  However, a long list of controversial rulings has permanently damaged the court.  

The upcoming split is very good news for the Western United States since California would become isolated along with Guam and Hawaii.  The move guarantees that “funny justice” will not continue to damage the rest of the West.  The 9th Circuit presided over a vast area of about fifty-four million people.  On size alone, this move makes excellent sense.

The 9th Circuit Court got its bad name by issuing countless poor rulings that hurt everyone in the West simultaneously.  In fact, the Supreme Court itself could hardy have made worse some of the garbage that came out of the 9th.  The 9th was very well known for its highly unusual rulings, some even perverse in nature.

The latest shocking example concerning the 9th Circuit Court came from a ruling that stated, in so many words, parents had no exclusive control over sexual teachings for their kids.  The research on this was amazing because when it came down to the facts, schools had started questioning young students about very specific “touching” they may have performed on their own private parts. 

The Palmdale School District asked the following questions in 2002 of seven year olds: (partial list)

Is it true that you are:

Touching my private parts too much?

Washing myself because I feel dirty on the inside?

Not trusting people because they might want sex?

Getting scared or upset when I think about sex?

Having sex feelings in my body?

Can't stop thinking about sex?

Getting upset when people talk about sex?

The 9th Circuit Court arrogantly put down any objections from parents in the school district when they sought relief in the courts.  Seven year olds should know virtually nothing about sex except for mommy, daddy and baby. 

Republicans are doing something about this by breaking up the jurisdiction, creating a 12th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The new 9th Circuit Court would include California, Hawaii, Guam, and the North Marianas Islands, while the new Twelfth Circuit would cover Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

House Minority Leader Pelosi said that “Republicans, in trying to split the Ninth Circuit, are attacking ‘an independent judiciary’ without justification. It is simply a partisan exercise to appease the radical right."  That’s entirely to be expected of the bleeding hearted liberal far left, the likes of which will continue to burry California.  Fine, be obstinate all you want, just don’t sink the rest of the West, Nancy.  Most people in the United States know how to conduct their affairs without you or anyone from California telling them what to do. 

More things need to be done to further isolate California from the rest of the United States so that no more “funny stuff” affects other innocent people as has been permitted in the past.

Communism Helped The West

Considering everything, communism was an asset to the American democracy for sixty years.  When Jimmy Doolittle led the raid on Japan in April, 1942 he triggered the beginning of the end for Japanese imperialists as well as ensured that communism would take over where the Japes left off.  In the process of antagonizing the Japanese, over 250,000 Chinese were killed soon after the raid while the Japanese ruthlessly sought the U.S. airmen.  

After WWII, China was in shambles, but especially Manchuria.  Wherever a political vacuum exists some party for better or worse will suck in to fill the breach.  The communists got there first and soon instituted their own murderous controls over everyone and everything.   The notable exception was Hong Kong which remained independent up until 1997.  Hong Kong was the one bastion of free trade and even free thought for one hundred years.  That city was everything that China could have been all along but was never allowed to achieve due to political unrest, more specifically Chairman Mao's brand of crushing repression. 

With nearly the whole world at the the mercy of numerous backwards political parties, the West was free to grow and produce as it felt.   For the last sixty years, much of the oil and raw materials came under the control of the free-trading West while the so called "third world" nations could only wonder when the next bowl of food would come along.  A lot of people died in the last sixty years either from starvation or at the end of some tyrannical regime's gun barrel or noose.  

Suddenly everything has changed in a very big way.  China, the most populous of the formerly downtrodden nations, has bloomed.  It's pretty staggering to consider the changes.  They are very far reaching, but especially for the West.  Consider this:  The U.S. has about nine major population centers each with over one million people.  China has at least one hundred such centers, all with sparkling new airports, hotels, hospitals and all the trimmings.  The average Chinese worker used to be paid with a bowl of rice.  Now they get fat paychecks and go out and spend it for the latest clothes, TVs and anything else on the fully stocked selves.

As China continues to grow, she'll need more oil that ordinarily would have found its way to American gas tanks albeit at lower prices.   Cheap gas won't happen now.  It can't because the die has been cast.  China is for real and won't be going back to total repression anytime soon.  Those days are gone for good.  

Coupled to the above are the staggering losses to China because of intellectual property theft.  America has in so many words underwritten a major piece of China's success by getting ripped off for things like pirated CD/DVD copies to say nothing of industrial espionage.  Not only that, the Clinton Administration may take full credit for handing over all our most advanced atomic secrets.  Our MERV warhead technology is now safely in the hands of the Chinese.  They'll throw it back at us when the time comes which may come sooner than later considering their continued purchasing of submarines from the friendly Russians.   War is the ultimate purpose of the Chinese.  Dreamers need not dream too long to realize that fact. 

For years Chinese smuggling rings have been stealing our high priced cars and sending them back to China in overseas shipping containers.  No telling what else they have been up to, but it's not good for any of us. 

The Chinese have a lot of the sulfur-laden bituminous coal on hand.  They must burn it to electrify all their pretty new cities.  As they burn more and more of that coal, the Westward prevailing winds bring that pollution to our shores and far inland.  That could be a "secret weapon" against America if they were to continue to use it.  That practice almost completely undoes all the environmental safeguards established in the last thirty years.  

As of now, many U.S. utilities are scrambling to "assist" the Chinese (at a price) to become more  energy efficient.  That is a double edged sword.  On the one hand, it makes sense to help the Chinese curb their consumption of the world's energy since they now rank as the most wasteful of all the world's energy consumers.  On the other hand, it's tantamount to digging our own graves to make China any more powerful and technologically advanced than it already is.  

We have become exceedingly dependent on China for everything.  Nearly all our manufactured goods are coming from mainland China, and much of the rest from Taiwan.  It won't be too much longer that all our food and ammunition will come from China judging how everything else has gone.  That should be the end of the United States as we now know it.  The first fatal step will be to allow China to ransack Taiwan.  That may be very soon too.  Yet, if we try to defend Taiwan, it could easily open WWIII.  We're in no position to do too much of anything since we are so committed to Iraq.  They know that and love every minute of it.  

Our  major military ammunition plants have closed for good.  Amazingly, we sold off boatloads of artillery ammo years ago, some of it "obsolete" to us like the vaunted 105 mm rounds.   The 105 mm rounds used to cost $750 each to produce.  We sold these off for about $17 per round.   It seems that each round we fire now must be "smart" and cost at least $100,000 or we don't want it issued.  For years, the government has been blowing up huge quantities of bombs every day near Susanville, CA.  Let's hope that was a good idea too.  

China will continue to be a much more serious threat to America than at any time in the past.  A key reason is that despite all the economic gains, the hostile communists will remain in control.  Especially dysfunctional practices like isolating the Chinese population from the Internet can only lead to more serious problems.  

Our dear friends at Microsoft and others have handed over filtering technology to the communists in order to continue doing business in China.  That price was very steep.  It's not only the type of thing that leads to "Tiananmen Squares" it also leads to "Koreas" filled with misguided hate filled people who want war as much as anything else.  The Korean Government keeps demonstrating how it never negotiates in good faith.  They never intend to stop extracting nuclear bomb materials, for example.  How far behind will China be considering that communists are basically all the same?  

The new Cold War has begun already.  America stands to lose this battle as she continues to build down from the last Cold War.  We have no national plans for anything.  We don't expect hurricanes or terrorists and are prepared for neither much less any protracted war with our major supplier of everything other than oil.    

"Tiananmen Squares" Again Possible

As China grows very quickly, the ultimate clash between "the haves" and "the have-nots" is also forthcoming. The communist government has ensured that fact by underestimating the rapidly growing corruption everywhere. It won't just be rich versus poor out in the streets. It could be that the government once again becomes the ultimate executioner not only to restore order but also to maintain communist control. 

Anytime people are transformed too quickly the risk increases that too much change too fast will cause violent social disorder. The rapid changes that Iran underwent during the "Shaw of Iran's" reign (Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi ended in 1979)  should come to mind as an example of what happens when economic changes outpace all the other aspects of a given population. Religion played its own violent role then in Iran, but China stands again to have violence first in civil unrest then in extreme governmental repression. 

Transparency International, a global anti-corruption organization based in Berlin, publishes an annual survey about corruption. The input data comes from International businesses that rank various countries along a 1-10 scale. The lower the score the worse is the corruption. Currently, China rated a score of 3.4 points while Finland ranked highest at 9.7. Most Asian countries ranked low on the scale.

Peter Rooke, the regional director for Asia Pacific at Transparency International, points to China as an example of the corrosive influence of corruption. "… inequality can be exacerbated by corruption," he said. "And certainly, if people feel that their leaders, whether it's at the local level or the national level, are effectively stealing from them, then this of course has serious political consequences."
China's government has been struggling to contain a growing number of protests among the poor over issues ranging from unthinkable land grabs by corrupt officials, high taxes, and destruction of the ecosystem. Protests last year increased drastically. 

On the plus side, the communists have in fact established anti-corruption laws, but they are not stopping the increasing amount of unrest because they can't keep up with all the crooked officials. In an all-out effort to shield itself from criticism, the communists have inhibited citizen communication with the outside world. That approach brought down the USSR in the end. It could do much the same for China, but it also could start WWIII just as easily. 

Tiananmen Square happened because Mao didn't care to have a participatory form of government. Moreover, he didn't care even to listen to any private citizens. The end result was mass murder. Little was learned. In other words, China could surge ahead for a time economically, but fall back on its old established principles of murder, murder and more murder in the end. 

Regardless of what happens to the private citizen in China, the events that are now unfolding in that distant land spell nothing but trouble for America one way or the other. That is, unless a swift and major social change occurs right along with all the rapid economic changes. The opinions of the vast citizenry will have to be considered and very soon too. The communists would have to be even more willing to step aside so that democracy would have a chance. 

Note: A recent book titled The Coming Collapse of China underscores the validity of the above article. Written by  Gordon Chang, the book goes into some detail concerning the pressures that may be building up in the Chinese now.  

An excerpt from The Coming Collapse of China:

“The revolution has become a dinner party,” says Maggie Farley who has taken Mao Zedong’s quip on revolution and stood it on its head.  Her one short sentence summarizes the history of The People’s Republic.

Both Mao and Farley are correct.  Indeed, if Mao could see what has become of China, he would agree with Farley, a journalist and a former resident of Shanghai.  Mao, unprompted, might even say the same thing himself.  He would, no doubt, utter Farley’s words as a condemnation of the current state of affairs or perhaps as his one of many calls to action.  No, revolution is not a dinner party, but there is little that is revolutionary in present day China. Farley conveys the image of mass movement institutionalized, something that Mao, who promoted the concept of “continuous revolution,” sought to prevent.

Today the people no longer want Mao’s revolution or the party that administers it. And so, the People’s Republic is going to fall, just like its predecessors. History shows that the Chinese people, one aroused, will not be denied. The Ming and the Qing, the last two imperial dynasties, and Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang, the Nationalists, all fell quickly. 

For Qing, it was over almost as soon as it began. The Chinese, disgusted by their oppressive and inept rulers, demanded change. Some sought constitutional restraints on imperial power and others wanted revolution, but all knew that the current system had failed China.  At the end, it took just an incident – and almost any would have sufficed – to trigger rapid collapse. An accidental explosion in October 1911 ended in the abdication, four months later, of Puyi, the six year old emperor. With him went a dynasty of two hundred years and a rule of two thousand.

Why Any Disaster Only Becomes More Deadly

What continues to be absent from disaster planning everywhere in America is a nationwide escape strategy.   If people were working in a building, for example, routine drills would be conducted by order of a fire marshal.  That ensures that everyone knows where to go.  Some people also volunteer as coordinators which helps to ensure orderly egression.  For any city of any size such planning is paramount as well.  The missing item has been transportation, however.   It's one thing to tell people to leave an area, but quite another to provide nothing to do it with and to expect good things to happen.   What really killed all the people in New Orleans was the lack of transportation. 

Most cities have huge bus fleets that should be part of the disaster planning.  Drill days need to be established so that everyone knows where to go to evacuate in an emergency.   Katrina allowed for plenty of warning.   If the buses had been dispatched, few would have lost their lives.

Prior to 9/11 the City of New York experienced a massive power outage.   People quite literally walked out of the city.  One would have thought that a lesson like that should have put the NYC Port Authority in better position to react to 9/11.  It didn't.  That's because a surprise of that magnitude is too much to deal with.   Therefore,  it's even more paramount to have "automatic" plans in place so that no one has to think at all.   The Japanese are very up on this type of planning.  They have to be.  The Kobe earthquake was very deadly but no where near as deadly as it would have been without adequate planning.  

For America, timely transportation out of a crisis area is absolutely mandatory.   Also, supplies must be pre-existing and well stocked.  It's time to bring back "Conelrad" or the equivalent.   In other words, a "clear radio channel" for people to us.   It already exists on NOAA emergency outlets.  We just don't think about it or consider it much.  Obviously more work needs to be done as usual.   Getting the message out is the challenge.  ( It's working in aviation with pilots now monitoring 121.5 Mhz at all times. ) 

The warning radios are inexpensive.  However, everyone needs to have a place to go in a crisis radio or no radio from which they will be evacuated.  It must be totally automatic in everyone's mind.  

What "Shoot to Kill" Does

Editor's note:  The London Police had to admit that de Menezes was killed in cold blood.  They had to admit also that anything they had said was a lie to cover up the murder,  8/17/05.  More parallels to the Eric Kleemeyer case in Santa Clara, CA.   

Prior article including lies made available at the time of release

The British Police shot and killed innocent unarmed Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, in a subway station on Friday, 7/22/05.  The police had been given "shoot to kill" orders from the government after the 7/7/05 bombings.   Scotland Yard called the death a tragedy.  The shooting is being investigated by officers from Scotland Yard's Directorate of Professional Standards, and will be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.  The family of Mr. Menezes told the Brazilian media there was nothing in his past which would give him a reason to run from police as far as they knew.   

Dr. Azzam Tamimi from the Muslim Association of Britain told the BBC News that the police should review their procedures.  "Frankly it doesn't matter whether he is a Muslim or not, he is a human being. It is human lives that are being targeted whether by terrorists or whether in this case unfortunately, by people who are supposed to be chasing or catching the terrorists."

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said: "The police acted to do what they believed necessary to protect the lives of the public.  This tragedy has added another victim to the toll of deaths for which the terrorists bear responsibility."

Jean ran because his visa had expired, but why run at all?  That's a very good question, but once fear takes over, reason won't regain control very well or quickly.  He had nothing to fear other than the police rushing him.  He had no weapon either.  So, he got shot eight times, seven in the head.  Death penalty?  Need anyone worry about it?   Lie, Jean didn't run he was seated the whole time. 

While it's true that an atmosphere dominated by recent terror lends itself to such things, "shoot to kill" orders don't get the job done any better either.  More innocent lives are at stake than before.  So, what we have here is a failure of the dimensions that we also have here locally in Santa Clara County.  Cops everywhere tend to overreact to put it simply.  Unlike our cops here, the British had class enough to apologize for the tragedy.   That's never done here because no one deserves it in our constant "shoot to kill" society.  Everyone knows that much. So much for apologies! 

This paper roundly criticizes the police routinely with very good reason.  It's one thing to "serve and protect."  It's quite another to cause someone who was unarmed to forfeit his life.  That's the reverse of "service."  This is a lesson worth rebroadcasting, but especially to our own trigger happy cops of Santa Clara County.  Almost always, it's a person of color on the receiving end of "serve and protect." 

Water Problems in the West - A Never Ending Fight 

No matter which way the subject is approached, water is good enough for a fight any time in the West.  It's a boiling situation without end.  Lately, Northern Nevada has again had to brace for the next round of usurpation of water.  The enemy is Las Vegas.  Growth never cools off in that city, but it threatens to suck even more water from the rest of the state and far beyond it.

Six loosely organized water districts have been meeting to see about facing the coming challenges to the Northern corner of the state.  For now, all is well, but more and more water is disappearing to the South.  More fighting is due. 

As if the water situation itself were problem enough, the mining operations have created a concern for Mercury contamination everywhere.  The amount of contamination remains below federal standards at this time, but that does not mean it does not exist.  The Great Salt Lake of Utah is ever more contaminated.  The day could come that it becomes off limits.  

The Mercury travels through the air.  It's at a level of only nanograms per liter of air, but for how much longer no one knows.  Mercury is a powerful neuro toxin and its compounds are quite soluble in water.  Fish pick up Mercury quite readily but show no direct ill effects.  In time birds and humans get Mercury into their systems.  Mercury is retained by the body indefinitely.  It will continue to damage the brain and nervous system without stopping.  Children are particularly at risk of Mercury or Lead poisoning.   

There is no sign that mining operations will abate any time soon since the price of gold remains high.  Plenty of gold remains to be removed, much of it from large open pits as for copper.   

In the West the expression goes, "Whiskey is what you drink.  Water is what you fight over."  That saying once again has stood the test of time.

Health Note - The American Threat of Sugar and Excess Calories 

Back in the 1950s, and before, the term Sugar Diabetes was used almost as commonly for diabetes as the old term Infantile Paralysis was for polio.  By the end of the '50s the commercial sugar industry started what was at the time a primmer for major advertising pushes.  They wanted to get the public away from confusing sugar with diabetes.  The ad line was simple: Sugar contains only 18 calories per tea spoon.  It can't make anyone sick.  It worked.  The term Sugar Diabetes soon disappeared from the American lexicon for good.

It's interesting to note that the CDC and AMA are now in complete agreement that the sugared sodas need to be avoided starting in childhood.  At 270 calories a pop, that's more carbs than beer has per bottle or can!  Sugar can only be transformed into fat, meaning weight gain.  Studies have shown that only about 87 excess calories per day will result in five pounds of weight gain annually, more possibly depending on life style.  The excess weight leads to a diabetic condition usually controllable by losing weight and some oral insulin.  If left untreated, the diabetic condition becomes permanent and is very life threatening. More recently, physicians have found yet another type of diabetes they are calling Type One and a half. It's very difficult to treat. 

People who work very hard physically seldom develop diabetes.  It's mainly an illness for the idle or those cursed with it genetically.  The so called juvenal onset diabetes can occur at any time in childhood without warning.  It's true that sugar does not cause the condition in those cases, but it makes otherwise healthy people gain weight.  

Weight gain is not good since it's the setup for diabetes later.  A heavy person needs more insulin as a rule. Also, as a person ages, the liver works less and less efficiently.  Therefore, more insulin will be required than the body may be able to produce.  It's best to leave mid life as thin as possible just to be on the safe side.

The sad truth is that sugar is a major ingredient in just about every food in America.  Catsup for example is mostly sugar.  Unfortunately, many people have diabetes and don't even know it.  Regular testing for diabetes should be part of any clinical visit therefore. 

All insulin does is to move blood sugar, glucose, from the blood stream into the tissues.  

Mission Statements

This page is dedicated to support of citizens in the Western United States, and more specifically to Californians who are, have been or will be abused by the police.

Call for abuses:  If you have been abused by law enforcement in California, PLEASE forward your story in confidence to this paper.  Your story may help to prevent the next police outburst and possible loss of life.  Your identity will be protected unless you prefer otherwise.  "Scared?"  Just have a look at Daria's story.  She damned near paid the supreme price for having only gone to a hospital! The sooner you turn over what you have, the better you'll feel and you'll save someone else's life too just like she did!  If enough of you do it, these "cops" will get the message.  It won't take many many stories either.  They're so scared of this page that they've issued special briefings to trigger happy "cops" and brought in "the joint terrorism task forces" across seven states already.  They've been hoping and just praying that some type of "threat" would appear on this page so it could be ripped to shreds, BUT it has not nor will it.  A web page is NOT a "threat," but it's a hell of a challenge.  Don't you agree?  They expect to get away with murder and receive your thanks for it too.  DON'T just sit there on your story.  Get it published, here, now.  So what do I have to do?  Stand on my head? is the only paper in the San Francisco Bay Area that attempts to fully report police abuses, but particularly the killing of unarmed citizens.

Thought for the day: If you can't own it, then neither should the cops; i.e., machine guns!  [They got really mad at that one.  Ha, it's not news but Barret Arms won't sell or service anything they already sold to law enforcement in CA.  Thanks Ron.  I believe that more such resistance should be considered by the rest of the suppliers to the cops out here. You cops advocate gun laws.  Don't expect "exemptions" and special treatment that the rest of the citizens don't get.  You're not worth it.  You'll stop all the laughing when you're forced to turn in all of your privately owned guns too, as is coming in this state for everyone, thanks to your efforts.  No one will be safer.  The sooner you turn in all the machine guns the better. It'll save some poor slob's life some night as for Compton.  Plural on that one.  The next big cop blowout is a comin' along.  Stress?  Excuses, excuses, excuses.]  

So, if you are a supplier to CA law enforcement, try to find other customers for your wares.  Especially important: Ship no machine guns, parts, service, manuals, etc. to anyone in CA no matter how legitimate or licensed they say they areGet vocal about this and the world will be a better safer place to live in.  Forward these remarks to the world. 


Of interest to all:  The ammunition manufactures all say that if SB 357 becomes law in California, they'll cease all shipments to CA immediately.  SB 357 is about making each round serialized, tracked and logged.  Hey guys, whether it passes or not cut it all off anyway.  See how long law enforcement likes that.   


Want true volunteerism and safe borders?  Then support the governor and laws that will bring California up to speed with the 38 other states.  Bring CCW, Concealed Carry Weapon, laws here.  Make California look just like Arizona so that anyone can patrol the boarder, armed if necessary.   Send thanks to the minutemen for a job well done.  That’ll clear up a lot of nonsense pussy minded mentality about simple things we need.  It takes some of the cops’ powers and gives it back to the people to whom it rightfully belongs.  Your state is poised to grab more gun rights from you soon.  Why?  What are they afraid of?  Or should you be the one who's afraid? 

Mega millions for charity but not a cent for church self-defense opponents, says gun law expert

Arlington, VA 22202 March 8 2006

“Millions for charity but not one cent for gun grabbing church bureaucrats!” This message is on a print-and-clip coupon available on the web site. Gun law expert John M. Snyder designed a coupon for law-abiding gun owners to place in church collection baskets.

Snyder continued, “too many church officials, of various denominations, use their clerical office to undermine the right of decent people to use guns to protect themselves from violent criminals. The church gun grabbers must be stopped.”

Snyder added, “as a practicing Catholic, I am especially disgusted with the opposition to the right to use guns, including handguns, for self-defense by the hypocritical ‘right to life’ hierarchy of the Church, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“The bishops should respect the American separation of church and state, or lose their tax exempt status. Officials in the church should not try to misuse their office by imposing their erroneous personal views on the right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Instead, they should use their time to clean out the sexual child molesters from their own house.

“Laypeople can use the power of the purse to send the bishops a clear message. Right now, during this Lenten season, the bishops are trying to put on an extra squeeze in the various parishes through their annual Lenten appeals. This would be a great opportunity for the laity to put the coupons in the appeal envelopes.”

Snyder said, “perhaps the most striking example of bureaucratic church gun grabbing is Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Vatican Permanent Observer to the United Nations. Migliore supports a UN Conference plan to institute global gun control by international treaty in order to overturn the American Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms.

“Migliore and the UN gun grabbers are holding a high-profile meeting in early July to promote their nefarious agenda. Coming right around the Fourth of July Independence Day, this is a deliberate insult to the United States Constitution and the American heritage of freedom.”

“That’s not all,” Snyder continued. “The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is planning to take up the annual Peter’s Pence collection to support the Vatican the first weekend in July. Whatever money is collected from law-abiding Catholic gun owners will be used to support the Vatican and its functionaries, including gun-grabbing Migliore. What better response to this can American Catholic gun owners make than to boycott the Peter’s Pence collection?

“It’s time to start sending the gun grabbing hierarchy some tough messages. Depositing these coupons in church collection baskets would be a good way to begin!”

John M. Snyder ( Manager Telum Associates, LLC P P Box 2844 Arlington, VA 22202 Phone : 703-212-9863 Fax : 703-212-9862

Antigunning in California Versus the Big Picture

It’s sure funny that in such an anti gun state as this one is the cops get to use guns fast, fast, fast without a single liberal saying a word about it!  Ever notice the disparity between what happens when someone like Brandon Maxfield is accidentally shot with a gun versus what happens if a cop hauls off and kills someone with one? 

Brandon gets to collect millions and millions of dollars (although he is paralyzed for life) from numerous third parties with deep pockets.   On Thursday, 8/12/04, a man was shot dead in San Jose by the cops for having taken a CD player worth a few dollars.   No one will ever come forward to challenge the police for having used a gun.  The rest of the time, this entire state is going full blast with the anti gun stuff.   It’s okay if it’s the police you may say?   They are protecting us you may say?  From what?  A crazed CD crook?  His family will never collect a dime.   In no time the cops will kill yet another person here.  It’s happening so regularly that it’s tiring to have to continue writing about it.

No, we can’t disarm the police and we can’t leave our doors unlocked at night either.  We’ve built up the level of crime so much it’ll never be good here again.   Michael Moore’s film Bowling for Columbine was pretty good testimony as to why we have this situation.  It’s no joke that Canada sits back and relaxes while we blow ourselves away here by having created an acutely sinister law enforcement establishment everywhere.   His film is worth revisiting.

It really is tiring to have to write this stuff every week, especially when we have such beloved cops here who can’t wait to blow up the next minor offender.  Had the man a gun that day, he would have been allowed to surrender.  That’s the pattern of things here.  If the offender is lightly armed or unarmed he’ll get shot to death.  If he is armed as with a pistol, he’ll at least make it to the jail alive.   There is ample evidence of this point.   Why do we love cops so much that we have to have double and triple standards of behavior?   Do we need elitist executioners available on call 24x7?   What if the man who took the CD player had gotten completely away?  Would Santa Clara County have failed to continue to exist?  Anyone heard of theft insurance?   Will some underwriter feel better today and lower the rates because this guy was killed therefore fewer claims will be posted?   Or, will some undertaker be better off today than he was yesterday?  Coffin conspiracy?   It’s a thought.

Try this thought exercise:  The cops legally have assault rifles. You cannot.   The cops legally carry handguns. You cannot.  The cops legally have full auto fire. You cannot.  The cops are legally in great shape to invoke “self defense.” You cannot.   Cops have free legal assistance. You don’t unless you are appointed a public defender by a judge.  Cops continue to get paid after something really bad has happened. You won’t.  See anything wrong with this picture?   Also, cops retire at about age fifty with full salary and full medical benefits. You won’t do that either.  See anything elitist about any of this?  All this in a state that preaches hatred of guns and gun violence 24x7.  Double standards anyone?

WOW! Look What I've Got Honey, 'cause I'm a Cop!

Law enforcement's special.  It's just a question of time until they use it on an unarmed citizen like you.  What will you do?  Maybe NOW is a good time to say something about it?  Later may not come for you or a lot of other people on the receiving end.  

Sorry, no support group on this one.  You're on your own totally :(  

History of this weapon:  Handed down from the crack SS units.  Originally modeled on the MP38, MP40, later the MP44 and sometimes is improperly referred to as a "Schmisser."  This is model MP53.  It costs a lot of money right out of your tax dollars needed for your schools. (The "law enforcement price" is always higher than list price because of bribes and kickbacks to extra middlemen and department personnel.) What goes around comes around.  The SS used it to kill innocent people over sixty years ago, and now your local cops are poised to do it again.  You don't have to be a Jew or anyone specifically to get the picture.  Current CA law permits "retiring cops" to keep their little machine guns and "take them home with them" when they become private citizens again. Nice! How does all that play with you who could never own it legally? Sounds good?  Still have absolute faith in cops?  Better wake up now.  Problems with "Tasers" won't even hold a candle to "machine gun problems."   

Thought for the day: If you can't own it, then neither should the cops!  If you are a supplier to law enforcement in CA, please consider doing no business at all with law enforcement.  That's if you're serious about ever re-opening a free market in this state and also if you support a free world.  This state is full of dilettantes with badges who advocate laws rather than enforce them.  They force laws onto the populace from which they will be exempted.  That's a police state by just about any measure. If they "feel the heat" of what it will be like to have no place to go to buy things, a lot of the nonsense "gun laws" will be stopped.  It's a really tough suggestion, but one worth consideration.  No one gets to have things both ways anywhere else.  Why here?  

Compton Police Prove The Point In La La Land

"This is crazy, really, really crazy," said Trina Hays, 42, who dove onto her lawn when the shooting erupted 20 feet away. "They didn't have any concern for anybody's life, including their own. That's why their own police officer got hit. ... They could have just sat there and waited it out, but they opened fire."  The police blowout incident began shortly after midnight May 9, 2005 when deputies responded to a call of "gunfire" and were told to look for a white SUV.  It was all down hill from there. 

For about four hours Winston Hayes had been driving through the neighborhood playing loud music on a balmy night.  Someone got tired of it and called in a complaint about the show off although no gun or any sign of one was found. In truth, Hayes failed to stop when asked, but once again the police demonstrated that after a certain point, all reasoning is lost.  Once one officer starts shooting, that's it.  It's referred to as "contagious fire" or when officers hear one cop's shots and are then set off in a chain reaction.  Internal affairs investigators are trying to determine whether "contagious fire" was the cause of the nearly 120 rounds being fired at the unarmed man.  It looks like they've already figured out that much.

For his part, Hayes failed to stop and then made the nearly fatal mistake of backing his SUV.  Then the officers started shouting, "Watch your crossfire! Watch your crossfire!"  That set up the rest of the officers for a kill.  Amazingly, Hayes was only wounded and will live.  He was struck four times. Once in the toe, finger and shoulder.  The other hit was not known at press time.  He was listed in stable condition at Torrance Harbor General Hospital on Monday afternoon.  Deputy Edward Clark was struck in the upper part of his protective vest during the crossfire. Clark's injuries were not serious, officials said. A second deputy tripped and fell during the gunfire, and other officers may have assumed he had been hit by a shot from the driver of the SUV,  sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

No evidence indicated that Hayes was involved in any shooting that brought officers to area except that he was driving a similar vehicle to one possibly involved in another incident. Whitmore said that after his arrest it was determined that Hayes was high on drugs. The 44-year-old handyman has prior convictions for resisting arrest, battery, public drunkenness and reckless driving.  The incident appeared to be at least a tease or maybe even a possible "suicide by cop," but that is completely conjectural.  What is certain is that the police had to adjust their stories several times to fit the circumstances. 

The event just reported is an example of the LA way of doing things.  This is what has been happening with more frequency in Santa Clara County.  Events like this one in Compton endangered the lives of many innocent bystanders.  Several homes were hit.  It's a miracle that no one was killed or injured in this latest loss of control by the cops.  There have been several of these in Santa Clara County, most notably the Eric Kleemeyer case. 

Footnote:  On 5/14/05 the police finally got around to "apologizing" for the loss of control. Ha!  Bullet holes riddle numerous homes.  Just consider what full auto fire would have done.  There would have been over 500 rounds fired.  No word on what Hayes will be charged with, but if just one little officer had managed to hurt himself, he'd have been charged with attempted murder/man slaughter/conspiracy or whatever else could be trumped up.  That's how things are done here.  Bait a situation then hammer home all kinds of charges with law enforcement dead wrong all throughout the event.  The courts love it.  The cops still expect thanks from the public on this.  Will you thank them?  Usually you do. Send a nice thank you postcard to the Compton Police.  They'll be so happy you did. You'll probably receive a decal for your car that says "I Support The Local Police!"  Won't that be nice?   If you get one, please forward a scan of it to this paper.  We want to proudly display it too even more than you do.  The Management. 

Footnote number two:  One officer will be "suspended" for fifteen days.  Others will receive "warnings."  Then they'll all reload.  One cop actually ran dry and started screaming for ammo!  Another was hit by "friendly fire,"  but since he had on a vest he got to go home that night. 

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

Why Violence?

Why do we have trigger happy violent cops in Santa Clara County?  The answer is a complicated one, but one factor is that these cops come from the military where they had questionable careers.  Many of these guys were "dog faces" at best, and often had more than one disciplinary hearing.  They didn't succeed for the most part and usually killed indigent people at will.  When they got out of the military, they had numerous mental problems.  Sometimes they were "security guards" for a while until they got on with a major police force that had money.  They continue to be drawn to Santa Clara County, the one that has lots of money or so they've heard.   

A better way to staff a police force is to prevent any military types from being in it.  That helps reduce violence.  If the cop thinks he's still "at war" it's just a question of time until he kills again.  The psychology is very similar to that of a serial killer's.  Police DON'T need to respond to ordinary calls with an all out hell fire SWAT response.  It's not just stupid, it's very costly.  If they've got so much time to react like a war is on, then maybe it's best they go to Iraq and stay?  That form of police work is not needed here.  The only thing that is derived from it is more violence.    

We are rapidly becoming a society of people with badges and those without.  That's a tragic observation.  Just think, the time will come when you'll go to buy gas and may do so only if you're a cop!  Sounds far fetched?  There are plenty of precedents already.  Almost any time a new law is passed, cops are exempted from any/all consequences of it.  Where no exemptions exist, the courts simply bypass "law enforcement" for reason or no reason.  That is, few cops ever get prosecuted, but you will for any minimal amount of infraction under "the law."  You'll serve every day of a very long sentence though you actually did nothing.  The next time you see an "exempt" license plate in front of you, consider all of what that means. You should.  You're paying for that view. 

Sad Case of Alex Hochstraser

Editor's note:  This is a very frequently searched article.  It really hits home. 

When Alexandre "Alex" Hochstraser was arrested for spousal murder on June 7, 2005 it was a major let down for a lot of people, and not just his immediate family. No one around him could ever have imagined how a man like Alex could let loose such a hideous act of murder and dismemberment, but he did. He lost his wife, his freedom, his inlaws and even worse, all future contact with a two year old boy he deeply loved.

Alex had worked for many years at Foothill/De Anza College District although not always happily. He was the type of person who liked involvement, so he worked closely with the SEIU local and even became the shop steward for the district's employees. Unfortunately for him, his organizing efforts were not received very well by the management of Foothill/De Anza College District. They take a decidedly adversarial view towards employees or unions and have bargained in bad faith for years with anything and everything that looks or smells like labor.

During the layoffs of June, 2003 Alex nearly lost his job as a physics lab technician on the De Anza campus, but at the last possible moment he got transferred to the same job at Foothill. Yet, the bad times of education continued, so he again found himself being slipped back into a lesser position he absolutely hated. He wound up back in "records keeping" where he had started out years earlier, a totally boring job. The management of the district made him have to do it as punishment for his labor organization activities. He was constantly punished for just about everything. That's how the whole district functions, totally vindictive and outright stupidly hostile towards employees since a union is involved.

Terri O'Connor, the district's communicator, tried to put the best face she could on the loss of Alex, but frankly there probably are some feelings of relief too. Without Alex, the idiot management of Foothill/De Anza will experience a brief sense of well being until the next shop steward raises his/her ugly head. Then the abuse will start all over again. Such is the turn of the screw that was done for years to Alex. They enjoy it that way. It's very morbid and pleasing to low quality "managers" in a very low quality setting of employees who barely earn beyond minimum wage. It's always fun sport to attack someone who will have little to no recourse too. Even more fun is it too to invoke "the will of the board" on such occasions. That's especially pleasing to be empowered to interpret "what the board wants." That concept is akin to invisible radio waves penetrating solid walls being "received" only by the "anointed ones." The employee intimidation is so think it can be cut with fork.

So, did Alex get "pushed" to murder his spouse? In the most direct sense of that question, no, but in the overall sense, there is some amount of connection. As always, it's very hard to tell what goes on in the mind of a given individual. Yet, years and years of hurt do damage.

Alex was a very nice (but low IQ) boy. He did his job faithfully. He reached out to others. He was very vocal at times especially during the board election of 2003, and he worked hard to get Hal Plotkin elected. Too bad he didn't get to keep his lab job as a small political reward, but that's the way things go during any economic down cycle. Hal couldn't help Alex retain his lab job in the end. It is "forbidden" that a board member actually do anything to "interfere" with the "daily operations" of the district. Besides, political favoritism is completely unacceptable in such a first rate above board operation. Everyone knows that much.

It's amazing how such a complex of beautifully sculptured buildings, lawns and flowers can so gracefully conceal horrendous hostilities towards all the district's employees. Hal, by the way, after all the "stuff" from the last two years, where are you now on the treatment of district employees unions or no unions? Hal Plotkin, Board Member, at 650.326.9673 or

Memorial for Dolores "Dee" Gonzales, was held June 10, 2005 in San Juan Batista. She touched many lives and had numerous family members and friends.  Memorial Fund for Daniel, her son:  Account #62208590 via any San Benito Bank, First National Bank or South Valley Bank under the name of Dolores Gonzales (831) 638-3350.   Viya con Dios Dee.

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web 

True Beauty Almost Executed in Santa Clara County, Interview by Michael Bradford

Editor's Note:  This article is the most frequently read or searched item on this page.  Daria has become a true folk sex pot in San Jose, CA.  The officer who tried to snuff her has become a true folk jackass number one.  

Just when I thought I'd seen about one of everything, the beautiful and courageous Estonian, Daria Vyaersi, sent an email to me that rocked my world. What a story she has to tell!

In what is a very rare bit of true journalistic providence, I'm very excited to announce that I'll be starting on yet another multi part series. This time it'll be about the beautiful and the unforgivably wronged Daria. But first, her humble letter:

I came across your post in my insomnia hour, I was just curious, maybe at some point you could use my experience to add to your information. My name is Daria Vyaersi, I am 20 years old and I was shot down by officers, through the liver last year in a hospital where I was attempting to get help for 4 suicide attempts. The staff left me unattended, and honestly to this day after being imprisoned as a crippled, relearning to walk and receiving no counseling, I still do not know why I was shot, it's very peculiar because I was shot immediately after an officer was sent off to get a taser. Then, it's documented in a police report, I was maced while being cuffed while I was in shock and bleeding to death. Talk about excessive force. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you're interested.

- Daria Vyaersi

Well Daria, you've definitely come to the right place, and I can assure you that every woman in this state will soon be talking about your tragedy the cops tried to kick under the table. 

So let's fill in a little from what else Daria had to say in her first phone interview with me today. First of all, she was in Los Gatos Hospital for four suicide attempts, and therefore not responsible for herself. She was left unsupervised for too long and somehow ended up in another patient's room. Things went terribly wrong from that point. The staff called in the Los Gatos Police, another installment of "the killin' cops of Santa Clara County." She was bleeding at the wrists from yet another attempt and the officer tried to grab her arms. He got bloodied, of course. Then suddenly he pulls his gun and tries to shoot her right through the heart. He missed the heart but her liver and gall bladder were severely damaged. Later she lost half of each organ in surgery.

She was taken to Santa Clara County Jail for more abuse. Initially, she was charged with "assault" and "attempted murder," but those charges got cut down to a lesser charge of "assault" since the officer was exposed to her blood. "Everything is 'assault'," she said. She spent a full year in the county jail and is on probation, but the story does not end there. Because she was Estonian, she was threatened with deportation and pushed around pretty badly. She had to agree to a lengthy probation or be kicked out for good from America.

As I listened to her, I could not help but recall the stories I had heard many times of the Estonians who ran from the Nazis. In her case, she ran from Estonia to escape the Soviets many years later. (She, however, is of the Muslim faith.) Then she runs right into the Nazis anyway! Talk about twists of fate?

I am so very happy today because another surrogate "refugee" has survived the Holocaust. My words really don't get the job done. When I look at how beautiful she is, it just kills me to think that one of our home grown Nazis of Santa Clara County would have nearly killed her, and came so close to actually pulling it off too. It's tough to kill a woman though, especially an Estonian. These are a people known for their endurance. I guess he did not have the guts to keep shooting? That's all I can imagine. I have to wonder if he got a letter of demerit for having let her live? I wonder if he had to give talks about "what to do next time?" Did he say, "Next time men, be sure to empty your f***ing gun into her. I'm so sorry because now she might be able to file suit. I apologize to the whole department and the cop world too for having screwed up. It's all my fault, damn it. She lived to tell her story. Please give me another chance. I promise that I'll never let it happen again. I'm sorry, truly sorry to have disgraced all of law enforcement in this county!" Sobbing.  Hey, it's not that far fetched around here!  Look at the Eric Kleeymeyer case some time. 

Daria wrote a book while in jail, title yet to be announced. I'll be putting in a few excerpts of it on this page as we work together to get it ready for the world. To say that I am excited is an understatement, but we'll see how things go. For now, Daria works as a model. When you look at her picture, just ask yourself what kind of animal would want to kill a woman like this? That would be a savage with a badge in Santa Clara County, home of the real men of law.

Hint: Coming to a theater near you (if I can help it!).

I adore you Daria!  You guys can blow her a kiss now.  

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

Police Change Tactics in Canada, But Not Here

Paul Gillespie of the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit has a child porn case and hopefully, a new idea in dealing with crimes like this one. His department has decided to display the image of a little girl who's routinely shown in the same room over and over, in effect treating her just like a missing child. On a recent television broadcast, Officer Gillespie released several non sexual pictures of the child whose image has been sent all over the Internet. Her abuse has been ongoing for at least three years. The child appears to be in the same room each time she is photographed. By going public with this information at this time, it is hoped that the child will be identified by someone. "I do believe she's grown up with this. I don't think this is new to her. You can often tell when children appear to be abused or when they are abused whether or not it's the first time or not," said Gillespie. "We now know where a crime scene was," he added. "It was a room at the Disney resort in Orlando. Someone recognized the bedspread …(from that room)."

Orlando police confirmed that it was the Disney-owned Port Orleans Riverside Resort in their city. Analyses of other pictures have convinced authorities that the girl lives either in the southeastern part of Canada or in northeastern United States. Unfortunately, the picture of the child was released only one time on television and was not made available to anyone including the media. Police now say they face a dilemma; that is, whether or not to release a picture of the little girl's face in an attempt to find her. The fear is that she'll be killed if the criminal finds out the police are closing in.

"I don't know if I can look at too many more of the pictures. It's been almost five years now. And just when you thought you had seen the worst, you come into work the next day and then some other depravity occurs which you can't just go there," Gillespie stated for the record.

All this stands a chance of working out, but the greater question is: Why has it taken so long for American law enforcement to get to this point? Take the Santa Clara Police Department. They claim to have $30 million annual budget, but what does that money go to? Well, mainly it goes to big puffed up SWAT team equipment, training and other "for show" or "window dressing" applications.

In January of 2005, the Santa Clara Police Department really flexed its muscle by killing a totally unarmed person after a "traffic violation" had occurred. They killed Eric Kleeymeyer for nothing. All the while, kiddy porn went on all around. It makes one think that the cops have a share in the filthy lucre of Internet kiddy porn? It makes even more sense that the Silicon Valley needs high tech policing, but is not getting its fare share. It's suddenly more important to make a big physical tough guy presence, more in keeping with a police state. Of course, "terrorism" is now the key and operative buzz word. It's so much more fun to go after "terrorists" rather than to do anything else that might actually contribute to society. Also, it's far more fun to kill people than to catch a lousy child pornographer.  That would take real police work.  

Consider this: If a person robs a bank, he'll be handed the money without much adieu. He'll leave the building with little to no violence, and often times, robs again. California is the capitol of bank robbery. No wonder. It's got to be one of the world's safest professions barring none. Even on the few occasions when they are caught, seldom are bank robbers killed. It's mighty funny therefore that a small industrial town like Santa Clara with a $30 million dollar city law enforcement budget can't be managed so much better. Things look very suspicious indeed in The City of Santa Clara. The Chief of Police Steven Lodge was not available for comment.  If you get any information out of SCPD, please forward it to this paper.  

Steven D. Lodge, Chief of Santa Clara Police.  Manages a $30 million dollar annual budget in a tiny little town.  Answers to no one.  Won't release police reports. 

Want to do something that could help?  Give these guys a call and ask for the release of the police reports for 1/4/05, the Kleemeyer case.  See what they say. Then ask for all police car video tapes.  See what they say to that.  Maybe they would be willing to tell you why they need a $30 million facade to hide behind?  What is it they have to hide?  Do you think there should be a citizens' review board to watch these guys? 

Don't think you can make a call to ask even one of the above questions?  You're "scared" or "it's not any of my business"  or "I didn't know Kleemeyer, but he had to have deserved it if the cops did that?"  Then THAT in and of itself IS the police state.  Please don't complain later when it happens to someone you DO know or the city goes broke because of the $30 million waste.  Read up on the Compton blowout.  The cops DO do bad things and DO totally lose control.  Take all those "Beach Boy" songs and throw them in the trash now.  That image of California died a long time ago fools. 

City Council of Santa Clara: 1500 Warburton Ave Santa Clara, CA 95050 tel:(408) 615-2200.  Police Department: 601 El Camino Real Santa Clara, California 95050, 408-615-4700

More law enforcement bullshit in Santa Clara County, CA:  Karyn Sinunu stated on 10/17/05 that "We have in our county squeaky-clean police departments...we're used to excellent training and high professionalism, so this is a shock to the community that even a neighboring police agency has an allegation like this," referring to the Cardenas trial slated for the week of 10/17/05.  Rodolfo Cardenas was killed by California State Narcotics officer Michael Walker on February 17, 2004.  Of course, Sinunu forgot to mention the police execution of Eric Kleemeyer by the Santa Clara Police.  It's good to have a selective memory when in public office in Santa Clara County.  People won't expect anything more than that she believes.  

Update:  A Federal "wrongful death" suit has been filed against the Chief of Police and his friendly officers.  This secret memo was sent in to IJ, after the fact.  Traditionally, most "wrongful death" suits fail.  No matter.  All the named below should be released forthwith from all "law enforcement" duties.  Murder IS NOT part of "public safety" in SC County.  However, the BIG local paper, aka. "Uncle Fudd" says so along with a long list of other  "fiddlers."  

The World's Fifth Largest Economy Qualified by Michael Bradford

Hello again from a faltering California economy. The week of 2/14/05, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will travel to Washington, D.C. hoping to get more money for the state. To review some of California's stats is a little sobering and even a little infuriating. But, before the numbers get away with us, let's also remember that the "misery index" in this state is pretty high. For example, PG & E just raised residential utility rates by 22%. That means during an average Winter, a home measuring 1200 square feet and occupied by only one person will cost $148 per month for combined gas and electric. In Santa Clara County, a home valued at about $550,000 will be taxed at around $6,200 per year or roughly $500 per month. Many counties have special utility taxes like the new phone line tax @ $1.75 per line in Santa Clara County. Cell phone use taxes amount to at least $2.00 per billing cycle within the home county of registration. Oh yes, there is a hefty state income tax too.  Last, but certainly not least, is the state sales tax that usually amounts to about 8% across the state. Some counties add onto that base for special services like law enforcement and fire protection either directly or for retirement benefit funding.

Speaking strictly for Santa Clara County, at least 200,000 jobs have been lost since April of 2001. This problem is reflected across most of the state. Many predictions suggest that a total of ten years will pass before the state returns to the levels of employment enjoyed prior to April of 2001. That single fact alone tempers any and all other predictions about California.

On the brighter side, the state is so busy with highway construction and repair it receives ninety cents on the dollar returned for every gas tax dollar sent to the fed. That still means a fuel tax deficit of 10%, however. The fed keeps a "commission" of 10% just for receiving our money in the first place, never mind how much money and time it costs everyone in California to collect, prepare and report that tax.  No federal money is ever returned to cover those costs, but they are legal deductions. A deduction usually is never as valuable as the money it cost to acquire. But of course, that is not generally a consideration.

California is a major illegal alien apprehension state. The numbers run into as much as $700 million per annum to process and incarcerate hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. The fed will pay only about $100 million in any given year to help offset this cost. The fed wants next to nothing to do with out-of-pocket medical expenses either. That's a huge expense to California. No one can be denied medical assistance here. For example, a pregnant woman can walk across the border, have a baby at our expense, get his/her U.S. Citizenship papers for free, and then go home to Mexico. This is a daily occurrence along the U.S. Mexican border. No one seems to have accurate numbers on this expense, but it should be around $500 million per year to this state for all reasons, not just because of aliens. An increasing number of medically uninsured people means that the state must cover more bills it has no control over. The fed wants nothing to do with this. The distribution to California of such indigent claim money is where the state gets hurt mightily. Despite the size of the state, the fed's formulae for determining just how much it will give back is what is in question. This leads back to the reasons for Arnold's trip to Washington D.C. He's hoping to get a better allocation of Medical money that all wage earners pay every payday. Good luck on that one.

Then there is homeland security. California is a big state with some mighty prized targets in it. The cost to defend it's ports, bridges and forests exceeds what the fed is willing to pay. States like South Dakota get more per person per square mile than did California, all to defend almost nothing. A successful attack here could stop much of the commerce in the Western United States. Considering the home use of the National Guard and other police agencies, the bill to defend California should run about $300 million per year. For 2004, the state received only about $180 million, far short of the goal.

One of the most damning problems to the state is that fact that it's population traditionally has been undercounted. So, if 36 million people are supposed to live here, the number is really more like 42 million or even higher. That fact affects everything including the number of U.S. representatives the state is allocated. The fed has to receive accurate head counts. The state probably is penalized an additional $100 million per year just on the bad head count alone, but that's a mystical number for now as is the true head count.

So, what is it that Arnold has to come home with? The answer is as much as he possibly can. Since he is a Republican, that's good for the state. He'll probably be able to coax the various D.C. bureaucrats into an additional $400 million for the state, but that won't help much. What the state really needs is more taxable business income. That's the only hope. Getting money from the fed is like asking Uncle Fred for a steak. It'll work one time, but then what?  And where's the potato to go with it? 

This state has a very bad habit of declaring itself "the world's fifth leading economy." A little more time should be spent on the type of PR that is pushed out of here. It's to no one's advantage in this state to have such a moniker in these hard times. Far too many people have long since fallen through the cracks here to be bragging about anything. It does not play very well in Washington D.C. either.

A more recent update on the state of poverty that CA is in is available as a PDF from

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

Why Any Sports Franchise is Bad for San Jose

The mayor spouted off his "state of the city" message on 2/9/05 including his usual windmilling wishes to capture a new baseball team. This city and whole bay area needs no additional teams for any reason. First of all, there is little disposable income for ticket purchases. Most of the bay area's teams are barely pulling in the required sales. Then there is the problem of cities putting way too much money into teams. Teams are not for free. Oakland's officials fought hard to bring back the Radiers only to realize it would cost the city millions at a time when schools had little funding. The public raised hell, and for good reason. It took ten years for the Radiers to re-establish themselves in Oakland money or not. 

This year, there was no hockey season. San Jose spent millions getting the arena ready a number of years ago and made other huge investments in the Sharks. There have been a few good years, but mostly the Sharks have been marginal and so too have the city's receipts. By the time all the police or other costs are figured in, hockey really has been no cash cow for San Jose. The traffic to the arena is at times pretty stifling too. That is always something that gets overlooked during the "planning" sessions. The city also takes a dim view of vendors. They have played all kinds of games about issuing vendor licenses, so where is all this "growth incentive" for small retailers? It's nearly impossible to sell hot dogs on the sidewalk anymore. The city won't allow it. Generally, a few restaurants seem to make good on a sports season. The rest of the income is for greedy owners and overpaid players.

The sports seasons never end in the bay area. It would be good to have a true dead time of the year without radio ads and a little less traffic. What about schools? Everyone is screaming about school finance. So, how does the city think it can afford another sport? San Jose is the waste capitol of the West.  Are the officials of San Jose in the business of running a city or are they in business for themselves and their friends?   

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

Party Lines: Illegal Aliens Robbing Social Security From Legal Citizens vs. Cheap Labor

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are equally guilty for not even bothering with the most cutting edge destructive issue that has come alone since influenza:  Destruction of the Social Security System.  Each party has a specific self centered interest at stake.  The Democrats view illegal aliens as potential constituents and will therefore refuse to act on any anti-illegal citizenship bills.   Such is especially the case in California where both Senators Boxer and Feinstein have routinely fallen short of preventing any key protection bills from becoming law.

On the other hand the Republicans frequently protect the illegal labor market by arguing that the cheap labor, especially agriculture, is too critical to lose.  Farm workers who are willing to work for pennies a day have always made the American agricultural economy run.  We're heavily dependent on this often migratory labor.

The punch line is that illegal aliens in more recent times have become vested in Social Security without having put in very many years of service.  A very complex web work of laws has made it possible for an illegal citizen to eventually be able to claim benefits.  Also, laws know as "totalization" laws, agreements between nations to endow workers with retirement benefits, have hit America off guard.  The U.S. Congress is not permitted to amend such agreements only veto them.  That does not happen very often because of the reciprocal nature of such international agreements.

In addition, hospitals are threatened with closure because they must provide service to everyone, free if necessary.  A legal citizen is often pushed away from an emergency room for example because it's full of illegals needing primary care.  Law enforcement is overwhelmed by new criminals arriving hourly on these shores.  And, no one in either party will even talk about this issue!!

Rep. (R) Dana Rohrabacher of Californian is fighting to stop illegal aliens from receiving U.S. Social Security benefits and does not support foreign-born U.S. citizens being able to run for president.  He's a rarity among the elected.   His view is that this situation is no longer a back burner one.  Moreover, he says the time is ripe for a third major party to emerge that will address the critical issues of illegal immigration and our insecure boarders.

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

California Dreamin'

California, a good place to live? Well, not really. The most recent data suggests that educationally the state has already slipped close to 49th across the board. Just a year ago the state was 43rd out of fifty. So, what happened? It's a really complex story, but here are some ideas. First of all the funding for education is nill in this state, all the bragging aside that the state is "the world's fifth largest economy." It's always a Democratic politician who says that during a campaign. Realistically, nothing good has been happening for a very long time.

Back in 1982 the public got sold the usual bill of goods about having a state lottery. The hook was set with the plan to give one-third of all receipts to the schools. That sold the deal, unfortunately. After all was said and done, the "millions" going to public education accounted only for about one pencil per year per student for the whole state. Since 1982 the schools started a downward spiral with only occasional up ticks like the stock market blow out. Unlike stocks education has not come back and may never at this point.

Somehow the Democrats took the signal from the lottery that the lottery money would be self-sustaining enough that no other funds would have to be allocated for education. That's about how things have worked out in practice. Throughout the bay area, one school after another has had to close its doors for good. There's just no money for education in this "…world's fifth largest economy" state apparently. 

[It was just reported that a large group of parents will now "divorce" San Jose Unified School District.  The district plans to put up a heavy fight to stop it.  Now figure that.  They fail and have the audacity to block a "secessionist" movement.  Failure includes forty kids to a class, no books, bad state test scores and on and on.  Want your kids here?]

The socialization of our times is much different now. The kids play with a lot of video games or computers, but don't really learn anything. They don't even learn musical instruments any more, and many parents don't have any time to spend with kids. A lot of people had kids for basically no reason, just had them. There's usually very little planning for kids, they just happen and that's that. It used to work when we were a much smaller and simpler world, but no one thinks about it very much. Biology is biology.

The teaching profession has taken hit after hit. With the pay so low, is it any wonder? Any time teachers try to do something beneficial it gets slapped down fast by a principal, usually a woman these days. Everything is very touchy too. Things have to be very neutral and non offensive in today's schools, above all else. Yet, these kids come to school with very complex emotional problems and learning needs. The schools can't do much more than very basic teaching. Pity the truly bright child in that kind of environment.

It's important to consider the cost of everything in California. Housing is out of control in most parts of the state. If a family has to spend all it's income on housing and property taxes, what's left for kids? It's a bad way to have to grow a family even when both parents work. The stress is enormous. Kids need constant supervision they're not getting in this state. That leads to all kinds of trouble. Many of the events that schools traditionally sponsored have been severely cut back or provided only for additional fees.  [The price of a home now requires $150,000 down payment, plus both parents must earn $140,000 combined to qualify.]

Then add in all the "gangs" and violence or drugs. They're in every school. Security had to become a top priority to the detriment of all other things. Public libraries are not funded any more and stand to fold up before too much longer. The big chain book stores are about as good as it's going to ever get, but kids aren't really welcome to come and study. These stores are the last places someone can loiter without getting thrown out, but that's a marketing strategy, not a social plan or a learning plan either.

A society that places little value on education has no work force or future. If all the jobs are going overseas anyway, then it's of less concern, but what are all these people going to do? Hang around a bookstore forever?

The Democrats parroted for years that they would achieve "permanent funding for education." So, where is it now? They had five decades to get it done in California. Now the push is for tough cops and tons more money spent for law enforcement. Why did that have to happen? What is it about us that we needed to be so carefully controlled with cops now? Who did that to us and why did we let it happen?

Michael  Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

The Vagaries of the Immigration Reform Act of 1996, etc.

The way things look now there never will be such a thing as secure boarders for America. A number of things prevent it. For one thing, a fourteen mile hole exists in the fence running through the Tijuana Valley just below San Diego. Over the last ten years a fight between environmentalists and others has prevented completion of the most critical link of our Southern boarder that was supposed to be fixed already. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the appropriations bill for the work to be completed, but the Senate shot it down. Both of California's Senators have been totally silent on this subject for years, and with good reason. They can provide nothing except platitudes on the subject. People continue to pour through the Tijuana Valley gap every night and not just Mexicans any more.

Another huge but largely quiet struggle has been going on between the AFL/CIO and other parties to prevent as completely as possible any enforcement actions being taken against employers of illegal aliens. This is one of the biggest and best kept secrets of all times. Though there is some enforcement of the law, it tends to be sporadic and even looks at times like window dressing by INS. The largest groups of aliens tend to take jobs that no America would. The crops would all wilt in the fields if they did not. A strong case could be made that certain people deserve "temporary citizen" status that would permit travel between the U.S. and Mexico for seasonal work. The Immigration Reform Act of 1996 did not have such a provision. In essence, little changed for the better. AFL/CIO got more "members" to represent, however.

The U.S. Boarder Patrol has only about three thousand agents for all of America. That says that boarders, per se, are not much of a priority.

The Canadians are our best friends, but for how long? The 9/11 high jackers entered the U.S. mostly through Canada. So, how comforted are we now? The latest 9/11 reform bill passed both houses, but it could not address the issue of federal standards for driver's licenses. That too is a burning issue.

As though all this were not a problem, suddenly China is booming economically. She'll have plenty of money to raise huge million man armies with. The U.S. quite literally could be pushed to the brink of having to use nuclear weapons against China, but that's no way to run a world. China could do the same any time. After all, they got all our advanced warhead design data from Los Alamos Labs already. Our new missile defense system will be important, but China also holds billions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Notes. We would likely be forced to back down before China much as we would have had to do before Japan in WWII if Midway had been a bust. Eventually, America could be forced to accept millions of new Chinese immigrants as a condition to avoid all out war and also back down on numerous other issues as well. There are precedents for this concept. For example, President Truman pulled back from attacking China in the Korean War because he greatly feared what a war with China would be like. Essentially, we lost the war due to fears about what China would do over fifty years ago! Taiwan is now sitting on top of a powder keg and we'll have to stay away from her.

More info on the Immigration Reform Act of 1996:  It's definitely worth knowing something about.

Everyone Must Live in America?

Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R) of Wisconsin, recently echoed the ongoing concerns associated with driver's licenses. His statements were geared to block the 9/11 intelligence reform legislation. That was one thing, but beyond his objections are numerous other issues.

America is the desired destination for virtually the entire world, but especially any Latin American persons. That's not so bad. It's just that a lot of these people came from nearly the worst possible circumstances humans can be born into. It's really a simple matter of the basics like food and a place to live. These people are not wanted in their own lands that generally are so corrupt it's extremely difficult for most Americans to relate to. People have to push to come to America ready or not to avoid starvation and possibly even execution by the local death squads.

So, what happens is the big drain. The people get here and need absolutely everything including a car. For most of these people, it's a complete trial by fire to be in a strange land and not even speak a word of English. That's one thing, but considering how terrorists operate, there's less permissible wiggle room for all non citizens. By default, terrorists have managed to exact more costly harm on the lower echelons without having even considered it. They can be so proud.

The recent closing of San Jose Medical Center is a local example of what the big push does. California law says that no one can be refused medical care because of an inability to pay. Yet, the ERs get overrun to no one's advantage. Finally, they have to close down putting everyone's life at risk. If this were a drug problem the liberals would all be saying that, "We have to work on the 'demand side' of the equation!" Well then, what's good for the goose needs to be administered to the gander too. Stop making it so rewarding to come to America in the first place! That's easy to say, but how to do this?

A good place to start is in the corrupt lands these people flee from. If we spent just a small amount of our military time to continue to knock out extremists in foreign governments, we'd be better off. This is not new though it has been sporadic. For example, the U.S. took out "General" Norriega down in Panama and other murderers in Honduras. Then we went home. Additionally, more opportunities must be afforded in the foreign lands so that the appeal to come to America ebbs. Still, that's far easier to say than to do and guarantees nothing. Mexico, despite all kinds of economic change, is now one of the most dangerous and corrupt lands in the Western Hemisphere. Thousands of business have relocated much of their manufacturing to Mexico, but the flow of illegals has continued from there and farther South. All the NAFTAs in the world didn't help us.

Here as anywhere, it's always the little guy who gets hurt. If an illegal were pulled over by a cop and had no valid license, that could trigger everything up to and including deportation. The most hurt are the innocent children who could lose both parents and suffer endless harm. Most of these people are living far below the poverty line here. They've got nothing for the most part. Yet, agriculture would fall on its face if it weren't for the dollar-a-day field hands. So, what's the complaint? It's all the drain that this causes.

The demand for all social services continues to spiral upwards everywhere in America with no end in sight. Places that once were totally rural are quickly being carved up. For at least thirty years, it's been an endless stream of immigration. Not so long ago it was considered "racist" to be down on immigrants too. In fact, an unannounced campaign was launched to doubly ensure that no one here would start complaining about immigration; i.e., the floodgates being opened wide. President Carter officially kicked off the wave by allowing "boat people" to come to America. It was a nice gesture, but one with a very far reaching impact. America was never supposed to be in the unlimited growth business, but it was after all inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, "…send me your poor…your huddled masses…" Democrats especially took that phrase far too seriously for everyone's ultimate good.

Not so long ago, it was commonly understood that the "white" person was the problem of the world; and, "white guilt" evolved into becoming the key vehicle to achieve "racial harmony" in America. "White guilt" was misused as a glue for any and all liberals to manipulate. It enabled them to re-assemble our society into a sick "racist" society to suit their nefarious exhibitions. This was and still is the so-called liberal agenda today. It never went away and stands as one of the largest social missteps of all times not because of black versus white issues that were very real concerns, but because it evolved into a patented mechanism any one could tap at any time for just about any reason. As long as everything were linked to "white guilt" that justified everything. It could be called the "Abraham Lincoln Complex" or a post Civil War era credo. Elected officials often seem to want to be "Lincolns" at all costs, even if it plunges America right into the sea. Symbolism is nice, but has its limitations.

However, what has happened is that many Americans are finally waking up to all the bad calls of the past. When it hits home that a whole hospital in our neighborhood has to close down because it can't make money because the state says so because there are so many non revenue patients (illegals) because it's "racist" to think otherwise, that's progress, but not the kind of progress anyone was planning on! It's a kind of secret blessing even though lives will be lost. Hopefully, it's the solvent for the glue that was misapplied in the first place. "White guilt" did not in and of itself foreshadow nor instigate these problems. It comes down to the practical dollars and cents of daily business administration. That's something everyone can understand.

The courts too have managed to be the biggest problem for everyone. Court ordered busing may be years ago, but the ill effects of it are still with us today just as all the other ill effects of numerous "racial harmony" orders. Affirmative action is yet another dead on arrival entity, but we still continue paying the price for it. Our own liberal mentality is the enemy. It has taken a very long time for all of this to sink in, but change is coming mainly because it simply must.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. People need to fasten their seat belts because the very long term projections say that the bad economy is going to continue with us for at least another eight years. The bay area is not going to recover very quickly compared to other parts of the U.S. unless the biosciences take off. It could happen, but there are a lot of unknowns. The end result is that more tax money will have to be taken, more prisons will have to be built and more aliens will continue to mount extreme pressure on all public services. That's not a very good prognosis, but it's especially bad for California that has made itself into a very touchy state with all kinds of problems that defy resolution.

The cure won't be a fun one, but it's important medicine. The flow of people into America must be controlled much more carefully, and in fact is under review. The H1Bs will soon be a matter of history if not already and student visas are finally getting a lot more scrutiny. That still leaves our borders that no one cares to officially discuss. Whether or not it comes down to "shoot to kill" orders or just what remains to be seen. More suffering will have to occur here first. When it gets down to no hospitals open at all and no food available, then things will have to turn over completely. It does not have to get to that point, however. That's the nice thing. It's just a matter of representation, that's all.

Not Ready for 9/11? by Michael Bradford © 3/24/04, San Jose, CA

Of course we weren't ready! That's because eight years of the Clinton Administration were devoted to a stateside witch hunt for religious nuts with guns. Most of these paranoid types lived in mountainous regions of the U.S. hiding from everyone. The only people they usually ever harmed were themselves.  Few were organized in any serious way, but they owned some guns.  That was the magical siren call to the egotistical military style police with the "we'll show you" jack booted attitudes.  

They got seven, yes seven medals for "valor" out there?  For killing a mom, her baby and a nine year old boy along with his dog?  That deserves valor?  Such bravery!  No wonder we continue to build more violence up than we can shake a stick at.  There is a book about it titled: Ruby Ridge - A Mountain of Lies.    

Ruby Ridge and Waco stand out as the show pieces of how a contemptuous violent government comes down extra hard on people who don't pose any clear or present danger to society.  To any reasonable mind, Ruby Ridge was a pariah.  Much has been written about that event.  The worst abuse of all was the establishment of the so called "rules of engagement" which were about as free wheeling as a mill in Spring.  Any adult male with a gun was to be killed.  None of the usual or customary attempts were made to prevent loss of life, etc.  It was all kill, kill and kill.

Throughout his administration, Clinton ordered new gun controls and promoted the eventual elimination of many gun dealers in the U.S.  This was his flagship method for dealing with "terrorism."  While expensive resources like the FBI and BATF were tied up for years looking for "kitchen table gun dealers" (all of whom were licensed) Al Qaeda  was entrenching its various cells. Often times, any real threat went completely uninvestigated while ordinary citizens were investigated to the Tee.

Obviously, nothing was gained by Clinton or Janet Reno in terms of knocking out terrorism. On top of that, Reno never even offered any explanations for any of her law enforcement actions.  Also, she never offered up any final reports on her investigation of Al Gore over the Chinese "soft money" contributions. She's another one who deserved prosecution. 

It must be remembered that 9/11 was performed entirely without the use of a single gun.  Airplanes are far better and far deadlier than any gun could ever hope to be. 

Did we learn from 9/11? No, not really. We are going down the path again as we like to do so well.  In the U.S. as for the UK, it's more likely than not to get angry at inanimate objects or become overly concerned with various personalities rather than ever to address real problems.  That's what happened in all the years leading up to 9/11. How could we ever have thought ourselves to be utopians enough to sit back while half-baked killers swarmed in over us? What made us feel so safe to do that? A lazy half-cocked administration, that's what!

A renewed push for more gun control is just around the next corner. Years and years may again be wasted on this, sadly. Then, the Sears Tower or some such edifice will come crashing down again. We'll have a whole new 9/11 to upset everyone with. We'll have spent years getting ready for the wrong things. We'll all die a little bit more on that day. 

Why again? It's because we hate problem resolution; and, we hate proper intelligence gathering while we love our echelons on top of echelons when ordinary common sense from only one person would have sufficed. We'll all cry, very publicly again, and then move on to the next major pharaohnic escapade in our highly structured for show government. There'll be a lot of glitz, but explain all the failures to the next bunch of bereaved families please Congress, Mr. President, local officials, authors and publishers alike. 

When someone speaks of gun control, they may as well say, "We don't care to do our jobs in government." Or "We hate to be confused with any facts." Or "Don't tell us that guns have any worth." Or "If it saves one life, it's all worth it." Or "Someone over there is a problem." Or "I don't know what to do." When oh when will the U.S. finally get to the point of dealing realistically with terror?

 Mr. Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

Violence in Santa Clara County by Michael Bradford © 3/9/04, San Jose, CA

As time has progressed, SC County has become more and more violent.  It’s getting more like LA County every year.  The causes for this condition are manifold, crowding being a good leading cause.  Many organizations have studied “the root causes of crime,” so that will not be repeated herein.  What does standout is the increasing violence of the police.

A number of years ago a program and various amounts of technology generally referred to as LESS LETHAL were developed and deployed by numerous companies.  The items and services were sold mainly to the police, but also to the general public. Some of these items included the Taser® which provides a knock down shock.  Originally, any citizen could own it until it was declared a firearm. Regardless, little of this sort of technology has ever been used in SC County by the police.  More often than not, a cop draws his gun, shoots the citizen, and no questions are asked about it.  Recently they are calling it "suicide by cop."  That kills most of the questions.

In one flagrant example of a number of years ago, a sheriff’s deputy pulled over a drunken Hispanic man driving a van.  The man could not respond to any commands in his condition, and according to the officer, could not even stand up.  Then the officer put his pistol to the back of the unarmed man’s head and took his head right off with it!  The officer was found innocent of any abuse!

About two years ago, an upset Asian man with only a broom handle was shot to death in San Jose.  More recently, a Vietnamese woman who was throwing a fit in her home was shot to death for raising a vegetable peeler over her head. It’s happening every week though it is getting progressively less attention.  

The long and short of it is that there is no LESS LETHAL approach here in SC County though they have put all of it on TV more than once.  Where were all those expensive “bean bag” guns when these total wimps were shot to death?  Where were those costly Tasers® we paid hundreds and hundreds for? In the chief’s desk along with his porn?  At a pawn shop in Nevada?  In the ladies room?

Now to be sure, SC County has had a lot of recent violent events where young people for no reason have hauled off and gone on multiple killing sprees.  That calls for evasive action to be sure, but those very violent offenders are usually arrested soon after these incidents.  Many times these “gentlemen” (the police appellation for them) are arrested without much ado either.  The fact that they had behaved so violently yet were brought in so easily and still alive seems to be in sharp conflict with those whom were drunk, unarmed, in an emotional state or for some other non reason needed to be killed outright.  Credit must be given to the violent ones?  They are true competitors with the police since they are well armed?  They are treated as and are even called "gentlemen?" Really? Yes!

To be clear, we need the police.  We just don’t need knee jerking death squads on our beats.  Yes, call a cop when needed, just look out.  Well, to be sure the 4th Street zone is the killing field.  Don’t call the cops from that side of town whatever you do.  You’ll die for sure. 

Since 9/11, the local cops have been given very nice machine guns like the MP5, $3,200 each, now the world’s standard sub MG.  They have a new very nice range to shoot up thousands and thousands of rounds on at our expense in the South part of the county next to the old Winchester Range, but even better now.   The MP5’s can be pulled out at a moment’s notice, and just about every cop has that MG or his very own M16, at our expense.  

So where is this going and will YOU be gunned down by a cop with an MG?  So far, the cops have been pretty reluctant to use their MGs on anyone. They don’t want them taken away.  So, at least for now, you’re somewhat safe from dying in a hale of unrelenting fire for that reason alone.  However, the reasonable question should be asked of why is it that a cop can own something a citizen never could own in this state?  Namely, no one can own an MG in California.  Therefore, neither should the cops.  For years and years that was the standard up until the LA bank robbery of several years ago shown on TV.  Anyway, if you can’t own it, neither should the cops.

More than one organization has released stats on the increased violence of the police and the proportional increased violence in the general population.  Three Strikes figures into the stats as does the law of Mexico that says that any Mexican citizen committing a capital offense in the U.S. cannot be extradited from Mexico once they have fled the U.S.  That fact causes simple murder of police officers and others here.  It ensures that there will be no return trip to the U.S. for the guilty.  So, they kill and run with confidence over a trivial offense or even an non offense. Bad law.

Three Strikes sets up somewhat the same thing only more violent if the person cannot expect to flee to Mexico as a National plebe. Three Strikes has not worked, and a growing chorus of voices is yelling this now.  It filled up our prisons (as did useless drug laws including the mandatory sentencing statutes, a legacy of the Nixon Administration.)   It ensures a violent confrontation for the merest of encounters with police since the person believes they’ll be going up for life with nothing to lose.

Now back to the violence of SC County.  It’s definitely getting worse every year.  The answer to the problem always is more, not less, law enforcement according to our leaders.  We’re spending more on cops and their machine guns than we are on schools and pencils for crying out loud!  The budget is not good, but so what.  Where is the reasoning of the people? 

Contrary to what is said, there is no “self defense” law in this state.  Anyone using deadly force must, generally speaking, stand trial to prove that he acted as a “reasonable man,” including the cops.  The chances that a private citizen will be exonerated at trial are exactly zero.  For a cop, it’s about 85% while he’s relieved with pay at our expense. 

So, a word to the uninformed: Use deadly force for any reason, go to jail unless they come smashing into your home in the night.  There’ll still be an investigation to see if the attacker were “known” to the occupant of the dwelling.  Not fun.  They’ll try to get at least “manslaughter” any way they can.   Often times the private citizen will be tried twice, first on PC187A then on a lesser charge in the next very swift trial.   Many old tricks and formulas are used by the courts to accomplish this end.  All they want is a conviction, justice being way down the line.  So, look out!  The cost?  Crime is a big business in SC County. The establishment is banking on it.

In so many words, cops get to kill at will in SC County. This increases not decreases the overall violence in this county.  A lot more attention needs to be paid to this fact.  Who’s next? Probably some slob who can’t speak the language who’s been unemployed for some time who’s got nowhere to go.  Not you in your nice home far from the madding crowd.  Any questions?

Michael Bradford is an independent journalist publishing world wide on the web

Police Murder/Tragedy Tracking Table - An Unfortunate Work in Progress - Updated 6/5/07





Your name here


SC County

You'll be unarmed 

Salinas, Steve  5/25/07 1400 N. Fist St., San Jose* Nude, Unarmed, Tased
Jorge Luis Trujillo, 34    1/25/06 San Jose Unarmed, Tased (20 times)
Jose Angel Rios

11/18/05 pm

San Jose Unarmed, Tased

Brian Patrick O'Neal

   8/01/05 am

Monterey Rd*

Unarmed, Tased

Samuel Martinez    5/26/05 3:00am Cropley & Morrill  Unarmed, 5 shots

Kleemeyer, Eric**


Clara Vista, SC*

Unarmed, 7 fatal shots, one shotgun blast to chest just to be sure

Garcia, Calos    3/28/05 SC Cnty Jail* Unarmed, beaten/choked

Bojcic, Zaim 


1300 Winchester, SJ*

Unarmed, shot

Nakao, Johnnie Larrehideta***


Story Rd. Near McLaughlin, SJ,CA *

Small knife, 2 shots chest, 1 abdomen

Cardenas, "Rudy" Rudolfo

   2/17/04 1:37am

4th and St. James St., San Jose, CA *

Unarmed, shot in back

Tran, Bich Cau


Private Residence, San Jose, CA*

Unarmed, shot in heart





Note: Above table does not contain other deadly force incidents on record of which there are plenty.  Table began as of 7/13/03 killing.  

*"Kill Box" defined:  The area along the line of 4th street and outwards for approximately three miles to the West.  The "kill box" is not more specific than that.  Close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and the area of the "kill box."  When in doubt, stay out of the "kill box" by several miles and you'll live a lot longer. 

Jose Angel Rios - pending release of info SJPD

Brian Patrick O'Neal - Officers involved: Steve Carlson, Jeff Barton, Tim Young, Mike Jeffrey and James Hussey.  O'Neal collapsed after being tased. 

Samuel Martinez, 34.  He had no weapon of his own, but according to the rest of the news sources, he grabbed an officer's baton after being tased numerous times.  The bottom line is that he was killed and that he started out without any weapon of his own.    But, since we only know what the elitists what us to know at this point, how do we know the truth?  [Answer: Only what the family found out the hard way.  Cops didn't want you to know and avoided at all costs as well.  Rob Davis no can talk and has been hiding for over a week now.]

From:  Sam Villegas <>
To:  <>
Subject:  Samuel Martinez
Date:  Fri, 24 Jun 2005 16:17:29 -0700
Hello, my name is Samantha Martinez, Samuel Martinez is my baby brother,
and I just wanted to thank you for putting this information out there.
I would like to clarify; Sam was shot 5 times, police only wanted
people to know about three shots. We have yet to hear from the police
nor have we received a copy of the police report, we find out most of
our information through the media.

Keep up the good work,

Samantha Martinez

Special Coverage Note

SJPD killed an unarmed man, Samuel Martinez, at 3:00 am on 5/26/05.  Killed at Cropley and Morrill in Northeast San Jose after a confrontation with the cops.   SJPD fully briefed other news agencies they like and whom toe the government lineWhen I called their "press line" early in the morning of the 26th, I was put off so that they could hold a telephone "press conference" with other more exciting entities, excluding me entirely.  I have a problem with that approach.  (They also did not respond to two voice messages.)  This page represents "the future" of news reporting, and is not just some joke.  Pages like this one will one day replace a good piece of what the current "newspapers" do.  Maybe you could give the SJPD press officer a call at (408) 277-5339 saying that the next time calls for a small amount of information, you'd appreciate that paper being treated in a forthright manner.  Let 'um know what you think.  It's your country, taxes, Internet, ect., etc., etc. It only takes one call to make a huge difference.  The number listed is NOT 911 or equivalent, so please DON'T use 911.

Garcia, Carlos an immigrant worker: Killed in SC County Jail under questionable circumstances by guards.   Medical Examiner ruled "natural death" after beating and choking by five officers.  Garcia had a head injury already from a car wreck during the day.  If five officers land full force on someone, a "cardiac death" is likely.  Officially approved murder is okay here.  The man was ill and unarmed.  Period. 

**Total all out police gang land style murder by Santa Clara Police.  There is no citizen review board in the City of Santa Clara.  Eric was a white person driving an old car. Other "funny officers" involved.  Looks like a professional hit under color of authority. No investigation.  No one cares.  "Police state" tactics completely okay with public.  Police greatly encouraged to do it again and soon.  Sgt. Craig Middlekauff, a 13-year-veteran; officer Jeff Vaden, an 18-year-veteran; and officer Dawn Marines, who's been on the force for six years all exonerated.  Other "funny officers" not identified. They're really mad about this page too!  No telling what they'll do next.  Anger breeds contempt for the law especially when the "I am the law" attitude prevails. Journalists are "terrorists" to these guys.  Tune in again next week.  We'll still be here to report the next abuse. You?      

***Extenuating circumstances - Heavy drug history, paranoid, Tasers ® didn't work, father John a Sheriffs Deputy, a real tragedy.  Shooting still not necessary.  Officers Gary Jungling and Kevin McMillion cleared, as usual. One of the cop's wives didn't like what she saw on this page. She thought this was all "ignorance" on the part of  Life goes on.  "The meek shall inherit the earth" (not to inject religion here, but it's worth a thought especially since cops are so religious or wish to be viewed that way).  Ten commandments anyone?  [Thou shalt not...] Please enjoy your time at church this Sunday everyone.  Sounds good.  Favorite hymn?  "Faith of Our Father"  Look it up some time.  Or how about "Bless'd Be The Tie That Binds."  It's real touching even a cappella.  You'll really wish you'd been good.  Dare yah. Maybe a CD is appropriate?  Don't get the one with "Amazing Grace" as that hymn is overused now.   

Cardenas Murder - Parole Officer Michael Walker under Grand Jury indictment for involuntary manslaughter.  This case will be "slipped" when no one is looking.  Total silence on it so far.  The courts are "the friends" of law enforcement.  Who was Cardenas' friend?  Where is he now?  

Tran Murder - SJPD Officer Chad Marshall cleared of wrong doing, as usual. Most officers receive horrendous thanks after killing someone and "protecting" us.  Thanks Chad.  What would we have done without you?  We live in West San Jose.  Why don't you come by for dinner sometime?  Check your gun at the door son.   

This NEWSPAPER accepts no advertising nor seeks any contributions.  Please don't ask.  Thanks! 

Remove J. Edgar Hoover's Name from FBI Building in Washington, D.C. 

This is long over due.  Hoover represents the darkest hours of the history of American federal law enforcement.   The callousness of most of the federal law enforcement establishment is retraceable directly to his years in power.  No one in America is one bit safer today because of Hoover.  

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The Eight-ball Awards

Could an "eight ball" be in your future?  It could if you're a loser and your life is dedicated to screwing the public.  Frankly, there are plenty of "eight balls" around, but this paper will make the award only to a chosen few who are truly the most deserving.   The awardees will get a good thrashing in this newspaper along with doggedly rancorous perdition. 

The initial flagship "eight ball" is hereby awarded to current San Jose Mayor, Ron Gonzales, for having screwed up everything he ever touched.  Naming off only a few things: 1) The garbage contract,  2) The huge unnecessary "city hall" building to a tune of over $350 million and 3) The screwing "concert hall" that has cost the city an additional $36 million dollars for nothing!  Added to all that is "BART" that never comes and no rail transit to the San Jose Airport.  Mayor, may you soon drop out of sight for good in the old left pocket.  The sooner the better.

Feinstein and Boxer Get IJ’s Eight-Ball Award

This paper is pleased to offer half each of one “eight ball” to Senators Boxer and Feinstein.  It’s necessary to conserve our “eight balls” as well as to continue to hand them out to the most deserving.  That’s especially the case with “the sisters” who love CA so much that during their terms in office both have accomplished just about nothing for California.  It’s been one fiasco right after another, but in truth, the whole state deserves its very own “eight ball.”  More on that some other time. 

Jesse Jackson Gets IJ’s Eight-Ball Award

Jesse is long overdue for this award.  His latest bumbling ensured it.  Jesse is infamous for rushing into a situation at the last second to put his mark on it.  He’s done this for years, most notably with “executions” that he claims are unjust.   His latest joust was with the “rape case” in North Carolina.  He raced (no pun intended) in to make sure to endorse the underdog black woman who was “raped” by white males.  He ensured her tuition for life so that she would “never have to do such work again.”  Wow.  That’s so nice and cynical.   Too bad he didn’t do that in the first place when it would have counted the most. 

If anyone on this planet is cynical, it’s just got to be Jesse.  He and Eva Peron would have faired well together down in Argentina.  They could have gone from place to place doing extremely cynical things together.  That’s what’s really wrong with him.  He needed a super cynical “white bitch” but she never came along.  He’d have gotten Eva pregnant too.  There would be “angelic Jessies” in even more foreign lands.  Too bad. 

Heck, this paper has neither the time nor the space to cover all of Jesse’s other shenanigans for all the years past, none the least being all the times he left our shores to “represent the U.S.” to other hateful fanatics in other lands.  He should have been held for treason countless times, but the best that can be done today is to award the “eight ball” to him.   He’s the bigot, no one else.

America must not be the final destination for the masses who come from lands where no type of birth control is available or used.  Lack of family planning on the part of others in other lands DOES NOT constitute an emergency in this land.  Plan ahead. 


(Click on banana for condom demo)

Do you or anyone you  know have any "funny" skin infections that defy treatment?  It may pay to be  up on Morgellons Disease.  This infection could be much more serious than previously thought.  It's not cancer, but it appears incurable at the present time.

A Tribute to Leslie Griffith


KTVU's Leslie Griffith has been a constant credit to news reporting in the SFO Bay Area. It's hard not to admire her, everyone does. In addition to her girlish good looks, the thing that most stands out about her is her absolutely cool delivery on the air. In all these years, she's never even twitched an eyebrow as she has read very convincingly from the teleprompter every single time. It's important for fellow journalists to recognize each other more than for just faces and names. Leslie has consistently brought home the news and more than just replaced Elaine Corral over ten years ago. If you ever turn your TV on to the Ten O'clock News you'll probably take her for granted. Good ole Leslie will be there for you most nights. Thank you Leslie for all those smooth deliveries and your keen touch that makes your time on the air so special.

Most Notable Islamic Terror Attacks. (Short List)

June 5 - U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy murdered by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan, in Los Angeles, which causes further terrorist attacks, as Arab terrorist groups demanded his release.

Feb. 18 - Boeing 707 attacked at Zurich, Switzerland, killing the pilot and 3 passengers.
Aug. 29 - TWA 707 hijacked from Rome to Damascus, released with only wounded.
Nov. 27- El Al office in Athens, Greece attacked. Innocent bystanders killed.

Feb. 21 - Swiss airliner blown up over Switzerland, killing all 47 people on board.

Feb. 23 - PLO terrorists open fire on a busload of Christian pilgrims killing 1 and wounding 2 Americans.
April 21- Bomb explodes aboard a Philippines airliner. All 36 aboard are killed.

Sept. 6 - "Skyjack Sunday" in Jordan. 3 planes (TWA, Swissair, Pan Am) en route to the U.S. hijacked, 400+ hostages, planes blown up in Jordan, Governments agreed to PFLP's demands, released terrorists from jails and hostages released.

Sept. 14 - The PFLP hijacked TWA flight to Ammon, Jordan 4 Americans injured.

Nov. 28 - Jordanian prime minister Tal killed by terrorists at the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.
Dec. - Jordanian ambassador to London, England is shot by hit squad.

Jan. 26 - Bomb explodes on a Yugoslav plane killing all but one passenger.

May 30 - Ben Gurion Airport, Israel attack killed 26, and wounded 78 U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico.
Sept. 5 - Palestinian terrorists seize 11 athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, 9 hostages and 5 terrorists killed, plus David Berger from Cleveland.

March 2 - Khartoum, Sudan. Cleo Noel, Jr., U.S. ambassador, and George C. Moore, U.S. diplomat, were held hostage and then killed by terrorists at the U.S. Embassy.

Aug. 5 - Suicide squad attacks Athens airport, Greece, killing 3 civilians and injuring 55.

Dec. 17 - Bomb explodes at Pan Am office at Rome, Italy killing 32 and injuring 50+. The terrorists take 7 Italian policemen hostage and hijack an aircraft to Athens, Greece, killing one of them.

March 1 - Diplomats taken hostage from Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, 2 that are killed are American's.

April 11 - Kiryat Shmona Massacre at an apartment building killing 18 people, 9 were children.

Sept. 8 - Athens, Greece. TWA Flight 841 exploded from bomb in cargo hold, all 88 passengers killed, including 32-year-old Steven Lowe, an American citizen.

Nov. 23 - British DC-10 hijacked at Dubai, UAE, flown to Tunisia where a German passenger was killed.

Jan. 19 - Arab terrorists attack Orly airport, Paris, France, seizing 10 hostages from a bathroom. French provided the terrorists with a plane to fly them to safety in Baghdad, Iraq.

Sept. 30 - Hungarian airplane explodes killing all 64 persons on board.

Dec. 21 - Carlos "The Jackal" holds 11 oil ministers and 59 civilians hostage during the OPEC meeting in Vienna, Austria. Flew to Algeria, got $300,000,000 in ransom money, Carlos and his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists escape.

Jan. 1 - 82 innocent travelers are killed aboard a Lebanese plane.

June 27 - Air France airliner hijacked, forced to fly to Uganda. Some 258 passengers and crew are held hostage. 3 passengers killed. July 4th, Israeli commandos rescue the remaining hostages.

Aug. 11 - Terrorists attack Istanbul airport, Turkey, killing 4 civilians (1 from U.S.) and injuring 20.

Dec. 4 - Terrorists occupied the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands, 1 official killed.

Dec. 14 - Passenger train hijacked and passengers were kept hostage, 3 were killed.

Jan. 1 - F.E. Melov U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, and Robert O.Waring, the U.S. economic counselor, kidnapped and later killed in Beirut.

Oct. 13 - Palestinian terrorists hijack a Lufthansa Flight 181 Boeing 737 and order it to fly around a number of Middle East destinations for four days, pilot is killed by the terrorists, 90 hostages rescued.

March 11 - Gail Rubin, niece of U.S. Senator Ribicoff, among 38 people shot to death by terrorists on a beach near Tel Aviv.

June 2 - A bomb kills 2 people at the CHOGM meeting in Sydney Australia.

July 29 - Terrorist bombs two railway stations in Madrid, kills 7.

Nov. 4 - Terrorists seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took 66 American diplomats hostage. 13 freed, but the remaining 53 were held until their release on January 20, 1981 - 444 days - at the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan.

April 30 - Terrorists took over the Iranian Embassy in London, holding 26 hostages, 2 of whom died on May 5th after being tortured. Much of the embassy was destroyed by fire.

April 19 - 13 people killed, 177 injured in a terrorist attack in Davao Philippines.

May 13 - Pope John Paul II seriously wounded in assassination attempt in Rome, Italy, by terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca.

Oct. 6 - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat machine gunned dead by Islamic Jihad in Cairo for working for peace. 7 others killed, 28 wounded. The assassins are later executed.

Beginning of the 8 years of terrorism in Lebanon.

July 19 - David Dodge, President of the American University in Beirut kidnapped, spends one year in captivity.

Aug. 19 - Two American citizens, Anne Van Zanten and Grace Cutler, were killed along with 6 others when the PLO bombed a Kosher restaurant in Paris, France.

Sept. 14 - Lebanon's President Gemayel and 26 others assassinated by a massive car bomb in Beirut.

Mar. 16 - 5 Marines wounded in hand grenade attack on Beirut International Airport.

April 18 - CIA's Middle East Director, and 83 others are killed, 120 injured in truck bomb on the US Embassy in Lebanon.

Sept. 29 - Gulf Air Flight 771 is bombed, explodes killing all 166 aboard.

Oct. 23 - Simultaneous suicide truck bombs in Lebanon: 1st crashed into lobby of US Marine Corps Headquarters, 241 Marines dead, 82 seriously injured - and 2nd was French compounds killing 58 paratroopers.

Dec. 12 - US Embassy in Kuwait targeted to destroy the building with a truck bomb, attack foiled by guards and the device killed 5 people and injured 80.

Jan. 18 - Malcolm Kerr, President of the American University of Beirut, was killed by two Hizballah gunmen.

Mar. 8 - Rev. Weir and wife kidnapped in Lebanon and held for 16 months.

Mar. 9 - Car bomb kills 80 (22 Americans) and wounds more than 200 civilians when it drove past the checkpoint at the U.S. Embassy in Awkar.

Mar. 16 - Hizballah kidnapped, tortured and killed William Buckley, an officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.

Apr. 12 - Hizballah bombed restaurant adjacent to US Air Force base in Torregon Spain, 18 servicemen killed and 83 Americans wounded.

Sept. 20- US embassy in the Beirut is bombed - 2 servicemen and 23 employees are killed, 21 Americans injured including the U.S. and British Ambassadors. 50+ Lebanese were injured.

Dec. 4 - Terrorists hijacked Kuwait Airlines Flight 221 and demanded the release from Kuwaiti jails of some members, serving sentences for attacks on French and American targets. 2 Americans murdered.

March 16 - US journalist Terry Anderson kidnapped in Lebanon, finally released in Dec. 1991 - 6 years later.

April 5 - Bomb explodes outside Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut killing 80 people.

April 12 - Bombing of U.S. soldier's favorite restaurant in Madrid, killing 18 and injuring 82.

June 14 - TWA Boeing 727 Flight 847 hijacked en route to Rome, 8 crew and 145 passengers were held for 17 days, U.S. Navy diver was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the hostages were released after the US pressured to release 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

Sept. 30 - Four Soviet diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon, 1 killed but other three released unharmed after a relative of the terrorist leader's was kidnapped and killed by the Soviet KGB.

Oct. 7 - Terrorists seize the Italian cruise liner, Achille Lauro, during a cruise in the Mediterranean, taking more than 700 people hostage for 3 days. Disabled U.S. citizen, Leon Klinghoffer, was murdered in front of other hostages by throwing him in the ocean, before the Egyptian Government offered the terrorists safe haven in return for the hostages' freedom.

Nov. 23 - 98 passengers and crew of an Egyptair Flight 648 are held hostage by Palestinian terrorists in Malta. 5 passengers shot, 2 died, later 57 additional passengers killed when the terrorists set off explosives in the aircraft.

Dec. 27 - Suicide grenade and gun attacks in passenger terminals at Rome and Vienna, Italy airports results in 16 people being killed plus 5 Americans and more than 100 civilians injured.

March 30-April 2nd - A bomb exploded on a TWA flight 840 from Rome as it approached Athens airport. The attack killed 4 U.S. citizens who were sucked through a hole made by the blast, 1 infant, and 9 injured, although the plane safely landed.

April 6 - An explosion at the "La Belle" nightclub in Berlin, U.S. soldiers' hang-out, was bombed, killing 3 and injuring 230 people, including 79 U.S. soldiers.

Sept. 5 - Pan Am Boeing 747 Flight 73 en route to Frankfurt and on to New York hijacked by Palestinian terrorists, with 379 passengers, including 89 Americans, 22 hostages killed, 127 wounded.

Sept. 9 - Hezbollah kidnapped Frank Reed, President of American University in Beirut, and held for 44 months, and Joseph Cicippio, and Edward Tracy who were each held for 5 years.

Sept. 17 - A 10-month series of terrorist bomb attacks in France begins. One bomb in Paris kills 5 and injures 52.

A car bomb exploded outside the back gate of the U.S. Embassy in Rome and rockets were fired at the compound from across the street. One passerby was injured in the attacks.

Feb. 5 - US Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Higgens, Chief of the U.N. Truce Force kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah. He was hanged by the neck and displayed on TV.

March 16 - 4000+ Kurdish civilian bodies found after Saddam Hussein ordered nerve gas attack (weapon of mass destruction) in northern Iraq, after they revolted against his rule from Baghdad. 1.5 million relocated, 200,000 disappeared.

April 5 - 122 held hostage after a Kuwaiti Boeing 747 was hijacked and diverted to Iran, then Cyprus. Kuwait refused requests by hijackers to release 17 convicted terrorists. After 15 days the hijackers were granted asylum in Algeria and released their hostages.

June 26 - US Naval Attaché killed in Athens, Greece.

Dec. 21 - Pan Am Flight 103 - Boeing 747 from London to New York, blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb. All 259 passengers and 11 on the ground were killed, including 35 Syracuse University students and many U.S. military personnel.

June 12 - A bomb exploded aboard an unoccupied boat used by U.S. consular staff.

Sept. 19 - 171 passengers killed when French UTA flight 772 explodes in mid-air over Niger.

October 11 - Izmir, Turkey. A bomb went off outside a U.S. military PX.

Feb. - Attack of tour bus in Egypt killing 11.

Feb. 7 - Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, U.S. civilian contractor shot as he was getting into his car.

Oct. 28 - Ankara, Turkey. Victor Marwick, an American soldier serving at the Turkish-American base, Tuslog, was killed and his wife wounded in a car bomb attack.

Oct. 28 - Two car bombings killed a U.S. Air Force Sergeant and severely wounded an Egyptian diplomat in Istanbul.

Nov. 8 - Bomb destroyed part of the American University in Beirut, killing 1 and wounding 12.

March 17 - Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, destroyed by bomb killing 29, injuring 60.

Hotel in Yemen bombed and U.S. servicemen killed, Operation Restore Hope.

Jan. 25, Virginia, U.S.A. A Pakistani terrorist opened fire with AK-47 on CIA employees standing outside the building. Two agents, Frank Darling and Bennett Lansing, were killed and 3 others wounded.

Feb. 26 - World Trade Center in New York badly damaged by a massive bomb by Islamic terrorists. The van bomb was planted in an underground garage and left 6 people dead and 1042 injured and almost ½ billion dollars in damage.

Feb. 26 - A bomb exploded inside a café in downtown Cairo killing 3, 18 wounded, 2 U.S. citizens.

July 5 - In 8 separate incidents, 19 Western tourists traveling in southeastern Turkey were kidnapped, including U.S. citizen Starger, after weeks in captivity, they were released.

Oct - Killing of U. S. soldiers in Somalia.

July 18 - 86 civilians killed and 300 wounded in bomb attack on Jewish social centre in Buneos Aires, Argentina.

July 26 - Israeli Embassy in London is car-bombed, wounding 20.
Air France Flight 8969 is hijacked to crash the plane in Paris but didn't succeed.

A small bomb explodes on board Philippine Airlines flight 434, killing a Japanese businessman.

Jan. 22 - Islamic Jihad militants blow themselves up amid a group of soldiers near Netanya, killing 21. Operation Bojinka is discovered on a laptop in a Manila, Philippines apartment, in which Osama bin Laden was planning to blow up 12 planes as they flew to the U.S., plus kill the Pope.

March 8 - Attack on US Diplomats in Pakistan.

April 9 - Islamic Jihad suicide bomber attacks military convoy in Gaza, killing 7 soldiers and an American tourist.

May 5 - Five foreign oil workers murdered by Islamic GIA terrorists in Algeria.

June 26 - Assassination attempt made against Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak by Islamic radicals who ambushed his motorcade.

July 4 - Six tourists, including two U.S. citizens taken hostage in Kashmir, India. Terrorists demanded the release of Muslim militants held in Indian prisons. On Aug. 13 the decapitated body of the Norwegian hostage was found with a note stating that the other hostages also would be killed if the group's demands were not met. They were not and all other hostages were killed in 1996 by the terrorists.

July 25 - Islamic terrorists explode bomb in metro station in Paris, France, killing 7 people and injuring 84.

Nov. 13 - Car bomb exploded at US Army Office of the Program Manager for Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization, in Saudi Arabia, killing seven, five of them U.S. citizens, and wounding nearly a hundred.

Nov. 19 - Islamic radicals plant bomb in Egyptian embassy in Pakistan killing 17.

Dec. 11 - 15 concurrent car bombings in Algiers kill 15 civilians and over 200 injured.

Feb. 11 - Terrorists explode car bomb in Algiers killing 17. The following month, 2 more killed in another bomb and 10 are killed in a train ambush in western Algeria.

Feb. 25 - A suicide bomber blew up a commuter bus in Jerusalem, killing 26, including 3 U.S. citizens, and injuring 80 others, among them another two U.S. citizens.

April 19 - Eighteen Greek tourists were gunned down near the historic Pyramids in Egypt by Islamic terrorists aiming to destroy the country's tourist industry.

May - Osama bin Laden unites the Islamic Fundamentalists worldwide in their Jihad against Jews and Western Gentiles, such as al-Qaeda, Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, Hamas, Mujahideen, using the Taliban's organization to help fund the operations.

June 25 - Terrorists explode a truck bomb next to a USAF Khobar Towers housing facility at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 American servicemen and 515 injured including 240 U.S. personnel.
Islamic terrorists attack tourists in Luxor, Egypt, killing 71 people, most of them vacationers.

Aug. 26 - Sudan Airways A310 Airbus airliner hijacked en route to Jordan and diverted to England. British authorities negotiate with hijackers who release all the 13 crew and 180 passengers unharmed.

Dec. 3 - A bomb exploded aboard a Paris subway train, killing four and injuring 86 persons, including a U.S. citizen.
A terrorist opened fire on tourists at an observation deck atop the Empire State Building in New York City, killing a Danish national and wounding visitors from the US, Argentina, Switzerland and France before turning the gun on himself.

Dec. 23 - A car bomb in the Algerian capital, Algiers, kills three and injures 70 people in cafe near the port. Again a week later, a car bomb kills 28 people and injures 35 people. 3rd car bomb in the past two weeks, killing additional 13 people and injuring more than 250.

Jan. 2 - Major cities worldwide and U.S. get letter bombs with Egyptian postmarks at newspaper bureaus in DC, New York, London, Riyadh, S.A., and Leavenworth, KN. Experts defused all but the 1 in London, injuring 2.

Jan. 7 to 21st - Islamic terrorist rampage during these 14 days with car bombs and beheadings in Algiers, total of 238 dead, 139 wounded.

Feb. 23 - Palestinian gunman opened fire on tourists at an observation deck atop the Empire State building in New York, killing 1 and wounding over a dozen visitors before turning the gun on himself.

March 7 - Two killed in bus bomb attack in Beijing, China.
April - Terrorists behead innocent civilians this whole month with a total of 272 murdered and over 100 injured. Knives, axes and chainsaws were used and many of the bodies were burned while still alive.

Sept. 18- 9 German tourists killed when Muslims fire bombed bus in Cairo, Egypt.

Nov. 12 - 2 Terrorists shot to death 4 U.S. auditors of a Texas petroleum company and their driver at a Sheraton Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan.

Nov. 17 - 58 western tourists killed and 30 injured in gun attack at historic monuments in southern Egypt. 6 of the Islamic terrorists are killed in shoot out with police.

Jan. 15 - U.S. Embassy bombing in Peru.
Published February 23, 1998 - Statement signed by many Islamic Jihad Leaders from most Muslim countries, first by Sheikh Osamah Bin-Ladin: "...In compliance with God's order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims:
The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies--civilians and military--is an individual duty for every Muslim who can, in any country in which it is possible... We -- with Allah's help -- call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded, to comply with Allah's order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. Unless you go forth, Allah will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place."

Aug. 7 - Simultaneous bombs in US Embassies in Kenya, and Tanzania, heavily damaged by massive attacks. In the Nairobi attack 292 people were killed, including 12 Americans, and 5,000 injured. 10 people were killed and 86 injured in Tanzania incident for a total of 302 dead, 5086 injured within an hour.

Aug. 25 - 3 people killed and 25 injured in bomb attack on Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dec. 28 - 16 Western tourists kidnapped, 12 Britons, 2 U.S. citizens, and 2 Australians on the main road to Aden, Yemen. Four victims were killed during a rescue attempt the next day.

Aug. 31 to Sept. 22nd - Russian apartment bombings kill almost 300 and injured 100.

Oct. 31 - EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed off the U.S. coast of Massachusetts, killing all 217 people on board, including 100 Americans.

Nov. 12 - Six rockets were fired at the U.S. and U.N. offices in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dec. - Millennium terror plots foiled as customs agents arrest a man smuggling in explosives. Plan to attack Los Angeles airport and other sites intercepted by CIA. Also Jordanian authorities foil a plot to bomb US tourists in Jordan, pick up 28 suspects.
Indian Airlines Flight 814, en route to Delhi, India is hijacked, 1 passenger is killed. After negotiations with the Taliban, the hostages are released.

The last of the 2000 millennium attack plots fails, as the boat meant to bomb USS The Sullivans sinks.

Oct. 12 - A suicide boat exploded next to the U.S.S. Cole (guided-missile destroyer), blowing a hole 40 feet in diameter, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 39.

Feb. 5 - A bomb blast in Moscow's Byelorusskaya subway station injures 15 people.

March 28 - Bombing at bus stop in Yemen. U.S. citizens injured including a 15 year old boy from NY.

Aug. 9 - Bombing at Sbarro's pizzeria, killed 15 and wounded over 90, 2 of which were U.S. citizens.

Sept. 11 - 4 U.S. jetliners hijacked and forced to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon like missiles, and 1 crashed in Pennsylvania on the way to the Capital Building in D.C. In all, 266 people perished in the four planes, 2602 people were killed on the ground, plus 343 firefighters, and 184 people at the Pentagon. Almost 5000 injured, 500 rescue workers now have respiratory ailments. 7 buildings collapsed in NY and 23 damaged, plus 4 subway stations.
Paris embassy terrorist attack plot foiled

Oct. 27 - Darya Khanah bombed

Dec. 13 - Terrorist attack on Indian Parliament.

Dec. - Richard Reid, attempting to destroy American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami, is subdued by passengers and flight attendants before he could detonate his shoe bomb.

Jan. 27 - A Palestinian woman triggered a massive explosion in Jerusalem killing 1 Israeli and injuring more than 150, including American Mark Sokolow, his wife, and both teenage daughters. Sokolow had survived the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, escaping from his law office on the 38th floor of the South Tower before it collapsed.

Feb. 16 - Bombing in Karnei Shomron, in a group of teenage girls from the U.S. 2 killed, 4 wounded. Singapore embassies terrorist attack plot foiled March 24 - 20 people die and 93 injured in 3 bomb attacks on Russian towns near the border of Chechnya.

April - Explosion at most historic synagogue in Tunisia left 21 dead, most are German tourists.

May 9 - A bomb exploded in Dagestan kills 42 people and injures 130 during Victory Day festivities.
French oil tanker Limburg bombing off Yemen
Kidnapping and murder of journalist Daniel Pearl

Oct. 12 - Bali car bombing of holidaymakers in a nightclub kills 202 Australian citizens.
Zamboanga bombings in the Philippines

Oct. 19 - Car bomb explodes at McDonald's restaurant in Moscow, killing 1 person and wounding 5.

Oct. 23 - Moscow theater hostage crisis begins; 120 hostages and 40 terrorists killed in rescue 3 days later.

Nov. - Kenyan hotel suicide bombing kills 16 safari tourists.
Marines attacked / murdered in Kuwait

May 10- Suicide bombers killed 36 (10 U.S. citizens), at housing compounds for westerners in Riyadh, S.A. Many wounded.
May 12 - attack outside U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing 12.

May 14 - 16 die in a suicide bombing at a religious festival in southeastern Chechnya.

May - 4 bombs killed 33 tourists (8 U.S. citizens) in Casablanca, Morocco.
July 5 - 15 people die and 40 are injured in bomb attacks at a rock festival in Moscow.

Aug. 1 - An explosion at the Russian hospital in North Ossetia kills 50 people and injures 76.

Aug. - Suicide car bomb killed 12 and injured over 150 at Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sept. 3- A bomb on a passenger train in southern Russia kills 7 people and injures 90.

Oct. 15 - Bombing of US diplomatic convoy in the Gaza Strip: 3 U.S. citizens killed.

Nov. - Explosions rocked a Riyadh, S.A. housing compound, killing 17.

Nov. - Truck bombs detonated at London bank and British consulate in Istanbul kills 26, injures 22.

Dec. 5 - Suicide bombers kill 46 people in an attack on a train in southern Russia.

Dec. 9 - A blast in the center of Moscow kills 6 people and wounds at least 11.

Bombings of United States expatriate housing compounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kill 26 and injure 160.

Attacks in Casablanca, Morocco leaves 41 dead. The attack involved 12 bombers and 5 targets. The targets were "Western and Jewish".
Istanbul Bombings: Within five days, truck bombs go off at two synagogues, the British Consulate, and the HSBC Bank in Istanbul, Turkey

109 Kurds are killed in 2 suicide bombings in Arbil, Iraq Feb. 6 - Bomb on Moscow subway kills 41.

Feb. 27 - Superferry 14 is bombed in the Philippines by Abu Sayyaf, killing 116.

March 11 - 10 Simultaneous bombings of busiest rush hour commuter trains in Madrid, Spain kills 202 people and injures more than 1,400.

April 21 - Bombing of a security building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills 5.

May 29 - Al-Khobar massacres--Islamic terrorists kill 22 people and one American at an oil compound in Saudi Arabia.

June 8, 2004 Robert Jacobs, a US defense contractor employee is assassinated at his home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

June 11 - Terrorists kidnap and execute Paul Johnson, Jr. in Riyadh.

Aug. 24 - Russian airplane bombings kill 90.

August 31 A blast near a subway station entrance in northern Moscow, caused by a suicide bomber, kills 10 people and injures 33.
Sept. 1 - 3 Beslan school hostage crisis in North Ossetia, Russia results in over 330 dead.

Sept. 9 - Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia was bombed, killing 9 people.

Oct. 7 - 3 car bombs explode in the Sinai Peninsula hotel, killing 32 and wounding 114, most of them tourists.

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want some?

you can not debate because you are one and you are brainwashed I pray
everyday for civil war to erupt so that you and I can clash for
No more talk and debates.

You have nothing new to say or to learn...
You hate the other side the other view and I hate you we have a right
to be angry liars, cheaters, murderers and thieves of the system are in
power now and you defend them...
Roberts is a fascist

come on you your opinion and I have mine...
so let's not try to pretend we are going to change that and realize
that this is a divided country and your slander makes it more
know you are my enemy
you and everyone who lies like you do..
hate begets hate how does it feel to be hated"? bitch

Learning to read and read well is a wonderful thing. .


To the extent possible, the September 17, 1944 jump will be recreated from "Michael Bradford's" notes and from part of a book he organized in the 1950s.  The story was titled "Skin Hound" from the name of the C-47 that "Mike" jumped from.   This was meant to be chapter one of the book.   This is all previously unpublished material.  It belongs to F. K. "Mike Bradford."   Though he did not copyright it, twenty-five years still remain for it to be copyrighted.  The text therefore belongs to the estate of the late F. K. "Mike Bradford."   Some editing of the original text was necessary. 

Looking across the doorsill as we roar by at tree top level, I see that people are walking to church.  It is Sunday, September 17, 1944.  Some of them pause and look to wave, others just walk on.  The countryside is bathed in crisp fall air and sunshine, not a cloud in the sky.  The booming church bells are just a murmur up here.  We are flying very fast into the target area.

My impressions are only fragmentary.  My mind won't stop drifting, conscious somewhat of the swaying of the plane as she goes.  Here with me sit twenty-two other men also strapped into parachutes, burdened with all manner of equipment and a full garrison uniform beneath their jump suits. Some talk.  Some smoke.  And some do nothing.  Overhead, a wire cable stretches from one end of the cabin to the other.  Upon it we will snap our static lines and run out into the sky over Holland to commence Operation "Market Garden." 

I light a cigarette and look around.  One of the men is airsick. I will be too if I keep watching him.  I try to think about Holland and wonder what kind of people they really are.  In the briefing tent this morning one of their underground leaders talked to us.  He said the Hollanders would understand us if we talk slowly to them.  He seemed like such a good guy... more rugged than I expected a Dutchman to be.  I feel around in my pockets, sort of taking stock.  I've squeezed in ten packs of cigarettes here and there and four prophylaxis tubes.  I guess I try to imagine what the Dutch girls will be like when we see them. 

It's hard to believe a hundred and forty pound trooper equipped for combat weights two hundred and twenty pounds going out the door.  My God, this weight is only eighty pounds away form the top strength of a single 'chute riser.  A pungent odor invades by nostrils, distracting me.  I reach for my leaky canteen, take a liberal swallow and recanvas it.

The drink seems to ease the ache in my legs. The fifteen pound demolition kits strapped to each thigh are wearing me down.  Perhaps that is why I'm so restless.  So eager to get out and on the ground.

The pill the medic threw down my throat at the airport final formation is taking effect.  I am completely detached, yet subtly, alert.

Some of the men's faces aren't too hard to read.  All of us have soldiered together since Camp Claiborne and Ft. Benning days.  Training and combat make you know a man.  I know these men well. 

General Gavin is standing in the door as usual.  Whenever I glance at him I start believing that I won't die today.  He says nothing, but keeps looking out like he's the pilot.  We hear the fighters whiz past us in waves.  This is the hell I asked for so now it's mine.

I tried to talk to the man across from me, but he keeps putting his head down.  I squirm around on my seat to try to get the binding off my back and legs. 

I've got a special job for this jump.  I'm man number five.  That means I have to hit the switch to release the mines and ammunition strapped under the wings on parachutes.  If I don't do it right, we'll be without critical supplies in the battle.  I keep looking up at the switch to make sure it's there. It is.

There is something else too.  The Colonel walked by and took six aside.  He said no matter what else today, make sure you cover Gavin at all times.  I don't care about the rest.  Do your best, but don't lose Gavin no matter what.

That was nothing new.  Everyone in HQ Bat already had standing orders.  I listened though.  I had learned a long time ago in training to always listen.



{more later and man is there ever a lot more}

This is a before and after view of Waal Bridge in
Nijmegen.  The 82nd's objective was to capture
this bridge intact which they did.  "Mike's" tasks
included getting the explosives off the bridge before
it was blown up by the Germans.  Photo from a
booklet titled Nijmegen produced by the town. Info
provided by Gemeente Nijmegen, 1970, at "Mike's"

The Missing Thank You(s) - "Mike's" Son Gets It Done, Finally After 60 Years  

I'm writing this today on the evening of Father's Day, 6/19/05.   I've been thinking about dad all day and what he would have said and so on.  So much of him is still with me, it's just like he's sitting here telling me what to do.  Maybe he is? 

Truth is stranger than fiction any time.  My folks divorced back in 1972 and all his notes just languished in my bother's clothes closet.  Mom nearly threw out his stuff several times.  Finally, during the Christmas of 2003, she asked if I wanted all of it to take home.  I did.  It's been like being a child again on all those rainy days when he would try to type at the kitchen table and had to erase every other letter.  He used to tell me that some day I would be writing my own book and that I would understand.  I've written several already including my own autobiography of 400 pages.  Now I realize that I'll be adding 400 more before it's ever finished.  That's really something for a non celebrity like me to say.  Writing just runs in the Bradford blood line and I'm not joking one bit. 

My dad had numerous people to thank for all the things that went so well during the war.  His sincerest wish was to get his book published so that "the credits would roll" as he said one time.  The family went to see the film The Longest Day back in 1961 and dad was just blasted when he saw it.  So were we. I think it really got to him negatively because that film came out before his book ever could have made it past a first reading, if it even had gotten one.  It never did because it was never ready.  Such is life.  Also, we never could have foreseen the Internet today.  It managed to work out for every one, just later than planned.  I tend to think that a prayer is answered, but not exactly in the time frame anyone could plan for or in some cases, ever live to see

As I have backtracked through his notes I've had to allow for plenty of cry time.  He wrote things in the margins like "God willing" or "Please by the grace of God!" over and over again.  The most poignant one was "Please by the grace of God may I afford a tape recorder!"  In the '50s a tape recorder was rare high cost machine.  Had he one, the tapes would have been transcribed ages ago.  Who knows where this work would be now?  It would probably be another "longest day" or even The "longest day."  He was in such a state of anguish over the book I guess he finally had to put it aside for good?  Yet, he managed to get the job done better than he had thought.  At least, you see some of it now which is saying plenty considering all the years gone by and the possible trashing of it all.  

So, dad, this is your Father's Day gift, the one you always had hoped for.

Below is a list of people he wanted to acknowledge, all are deceased at this time:

Lieutenant General James M. Gavin (Retired) (Deceased, 1990) 82nd Abn. Div. Commander during operation "Market Garden" for:  Ideals, leadership and the permission of his name for my first son. 

Colonel William E. Ekman, 505th Parachute Infantry, 82nd, for: Consideration and encouragement of all the personnel in his command.

Major "Pat" Patterson, "Jack-O-Diamonds" Battalion, 505th, 82nd. for: Combat excellence and performance throughout the Holland campaign.

Staff/Sgt., Ray McKinley of the Major Glenn Miller Band Organization, for: Hosting a "Jazz Concert" for elements of the 82nd while we were sealed on "Market," somewhere in the UK.

2nd Lieutenant W. Forrest Dawson, 82nd.  Public relations officer and Editor of "Saga of the All American," who maintained his sense of humor under the most exasperating circumstances.

Staff/Sgt. "Nick" Podgursky, First Academic Company Jump School, Fort Benning, Georgia for: Whetting combat survival training to a fine edge.

Pfc. "Vann Weert," Artist for the 82nd. Abn. Div.  Public relations, for: Outstanding artwork in the "Paraglide" publications.

All members of the 82nd. who participated in "Market."

The 8th Air Force and the Eighth Air Force Troop Carrier Personnel for: Enroute protection and precise drop zone delivery which made "Market" a reality.

The 1944 editions of the "Static Line" and "Paraglide" publications which the author served as an assistant editor.

Mr. Bob Hope who initiated favorable paratrooper imagery by public mention of the 82nd Abn. personnel he met during his Africa entertainment tours.

The Dutch underground forces and its members who died in action obtaining information on enemy forces and for helping American POWs to return through the 82nd's lines.

The "Sky Sweepers" book written by the Mayor of Ste. Mere Eglise in 1944 expressing appreciation of the 82nd.  [Note:  The church has stained glass windows of the 82nd coming down. WOW!]

Mr. Walter Winchell of the New York Daily Mirror for: His letter that gave me a realistic military attitude when I was a lowly recruit at Ft. McClellean, Alabama.

Miss Martha Gelhern, war correspondent for: Important advice over twenty years ago and brightening the Beek, Holland area so magically during her visit.

Mr. "Bill" Downs, CBS correspondent for:  Radio descriptions of the 82nd's battle for Nijmegen.

The Fred Waring Organization for composing the best 82nd Abn. Div. marching song.

The citizens of Georgia who gave their all in making Georgia a home for paratroopers.

Gosh, after all that I can see "the credits rolling" very well.  In truth, the movie A Bridge Too Far did come out around 1969.  It was pretty good, but mainly focused on the British failures at Arnhem.  However, Nijmegen held so the battle was not a complete loss.  I think the time is just about right for a Nijmegen, the movie.  It makes as much sense to me as a Saving Private Ryan.  General Gavin's letter to my dad at the foot of this page alludes as to the reason why the 82nd. was forgotten in favor of the 101st.  Heck, while I'm at it, one of dad's pet peeves was just that very thing.  That's why he wrote a letter to the General about the amnesia surrounding the 82nd. I'm sure.

May 8, 1945 - A Somber Reflection 

May 8, 2005 marked the 60th year of the end of WWII. My dad parachuted three times behind enemy lines so that you could read a page like this someday (and I could write it!).  Some of his writing was absolutely stellar, but he never managed to get it published.  I've been trying for some time to get back to that project, but like so many other things, I've never quite made it.  However, for May 8 this year, I'm going to get his "Message From Beyond" up on this page (now at the bottom).  Dad's pen name throughout the war was "Michael Bradford."  Like so many of his generation, he abandoned both his youth and innocence to fight injustice first hand the hard way; and, he was never normal again after such experiences. 

I'm not exactly sure just what he'd say if he saw this page today. I do know that many times when he spoke of the things he saw the Germans do, he would use that word "unreasonable," usually in a heavy duty way.  I've never gotten over it. Just listening to what he said as that glaze would come over his face will never leave me.  It destroyed him completely, that much is sure.  If you have some time, you may wish to visit his memorial at the foot of this page.  He wasn't your dad, but in a round about way, well, maybe. Thank you.

Sample of "Michael Bradford's" work from 1945 signed by PIR Colonel

This was pretty hot stuff for its time, but mainly for those soldiers left in units awaiting transport back to the U.S. It made a lot of sense to them.  They were the ones reading it and getting to come home.  There were plenty of raw feelings left over to go around.  The poem reflects that fact. 

Transcribed below starting with a quote at the top of the page.

The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, 
but it can never forget what they did here.  Abraham Lincoln

Message From Beyond by “Michael Bradford”

I come before you as a man
I was a soldier in the war
Of the greatest WAR the world has seen
Whose origin sprang from behind the scene
Of formal Pacts and spoken words
Now dishonored by NAZI herds
These soulless men that have no God
Cause me to lie beneath the sod
It matters not that I have died
Or that I’m far from my fireside
For those who sleep beside me here
Have one thought, a sort of fear
That you who live could war again
Against all those who seek to gain
The people’s world its freedom too
Watch them all – and what they do

I come before you as a man
I speak for Mike, Joe and Dan
And All American Troopers you knew
They were so grand, staunch and true
But now they sleep in eternal rest
So remember Mac and do your best
To keep the peace forever more
America alert – can rule out WAR

Drawing by Vann Weert, Germany 1945 
The 82nd Airborne experienced 80% casualties during WWII. 
"Show me a man who will jump out of an airplane, and I'll show you a man who will fight!"  General James M. Gavin

"In recent times Louise and I went to a Pow Wow at Stanford University.  It was our first Pow Wow. As far as Pow Wows go, this one was well organized, and they even had a makeshift tent cover over the arena area to provide shade. The tent was very well rigged with poles and six surplus green parachutes.  I had looked up at the parachutes when we were first seated and had only a passing thought about dad. Soon, however, it was time for the grand entry of all the Indian tribes assembled there that day.  The one-two-three-four drum beats (big thud, less thud, less thud, less thud) began along with all the Indians chanting their ghostly group vocals as they slowly formed a huge moving circle under the canopy of parachutes. This grand march took quite a while because there were many colorfully dressed Indians who had to get into the circle. As they assembled, the chutes wafted up and down with the air currents and maybe even to the drum beat occasionally it seemed. At times, the chutes seemed to be functioning for their original purpose, that of filling with air and flying. The chutes would have easily become airborne had they not been tied down so well. 

Indians have had a sad history.  That fact is incontrovertible. Before the procession started, several chiefs had spoken about the warriors and the suffering of the past.  They had done several ceremonies with Eagle feathers in memory of fallen warriors.  They also mentioned how they had fought in U.S. wars including W.W.II.  Now that seemed odd to me.  Why would they even have mentioned that, I thought to myself?  To me it seemed reasonable that the government would never be mentioned in any favorable context or probably not at all at such a gathering. Also, they were very happy not to be involved in a war at the time of the Pow Wow.  Living in peace was all they wanted.  The whole event seemed to underscore peace and thanks giving to God! It was not just a costumed Indian show.

Somehow, things began to mesh in my mind as I remembered what had been said. In addition, I began to think about the destruction of the Indians before my times and other problems they never completely escaped like poverty and alcoholism. As I listened to the chants and watched the chutes undulating on waves of air,  I could feel my own father’s sorrow getting reconstructed; and, I began to feel his strong presence in that crowd, a crowd of warriors! 

The parachutes seemed to become the medium of principle exchange. It was easy for me to envision men landing on the ground in front of me since the parachutes would have been at about the same height as they had been stationed above the crowd.  A chute stays up in the air for a moment or two just as the person connected to it touches down.  That is how those chutes behaved, as though in the last moments of flight.

The chants and the drum beats became simply overpowering to me. My emotions came to the surface and I was crying before I even realized it.  I knew the purpose of the grand march as well or better than the Indians did that day.  They can connect to their ancestors anytime at will. Remarkably, they shared this great gift openly with the white public. That was what was so amazing to me. Nevertheless, it was meant to be that way, very open.  That was the only time I felt unusually connected to dad after his passing.  I still think about that day a lot, and I also remember all the other men he had jumped with who are ghosts now.  Maybe they had been there too? There were six parachutes. "

From Michael Bradford's unpublished autobiography, Living Within the Bright Light's Circle, U 1999, San Jose, CA.



This site is dedicated to F. K. "Mike" Bradford, 82nd Airborne, 505th Parachute Infantry, Headquarters Battalion, A company, 1943-1945.  He participated in three combat jumps including D-Day, June 6, 1944, Nijmegen, September 17, 1944 and Temple Hoff, April 1945. He saw major action in "The Battle of the Bulge" and became fully qualified as a "devil in baggy pants."  "Mike" was awarded two Purple Hearts in 1945 and was also an assistant to James M. Gavin, Lieutenant General (three stars). The general was appointed Ambassador to France by J.F.K.  among other honors. 

"Mike" Bradford wrote for both "The Static Line," and "Stars and Stripes," 1943-1945, under the pen name of "Michael Bradford." As a lasting gift of gratitude to the leadership of General James M. Gavin, he named his first born son Michael Gavin Bradford, and left a legacy of combat writing forever to his son that included the original notes he had made while in combat.   

"Mike" was born in Boston, Massachusetts May 20, 1915 and passed away on May 25, 1980 - 65 years aged.  His memorial site is in Dallas, Texas.  He was survived by two sons, Eric and Michael, and his wife Shirley Bradford, 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army Nurse Corps (Ret.), London, England, 1942-1945.  She is a native of Connecticut and still lives in Dallas, Texas

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